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October 31, 2017

You have the power over your mind, not the devil.

You have the power over your mind, not the devil

Satan desires to have each and every one of us. He doesn’t want our bodies that tend to get weaker; he wants our minds.

Just like Satan wants our hearts littered with lies, he also wants our minds filled with deceit about our spouse.

Satan wants to control and destroy our minds, and God wants our minds completely devoted to Him.

You have the power over your mind, not the devil. That is why Satan wants your mind because your mind is strong and powerful. The demons want the body because if they have the body then Satan has your head.

You are in a battle for your mind, and Satan wants to imprison your mind within his fortress. Satan knows that if he can persuade you to set your mind on his accusations, then he can imprison you. He will seduce you, capture you, steal your belief system concerning truth, and take you hostage in the fortress he has built around your mind. 

It’s not so much that Satan wants our souls— he could care less about any of us. He just doesn’t want us to enjoy the presence of God or fulfill our life’s purpose.

Satan’s goal is to make you emotionally and spiritually unstable, so that you will never mature in Christ, or exercise your God-given rights and authority in opposition to him.

Satan wants our eyes closed and our minds shut to the reality that we were created by God. Instead he wants us to accept some evolutionary teaching that suggests that through a fluke of accidental selection ‘here we are’

Satan wants to stop us from reaching our destinies designed by God.

The element of surprise and deception are tactics employed by evil spirits to take control of our minds.  The mind is the most strategic, advantageous area to take control of.  Satan wants to take control of our thoughts and our imaginations

Because he’s absolutely intent on keeping our minds from working the way God wants them to work and doing what God wants them to do. Above all, Satan wants to keep us from knowing and loving our heavenly Father.

The enemy of your soul, the devil, knows this. That is why he targets your mind with his poison arrows. Satan wants you to think contrary to the character of God and the Word of God. His tactics are to accuse God and others.

Satan wants to captivate our minds.

The truth is:God wants us to lose OUR mind and take on HIS mind.

Satan wants us to become desensitized to his evil so he can further deceive us.

We are the only ones who have the right to use our mind; Satan has no authority over our mind.

The battle is going to heat up in the third quarter as Satan wants us to be confused and lost.

Satan wants us to feel unequal to our worldly tasks.

Satan wants to keep us blinded by his lies.

Satan wants us to believe God isn’t answering our prayer, and that is why he puts negative thoughts into our minds.

Satan wants you to know that you have a problem (or many problems), and he wants you to believe that you are the only one with problems.

If Satan can succeed in getting trash fed into our minds, trash is going to pour out from our lives. What´s feeding the brain controls your life.

The last thing in the world Satan wants is a changed mind which produces a changed life.

Jesus is reaching out His hand to you. It is vital to remember here that the last thing Satan wants is for you to keep your attention on Jesus and the supernatural, because Satan cannotdwell with Jesus and therefore cannot get to you there

Satan doesn’t want us to know the truth about the victory we have been given by Jesus Christ. Jesus wants us to fill our minds and hearts with truth from God’s Word pertaining to His victory.

Satan wants us to view our labor as something that should be placed around our neck, forcing us to live under slavery

The big picture is Satan never wants you to see the whole picture

He puts the ideas in our minds to allow our hearts to wander. He does not want us to look at our lives through an eternal view but only a temporary view.

Satan wants you to feel distant and abandoned by God. If he can convince you that God has abandoned you, then he can control your mind and bring about physical ailments

Satan wants us to focus on our failures and to use them as a reference point in determining who we are.

Satan hates our joy. He wants to see anger, unbridled emotions, tears, selfpity, grumbling, complaining,

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