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We keep moving on relentlessly through this life in order not to fall into all empty moment. Because if we do, our emptiness will tell us that we are running in vain and that we cannot escape the reality of this void. We will be forced to acknowledge that nothing in the external world has ever been able to eliminate this longing, and we feel that nothing ever will. Few of us dare to explore this void-of-longing.

Kundalini and transformation

The immediate after-effect when finding our self back in the old world, after exiting the Realm of Self-Realization, is a state of astonished wonder, awe, and confusion. The big question is—what happened? We feel within all of our Beingness that the experience of Self-Realization was mow real, mow significant and more fulfilling than the old work! of matter! We do not wish to leave this sphere of Bliss and Unconditional Love and Acceptance.

We do not want to go back ‘down’ into the old world. But it is not a choice that is within our power to make. Just as quickly as we are drawn into Self-Realization we find our Self cast out again. This return to our ancestral ftome was meant to be only a temporary stay. One of the reasons for this visit Home was to bring about our conscious birth into I lay We have always been It lllll ortal but through this conscious birth we become Astute of our Immortality.

The other was to lessen the unrelenting loneliness that almost all of us feel at times. No matter how immersed we are in the world—with the worst and the best it has to offer—we often have a deep-felt longing that we cannot identify or explain. We have become afraid to be alone with our self and fear that we will encounter this inner emptiness of longing.

We ay to fill our life with all kinds of activities and material possessions. We think that we can ease this loneliness by having a relationship with’an other’: someone we love and who will love us. But we discover that even after we have found this someone, and even after we have satiated our self with material wealth, this longing still remains.

We keep moving on relentlessly through this life in order not to fall into all empty moment. Because if we do, our emptiness will tell us that we are running in vain and that we cannot escape the reality of this void. We will be forced to acknowledge that nothing in the external world has ever been able to eliminate this longing, and we feel that nothing ever will. Few of us dare to explore this void-of-longing.

Even fewer come to the realization that no matter how fast and furiously we live our life—this unknown longing will remain. It is only after birth into Self-Realization that this longing finally disappears. It departs as soon as our Beingness has reunited with our Soul.This is the unidentified longing for which we have searched endlessly, from one lifetime to the next.

Coming to terms with the bate aftermath of Self-Realization it not a “walk-in-the-park” is a long and arduous trek filled with many potholes and by-ways. It is not for the emotionally or intellectually weak or the ego driven.

This journey into the uncharted territory of our inner landscape is not for the ‘faint-hearted’.Those who continue to go further on this journey of self-discovery need a warrior’s heart. And even then, there will be casualties. Immediately. after Self-Realization.

It becomes necessary to spend some time in sedusion.The ground underneath our old reality base has shifted. We are out of focus and out of touch with the lower self world and even with our own lower self.Time is needed to come to terms with the unexpectedness of the Self-Realization experience: and time is needed for digesting all the insights given.

This is a critical period for repining our equilibrium. Some never regain it. The world of the lower self now appears gray, dull and meaningless in comparison to the Realm of Self-Realization. The knowledge that the lower self world is only an illusion makes ‘our world’ now appear redundant and worthless. This is a common and mistaken belief.

Kundalini Transformation, Stages of the Kundalini Coming to Life, As Kundalini leaps into other dimensions, the person is able to tap the source of knowledge, The Mind fights against most of the deep-seated changes that we try to bring to fruition because most of these changes are anti-mind.

Living the divine life requires the merging of both sides of the Divine—namely, the female and the male. The kundalini rises to seek her consort, her mate, her lover. Our kundalini transformation isn’t complete until this happens. The goal of kundalini is to rise to the seventh chakra, where, through the clearing of seventh-chakra issues and the activation of that chakra’s gifts, we are able to achieve union with the Divine.

Stages of the Kundalini Coming to Life

There are four basic stages of a kundalini transformation. These are:

  1. Purification, the preparation of the body for kundalini’s glide upward;
  2. Activation, or the actual kundalini arousal;
  3. The rising, or the passing of the kundalini through the nadis, chakras, and granthis; and
  4. Integration, living in the light.

No rising: The kundalini lies dormant at the root center at the base of the spine. It blocks the opening of the sushumna.This is the state in an ordinary person.

As Kundalini leaps into other dimensions, the person is able to tap the source of knowledge in himself and intuitively understands the Eternal Laws, which he puts into the language of his own time for the benefit of others.

After transcending the fifth chakra one becomes free of worldly desires, as one’s life has served its purpose. The energy that is no longer locked up in the pursuit of worldly desires raises a person to a higher plane which is the Gateway of Liberation. At this stage the secret of eternal youth opens up, regeneration and rejuvenation begin, and the aspirant achieves perfect health and free-dom from all diseases. One can look back with a great clarity, see the present, and anticipate the future.

Thus one knows the past, present, and future. In the sixth chakra one acquires pure intellect with a balance between the principles of male and female, intel-lect and intuition, free of selfish desires. As a process of learning one understands the creation of one’s own life with all the pains, problems, and difficulties. What has been gained should be preserved and what is no longer necessary must be destroyed to fulfill the Divine Union. The final plunge is taken from his state of wisdom to enter the seventh chakra, that is mahasamadhi. Whenever the final decision is taken the body drops off within a few days.

As a matter of fact, there is no process other than Kundalini Yoga which is responsible for the complete human development process.

The next junction is the third center of energy, called manipura chakra, meaning literally “The City of Jewels.” In fact, mooladhara is the seat of Kundalini, swad-hishthan is its abode, and its arousal takes place in manipura. On its awakening, the body of the aspirant becomes free from diseases; it acquires a luminous lustre and an expanded consciousness.

This chakra is the last of the mortal planes and the beginning of the heavenly planes. Those individuals who are in the stage of persecu-tion, are seriously involved in either intellectual meta-physics or yoga and meditation (normally a combination of the two in varied proportions), or are in search of a guru, have their Kundalini residing in manipura. The third chakra is very important in the sense that it is the boundary between the mortal and heavenly planes.

Once the Kundalini crosses this chakra it does not go back, as it does many times from the first and second chakras. On crossing this chakra, the aspirant acquires a spiritual perspective and gets visions of the higher planes in heavenly realms, which happens for the first time only at manipura. After such visions, the thinking of the person is completely transformed.

All biases, prejudices, and complexes are dropped with the touch of the infinite state of consciousness, since all human differences appear to be trivial now. One’s vision of things becomes higher as the beauty and perfection of the heavenly worlds dawn in one’s consciousness. Perfect ideas, noble thoughts, bliss, and the power to create and destroy worlds with the power of speech are gifts of the manipura chakra. Saraswati, the goddess of speech, is said to reside in the tongue of the person at this stage. One no more looks at the world on the basis of personal problems, which, in fact, do not exist anymore.

The purpose of Self-Realization is to realize who we really are and to bring about a transformation ofour consciousness.It is an all-encompassing transformation of the physical core of our Beingness—of the Awareness of `Self’! This is done through the gradual elimination of our lower self consciousness and promoting the growth of a higher one. The resulting fusion of consciousness evolves a third state of consciousness—Cosmic Consciousness. It is a new state of Beingness for a new species. Once Self-Realization has been activated, the Kundalini energy will again retreat downward. However, She does not retreat back to Her sleeping state. She will remain at a level where She can support the immediate aftereffects of all that Self-Realization produces.

In our process of transformation the mind is the biggest hurdle to overcome. Most of the changes we make, after our Awakening, do not become stabilized and permanent immediately. The Mind fights against most of the deep-seated changes that we try to bring to fruition because most of these changes are anti-mind.

The Mind does not want to surrender and will fight to retain Its domination over us. Most people are dominated by their Mind. This must be reversed. We must bring Mind under our control. In fact, we can even exist without the Mind—the Mind is not who we are! The Mind functions like a computer and knows only what others and we feed into it. It can only function and communicate with words and is the direct opposite of Intuition.

The Mind is a persistent chatter-box that likes excitement. It constantly fills our head with all kinds of desires, fears, what-is, fantasies and dramas; this is Its life-blood.

The Mind has Its life only within the lower self consciousness; It cannot go beyond this border. It can accompany us part of the way during our transition into the Higher Consciousness by way of the lower self consciousness.

But, once the Higher Consciousness becomes the dominant force, the Mind will begin to recede and eventually drop out. The Mind dies with the physical body and the personality.The Mind does not have access to the Transcendent Realms.

The Mind works to eliminate any peace and tranquility in our life. It does not seek unity, serenity or harmony; It rejects it. Sitting quietly and silently will prove this to us. It cannot tolerate being pushed into the background and will begin to assert Itself by starting Its roof-brain chatter and taking control (over us) again.

The Mind likes to separate, dissect and break everything down into minute units of specialization. It compartmentalizes and keeps everything in a separate box.The male Mind of our species is particularly good at doing this!


Our real birth does not occur when we are born into a physical body on Earth. It occurs when we have our first Aware meeting with our Soul. This is called Self-Realization.

Self-Realization is an act of Transcendence.When It occurs, It is an instantaneous departure from the physical world of matter and the loss of Awareness of our physical body. We now find our Self to be only a disembodied consciousness with our Awareness compressed into a pinpoint of extraordinary concentration.

Our Awareness has become part of an infinite vastness, a vastness composed of Golden Light. This Abode-of-Golden-Light is filled with pulsating, radiant Beings-Of-White-Light.

We realize at once. that this Abode-of-Light is our real Home. It is the Home of our Immortal Soul. We are filled with the certainty that all the Souls surrounding us are a part of our family. We, a cosmic wanderer, have returned to the Homeland of our Immortal Soul.

We are welcomed by this family cluster of Soul-Beings who embrace us with an outpouring of unconditional Love and Compassion.Their happiness at this reunion permeates our Beingness.

We are filled with the joyous recognition that they and we have reunited like this for countless eons.

Within this Boundless-Ocean-Of-Love all is conveyed in the wordless communication of Direct Knowing. We have temporarily been called Home in order to begin a new phase of our spiritual development. Having attained to and experienced Self-Realization, we will now be able to continue on our journey of Transformation—in full Awareness of all our actions and thoughts.

We are no longer unconscious and ignorant of our evolutionary journey and its purpose. We have seen the illusion that we participate in when inhabiting a physical body. We now understand why our stay in this illusory world is of such importance. From now on, we are in an Aware partnership with our Soul—able to hear Its Voice and to feel Its Presence.We will always feel surrounded by the mantle of our Soul’s protection and guidance. Never again will we feel alone and isolated. No matter what sorrows or joys will come our way, we will be able to accept them with complete surrender; knowing that our Soul’s purpose is always to bring us what we need. We are now beginning to comprehend the Truth of who we really are.

We are an Immortal Being! We are not the temporary mortal human we believed our self to be! By experiencing this Aware meeting with our Mother Soul, we have now begun to comprehend the spiritual reality of our Beingness. We have become conscious of the scope, the magnificence and the glory of our evolutionary journey. We now know that we are an autonomous Soul in the making!

Through this reunion with our Soul we have come to know the composition of our Beingness when immersed in matter and wearing a physical body.

During our stay in a physical body, our Beingness is composed of three separate components: a lower self, a Higher Self and the Immortal connection with our Mother Soul. The lower self is mortal. The core, the base of lower self consciousness, is Mind.

The Mind produces and sustains the lower self consciousness only within the realm of matter.The lower self is birthed in and dies in matter. It is the lower self chat contains and fosters the ego and personality. It is the ego and personality that make contact and survival with our fellow human beings possible.

We. the Being of the lower self consciousness, are in total slavery to Nature. Our lower self consciousness is bound to the laws of our physical body—to all its animal traits and instincts. It is only when a human being arrives at a certain point in their evolutionary journey that the lower self drops away forever.

The death of the lower self is a slow death. Its end occurs only after a long-drawn-out struggle with the Higher Self has been waged and lost. This battle for dominance is about which consciousness will prevail—that of the lower self or that of the Higher Self.

This struggle is of immense value for a Being’s increase of intelligence and emotional strength. Through the influence of our Higher Self, we become more sensitized and this deepens understanding and builds the roots of wisdom. Each time we fall out of the Higher Self and slip back into the lower consciousness our pain and sorrow will be increased.

This is meant to prod us on, encourage us again and again, to return and to remain within the Higher Self. Of course, in the end the Higher Self will prevail. It is only a question of when, not if.

The Higher Self Consciousness is the intermediary between matter and the Transcendent. After the level of the lower self consciousness Homo sapiens evolve to the level of the Higher Self consciousness.

The Higher Self is the last evolutionary stage within the consciousness of the human kingdom. When the Higher Self reaches maturity, it will then transform again, into yet a higher level of Beingness, which is the Cosmic Being. The Cosmic Being no longer has a physical body but a higher vibrational form for it has Its roots and existence entirely in the Transcendent Realm.

The Higher Self is both mortal and immortal, depending from what point of reference this is actually viewed.The Higher Self has access to the realm of the lower self and It has access to the Realm of the Soul.

The Higher Self is in pursuit of acquiring more and more growth of Essence—for Essence is the core of Its Beingness.This Essence is food for the evolving Cosmic Being.

The Higher Self is able to leave the realm of matter while still connected to Its physical form; however, this is possible for short stays only. As long as the Higher Self remains connected to the old physical body. no matter to what tenuous extent—It remains mortal. When It enters the Realm of Cosmic Consciousness It becomes Immortal.

However, this Immortality is temporary and conditional. The duration for staying within Cosmic Consciousness depends on the vibratory frequency of the physical body. In order for the Higher Self to remain permanently grounded within Cosmic Consciousness Its old genetic body needs to have been completely transformed into a new biological arrangement, which can produce and sustain the same vibratory frequency as is found in the Cosmic Conscious Realm.

When that occurs, the Higher Self Being will no longer belong to the physical; It has gone beyond the frequency and reach of matter.The Higher Self has now been transformed into a Cosmic Being! Its domain is now in the Transcendent. A Soul is Immortal and, therefore, cannot directly leave Its Transcendent doniain.

A Soul cannot come down into the mortal world of duality, matter, space and time. It has no physical body. It can, however, partake of the world of matter indirectly by sharing the experiences of both the lower self and Higher Self while they are in physical bodies. It was for this purpose, that the lower self and the Higher Self were created by the Soul. It is through their experiences in the Realm of Duality that the Soul can advance further on Its own evolutionary journey.

They, too, must go through a transformative process in order to achieve full maturity and become autonomous Souls. Both the lower self and the Higher Self are the Soul’s offspring and are never disconnected from the womb of their Mother Soul. Our Soul is always connected and in touch with both.

The lower and the Higher Self are a component of that, which is our Beingness. But as long as we remain grounded within the darkness of our lower self consciousness, we are unable to have a personal Awareness of our Soul. It is only after we have woken to our Higher Self Consciousness—that we become Aware of our Soul’s Presence.

During our stay within the Abode-of-Souls, we receive the knowledge that all of existence—all of life—is ONE. Like a spider’s web of Light, everything is united in ONENESS. We understand now that the world of matter—everything ‘outside’ of the Transcendent—is only a temporary illusion, a shifting mirage of atomic particles. But in reality, even the world of matter belongs ‘inside’ the Transcendent and is part of the Unified Light. In fact, all mirages that appear to be happening `somewhere-else-over-there’, in another space and time, have never moved out of that ONENESS. There is nothing outside of that ONENESS. ONENESS contains even the outside!

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