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July 11, 2021

Awareness, Higher Consciousness, Enlightment, Map of Consciousness -48 Minutes

The human kingdom provides the battlefield for the essential encounter between Spirit and matter which will see the eventual victory of the Spiritual over the material. In the early skirmishes matter has proven itself a superior foe and has dominated the indwelling Spirit. The power of the Dweller in the body is as yet embryonic and, therefore, goes unnoticed. Its youthful power, grounded in the lower realms and subservient to the forces of matter, is weak and feeble, but Its future destiny is indescribably beautiful.

The computer/ robot is a machine and in it lies the problem. The word “automatic” is Greek and means “what drives itself”. The essential thing about the machine that man constructs is that it...
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13 Minutes
Power of Meditation

The union of the self in man with the Self of the universe is called yoga, the yoking or joining together of the finite self with the Infinite Self, and the process or method for attaining this union is also called yoga. The name given by the Hindus to the highest state of consciousness is called Samadhi; the Zen Buddhists refer to it as Satori; in Taoism, it is known as the absolute Tao

The goal of all major esoteric traditions and of all world religions is entry into a higher kingdom of nature, into the realm of the gods. This kingdom is known as the Fifth Kingdom,...
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60 Minutes
Ascending, Illumination, Immortality

The soul, taking its impressions from this and previous lives, travels on to be reborn. Similar to the dying process, but through free will, we become angels when we let go of the body as identity, free ourselves from ego and liberate ourselves from the illusion. To be an angel, remember divine love, heal yourself of body-consciousness and defeat Maya

When we incarnate on Earth, the Archons maintain control over us through the distorted space-lime structure with implants which confuse the human mind and emotions. These implants are crystals that are programmed and were...
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Kundalini Awakening on Earth- What is it? -39 Minutes

There is a war for the soul. We all have an infinite consciousness and only a handful of people are aware of it. This war is not like the movie War of the Worlds with its physical bombs; it is a war of mind control. The lower matrix controls the software of the brain. Even though you are slaves, this program makes you think you are in control. The software program is designed only to support your five senses (reality) and doubt anything other. This world doesn’t tell you is that you can escape from his Matrix also through your mind. It has been imperative to keep you locked into your Lower Matrix to make sure you believe in its reality and fear leaving its reality. Only those who can sustain the awakening of the crown chakra, and then connect it to the most subtle chakras ‘off-body; even stand a chance of receiving information from outside the Earth. The Galactic Chakra system was shut-off when the (10) DNA strands was unplugged.

There is a war for the soul. We all have an infinite consciousness and only a handful of people are aware of it. This war is not like the movie War of the Worlds...
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