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“Your ultimate guru is within you”, The Guru is therefore a teacher of teachers, That is, darkness prevails in all the three strata – in the crude physical sphere, in the psychic sphere, and in the spiritual sphere. So a guru will necessarily have to be able to remove darkness from all three strata. The literal meaning of the word Guru is ‘One who removes darkness (ignorance)’. In reality God Himself, in the form of the Word is the One Guru present in everyone.

Guru or Satguru (true Guru) is the person who has long been in this path of spiritual awakening. See, what is the purpose of healing or spiritual practices? It is basically to bring the body, mind and the soul in the path of Source. The purpose is to work from outside to inside or from inside to outside. Guru can give you seed-mantra or can give you initiations to start the germination of the tree of spiritual awakening within you. He may also guide you with certain postures and techniques for your overall transformation and speedup in your spiritual evolution. A true Guru understands the system and you well. He knows what your soul needs. One should practice what the Guru specifically gives.

One major way we communicate through the auric field system is by influencing each other’s field pulsation rates. The pulsation rates in one person’s field induce a change in the pulsation rates of another’s field. It works just as tuning forks do. Whichever auric field is stronger usually influences the other. That is why people travel long distances to sit in the field of their guru. The guru is usually someone who has spent a good deal of time in life meditating and increasing the frequency, size, and power of his or her field. Whenever disciples sit within range of the guru’s field, their auric field is lifted to higher vibrations. And they feel wonderful. Of course, this also releases the people’s personal process because the increase of power running through the field releases energy blocks that then have to be dealt with.

“Your ultimate guru is within you”

They affect the whole planet.

The Guru is therefore a teacher of teachers

You have to tune in to the right frequency so that you catch the transmission you want . Just as radio and sound waves are transmitted through various frequencies , measured in kilohertz and megahertz , there are sounds of higher frequencies …

The Guru dwells in the Sahasrar

Since the Guru himself is the light of knowledge , his words are light of the world

God merged His Self in the Gurus through whom He revealed and dispensed His Word

The word ‘Guru’ has its roots in the Sanskrit language, where ‘gu’ means “Darkness” and ‘ru’ stands for the “Removal of Darkness”. Therefore, a Guru is considered to be that person who removes all darkness from our lives and brings light.

That is, darkness prevails in all the three strata – in the crude physical sphere, in the psychic sphere, and in the spiritual sphere. So a guru will necessarily have to be able to remove darkness from all three strata.

The literal meaning of the word Guru is ‘One who removes darkness (ignorance)’. In reality God Himself, in the form of the Word is the One Guru present in everyone.

Saints and sages who have seen God describe HIM as inner resplendence and resonance. It is evident from the following verse of Guru Nanak: ‘Within us is the light and from within the light emanates the sound; We are attuned to the true Lord, through the Word.’ He further says: ‘Communion of the soul with the Word creates ever-lasting bliss.’ To hear or understand the Word is not a matter of the Will or the intellect alone. The relationship between the Word and the hearer is much more intimate; it is vital assimilation. The hearer and the Word become one, with mind merged with the Word. The Word is the central mystery that is situated in the very core of Reality; the Word is the soul, the vital principle of everything. ‘It is the WORD that expresses itself as words of human languages. The Word being ultimate is the source of everything, and nothing exists apart from it.’

GURU: Ten Doors to Ancient Wisdom

“If you understand that rt. you are Ten Bodies, and you are aware of those Ten Bodies, and you, keep them in balance, the-.or ,whole universe will be in balance with you

The totality of man is disturbed if he minds the nine doors which open to him the outer world of matter only and neglects the tenth door which conceals the spiritual reality . That is , man is at his best when he has access to all the ten doors .

Guru Nanak said that if you want to achieve Liberation or Enlightenment, then we must open the tenth door. He called it the “Dasmay Dwar.” I asked Dada, “What is the Dasmay Dwar or the tenth door?” Dada explained to me that we need to open the door that looks inside because the Creator is inside us. But because of the distractions due to the mind and the attractions due to the senses, we are always looking outside and we do not open the door to look inside. Many people, he said, talk of the door being at the centre of the forehead. A spiritual aspirant knows that he is beyond the gross body. He knows the truth and he tries to open the tenth door that would not look outside but look inside and realize God within.

The true Lord is unseen and amazing; His divine state cannot be described. Says Nanak, listen to God’s sacred name and become sacred. God sent you to listen to Godly truth. God placed the soul in the cave and played the music of air. Playing the music of air he opened nine doors and kept the tenth secret.

The tenth door opens only when the trinity ( trikuț ) of sattva , rajas and tamas is left behind … The tenth door is closed with the adamantine hard door ( bajar kapāț ) which can be opened duly with the Guru’s word .

There are nine doors in the city of human body. The Creator has provided every individual with them . In the tenth door resides the wonderful Purusa . The Unknowable has then revealed himself to You

When this human body is born , then the Lord with the help of air , opens up the nine outlets of the body which opens up nine doors , while the tenth door is kept closed as a secret

At the Tenth Door” the seeker’s mind in amrita-elixir is drenched. … (3) Unknowable, beyond limit is the Tenth Door, abode of the Supreme Being. … (original, Ganganantari-Yogic term for the seat of superconsciousness in the brain).

This state is also designated by the use of the Yogic phrase of the opening of the Dasam – Duar ( the Tenth Door of super – consciousness ) . That is the state of bliss , ecstasy , called maha – anand or the quaffing of maharas ( the supreme elixir ).

To open up one’s Tenth Door ( Super – consciousness ) is ( to enter into ) the holy of holies

Now , that ‘ s a spiritual reality check , but it is also what the Masters say is required if we are serious about developing super consciousness and ” building our treasure in heaven. He goes into trance in the Void, and the tenth door opens.


(Asked the Yogis:) “To whom art thou attuned and for what? “How hut thou stilled thy desire and hope? “How Nut thou found light within thee? “How is one to at the uneatable without the teeth? “Say, O Nanak, what, verily, is the Truth?”

(Answered the Guru:) “Born into the house of God, my Guru, my coming-and-going hath ceased. “Attuned to the Unstruck Melody of His Word, my mind is held. “Through the Word have my hope and desire been stilled. “Yea, through the Guru have I found the light within me. “When one overcometh the three Modes,’ one cateth the un-eatable. “And then, Nanak, the Emancipator of Himself Emancipateth. “When One dieth to the self, one becometh a know-all, “And knoweth, within, the compassionate God. “Yea, be alone attaineth glory who seeth himself in all life. “The God-man emergeth from Truth “And into Truth be mergeth: He who’s clean and white within. “Is identified with Truth: he alone knoweth Peace. “He uttereth the unutterable, awakened to himself, “And practiseth the good living in the midst of the household.

“It is for the God-man that our True God established the earth.

“Becoming God-conscious, one attaineth Wisdom and extra-psychic powers. “He is rid of envy and keepeth no count (of what he is done by); Discriminating he becomes “Between truth and untruth, wordliness and detachedness. “Stilling his ego, he destroyeth the sense of the Other. “In the house of the moon’ commit the light of the sun. “He realiseth his God in the fourth state (of Super-consciousness).

And him affect not either virtue or sin. “Himself emancipated, He emancipateth others too. “He looketh upon pain and pleasure alike, by the Guru’s Grace, “And he tastcth not death. “His mind abideth in its Self: then, by the Guru’s Grace, “He knowcth the First Cause. “Even is the flow of his breath; he knoweth the Essence, “And through the light of the Word that pervadeth all, “And also in his Self, he seeth the mystery “Of the three worlds’ and he knoweth “No one but the One alone!”

This state the “city of no-pain”. “Neither fear is here, nor error, neither death nor decline.” “When the sunlight (of gnosis) illumines the lotus (of one’s heart), the moonshine (of desire) comes not into the basket (of the mind).

And the fragrance and the flavour of the soul in bloom that one now tastes is unutterable, and even if one utters, who is there to understand? There, one tastes the relish of tastelessness: a dozen suns blaze in the mind and, eternally, within, rings the Song of Bliss, unstruck, and one bathes in the pool of dispassion and non-sorrow”. In the language of the Zen, he calls it “the heaven of no-mind, and a luminous void,” where, however, are heard incessant strains of a white, still melody, unstruck. “Where abideth He, the King of the whole Universe,” “there ringeth an eternal melody, serene like Silence”. Or again, “In the cave of equipoise God hath established His Seat. He manifesteth there, like light, and His Voice of wordlessness spcaketh”. “Its ecstasy is unbelievably pro-found”. “When thou closest thy nine doors (of sense-organs) and thy outgoings cease, thou comest to abide within the Tenth Door, thy real home. Permanently, thou ‘hearest’ here the Guru’s Word, unuttered!”.

But, it is repeatedly emphasised, that “this state is brought about by the Guru’s Grace,” “by dying to one’s self while yet alive,” and by “contemplating the Guru’s Word”

(Conscious, sub-conscious and super-conscious, corresponding to the earth, the underworld and the sky).

“One ‘seeth’, wonderstruck, the Presence, and sheareth’ the Unstruck Melody of the Word whose ecstasy im-ports one into the realm of wonder” . “One flieth out of the prison-house of Time and all the sorrows, gathered birth after birth, are dispelled”. “One’s fear and doubt are shattered and one seeth the One alone in all”. “Ridding itself of its egocentricity, the cause of separateness, the lotus of one’s mind flowereth, one cometh back to oneself, and abideth there, detached, in the midst of attachments” . “One’s inner fire is quenched, and one lands in the realm of ecstasy”.

Therefore, it is emphasised that one should utter, hymn or contemplate the attributes of God as expressed in the Guru’s Word, to enter, finally, into a Silence where one’s wakened soul converses with the Oversoul in the words of word-lessness. “It is the mind that should dance itself into the mood of devotion, so that the mind, through the Guru’s Word, meeteth with the Mind. Thiswise, one cuts asunder one’s bonds with the illusion.

The true rythm is the Lord’s Praise: all other dance is the empty pleasure of the mind. “Truth and contentment, 1,q these be the two cymbals, and to Sec Him ever—let this be the ankle-bells. To still duality—let this be the musical notes.

Let the Lord’s fear within thy mind be the turning round and about; than roll in dust one should know the body as dust. To repair to the gathering of the wise, and through the Guru to hear the True Name and to utter it again and over again: dance thou to these steps with thy nimble feet”.

“If thou acceptest the God’s Will, this is the real dance of the mind before thy Guru. For, thiswise, thou gatherest gladness and dispellest the fear of death. Then, we lose ourselves, for the Lord Himself maketh us dance; that is His worship: then, He filleth us with His love. Then, He Himself singeth through us, He himself maketh us hear and this blind mind He leadeth on to the Path.

“The world danceth, danceth the whole universe, dance the three modes, the four sources of creation, yea, the whole life danceth as do the angelic beings, the renouncers of the world, and those dedicated to the way of works, the seers and they who dwell on higher wisdom, but dance they alone truly whom Thou, O God, lovcst, who are turned Thywards; they alone know the Quintessence whom Thou blessest to submit to Thy Will.”

And, once, one surrenders totally to the Will of God, and mer-ges one’s individuality into the totality of existence, “even the dance of the mind ceases” . “So long as thou art satisfied with the music—which is mere wind—and not transported through its inner meaning, thou enterest not into the realm of the Real”.

Again, it is a yoga not of the recluse or the runaways, but of the earth-aware, socially dynamic people, acting their parts as de-tachedly as possible, and caring not for the fruits thereof, but dedicating all their seculiar activity to God, who is the prime mover of all their actions and who is the final arbiter as to how He would reward the duty performed in His name and behalf. Most people confuse the Yoga of the Name with the utterance of God’s Names, or His attributes, but this is only one part of it. Says Nanak the Third: “Everyone uttereth the Name of God, but utterance is not real-isation. It is only when God abideth in the mind, by the Guru’s Grace, that one gathereth the fruit.” Says Nanak, “Why shoutest thou God’s Name like mad, for he who hath attained God hath hid him in the heart.”

“One must die and merge in the Word (which is synonymous with the Name), that one purgeth oneself of all the inner soil. This, indeed, is the true worship and ritual, 0 Saints, that is acceptable to God”.

THE Guru, according to Nanak, is “the ladder, the boat, the raft, the ship, the place of pilgrimage, the holy river” . “When one receives the Guru’s instruction, one begins to fear his God” .

“The Guru’s Word is the (Yogi’s) wordless harmony. In the Guru’s Word doth one hear the symphony of the Vedas; in his Word is the God merged”. “Without the Guru, the painful awareness of individuation goeth not”. “It is through inner light that God is revealed unto us, and the light cometh from the Guru”.

“Through the Guru do our woes depart, and the five demons’ are decimated” . “Even if a hundred moons were to rise and a thousand suns were to blaze, without the Guru, all will be dark”.

“The Guru maketh me see my Home within my home.” “The Guru maketh angels of men, and all-too-spontaneously”. “They who dwell not on the Guru and pride on their own wits are like the shoots of a spurious sesame which are left alone and unassembled on the farm”. Is the Guru a person or an idea? Is he to be identified with a particular human being or a particular time-cycle? Is he an incarnation of God, an inexplicable and miraculous phenomenon even though clothed in human vesture? Is he an intercessor, without whom human redemption is impossible?

The True Guru is pleased not when he receives a gift, but when he is the giver.

Thus identifying the Guru with the only eternal verity which is God, whose essence within us is the soul, Sikhism has made the laws of God and soul universally applicable and valid.

Redemption is for everyone who awakens his within. The Guru, like ate God, is for everyone, every age and every clime. His utterance is the utterance of God and comprises only of the ever-abiding Truth.

Thus “the Word which is the Guru”—is the Guru of all men, all castes and creeds. For; “the Guru never leads men to his own worship,” but to the dedication of mind and soul to The Word which was and shall for ever be. It is not the words, but the Word—the quintessence of Reality—which is the be-all.

It is not mere knowledge, nor an intellectual or verbal gymnastics governed by rules of grammar or prosody; it is an instantaneous illumination, an intuitive experience which is inexpressible. That is how one can explain such assertions as “he who cherisheth Thee even once, he’s saved from the noose of death”.

Though it is repeated often enough in the Scripture that it is by closing the nine doors of the sense-organs that the inmost hidden door of the Self, the Tenth, opens, it is also stressed that this process is not to be forced—as the hatha-yoga would enjoin—but that it happens, spontaneously, in the midst of earthly activity, through God’s Will, only if one were to surrender oneself and one’s activity to God.

The only condition, thus, for the realisation of the Word, the Name or the quintessence of God, which is the Guru, is the sur-render of one’s ego and selfhood through constant prayer which empties the self of itself, and makes room for the coming of God. Even the best of ethical conduct, without self-surrender, does not attract the Grace of God, for it is God who alone can he the guide and judge of our conduct, not we ourselves, for the limitations of our mind, circumstances, and the strong sense of individuation we can hardly, if ever, overcome, and these often enough lead us on to the path of mammon in the name of God. We are hardly ever sure of either our step or our real intent in taking it.

Says Nanak: “O God, I’m wonderstruck how man sticketh to Thy Path and how, again, he is strayed away from it. It is all a Mystery for me”, “for Thou art the Creator even of Ignorance and the Illusion”.

Why God did so? This is like asking, Why God created darkness, if He himself is Light?

It is the absence of light which is termed darkness. Dark-ness is not a substantial, independent entity. Light is. Where light is not, darkness prevails. But as in a dark cave, the moment one lights the torch, darkness is instantly dispelled, and it does not say, I have been here for aeons of years. It will take me as much time also to disappear.’ It just goes.

So also came the creation as through a sudden atomic explosion as many physicists now be-lieve. (“But no doubt can be entertained that the genesis of the stars is a single process of evolution”, says Eddington in his ‘Na-ture of Physical World’) So also comes illumination within one’s mind—instantaneously. “One Word, and the whole creation throb-bed into being”.

The Word is the Will of God. When such was His Will, He created the world, and when such be His Will, He will dissolve it into Himself. The Gurus aver that this has happened many times before: this process of creation and dis-solution. But it is also emphasised that in fact nothing is either or dies. For, the God whose expression is the world is Him-self born not, and is deathless. So also the soul of man whichcontains in its essence nothing but God:

“Nothing is born: nothing dies. The coming-and-going only is a play of the Creator-Lord.”

The world and man come and go only in this time-sense: otherwise, in essence, they are a part of the eternity and into eternity they merge. But this play is not an illusion or a mirage. It is Truth personified:

“He who is True created nothing but Truth.”
“The True God filleth and sustaineth all that is True.”
“True are the deeds of God, True is all His Creation.
The source is True, so also what emerges out of it.”

‘True are Thy worlds, True Thy universes.
True are Thy regions, true the forms Thou createst.
O God, all Thy doings are True and all Thy thoughts.”

“There are countless worlds and universes, and millions of suns and moons,” says Nanak. Ours is not the only universe. What appear to us as “our only” sun and moon are so in relation to our own world, our visible universe. “But, there is no limit to the worlds and universes and suns and stars of the other worlds and universes, each strung on the thread of a single Presence which is God.”

Synchronization—The Goal of Yoga

The goal of yoga is to reveal the connection between the human being and the Divine Self. This Divine Self, also known as God, Love, Higher Power, Universal Energy, and the Infinite, is already in all of us. The practice of yoga is a powerful way to experience this ever-present dimension. Awareness of this higher dimension of living is the basis of a sense of well-being, happiness, and healing. Ongoing experience of this dimension helps you know yourself and find your true identity. By knowing your true identity, you will experience self-love. Self-love leads to self-respect and then to the ability to be content. The ability to feel self-love and be content despite outer circumstances indicates a state of heightened awareness. Kundalini Yoga brings you to this awareness through the process of synchronization.

Each time all the chakras reach a level of unison, the entire physical vibration of the human body is raised. Think of a scale of one to ten, with ten being the highest and best. To reach the tengt door, one need to raise the inner vibrations, and by passing each new state or level you get a new frequency signature, and these will work as spiritual key to open the new door at next level, and to succeed Man or Woman need to repeat same process at every level, at least ten times. Beyond the material and physical world you no longer have physical keys, but you will open new doors by frequency signatures. At every level one need to break down that level on density to a subtler vibrations. The ego can pass through this process, because the ego is the one who will hindering you from reaching to higher level of consciousness. The ego must be dissolved. Duality can´t enter level of Oneness.

Its like training for running ten spiritual marathons, and each time the spiritual consciousness expanding and increasning in power, knowledge wisdom and enlightment. After a while of exercise this no longer become a exercise, but more a new lifestyle and a way of living and expericence life on Earth. If someone has difficults to relate this process to a marathon they can relate it to at least ten years of spritiual edcucation and teaching of wisdom, or a combination of them both, or its like starting a rocket to reach to a new dimension or higher consciousness beyond space and time, or its like climbing upwards on a ladder and passing ten high mountains.

Whenever your chakras are not vibrating or spinning properly, you are unable to move your physical, emotional, and mental bodies onto a higher spiritual level. The whole lifestyle is been controlled by keeping Mandkind tuned into low vibrational frequencies. Fear and negativity is been programmed into our mind on daily basis through media news, and the movie industry. Fear closing down the chakras, and turning them downwards and stops vibrate. Then the rulers can fed your mind with fear programming and brainwashing propaganda.

Universal love, universal energy, and higher knowledge all flow through the chakras. It is important that you try to maintain the correct energy flow through each chakra since you could also negatively be effected by a chakra being too open. Remember that balance in each chakra individually and collectively is what you seek. When the chakras are properly balanced for Kundalini, the energy flows in a way which allows each of us a grounded connection to a higher spiritual communication. Think of each chakra as a water valve; and your goal is to have each on the same amount so that love and light flows through the Kundalini freely and constantly.

Gifts Within the Major Chakras

The Heart chakra contains the gifts of polyvoyance: which is clairvoyance combined with Intuition. The Third Eye chakra contains the gifts/abilities of clairvoyance: the art of seeing beyond the five senses. Clairvoyance is also referred to E.S.P. (Extra-Sensory Projection) or the “sixth sense”. The Throat chakra contains the gifts/abilities of clairaudience: the receiving of messages in thought form from another frequency or realm. It is considered a form of channeling. The Heart chakra grants inspiration and intuition. This chakra also allows us to remember the past in a positive light. The Solar Plexus chakra contains the gifts/abilities of telepathy: the innate ability of all humans and other creatures to communicate information from one mind to another without the use of extra tools such as speech or body language. The Root chakra grants the power for human beings to consciously depart and engage in astral travel (out of body experiences). Every student must possess such a power in order to do so. If this is not the case, it is mandatory for him/her to awaken this chakra before he/she can proceed.

People need to understand that this world keeping everyone imprisoned and trapped within the famous Matrix or the MInd Prison. Mankind living within a kind of low vibrational frequency prison.

The Elite are presently working very hard at cultivating FEAR among the masses. They do this by staging, or broadcasting, natural or man made disasters, wars and pestilence around the world at regular intervals. FEAR keeps people ASLEEP. Someone who is ASLEEP has no FREE WILL. They are enslaved. FREE WILL is one of the fundamental laws of this universe. The Elite have broken that law by taking away the FREE WILL of billions of living beings in this planet.

Fear and illusion are synonymous. Fear has no reality whatsoever. Fear is that component of the illusion that says you can be destroyed somehow, or you can be harm or you can experience pain which is perceived to be all very real to the ego. The large part of the illusion lies in who you believe you are. In the perceptions of many lifetimes you believe you have a physical body that can be destroyed or can be hurt. You believe that you can be controlled. You believe that you can control others. There are a lot of beliefs that you have. Now, these beliefs say that you are in danger, and so the beliefs d say you are in danger translates to fear. Fear started expressing through emotions. Now fear began to express itself emotionally in many ways as the ego reacted to its perception of its experiences. Fear reacts in the emotion of happiness.

The illusion is the ego’s limited belief of who you are. The global elite has created a egotistical-social-superstructure to be winning the battle for global self-consciousness. Technocratic controlled governments become the new Global Dictatorship by the Ruling Class or Super Elite. Agents of the world’s elite have been long engaged in a war on the populace of Earth. Greed is the motiva-tion for this war, a greed so pervasive that it encom-passes the planet and all of the beings on it, but in recent times a philosophy has been used to justify that greed. It is the philosophy of mass control, that ultimately aims at dic-tating every aspect of human life—even remolding man’s perception of reality and himself. Although the lust for control can be discerned since the beginning of recorded history.

The war is the war on consciousness. Let’s start with the media and its impacts on society.

All media is out to control us. There are many TV shows and broadcasts that promote good vibrations, were created for pure entertainment, and to focus on personal self-development

Mainstream media, highlighting the ways the global elites and these mainstream corporations and governments manipulate human consciousness through subliminal messages, symbolism, and false propaganda. The reason for this mind control—or conscious control, is to ensure that we don’t think for ourselves and to keep us in a low vibration consciousness level so that we keep turning to the media to solve our every issue and so that we fight to keep the status quo. They want us in a low vibrational state because it keeps us from raising our vibrations and becoming aware of who we are and our Divine gifts. It keeps the global elites in control by having us “freely” hand over our Divine power. It keeps the global elites in power. The global elites need us to be in a low vibrational state to keep the status quo. Those who seek to control the masses thrive of fear and use that fear to create that which they wish to see in the world.

The global elites know the truth about the Universe. They know that we create and the power of thought. Therefore, mainstream news channels and media are doing the work for the global elites, which promotes fear, ego, negative public opinion, competition, hate, separation, and lower vibration mental states.

Governments use fear to keep us in check—or the illusion of fear. Governments were created to set in place the agenda of the global elites—to put the plans into action but without the true leaders being seen or known. They are the puppets of the system, having their strings pulled.

The ego plays its games over and over again until you don’t get it. You never will be able to solve the ego’s problems because the ego thought system in the split mind is designed to never be resolved. It is designed to sustain itself in conflict and chaos as long as it can. Conflict and chaos is what sustains the ego thought system. It is what appears to give it life but it cannot be life because it is a thought that was made.

Light is the only solution to the problem. There is nothing in the world that will give you fulfillment and contentment like the experience of finding the Light of your Christ Self within yourself. Once we find it, we intuitively know and understand that this is the solution to every problem of fear, worry, anxiety, tension, etc. that we encounter in our lives. Once we know it is there, how healing it is and how good it feels to go there, we know that we can go there anytime we want and have each of our pains healed one at a time, spark by spark. This is where we want to remember to practice looking. The Gift of Contentment and the Solution is found within. The ego provides a solution; more of same that created the problem and this is the endless cycle of the ego-lifestyle.

We have been intoxicated with these media news and dramas of life as social media. These bind us to collective consciousness. These collective consciousness polluted by our collective energy release and affecting the psyche of every one of us. When we are into these fearful thoughts, vibrating negativity, we are forced to feel the collective energy response, whether we like it or not. We feel everything, but may feel difficult to express. But when we free ourselves by detoxifying ourselves, remaining media free, news free, ads free, etc you will free yourself from this matrix.

THE POWER OF MASS CONSCIOUS Mass conscious is a powerful frequency that manipulates those of a fragile personality, those who fall for shallow advertisement and empty promises, or accept to be made afraid. Mass conscious makes them forget the divine insights they may have gained, which could otherwise lead to benefits for all involved. Mass conscious is likely to be initiated or used by someone or a group, desiring to control the individual or the masses for their own gain, for revenge, or for the enjoyment of undue power or profit. Vain promises or creating urgencies, obligations, negative sensational news, dangers, emergencies, rush and anxieties, even “pandemics,” are some of the means to gain general power, directing mass conscious, and hindering the individual to reach Alpha, the state of increased healing and intelligence.

Earth is a vibrational mind prison and humans is kept within a full-scale vibratory imprisonment or enslavement of this world.

The stepping up of our physical low vibratory frequencies will also include the reactivation of dormant DNA strands thus enabling a more conscious absorption of the higher spectrum of light and facilitating an enhanced level of sensory perception and awareness.

Once you realize that the consciousness is not the body, you will have realizations as to the eternal nature of consciousness, and the illumination of who you really are. You will see that death is an illusion, just as all the great teachers in history have expounded.

Becoming keenly aware that the old paradigms of techniques keep us mired in the 3 dimensional realms will be the challenge. Because we like our stuff, our ways of doing, it comforts us as humans to let change be someone else’s job.

The archons has pushed human race into a “an ever-depening spiritual sleep.” David Icke has written in The Veil of Tears that certain frequencies can be used to block receipt of radio information, and that certain frequencies can be used to block receipt of radio information.

Through technologies they can create a “vibratory prison.” He asserts that all we need to do is extend this concept to the planet as a whole to get an idea of how spiritual information is being perceptually blocked from the 4th dimension, creating a material prison. He writes:

The complete takeover of the Earth by extraterrestrial expressions of the Luciferic Consciousness was accomplished by creating a vibratory prison. We are multidimensional beings, naturally able to experience many frequencies and dimensions at the same time. However, when the imprisoning vibration an imposed blocking ‘frequency net’- was thrown around this planet long ago, it prevented us from accessing the higher levels of our consciousness and potenpotential – or, the higher dimensions. It caused us to cease to be ‘whole’ or tial we became disconnected from ‘the Father.’

According to Icke, the full-scale vibratory imprisonment of Earth humans may also have been effectuated by closing down crucial Earth vortexes linking the physical (3-D) world with other space/time dimensions. Some of these important windows, however, are still open, and, as well, certain rituals are said to be able to re-open them. Icke speculates that these interdimensional portals may have been closed to prevent negative entities from entering this space/time reality. Thus, this may have been a necessity to minimize chaos and disorder. However, it left Earth humans detached from higher levels of being and cut off our “eternal memory” of who we are. This is essentially the story of the “Fall of Man.”

He writes, “we forgot who we were and where we came from.” Icke explains:

The human race has for ages been living out its existence inside a kind of meta-physical box with the lid held down. We sit in the dark, believing that our potential, and Creation in general, is limited to what is within that box, within that vibratory prison. Over the ages since the vibratory net was cast around the Earth, we have been a people working at a fraction of our full and infinite potential. Life on Earth was changed dramatically by our extraterrestrial jailors, and this also affected the animal kingdom.

Luciferic consciousness works through human consciousness to manipulate human nature and our understanding of reality. It stimulates us to perform inhumane acts by awakening negative emotions. Icke believes, however, that there are positive 4th dimensional extraterrestrial groups working to help humanity rise up and reconnect with our lost identity.

In the universal order pain is not generally experienced by the creation. It is generally only experienced in reality systems that are controlled by the archons, in order to control, manipulate and render powerless those whose energies they feed off because they have lost their connection to the universal exchange energy system.

Archons uisng pain to control humankind on Earth in one form or another, and none is immune to it. The archons have done this by disconnecting all other soul beings here from Source, and wiping out their eternal divine memory of who they are, where they come from, and what their purpose is. Instead, they have connected us to cellular memory that limits our remembrance of who they are, where they come from, and what their purpose is. Most people consider that memory is contained in the brain, or central processing unit. This is not true here on earth. Memory is stored in the cells of our physical bodies. Only short term memory (a few minutes) is stored in the Hippocampus in the brain. It is called the cellular memory. Pain comes from our cellular memories stored in our bodies.

Because pain is located in our cellular memory, we easily feel it, and experience it, because it is stored as memory in our cellular structure, that is why anesthetics work. When the cellular form is deadened no pain is experienced.

Over time, our cellular bodies are ‘loaded’ with pain memories, and so we begin a process of avoiding pain, and the whole societal and social structure here is designed to avoid pain, i.e. a re-occurrence of previous pain. That is understandable and also sensible, unless one understands that it doesn’t have to be that way. It works this way. Once we are thoroughly indoctrinated with the notion of pain we avoid pain, and feel it before it has actually occurred.

Pain resides in our cellular memory and we can feel it before it occurs or our bodies are subject to any kind of damage. Most of us can remember some pain or other from our past, and don’t know where that memory comes from, how it is stored in the cells of our bodies, why we try to avoid a re-occurrence of it, and why it is there.

Fear here is largely the avoidance of previously stored pain and the memory of it. That is how the archons have captured, captivated and controlled us like sheep. We exist, mainly to avoid pain.

Understanding that all species here are similarly afflicted by pain, and that our pain sometimes causes us to inflict pain on other soul beings, as we do, may provide us with the basis for overcoming pain. Pain is essentially a memory that is carried in our cellular bodies, so that we can feel the pain and recall the memory, even if we are not under any duress or affliction. We all remember some pain or other, and we spend most of our lives, and doings, avoiding that emotion and the memory of that pain.

Pain is the system of imprisonment here. The pain body and system here was specifically designed to control us, and to keep us subjugated and imprisoned in a system and a prison with no bars, and of our own making. This is done by building a memory base stored in the cells in our bodies that ‘punishes’ us when we don’t conform to their system of control, and we feel ‘pain’, when we don’t conform.

It’s a bit like being in a prison with electrified iron barriers, and if we try to get out of the prison we are given a shock. That is the role that pain has in the archon system.

The archon system is designed to keep us enthralled in their system and ignorant of how the universe actually works.

They don’t want us to know this information, because if we did, we would walk through the prison bars and free ourselves from the prison.

“The (alien) group” requires that we don’t develop our natural psychic senses (open the third eye and learn yoga science of liberation), because this would give us the ability to see beyond “the veil of ignorance” that’s been set in place around us for eons and thousends of years. With our natural psychic senses fully developed, we would begin to intuitively become aware of their presence and the lies that have distorted our perceptions of ourselves and our world for so long. Recognizing and developing our psychic abilities would free us from the clutches of any deceptions that they have used against us for most of our history. It has been deeply ingrained into the social fabric to doubt and even ridicule anyone who purports to have psychic powers. The commonly held belief that we don’t have these abilities is by itself the greatest impediment to our being able to develop and use them. The heart center is surrounded by what has been called the “veil of tears,” and it is the last veil to be cleared on the path of enlightenment. We learn then to see beyond the illusion and limitations of ordinary reality.

The “Global Elite,” Icke wrote, operates the Brotherhood and through the Brotherhood the world, by controlling a “pyramid of manipulation.”

The topmost level of the conspiracy Icke calls “the Prison Warders.” He makes clear his view that the Prison Warders are extraterrestrials without being specific about where they came from: “A pyramidal structure of human beings has been created under the influence and design of the extraterrestrial Prison Warders and their overall master, the Luciferic Consciousness. They control the human clique at the top of the pyramid.

In his work, Icke began to speak in New Age terms of “negative energy” and “blocking vibration.” By utilizing these forces, the aliens have imprisoned us in “a frequency ‘net’ thrown around this planet.”

Earth as a frequency fence. The frequency fence is a high-tech, vibrational barrier, maintained by a central computer and a system of satellites, which surrounds the Earth, and which blocks vital energy from the universe from reaching us. The frequency fence, for all these hundreds of thousands of years, has turned the Earth into a vibrational prison.”

The spark of life is imprisoned and surrounded by a low vibrational prison of the mind. The mind prison on Earth is controlled by low vibrational frequencies. The mind prison is been controlled by a vibratory imprisonment on Earth and the three dimensional world or reality of the matrix.

To move from one to the other it is necessary only to change one’s rate of vibration or else to be able to shift one’s consciousness to focus in a different stratum of vibrations. It is like changing ones vibrations from those of the material of the electric wire to those of the electricity itself. It is this capacity to shift the consciousness from plane to plane which is the aim of yoga and most spiritual training. The hidden wonders of the spheres are discovered not by sailing off into the clouds, but by withdrawing ever inwards, within and within through the higher dimensions.

The ego keeps humankind trapped within this low vibrational mind prison, and when one raising the vibrational frequency of the consciousness one is able to reach the Higher Self.

Ignorance is an enemy of knowledge: Ignorance never cooperates with knowledge. They always fight each other. Both are enemies. Ignorance always prevents knowledge from taking over its place. The archons prevent the soul from acending to higher levels of consciousness or enlightment and prevent spiritual progress.

The mass of humanity is caught up in the quagmire of ignorance. With no vision of their ultimate goal of Self-realisation. . The entire humanity is lost in the abyss of ignorance.

Ignorance gives room to the enemy: A person who lacks knowledge is never secure. What ignorance do is to open the door widely for the enemy to come in and you may have believed to have gotten adequate security.

It can put one in bondage for long: Ignorance doesn’t have pity on people. It makes sure he keeps its victim in bondage as long as it could until the person dies or breaks loose.

It is a limitation: Ignorance will always limit you. It will make you to lag behind, to be stagnant, and to go spiritually backward. The ego don´t want any kind of spiritual progress of the real higher self.

Illusion is meant to entrap and enslave humanity. This enslavement can be maintained only through ignorance. Ignorance is a limitation of knowledge.

Humanity can remove the veil of Ignorance by ascending to the supramental level and by realizing integral knowledge. It is possible to realise the Divine Truth or integral knowledge again only through the spiritual evolutionary process.

Ignorance is like a veil wrapped around the human mind, a veil that prevents the mind from breaking free of the shackles of materialism. Through this veil, we see only a material world, with material beings. We see a material sky and material plants and animals. The veil of ignorance keeps us disconnected from life’s deeper reality.

As long people are tuned into same low vibrational frequencies within the Matrix peeople will believe they are free, but it is first when they begin change these low frequencies they will understand that Mankind living under the control of other beings within this Matrix – the matrix of the archons. When someone trying to break free everyone controlled by the Matrix will turn against them.

Dominated by immediate needs and the voice of his super ego he fails to listen to his humanistic conscience’ or to his inner voice. In such a situation fiction becomes real and falsity appears as truth. What the individual calls personality is really that which shadows his potential personality and deprives him of maturing. That which he calls self is really that which veils his self, and what to him is “I” is only a barrier to his becoming “I.” In every age the mass of people betray themselves and remain blind imitators; only a handful of men follow their humanistic conscience at the right time and develop their selves to the fullest potentiality. These people often courageously begin this process with the step of isolation, which requires detachment from that most comforting means—the sense of belonging to a group of people, or more precisely, having a group reference. To take such a step necessitates considerable sacrifice; it means cutting off all ties of position, rank and name, at a time when an individual still needs them; instead he strives only in the hope of finding his universal self.

Ten doors and ten bodies..

the tenth door and kundalini

Rudra Granthi It is the third and last major Granthi to obstruct. It belongs to Lord Shiva. This Granthi obstructs the aspirants from further progress from crossing the tenth door. This Granthi is responsible for the hindrance for the opening of the Agyla Chakra. Rudra Granthi is related to six important minor Granthies known as Roudra, Mukti, Sanathya, Kapali, Kalachudas and Kulashrva. All these smaller Granthies keeps the aspirant under the wraps of material attachments, illusions of Riddhis and inner psychic powers.

This Granthi keeps the aspirant attached to it and stops his further progress. On balancing this Granthi the aspirant is blessed to attain the stage of Nirvikalpa Samadhi and have the experience of the cosmic bliss of Shiva Shakti. This Granthi is very difficult to open by the aspirant himself. Only a self-Realized guru can help in opening this Granthi. A realized guru is needed at this stage for further progress.

The opening of Rudra Granthi bestows many powers, Riddhis and Siddhis like: The secret of creation of the universe is revealed to the aspirant. Aspirant is detached form the great illusion and delusion due to Maya. He comes closer to God-realization. Once opened this Granthi also remains opened for the lifetime. It provides many extraordinary Siddhis & Riddhis All the chakras are energized and channel ized to connect with the Agyia chakra. The emotions like anger, dullness, agony, sadness, happiness, fear and surprise are get away one after the other from the aspirant. Once opened, it also remains open for the lifetime. When this Granthi is opened, the aspirant gets a victory over the illusions, delusions and Maya of the world. He gets connected with the realm of God-Realization.

known as the opening of the Third Eye or the Tenth Door or the Sixth Sense

Susumana extends to the tenth opening .

OR IT MAY SPEAK OF NISHYANOA, the perfect, full Reward Body, Nishyanda Buddha. Nishyanda Buddha is the Dharma-speaking Host in the Swim Net SutRa. In that Sutra it says, Now, I, the Buddha Nishyanda, Am seated on the Lotus Flower Dais, All around upon a thousand petals A thousand Shakya Lords also appear. Each petal has a hundred, million countries, And every country has a Shakya Lord. Each sits beneath the Bodhi Tree, And all at once accomplish Buddhahood.
This is the first part of the verse with which the Slugura Net Stang begins. It says, “I, Nishyanda Buddha, am right now seated on the Lotus Flower Platform, on a thousand-petalled precious lotus flower. On this platform consisting of a thous-and petals, each of the petals makes appear a hun-dred, million countries.

There is a Shakyamuni Buddha in each one of those countries, speaking the Dharma and teaching and transforming living beings.” This is a description based upon the Second Ground. On the First Ground, one sits upon a hundred-petalled lotus, while one’s lotus on the Second Ground has a thousand petals. One’s lotus on the Third Ground has ten thousand petals, while on the Fourth Ground it has a million, and a bil-lion on the Fifth Ground. On the Sixth Ground one sits on a lotus flower which has a trillion petals. The lotus on the Seventh Ground has a quadrillion nayutas of petals. On the Eighth Ground there as many as fine motes of dust in a quadrillion Great Trichiliocosms. What one sits on in the Ninth Ground is even bigger: the lotus petals are as many as the particles of dust in a quadrillion asamkhyeyas of lands. On the Tenth Ground one sits upon lotus petals many as the fine particles of dust in ten ineffable trillions of nayutas of Buddhalands. So when Nishyanda Buddha is SEATED UPOH A THOUSAND-PETALLED lotus FLOWER, that is SPEAKING which is INCLUSIVE OF the description of THE SECOND GROUND given in this Sutra.

Thousend Petal Lotus

“The Guru knows all there is to know. He knows that what you see and what you hear are just illusions. He makes you understand this so that you do not get trapped thinking that what you perceive is reality. He constantly encourages and inspires you to go further and further beyond the jungles of illusion until you reach the shore of enlightenment. “Along the spiritual journey, there will come a time when your growth becomes spontaneous. You may not know that you are growing within, but the Guru will know.

To reach this stage of spontaneous growth requires much self-effort. It is like shooting a rocket into space.

A lot of human effort and fuel is needed to shoot a rocket beyond the earth’s gravity. Once it is beyond the gravitational force of the earth the upward movement becomes automatic, and then it can go into the orbit of another planet. “Likewise, the sadhak needs to put forth a great amount of self-effort until he reaches the stage of spontaneous growth. Once he enters that stage, inner transformation will happen effortlessly, even without his own knowledge.

But the Guru knows because it is he who has taken the sadhak into that realm. It is the Guru who showered the grace on him to take the final leap. “The final push into that stage of spontaneous growth cannot happen without the help of the Guru. He is the only one who knows that spontaneous growth is taking place and that the final attainment will be achieved soon. He knows that his grace is already flowing toward the sadhak and that it will bear fruit without much delay. For the sadhak, this period may be like a waiting period because he is not aware of the inner transformation that is taking place. He does not know that the Guru has bestowed his grace upon him.

As far as the sadhak is concerned, this is a time when all conscious effort stops. He can do nothing but wait. Then all of a sudden, it happens, the inner awakening. Even without his own knowledge, the grace bestowed by the Guru takes him there. Out of nowhere it happens. Grace comes out of nowhere. It can happen at anytime, at any place.

With the spread of tantric cults around 1000 A.D., the guru not only shows the way to the Lord, but is the Lord. “There is no higher god than guru,” tantric texts tell us, “No higher truth than the guru.” “The guru is father, the guru is mother, the guru is the God Shiva. When Shiva is angry, the guru is the Savior. But when the guru is angry, there is no one who can save you.”

The guru is now an extraordinary figure of divine mystery and power, greater than the scriptures and the gods, and all that the disciple requires to realize his own godlike nature, his extraordinary identity as Lawrence Babb puts it, is to merge his substantial and spiritual being with that of the guru.’

The ambiguities of thought and the agonizings of reason can be safely sidestepped since the way is no longer through Upanishadic listening, reflection, and concentration but through a complete and willful surrender—the offering of tana, mana, and dhana (body, mind, and wealth) in the well-known phrase of North Indian devotionalism.

The responsibility for the disciple’s inner transformation is no longer that of the disciple but of the guru. “One single word of the guru gives liberation,” says a tantric text. “All the sciences are masquerades. Only the knowledge flowing out of the guru’s mouth is living. All other kinds of knowledge are powerless and cause of suffering.”

The combined forces of the bhakti and tantra pushed toward an ever-increasing deification of the guru, a massive idealization of his mystery and power. The thirteenth-century Marathi saint Jnaneshvara writes of the guru: As for his powers, He surpasses even the greatness of Shiva.

“Guru is Brahma, guru is Vishnu, guru is Maheshwara,” is a verse not only familiar to most Hindus but one that evokes complex cultural longings, that resonates with what is felt to be the best part of their selves and of the Hindu tradition.

The Guru He surpasses the greatness of Shiva becuase the Guru is Brahma.

It is said that Brahma, God, the Guru can be found within the Thousend Petal Lotus and is represented by the hidden Tenth door.

Can anyone find a treasure if they are lookimg or diggimg where the treasure is not, same thing with the spiritual seeker. Who heareth the true word , obeyeth it and treasureth it in his heart , his light shall be blended with God’s .

No one can find the or discover the Guru with their brain.mind or their ego-brain, they must seek him through their heart intelligence, when time is reday the guru will appear

A true guru is one whose consciousness is one with the whole universe. That is the reason, without imposing any of his own thoughts, he will just allow you to grow by yourself.

A large number of people visit the Guru. But they do not take his teachings into their heart and practice what they hear from him. They do not follow his instructions. They do as they please. Such people are of no use to the Guru in the same way as the uncaught fish which moves freely in the sea are of no use to the cooking vessel. Only those who listen carefully to the Guru and accept his teachings fully and put them into practice in their daily life can be of any use to the Guru. In the same way as only the fish that has been caught can be turned into a tasty curry by the cooking vessel, only the people who accept the Guru’s teachings with their whole heart and put them into practice in their daily life can be made by the Guru to realise their Divine Heritage so that they may be of use to humanity.

The gate of salvation is only reached through the guru ‘ s instruction .

“The Guru is nothing but the embodiment of ecstasy. A Guru is not a teacher; he does not teach anything; he does not care about doctrines and principles. A Guru is a presence. Do not think too much, go to him like a lover instead, because a Guru is found through perception. The Guru is to be eaten, the Guru is to be drunk; listening to him is useless. He is a living phenomenon: in front of you there is his energy. It’s a matter of love. It’s impossible to prove somebody that you have found the Guru. There is no possible evidence. Do not even try, because anybody can demonstrate the contrary. But you have found him and you know; you have tasted him and therefore you know. It’s a knowledge of your heart, of your feeling. The word “Guru” is loaded with meaning. The word “Master” has not the same meaning. Guru means “heavy”. The Guru is very heavy; he is a cloud heavy with rain, waiting only for your thirst to pour its contents. He is a flower full of scent, waiting only to meet your nostrils to spread it. Guru means heavy, very heavy: heavy for the energy of the unknown, heavy of the Divine, heavy like a pregnant woman. A Guru is pregnant of God; he is heavy of the Divine, he is ready to pour it.

Your mere thirst is enough; a thirsty ground is enough. The Guru is a ripe, heavy fruit, waiting to fall down. If you are ready to receive him, he falls in you. When a disciple bows down in total faith to the feet of his Guru, something invisible for the eyes occurs. An energy pours down from the Guru into the disciple. If aware enough, one can see the aura of the Guru, his rainbow, pouring into the disciple. The Guru is full of Divine energy. And he has infinite of it: he can pour it into an infinite number of disciples. He can work alone with millions of disciples. He never dries up, because he is connected with the whole, he has found the source of everything. Through him you too can jump into that abyss. It is difficult to surrender to God, because nobody knows where He is: He never gave his address to anybody. But you can find a Guru. Therefore, if you like to know from me what is a Guru, well, a Guru is the address of God.”

That’s why in the East we call the Guru God Himself. The West cannot understand it because they think “God’ means the Creator of the world. We don’t bother much about the Creator here. We call the Guru God. Why? Because he is pregnant

A Master is pregnant with God

But only those who seek Him find Him : ” You will seek Me and find Me ; when you seek Me with all your heart , and I will be Found of you , ‘ Saith The LORD .

The ultimate truth is this: You cannot find a Guru. You can only let a Guru discover you. The only thing you can do is prepare yourself for the Guru’s discovery. The popular phrase “A teacher appears when a student is ready” is absolutely true in this situation.

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