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70 Psychic Abilities Described as the Hindu Siddhis

70 Psychic Abilities Described as the Hindu Siddhis

Anima : Atomization – The ability to perceive the microscopic
Mahima : Immensity – Ability to see the structures of the galaxies
Garima : Gravity – The ability to assume an enormous weight
Laghima : Lightness – Levitation
Prapti : Obtainment – The ability to manifest objects out of thin air
Prakamya : Willful movement – Teleportation
Ishitva : Dominion – The ability to control a certain natural force such as wind or rain
Vashitva : Holding of one’s power : Mind control such as with hypnosis
Anurmi-Mattva : Undisturbed by anger or other emotions
Dura-Sravana : Ability to hear far away sounds
Dura-Darsanam : Ability to see faraway things
Manah-Java : Moving the body to follow thought
Kamap-Rupam : Assumption of any form
Para-Kaya Pravesanam : Entering other’s bodies
Sva-Chanda Mrityuh : Dying when desiring
Devanam Saha Krida Anudarsanam : Seeing the pastimes of gods and angels
Yatha Sankalpa Samsiddhihih : Meeting one’s objectives
Ajna Apratihata Gatih : Being obeyed without objection
Aeromancy : Interpreting the shapes of the clouds
Afterlife communication : Connecting with the dead
Alomancy : Reading patterns of salt thrown in the air and cast on the floor
Apantomancy : Interpreting the meeting of encounters with animals
Astral Projection : Out of body travel
Aura Reading : Interpreting the auric field
Automatic Writing : Writing a message from an outside intelligence through the subconscious mind
Bibliomancy : Interpreting a passage from a book chosen at random
Catoptromancy : Telling fortunes with a mirror
Channeling : Delivering a message from an outside intelligence that enters the body of the interpreter
Chirmancy : Palmistry – Divination from the lines of the hand
Clairalience : Ability to smell that which is not present
Clairaudience : Ability to hear events
Claircognizant : The sense of clear knowing
Clairempathy : Sensing other’s emotions
Clairgustance : Ability to taste that which is not present
Clairsentience : Ability to sense other’s feelings or senses
Clairtangecy / Clairsensitivity : Ability to read energy from objects
Clairvoyance : Psychically see nonphysical realities
Cleromancy : Divination through casting stones, bones or dice
Crystallomancy : Seeing the future through a crystal ball
Deja vu : Sensing events have already happened
Demonomancy : Summoning demons to answer questions
Divination : Using gifts to obtain answers
Dowsing : Using an instrument to locate water, metals or other things underground
Dream Interpretation : Interpreting the meaning of dreams
Empathy : Sensing other’s feelings, illnesses, sensations, knowledge and more
Feng Shui : Manipulating the environment to bring about certain outcomes
Gyromancy : Divination by perimeters with an alphabet (ouija board)
Healing : Creating more wholeness within another
Horoscopy : Astrology
Hydromancy : Divination through observing water
Hypnosis : Creation of a trance state for healing or answers
Intuition : Catch all term for managed use of psychic abilities
Levitation : Floating the body or objects
Libanomancy : Interpreting shapes in smoke
Mediumship : Serving as a conduit for other worldly beings
Megagnomy : Ability to use an ability during a hypnotic state
Oculomancy : Divination through looking into eyes
Past-Life Regression : Using a meditative state to explore past lives
Precognition : Ability to foretell the future
Prophecy : Knowledge of divine will
Psychometry : Gaining knowledge through touching objects
Pyrokenisis : Sparking fire with the mind
Scrying : Using an object to see psychically
Tarot Reading : Use of tarot cards to prophesize
Tasseography : Reading tea leaves or coffee grains
Telekenesis : Moving objects without touching them
Telepathy : Hearing mind to mind information
Transfiguration : Superimposition of a face on a medium
Xenoglossy : Speaking a language that is not one’s own

Some of these abilities are believed ancient, others are more modern. They are categorized in the book as varying levels with some being primary, some secondary as well as the three categories of vision, knowledge and action.

It’s said our chakras are the gateway to these powers but to be careful not to fall into the greed of power. Seek spiritual development instead and the desire to do good in the world and you may find them more easily coaxed.

Peter Horttanainen

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