Your Googleplus notification changing in real time from 1 to 5 and then back to 1 and then back to 5


When you in the morning start using your internet and open a webpage on Google search you see Googleplus notification in the right corner

For a few days I saw there was 7 Googleplus notification and after a few minutes this has been changed to 1

Today 9 September I had 5 googleplus notification in the right corner, after a few seconds this has changed to 1 googleplus notification and when I open a Google page this changing in real time from 5 notification to 1 and after a minute it has changed to 5 notication again. After a few minutes this changing again and now there is 0 notification

These 5 googleplus notification changing from 5 to 1 in real time
then from 1 to 5 again and then back to 1 and then back to 5 and after few minutes

there is 0 google plus notification.

This could be some form of technologocal problems or it could gaslightinf of your perception. Gaslighting is when someone moving things or changing something in the enviroment to create doubts in the mind and this changing of googleplus notification could be gaslighting of the mind.

This is how life is in State of Sweden; they targetting your mind constantly with music chorus, looping commercials, beamings two version of looping commercials at same time.

Googleplus notification (Google)

Here is an example how they trying to gaslighting you with your Google gmail (Google).

Swedish social wellfare service say they have sending you a visit time with post and the swedish post delivery comapany don´t delivery it
Swedish social wellfare service sending a new visit time on your Gmail (visit time 11.30 August 28)
Swedish social wellfare service sending a new visit time on your Gmail (visit time 13.30 August 28)

You opening the first mail around 13.00
Day after there is new un-open gmail sent to you 11.52 (You open your gmail 13.00 so there should not be any un-open gmails)
When you then trying to locate the first gmail this has been removed from your gmail
This is gaslighting; social wellfare sending two different visit times and someone then remove the first one from your gmail

This is how even departments in Sweden trying to gaslighting your mind

Swedish social wellfare service worker trying to gaslighting your mind by make you believe your hear things

State of Sweden hacking your computer changing the volume on your computer (gaslighting by changing the volume)



Swedish social wellfare services and State of Sweden manipulating and gaslighting gmail information they sending and gmail from yesterday has been removed

Yesterday 21 august 2018 I get reminder mail from the social wellfare secretary about a new visit time 28 august 11.30. I logged in on my gmail account around 13.00 and opening the mail and read the new visit reminder message.

Today I have a new gmail in the mail box from the social “wellfare” secretary and this mail was sent yesterday 21 august 2018 at 11.32 and I opening the mail around 13.00, so there is a new gmail in the box after I have logged in and opening it.

The mail I opening around 13.00 yesterday had another visit time than the new mail has. They have changed the time from 11.30 to 13.30.

When I trying to locate the mail I opening yesterday it has been removed.

Here is the email reminder I got sent 11.52

“I just wanted to make sure that you have received information about the new visit time Tuesday 28th of August at 13:30 with ISMA coordinators.”

I have a new un-open gmail today after I have open the one I read yesterday. This new gmail was sent yesterday 11.52 and is still un-open after I logged in on my gmal around 13.00 and read it.

There should not be any un-open gmail which was sent 11.52 and that I have open around 13.00 and read

The gmail I opening around 13.00 yesterday has been removed.

Then they have changed the new visit time from 11.30 to 13.30 (gaslighting)

The text message in the gmail is different and the time has been changed and the mail I opening and read yesterday has been removed.

This mean they trying to gaslighting you with information and using the gmail for this purpose and this mean they hacking your gmail account and removing the gmail. They have to remove it to gaslighting you with the new mail. If I have the mail in my inbox I could easily show the difference between the mail message and that´s why it has been removed.

This is same social wellfare secretary that trying to gaslighting you at meetings with commubication gaslighting and make you believe you hear things

This is same social wellfare secretary that´s using remote viewing and mirroring psychology. When you write a post about remote viewing and how they using technology to mind mapping the brain; the social wellfare secretary has make own hand written mind map to the visit.

This is how State of Sweden using their departments everywhere and using social wellfare services and they who has the capacity and resources to hacking your gmail and remove mail is the goverment and their agencies.

And it these people who  is manipulating and gaslighting people social wellfare workers and coordinators who then trying to help you back to work (Individual Working Support)


Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden

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