Your subconsciousness mind is 30.000 times powerful than your conscious mind

When your subconsciousness mind is awakening swedish healthcare and psychiatry starts a psychological warfare or political abuse of psychiatry.  It started with political abuse of psychiatry and today it is psychological warfare and they targetting your mind, brain and head with constant sounds and constant destructive psychological warfare psychology and they targetting you everywhere and 24/7, so this sound targetting is sound torturing. They have surrounded your apartment with sound torturing technology and they have surrounded your mind, brain and head with sound weapon technology and they targetting you with this on State of Sweden.

When your subconsciousness energy is awakening swedish healthcare and psychiatry starts their destruction psychology and gaslighting and confusion and misleading psychology.

They start with inform you about human have a suicide gene

They informs you about a existing dreamwatcher

They informs you about a brain in the stomach

They start gaslighting

They start Monarch Programming – Omega – Code Green destruction psychology

They implement the kill word is psychiatry and then media starts using kill word in every sport program you watch

Swedidh healthcare and psychiatry informs you about a brain in the stomach and in same time talks about all diseases in the brain and he has also a red stalking t-shirt with text logo “ouch”. This is the swedish solar plexus psychology. Then swedish police starts with same solar plexus psychology by playing a music chorus “We control the sunlight” and they playing this outdoors when you exercise. So when you exercise suddenly hear how they targetting you with this chorus. Then they continue with same solar plexus psychology at social service by give me another secretary and her name is “SUN”. So they are aware of this solar plexus energy because it is the storehouse of energy in solar plexus.


Then they start fear mongering and sound torturing. Fear mongering and torturing is a psychological obstructing psychology with a purpose to hindering the subconsciousness mind to expanding and evolving light or from healing. Fear creates duality and fear creates control. Sound torturing creates walls of torturing sound and hindering or delaying spiritual growth and hindering the subconsciousness to expanding.


Swedish police playing music chorus indoors and outdoors to say they control the sunlight. “We control the sunlight” – this is the solar plexus and solar plexus is the ego.

Swedish social services give me another secretary and her name is “SUN” – Solar Plexus psychology.

They have surrounded the apartment with sound torturing technology and targetting the mind, brain and head with constant sounds or music chorus indoors and outdoors. Then they targetting you with music chorus.

“Living in a box” illustrate how they targetting your mind with music chorus and they wants stalking your mind so Living in a box – is this room 101 – a psychological torture chamber they have created. Then they play music chorus like “Living in a box”

“Living in a box” psychology or psychological warfare is a hijacking of your mind and energy. State of Sweden hijacking everything. They have hijacking sleep by sound torturing and healthcare stops prescription for sleeping pills during treatment for depression or this awakening of the subconsciousness energy. And then their is now new appointments to other doctors for 9 weeks.

Sleep deprivation and sound torturing is psychological torture and this is pary of the swedish psychological warfare psychology

Swedish police targetting you with constant sounds

Neighbors creating constant sounds to create sound distraction. They screaming hysterical, making hitting sounds, using power tools, hammering in walls, playing drum beats and creating sounds and noise harassment.


They fear mongering

They have been using firecrackets for 15 days to create more sleeå deprivation

They using witch-hunting psychology to activate your “fight or flee” mechanism in amygdala and they have created ostracism and they psychological attacking you with sounds and fear mongering psychology and they stalking and persecuting everywhere


This is the psychological warfare of Sweden











Swedish police psychological attacking your mind and braim with music chorus in their psychological warfare. Here is a illustration when this Satan – Ultra ego is obstructing and psychological attacking and swedish police brainwashing and psychological torturing you with psychological warfare propaganda

Here is music chorus swedish police is playing and transmitting into your apartment and targetting your mind and then targetting your brain and head with these music chorus when you are outdoors and exercise.

Mu Mu Land

Touch Me

Love to hate you

I rather be hunted by wolves than loved by you

Land of confusion

You drive us wild we drive you crazy

“Homo” lyrics

Road to hell

You lying so good

These music chorus they playing hour aftet hour. They creating sleep deprivation and they psychological torturing you and they gaslighting you, so these music chorus is there psychological warfare to create confusion and craziness.

They spreading hate by playing We love to hate you”

They trying to create confusion by playing “Landvof confusion”

And they using gaslighting and they using wickedness psychology and then playing “We drive you crazy”

This is how swedish police using psychological warfare psychology to attacking you.


They create sleep deprivation by shooting firecrackers outside your window for 15 days

Then they start playing drum beats

Then they airstalking with helicopter

Then they play drum beats

Same swedish hive mind




State of Sweden has hijacking your mind, brain, head, energy, sleep, health, reality, communications and trying to control you 24/7.

This swedish psychological warfare trying to hijacking every part of your life and this is same psychological warfare and political abuse of psychiatry swedish healthcare started with. It’s same psychology.

State of Sweden hijacking your sleep by creating sleeå deprivation and sound torturing. They have surrpunded your apartment with sound torturing technology to create sleep deprivation.  State of Sweden hacking computer to manipulate music files you listen at night and they hacking your computer and start changing (gaslighting) the volume

They hijacking your reality and perception of mind by gaslighting and enviroment manipulation and confusion psychology and wickedness psychology and constant brainwashing. Doctors changing shirt to gaslighting you. Social services gaslighting and trying to make you believe you hear things. State of Swedem hacking computer and starts changing volume when you listen to music. Energy companies start mind trixing with street lights. Swedish police transmit sound of cuckoo clock and using sounds of owls to stalking you with. They using paranoia psychology and persecution. They trying to make reality to surreality.

State of Sweden hijacking your communications and close down your internet and all your tv channels to isolate you or to create ostracism and to create confusion and to create fear and they trying to make reality to surreality and them starts brainwashing your mind with torturing and constant music chorus. Swedish police playing constant sound torturing sounds or music chorus

They hijacking your social life by constant stalking and persecution. They stalking you outdoors and they stalking you indoors by shadowing you in your own apartment.  Neighbors shadowing when eat or going to the toilet and swedish police doing the same and shadowing.  They know whem you going to toilet at night and starts playing grasstrimmer sound or sirens. There is another force who has this shadowing ability and this force is the rulers, authorities and principalities and they stalking you everywhere and 24/7

They have hijacking privacy and integrity by shadowing you when you visiting toilet or take a bath or when you eating.

They hijacking your amygdala by creating fear mongering psychology and by creating false amygdala attacks and by paranoia psychology and psychological attacking psychology and by invading and hijacking everything and by creating fear and by induce stress, pain, horror, terrorizing and constant sensitizing and trying to create panic and activate the fight or flee mechanism.

They hijacking your frewdom of speech by close down your communications.

They hijacking your emotions by brainwashing with sounds, stalking and brainwashing and by hijacking the amygdala.  Swedish police playing psychological warfare music chorus to spreading hate when they playing music chorus “We love to hate you”, ” We drive you crazy” and when they playing music chorus “Now I know, now I feel the pain I should felt before”. They hijacking every part of your life.

They hijacking by obstructing psychology and they building “strobgholds” and they surround you with walls of torturing sounds and they using this obstructing psychology to overwhelming your mind with negativity in samecway they constant brainwashing.

This is reality or surreality in State of Sweden and these forces are non-human spiritual forces and these forces is the rulers of this world and we dont struggle against powers of flesh or blood, but rulers, authorities and principalities.


And everytime I publish a posr a airstalking helicopter appearing and this is their psychology to constant stalking and persecution and to create a anchoring and chaining process of control.  They stalking you everywhere and 24/7. And they shadowing you going to toilet. They stalking with music chorus outdoors.  Swedish police playing music chorus to say they control the sunlight ( the solar plexus brain) and swedish healthcare informs you about this brain in the stomach (solar plexus brain) – this brain Sweden controls.


This world id fear mongering and this world controls with fear and with fear they creating duality and this keep humans in a state fear. And fear keeps the third eye closed and the third eye is the way to Kingdom of Heaven.

Here is the opposite when third eye is open and has started creation of light – vesica piscis.

State of Sweden using stalking psychology and brainwashing and sleep deprivation and sound torturing and gaslighting and mirroring and wickedness psychology and they imitating and mimicking and gesturing and they douuble speaking and double binding and they stalking and shadowing and targetting you around your aparymemt and they targetting you outdoors and they hijacking your life, mind, brain, reality, sleep, health and your communications and they anchoring and chaining and sensitizing everywhere.

This psychological warfare started with Monarch programming

Informs about humans have a suicide gene

Start using “kill” word in psychiatry and media

Phone number suddenly expired when healthcare tells to call

Doctors writes prescription for 230 pills against sleep problems

Then healthcare stops prescription for sleeping pills when one doctor writes a prescription for 230 pills and then they stop prescription for sleeping pills during treatment for depression and then there is no times to other doctors for 9 weeks and the sound torturing going on.

Then it become a psychological warfare and everyone gaslighting or manipulate reality to surreality and they sound torturing and then brainwashing and targetting you with music chorus

And it is a “slow kill” process of destruction and they psychological torturing you with sounds, creating pain, gaslighting and manipulation, terrorizing and sensitizing and creating stress and creating sleep deprivation.


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