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My name is Peter and I´m 53 years old soon and one of my favorite thing I love to do is to write and find knowledge about our world. Because our world becomes smaller and smaller because we get less information what´s really happening around us.

Lack of knowledge gives the control masters more control over everyone´s life.

There are forces that constantly trying to slow down people´s progress to understand their plans and hidden goals. In short the controllers of our world don´t want the masses to understand how our world and universe actually works.

We live in a kind of 3 dimensional matrix and it takes a lot engery and force to break free from this or trying to go beyond this ego mind many is trapped in.

I share my findings and its up to people for themselves to evaluate the content and sometimes we do not think the same at all and that is OK.

My texts have no monopoly on how the world works or should work, but that´s how I percieve it when i find information about it. I think it is important to respect that we humans can also think differently.

If your are positive to any post I have wrote you´re welcome to support me. 
You can spread the word about my homepage, make some positive  comment on some social media you may using.

It´s time consuming to search after knowledge. I wish I have more time to write and if you are interested in supporting me financially you are welcome to do so.

Just know I havent any donation button installed, but you are welcome to contact me