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A Simple Account of the True Art of Alchemy. The Pineal is a powerful “Spiritual Telegraph”. The source of consciousness lies beyond the grasp of consciousness. For the more subtle is also the more powerful,—one might say, the more truly concrete; it is less bound than the gross, it has a greater permanence in its being along with a greater potentiality, plasticity and range in its becoming. Each plateau of the hill of being gives to our widening experience a higher plane of our consciousness and a richer world for our existence. Tavistock Institute. Part 68

The Pineal is a powerful “Spiritual Telegraph”

The activation of the pineal gland was used in alchemy. The energy needed for this alchemical process moves up from the sacral chakra, through the heart chakra (heart), to the third eye chakra (pineal gland). The “White Drop” or amrita, secreted from the upper dantian or pineal gland, travels to the middle dantian (heart). Here in the heart, the White Drop mixes with the “Red Drop” or heat generated by the lower dantian (sacral chakra). This mixing opens the door to the sacred coordinate of the heart. Our third eye, heart, and sacral chakras are fully activated. We are now able to dwell in the house of the Lord, or our hearts’ sacred coordinates.

The Chalice of the Heart Mystics have known for centuries the importance of the heart, not only to the physical body but to the spiritual body as well. The heart is comprised of four chambers — two smaller upper chambers and two larger lower chambers. As such, the heart is a vessel or container that is shaped like a cone or chalice. Physical function aside, the metaphysical heart is rich in lore and mystery. Most religious traditions perceive the heart as the centerpiece of human existence. It is the meeting point between Heaven and Earth, mortal and immortal, profane and divine. The chalice of the heart holds timeless knowledge such as the deepest truths, the workings of the Universe, and the One Heart’s relation to every human heart. It is the wellspring of wisdom from which we drink.

Our heartwires are our main arteries connecting us to the One Heart. This sacred bloodline facilitates the coordination of our human and divine energies. It continually feeds our bodies the nutrition they need from the One Heart. Man does not live on bread alone but from every word that comes from the mouth of God. In other words, our lives depend on the transmission of information/light through this bloodline from the One Heart. How much information/light we receive from the One Heart is up to us: We are the caretakers of our sacred connections. What we feed our minds, how much we open our hearts, and how devoted we are to the One Heart affect the integrity of this sacred bloodline. If our hearts are set upon finding the truth, the truth we shall find and this truth will set our souls free. Free to be the divine sparks of God that we are.

When activated, the pineal gland becomes the line of communication with the higher planes. The crown chakra reaches down until its vortex touches the pineal gland. Prana, or pure energy, is received through this energy center in the head. With Practice the vibration level of the astral body is raised, allowing it to separate from the physical. To activate the ‘third eye’ and perceive higher dimensions, the pineal gland and the pituitary body must vibrate in unison, which is achieved through meditation. When a correct relationship is established between personality, operating through the pituitary body, and the soul, operating through the pineal gland, a magnetic field is created. The negative and positive forces interact and become strong enough to create the ‘light in the head.’ With this ‘light in the head’ activated, astral projectors can withdraw themselves from the body, carrying the light with them.

The mental seed atom finds its place in the pineal gland in the brain, resting at the terminal point of the consciousness cord, which anchors there. The consciousness cord extends only from the head region to the soul and does not reach upward to the monad. It bears a record of all the inherited and innate qualities of the mind of the individual. It registers all the mental and mind powers developed by and through the individual during the ages of his evolutionary progress. It also is an atom of the present and the future — in that man can create changes within it immediately by changing his mind.

The “Double Triangle:” The junction and blending together of pure spirit and matter Of which the Triangles are a Symbol. 23.

When the heart inflames the pineal gland and sets it vibrating rapidly, then so strong is the inflow of spiritual force that the man experiencing this has his very body clothed in an aureole of glory.

The source of consciousness lies beyond the grasp of consciousness.

But the Truth to which mystics bear witness is an Absolute Truth—one which, as the Hindu sage, Shankara, says, “is beyond the grasp of the senses,” and which, and spiritual writers says, “cannot be arrived at by the intellect by means of any rational thought process.” This Absolute Truth can only be known through a third mode of cognition—called variously Enlightenment, Realization, or Gnosis —which transcends both thinking and experiencing. In fact, it is precisely our ordinary ways of thinking and experiencing that veil this Truth from us, for as Buddhist master, writes: Blinded by their own sight, hearing, feeling and knowing, they do not perceive the spiritual brilliance of the source substance. If they would only eliminate all conceptual thought in a flash, that source-substance would manifest itself like the sun ascending through the void and illuminating the whole universe without hindrance or bounds.

Dionysius the Areopagite says of the Christian mystic’s Enlightenment: Renouncing all that the mind may conceive, wrapped entirely in the intangible and the invisible, he belongs completely to him who is beyond everything. Here, being neither oneself nor someone else, one is supremely united by a completely unknowing inactivity of all knowledge, and knows beyond the mind by knowing nothing. In other words, the Truth to which all Mystics testify is of an entirely different order than the truths formulated by science. When Jesus said, “Know the Truth and it shall make you free,” 18 he wasn’t talking about the theory of relativity. And when the Buddha said, “The gift of truth is the highest gift,” he wasn’t referring to quantum physics.

There are quite a few seekers out there today who think that discovering mystical Truth is simply a matter of “shifting your paradigm,” or learning a “new worldview.” And while it is certainly valuable to examine your worldview and to investigate new paradigms, it is also crucial to remember that, no matter how revolutionary a worldview may seem, or how compatible with mysticism a paradigm may be, worldviews and paradigms always remain conceptual constructs. But the Absolute Truth revealed by Gnosis lies beyond all concepts, all paradigms, and all worldviews, whatsoever, into that Ocean of Silence at the Heart of the World.

The relations of sense and substance too must have a corresponding subtlety and flexibility and must be determined, not by the relations of physical organ with physical object, but of mind with the subtler substance upon which it works.

The life of such a world would be the servant of mind in a sense of which our weak mental operations and.our limited, coarse and rebellious vital faculties can have no adequate conception. There mind dominates as the original formula, its purpose prevails, its demand overrides all others in the law of the divine manifestation.

At a yet higher reach supermind—or, inter-mediately, principles touched by it—or, still higher, a pure bliss, a pure conscious Power or pure Being replace mind as the dominant principle, and we enter into those ranges of cosmic existence which to the old Vedic seers were the worlds of illuminated divine existence and the foundation of what thcy termed immortality….

The principle which underlies this continually ascending ex-perience and vision uplifted beyond the material formulation of things is that all cosmic existence is a complex harmony and does not finish with the limited range of consciousness in which the ordinary human mind and life is content to be imprisoned.

Being, consciousness, force, substance descend and ascend a many-runged ladder on each step of which being has a vaster self-extension, consciousness a wider sense of its own range and largeness and joy, force a greater intensity and a more rapid and blissful capacity, substance gives a more subtle, plastic, buoyant and flexible rendering of its primal reality.

For the more subtle is also the more powerful,—one might say, the more truly concrete; it is less bound than the gross, it has a greater permanence in its being along with a greater potentiality, plasticity and range in its becoming. Each plateau of the hill of being gives to our widening experience a higher plane of our consciousness and a richer world for our existence.

The oldest Vedinticknowlage tells us of five degrees of our being, the material, the vital, the mental, the ideal, the spiritual or beatific and to each of these grades of our soul there corresponds a grade of our substance, a sheath as it was called in the ancient figurative language.

A later psychology found that these five sheaths of our substance were the material of three bodies, gross physical, subtle and causal, in all of which the soul actually and simultaneously dwells, although here and now we are superficially conscious only of the material vehicle. But it is possible to become conscious in our other bodies as well and it is in fact the opening up of the veil between them and consequently between our physical, psychical and ideal personalities which is the cause of those “psychic” and “occult” phenomena that are now beginning to be increasingly though yet too little and too clumsily examined, even while they are far too much exploited….

Behind all these terms of ancient psycho-physical science lies the one great fact and law of our being that whatever be its temporary poise of form, consciousness, power in this material evolution, there must be behind it and there is a greater, a truer existence of which this is only the external result and physically sensible aspect.

Our substance does not end with the physical body; that is only the earthly pedestal, the terrestrial base, the material starting-point. As there are behind our waking mentality vaster ranges of consciousness subconscient and supercoracient to it of which we become sometimes abnormally aware, so there are behind our gross physical being other and subtler grades of substance with a finer law and a greater power which support the denser body and which can by our entering into the ranges of consciousness belonging to them be made to impose that law and power on our dense matter and substitute their purer, higher, intemer conditions of being for the grossness and limitation of our present physical life and impulses and habits.

If that be so, then the evolution of a nobler physical existence not limited by the ordinary conditions of animal birth and life and death, of difficult alimentation and facility of disorder and disease and subjection to poor and unsatisfied vital cravings ceases to have the appearance of a dream and chimera and becomes a possibility founded upon a rational and philosophic truth which is in accordance with all the rest that we have hitherto known, experienced or been able to think out about the over and secret truth of our existence.

The ascent of man from the physical to the supramental must open out the possibility of a corresponding ascent in the grades of substance to that ideal of causal body which is proper to our supramental being, and the conquest of the lower principles by supermind and its libera-tion of them into a divine life and a divine mentality must also render possible a conquest of our physical limitations by the power and principle of supramental substance.

And this means the evolution not only of an untrammelled consciousness, a mind and sense not shut up in the walls of the physical ego or limited to the poor basis of knowledge given by the physical organs of sense, but a life-power liberated more and more from its mortal limitations, a physical life fit for a divine inhabitant and,—in the sense not of attachment or of restriction to our present corporeal frame but an exceeding of the law of the physical body,—the conquest of death, an earthly immortality.

For from the divine bliss, the original delight of existence, the Lord of immortality comes pouring the wine of that bliss, the mystic Soma, into these jars of mentalised living matter; eternal and beautiful, he enters into these sheaths of substance for the integral transforma-tion of the being and nature.

In men, says the Upanisad, the Self-Existent has cut the doors of consciousness outward, but a few turn the eye inward and it is these who see and know the Spirit and develop the spiritual being. Thus to look into ourselves and see and enter into ourselves and life within is the first necessity for transformation of nature and for the divine life. (ibid., pp. 910-11.) …

The spiritual individual acts out of that sense of oneness which gives him immediate and direct perception of the demand of self on other self, the need of the life, the good, the work of love and sympathy that can truly be done. A realisation of spiritual unity, a dynamisa-tion of the intimate consciousness of one-being, of one self in all beings, can alone found and govern by its truth the action of the divine life. (ibid., p. 913.)

There is a reality, a truth of all existence which is greater and more abiding than all its formations and manifestations; to find that truth and reality and live in it, achieve the most perfect manifestation and formation possible of it, must be the secret of perfection whether of individual or communal being. This reality is there within each thing and gives to each of its formations its power of being and value of being…. (ibid., p. 929.) …

A perfected community also can exist only by the perfection of its individuals, and perfection can come only by the discovery and affirmation in life by each of his own spiritual being and the discovery by all of their spiritual unity and a resultant life unity. There can be no real perfection for us except by our inner self and truth of spiritual existence taking up all truth of the instrumental existence into itself and giving to it oneness, integration, harmony. As our only real freedom is the discovery and disengagement of the spiritual reality within us, so our only means of true perfection is the sover-eignty and self-effectuation of the spiritual reality in all the elements of our nature. (ibid., p. 931.)

To study the nature of this experience is rather a difficult matter. All that one can hope to do is to set down a few general impressions. It is a type of experience which is not clearly differentiated into a subject-object state, an integral, undivided consciousness in which not merely this or that side of man’s nature but his whole being seems to find itself. It is a condition of consciousness in which feelings are fused, ideas melt into one another, boundaries broken and ordinary distinctions transcended?’ Past and present fade away in a sense of timeless being. Consciousness and being are not there different from each other. All being is consciousness and all consciousness being. Thought and reality coalesce and a creative merging of subject and object results. Life grows conscious of its incredible depths. In this fulness of felt life and freedom, the distinction of the knower and the known disappears. The privacy of the individual self is broken into and invaded by a universal self which the individual.

The overcoming of all the usual barriers between the individual and the Absolute is the great mystic achievement. In mystic states we become one with the Absolute and we become aware of our oneness. This is the everlasting and triumphant mystic tradition, hardly altered by differences of clime and creed.

The Divine is both in us and out of us. God is neither completely transcendent nor completely immanent. To bring about this double aspect, contradictory accounts are given. He is divine darkness as well as “unencompassed light.” The philosophers with their passion for unity emphasise the immanent aspect, that there is no barrier dividing man from the real. The unity of man and God is the fundamental thesis of the great philosophic tradition which has come down to us from the Upanisads and Plato. Aristotle, Plotinus, Samkara, Spinoza, Bradley and a host of ‘ others are witnesses to it.

Those who emphasise the transcendence of the Supreme to the human insist on the specifically religious consciousness, of communion with a higher than ourselves with whom it is impossible for the individual to get assimilated. Devotional religion is born of this haunting sense of otherness. We may know God but there is always a something still more that seems unknown and remains unspoken. A profound impression of the majesty of God always remains with the devotee who is certain that we can never reach the divine level of glory.

We deactivate for an indefinite time the aging of our cells, tissues, organs, and functions, and reconnect in our Being, in a harmonic and balanced way, the twelve codes of DNA, to reach the twelve higher levels of spiritual, emotional, physical and mental awareness. Likewise, we now activate the growth and functioning of our pineal gland, to feel the higher frequencies of thought that knowledge provides and to set in motion the process of ascension that is engraved in our DNA.

Before the Neophyte can fully realize the power of the Optic Thalmus, the Divine Eye within his own brain, he must understand the meaning of Or espe-cially in its relation to Word and Jordan. Iordan (not Jordan) is the word in the original text. I is framed from Iod—the 10th letter of the Hebrew Alphabet, and means “hand,” or that which creates. Or is gold, not metal, but the “precious substance” the seed.

The upper brain is the reservoir of this Or and is the gray matter or “Precious Ointment” of Christ. “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God.’ All things were (or is) created by it.” The upper brain is the Word, and it furnishes all that man contains, or is. Jesus was not a Savior until he was Christed of John in the Jordan. Then he became the “Beloved Son.”

Why was the baptism necessary?

Because there are two fish. One was Jesus, the Carpenter, the man; the other, the Christed Jesus the Son of God. The Christ substance gave the electric or magnetic power to the seed to cross the nerves at Golgotha without disintegrating or dying.

To crucify, means to add to or increase a thousand fold. When electric wires are crossed, they set on fire all inflammable substances near them. When the Christed seed crossed the nerve at Golgotha, the veil of the temple was rent and there was an earthquake, and the dead came forth, i. e. the generative cells of the body were quickened or regenerated.

The crucifixion or crossing of the life seed gives power to vibrate the pineal gland at a rate that causes the Optic Thalmus to fill the “whole body with light,” and send its vibration out along the optic nerve to the physical eye, and thus heal the blind.

A noted Professor of Greek, in one of our Universities, says that the translation of many New Testament texts from Greek are radically wrong. For instance, “He that saveth his life, shall lose it, and he that loseth his life, for my sake, shall find it,” should read: “He that saveth his seed—life—shall loosen it (set it free), and he that loosens it, shall find it,” which means that this “Bread cast upon the waters” shall redeem him.

Here is the physiological explanation: When the Christed substance, the ointment from the river Jordan, the oil in the spinal cord, reaches the pineal gland, it vibrates to a rate that causes new blood—the new wine. This is the blood of Christ that heals all infirmities.

The word Secret is derived from Secretions. The upper brain, the Cerebrum, contains the secretions, gray matter, creative, or that creates, builds and sup-plies all life-force of the human temple.—Soul of Man’s (Solomon’s temple). Hence God, the Crea-tor, dwells in you. The cerebrum is his throne. Prayer or desires expressed by man in the cerebellum for righteousness, is answered in the cerebrum. Thus Optic Thalmus by prayer to God within, and in no other way, can man overcome the adversary or the “carnal mind which is at enmity to God.”

The Pineal gland, the dynamo that runs the organism of man, is composed of sand plus a cement, an ointment, a smear, found, as has been explained, in large quantity in the spinal cord, also, to some extent, in all parts of the body. When this cement is wasted, as the Prodigal Son wasted his substance in riotous living, there being a deficiency of this precious oil, the pineal gland becomes brittle, and does not vibrate at a rate that vitalizes the blood and tissue at the health and strength rate, and the house, beth or body.

In the union of the Sun and the Moon . It is within the two crown jewels which adorn the head (the pineal and pituitary glands) that this divine work is primarily consummated.

A veritable germ of light , a Sun – seed , forms in the pineal gland of every human being. It is a part of his divine or Christed heritage. However, this seed of light remains dormant, lies fallow, until one is wise enough to know how to use it.

This Science of ‘as above so below’ is the most ancient universal system of harmonizing man with his natural surrounds! The stars above and the stars below, i.e.: our own bodies. Mankind is in harmony with Nature only when he realizes that he is the microcosm of the Universe and a Galaxy unto himself. Man has lost this profound knowledge over the past few thousand years due to the Precession of the Equinoxes. The dark history of the recent past was foretold by the ancients. Hesiod, Hermes and many others foretold a time when the understanding of the sacred truths would become obscure and the knowledge would have to go underground to be preserved for a future time. That time has now arrived.

Primitive Christians, the Essenes, fully realized and taught the great truth that Christ was a substance, an oil or ointment contained especially in the Spinal Cord, consequently in all parts of the body, as every nerve it the body is directly or indirectly connected with the wonderful “River that flows out of Eden (the upper brain) to water the garden.”

The early Christians knew that the Scriptures, whether written in ancient Hebrew or the Greek, were allegories, parables or fables based on the human body “fearfully and wonderfully made.”

These adepts knew that the secretion (gray matter — treat ive) that issues, (secretes) from the cerebrum, was the source and cause of the physical expression called man; and they knew that the “River of Jordan” was symbolized in the spinal cord and that the “Dead Sea” was used to symbolize the Sacred Plexus at the base of the spinal column where the Jordan (spinal cord) ends, typifying the entrance of Jordan into the Dead Sea.

The thick, oily and salty substance composing the Sacral Plexus, “Cauda Equina,” (tail of the horse) may be likened unto crude Petroleum, (Petra, mineral, or salt, and oleum — Latin for oil) and the thinner substance oil or ointment in spinal cord, may be compared with coal oil; and when this oil is carried up and crosses the Ida and Pingala (two fluid nerves that end in a cross in medulla oblongata where it contacts the cerebellum (Golgotha— the place of the skull) — this fluid is refined as coal oil is refined to produce gasoline — a higher rate of motion that causes the ascension of the airship. When the oil (ointment) is crucified — (to crucify means to increase in power a thousand fold — not to kill) it remains two days and a half, (the moon’s period in a sign) in the tomb (cere bellum) and on the third day ascends to the Pineal Gland that connects the cerebellum with the Optic Thalmus, the Central Eye in the Throne of God that is the chamber overtopped by the hollow (hallowed) caused by the curve of the cerebrum (the “Most High” of the body) which is the “Temple of the Living God” the living, vital substance which is a precipitation of the “Breath of Life” breathed into man — therefore the “Holy (whole) Ghost” or breath.

The Pineal Gland is the “Pinnacle of the Temple.” The modus operandi by which the oil of the spinal cord reaches the Pineal Gland.

The “Temple of God” is your body, not a building. Of course, if you believe we evolved from biological sludge 3 billion years ago, this doesn’t make any sense.

Now, we’re never taught this information because the powers that be don’t want you to understand what you are. They like you confused, distracted and deceived which is why “you give them bread and circuses and they will never revolt (Juvenal).” For the past 500 years, it was the church’s role to mislead the masses. Now the “scientism” and “new age” community has gleefully taken over that role.

Seed is the cause, the nucleus of everything, therefore a seed is “the beginning” In the beginning was the WORD.”

The fluid, oil, or marrow which flows down the spinal cord, comes from the upper brain, the Creator or Father, the “Most High,” and is known in physiology as ovum, or generative seed that life essence which creates the human form of corruptible flesh. In the Greek, from which the New Testament was translated, this marrow is called Christ, which is the Greek word for oil.

When this oil is refined, transmuted, lifted up, raised, it becomes so highly vitalized that it regenerates the body and “overcomes” the last enemy, death.

“ON EITHER side of the Thalamus, in the head, is a gland, known in physiology as the Pineal, on the posterior, and the Pituitary on the anterior side of the Thalamus.

The Pineal is cone shaped, and secretes a yellow or golden fluid. The Pituitary Body, opposite it, is ellipsoid in shape, and contains a whitish secretion, like milk.

The fluids that are found in both these bodies come from the same source, namely, the Claustrum, which means “barrier” or “cloister,” and is referred to as cloister for the very good reason that a precious and holy thing is secreted or secluded there. Saint Claus, or Santa Claus, is another term for this precious fluid, which is indeed a holy gift in the body of each one of us.

The precious fluid which flows down from the Claustrum separates, part going into the Pineal gland and part to the Pituitary body, and these, being special laboratories of the head, differentiate the fluid from the Claustrum, and it takes on the colors above mentioned, and in the Pineal Gland becomes yellow and has electric properties. The Pituitary Body, having the milk-like fluid, has magnetic properties.

These two glands are the male and female, the Joseph and Mary of the physical body, and are the parents of the spiritual son born in the solar plexus of each human being,

Man has turned the mighty power he possesses to every object and principle of force in the universe except himself, the greatest miracle of all. When man focuses his divine thinking lens upon himself, he will realize that he is an epitome of unlimited Cosmic Energy.

In the Greek, from which the New Testament was translated, this marrow is called *CHRIST, which is the Greek word for oil. So you see if this energy is raised up the spine, you are Moses taking by your choice (chosen people) the desire from (Egypt) sexual centre, and returning it transmuted into gold of the spirit.

In the it is referring to this most sacred ad, or seed. That is why seed, means word, hence you have “in the beginning was the word.” Until mankind can accept this ‘New Beginning’ and transmute the animal seed to gold, then they will continue to die in mind, body and spirit.

The whole alchemical system is based on these principles for transforming or transmiting lead to gold, a process of transform the leaden consciouiness to golden consciouness.

If people begin to remove the dogmas created by Being bound to religions, the journey of the “Oil” can save people or transform their state of mind to a higher levels of Consciouness. The transformed essence of life and its subtler energies is much more powerful than the denser energies, and has much more abilities.

When this oil is refined, transmuted, lifted up, raised, it becomes so highly vitalized that it regenerates the body and overcomes- the last enemy, death. How can it be lifted up? By lifting up the “Son of man,’ the seed, the word, the savior. The oil (Christ) in the spinal cord, is the salt which is mentioned in the Bible, and the savior is the seed, or Jesus.

In ‘Bible terminology the solar plexus also means manger, cave, Bethlehem, fog it is in the centre of this plexus of nerves that we find the thimble-shaped cavity or depression from which issues forth the redeemer of the Adam man. In a dual sense it is the ‘house of bread, as it is the place where the divine bread or seed is formed, and it lies directly back of the house of material bread, the stomach. “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every WORD(seed) that cometh from the mouth of God.” Jesus was born in Bethlehem, and this word means in Hebrew “House (Beth) of bread (lehem).” See how wonderfully the Hebrew words expressed the true meaning of the hidden truth. -I am the bread of life.’

At the place where the ARK entered the “water,’ twelve men were chosen to set up stones, and the Bible tells us that “They are there to this day.” These twelve stones correspond to the twelve Dorsal vertebrae, to each vertebra of which a nerve is attached that forme part of tine solar plexus. These twelve nerves terminate in the solar plexus. They are the twelve priests whose services enabled the Ark to enter the “River of God.’ The twelve forces, then, bore twhis ARK out of the water. They broke down the walls of Jericho and entered the city with the ARK of the MOST HIGH GOD. In the New Testament story Jesus was baptized in the Jordan. Then, when the time came for His crucifixion, He went to the Garden of Gethsemene. In anatomy this is near the Medulla Oblongata, with the olives on either aide, a physiological fact, as any anatomy proves. There are two ‘pyramid’s, also, at this place. In anatomy, Golgotha (place of the skull, in Hebrew) is the base of the skull, where the spinal cord enters the head. At this point is a double cross made by the Adi, The Pingala and the pneumogastric nerves.

Can we any longer doubt that this ancient records. told the scene story as i:s found in our own Scriptures, and that it was all in regard to one thing, one process, the MASTERY OF THE BODY? The seed, then, is crucified on the cross, it is raised in power, or nowhere does the crucifixion mean death.

Read John and note glory and glorify. John, or Ioannes, is ointment, or oiL, here personified. Glorify means to illuminate – to give light – glow ray. The passing of the seed over the crossed nerves, and its passage into the pineal gland, does, in very truth, cause the illumination – the flash of light, the raising or illumination of consciousness of the individual in which this process is allowed to take place. For it is man that prevents its accomplishment. After the crucifixion the “body’ of Jesus is claimed by Joseph, and it is taken by him into his own tomb, where no man had ever been laid.

This Joseph is the same Joseph – the father of Jesus, the pineal gland, for no other man, no seed had been absorbed by the gland previously, for this is the first seed that has been saved. In other words, the Son returns to the Father, the seed returns to its source. The Father and the Son have become ONE. No other explanation save a physiological one can make clear this statement of Jesus. “And greater things than I do, ye shall do for I go unto my Father.” The first seed that has been saved apparently makes this statement. When the first seed is saved, the entire body is changed. It vibrates at a higher rate, the fluids are purer.

It is within this process the Philosopher´s Stone is created, transformed and transmuted from lead to gold. Next to the human soul, it is the most beautiful and the most precious thing upon earth.

When you have found the water which contains our Stone, you must take nothing away from it, nor add anything to it: for it must be entirely prepared by means of that which it contains within itself. Then extract the water in an alembic, and separate the liquid from the dry. The body will then remain alone on the glass, while the water runs down into the lower part. Thereupon unite the water once more to the body in the manner described above, and your task will be accomplished. Know also that the water in which is our Stone, is composed in well-balanced proportions of the four elements. In the chemical process you will learn to distinguish earth, oil, and water, or body, spirit, and soul: the earth is at the bottom of the glass vessel, the oil, or soul, is with the earth, and the water is the spirit which is distilled from it. In the same way you will come upon two colours, namely, white and red, representing the Moon and the Sun. The oil is the fire, or the Sun, the water is air, or the Moon; and Sun and Moon are silver and gold which must enter into union.

A Simple Account of the True Art

According to the Sages, no body is dissolved without the coagulation of the spirit. For as soon as the spirit is transmuted into the body, [the Stone] receives its power. So long as the spirit is volatile, and liable to evaporate, it cannot produce any effect: when it is fixed, it immediately begins to operate. You must therefore prepare it as the baker prepares the bread. Take a little of the spirit, and add it to the body, as the baker adds leaven to the meal, till the whole substance is leavened. It is the same with our spirit, or leaven.

Christ is the philosopher’s stone that transforms the flesh into gold ; he is the elixir of life.

The classic image of the ‘philosopher’s stone’ makes a powerful appeal to the human longing to be able to transcend the limits of the ordinary world. Base metals could be transmuted into gold; mortality into immortality.

Christ overcome this process of transformation and through this overcome death and won eternal Life. Christ is here portrayed as the one who transmutes the base metals of fallen, mortal human nature to his immortal and imperishable nature.

The portal to the truth is the human mind, when we connect the heart with the pineal gland — the center of our spiritual senses.

There are many ways to reach this center, namely, through different forms of meditation that imply exteriorizing our emotions. But the effect is better absorbed when the mind already contains enough synapses to process what is new. And there is only one day to accomplish this: through reading about the truth.

While scientists focus their investigations on the behavior of objects in consciousness, mystics concentrate on the subject to consciousness—that ‘self’ or ‘I’ to whom the objects appear. And while scientists seek to develop ever more refined and comprehensive theories about how reality works, mystics seek to Realize a Truth about its fundamental nature that lies beyond the grasp of any theory whatsoever.

This is why you must know what to learn before learning anything.

When stagnation appears and spreads, a few will break free, and become the rebels that push humanity forward and into that light.

So when the body dies, the fluids die thus man loses his soul when he loses his body. To prevent the loss of soul and flesh is the mission of the Son, or Seed, of God, or the Son of man. There are two very small nerves that extend up from the Sacral Plexus on each side of the spinal cord and cross at the base of the brain and unite the Medulla oblongata. These nerves or delicate wires are called Adi and Pingali. After the seed or fish has been Christed , if it is retained and not wasted in sexual desire, it goes up to “Galgotha” the place of the skull” and crosses the wires, then remains three days in the tomb or the three chambers of the Pineal gland, then it enters the optic, or third eye, and “giveth light to all that are in the house,” that is the beth or body, all the twelve functions represented by the twelve disciples the twelve signs of the Zodiac.

Conservation and transmutation obtain in all the com-mercial world. The force of falling water is transmuted into the product of the factories. Steam, the vibration of copper and carbon discs that turn night into day, the automobiles, “chariots that run like lightning and jostle each other in the streets,” are the effects of the transmutation of base or basic material.

On some fair tomorrow when the subtle vibrations of the Aquarian Age, directed by Oranous, shall have awakened and called to action the millions of dormant cells of the wondrous brain, man will by the power of the lost word restored, conserve and transmute the mineral substance of his body, the soul, I 0 H N, and with the “product” the precious ointment—oil, Christ, triumph over the cross at Golgotha and ascend to the pineal gland that transmits the christed Son to the Optic Thalamus, the all-seeing Eye of the chamber, and thus furnish “light to all that are in the house.”

In these latter days our business world has been domi-nated by a great oil trust, petroleum, mineral oil, petra stone, rock or mineral and oleum; oil was exploited, and then by the law of transmutation changed into gasoline. The transmutation of gasoline by the miracle of the “conservation of energy” causes the “ascension” of the air ship, and the pathway of the Eagle and the open road of man lie parallel across the vaulted sky.

And when the Ego shall have triumphed over the car-nal mind and transmuted the crude soul fluids into the gold of the “New Wine,” it will ascend to the Father, the upper brain. “And the temple needs no light of the Sun by day nor Moon by night, for the light of the Lord doth lighten it.” The gospel miracle of turning water into wine is found only in John and appears as a companion piece to the multiplication of the loaves and fishes. The meaning of miracle is: “To uncover a truth.” .

The King’s Chamber and the Queen’s Chamber stand in the same relation to each other as do the pineal gland and pituitary body. The King’s chamber being placed the highest and likewise the pineal body. No wonder man has considered himself to be above woman. The Pyramid well, which connects the Queen’s chamber with the subterranean grotto, corresponds in anatomy to the left sympathetic system, and the subterranean grotto is the sacral plexus, where the first crucifixion of the seed ( Jesus) takes place. Without a doubt the future will reveal other and more spacious rooms, corresponding to the organs of the body, and it is remarkable that the chambers which were first revealed to the eyes of hu-manity stand for, and represent those organs within the human body which mankind is destroying in excesses. It is no wonder that no trace of any lighting system has been revealed, for no system of lighting was needed. Those perfected builders enjoyed full use of the all-seeing Eye and were a light unto themselves the radiance from that inner eye giving light to all that was within the temple.

Humanity has been wandering many, many years in the wilderness, but the Promised Land, flowing with milk and honey, is very, very near, and soon the “Stone that the builders rejected will have become the head of the corner.

JACOB means “heel-catcher,” hence circle. The name Jacob, or Jacob’s ladder, is applied to the twelve signs of the Zodiac, and the sign Aries. the head, and Pisces, the feet, represent the point of contact, the place where the circle joins. In his dream Jacob saw the heavens open and God let down a ladder, and the angels (angles) of God descend-ing and ascending upon it. God promised him that his seed should be as the dust of the earth, and in him all families of the earth should be blessed. God promised to be with him and to bring him again to the land whereon the promise was made. On awakening from his sleep Jacob said.

“This is none other but the house of God and this is the gate of heaven.” The name of the place was called Bethel (House of the Sun). And Jacob promised to give one. tenth of all that he should receive, unto the Lord. (Sec Tithes). This story is one of the most remarkable and significant of all of the Biblical allegories, since it must he applied cosmically as well as microcosmically.

It represents the solar plexus in man—and the zodiac in the solar system. We can easily understand the meaning of Jacob’s journey, and how, in process of time he came to Mount Peniel (pineal gland) where he wrestled with the angel of God, who blessed him and changed his name to Israel. He hid then come again to the place from which he had started—for he had again seen God face to face.

It means that the circle was complete—Jacob had caught hold of his own heel. The bread that he was to eat was the seed born or formed in the center of the circle—the solar plexus, and. of course, stands for the cosmic sun also, the savior of the world. This bread or seed was to become the savior of the Adam man.

It is in the Pineal Gland that the Seed Atoms are first deposited , later travelling down John ” to the Heart and elsewhere . It is to the Pineal Gland that we first look , therefore , for our knowledge of the origin of visible Man . With this understanding of the importance of the Pineal Gland as the one pole of the Cerebro – Spinal column and system , the whole of the latter , taken with its ramifications ,

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