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You have , on the other hand , to get rid of your ignorance , which makes you think that you are other than Bliss . For whom is this ignorance ? It is to the ego . Trace the source of the ego . Then the ego is lost and Bliss will be the source of living. An ignorant man cannot remain long in sushupti because he is forced by nature to emerge from it . His ego is not dead and it will rise up again and again . But the wise man attempts to crush it in its source. The Mind of the Guru

The Mind of the Guru

The divine spirit has been overpowered by ignorance is. Who would wiser be, Could pierce the veil of secrecy.
An ignorant man cannot remain long in sushupti because he is forced by nature to emerge from it . His ego is not dead and it will rise up again and again . But the wise man attempts to crush it in its source

Thus mukti or release here also means the recovery of the true state of the soul’s being by self – knowledge .

The Guru Himself who is the Destroyer of Ignorance. The ego is the source of ignorance. This vicious circle of deaths and rebirths is sustained only by the primary ignorance which is the ego .

An ignorant man cannot remain long in sushupti because he is forced by nature to emerge from it . His ego is not dead and it will rise up again and again . But the wise man attempts to crush it in its source

You have , on the other hand , to get rid of your ignorance , which makes you think that you are other than Bliss . For whom is this ignorance ? It is to the ego . Trace the source of the ego . Then the ego is lost and Bliss will be the source of living.

Only in the end is the veil of delusion Lifted from our eyes . Fix your mind on God

The very It is when the individual or the organism so created loses contact with the Source that ignorance comes into play .

Suppose you have money in the bank . You can get and use that money only if you sign a check . The ego is to be signed off to its source before you can find the fullness of life which is in the Atman , and which is your very birthright . The ego .

Through ignorance he forgets that he is the spirit and identifies himself with the body , mind , senses , etc . , and thus there arises the sense of ego . Religion teaches us to overcome this ignorance and realize that our real life , love , happiness

Through ignorance he forgets that he is the spirit and identifies himself with the body , mind , senses , etc .

There are really no enduring instant peaks of spiritual experience. There is continuing hard work, training and retraining the mind to break its sets so that ultimately we can lift the veils of ignorance that obscure the clear light of truth that is within each of us.

But they have also the dharmic attitude , which says that one needs the guru to come out of the veil of ignorance and see the higher Truth ; that sages and saints and avataras …

Absolute Reality, Absolute Existence, Absolute Knowledge, which shines forth when the veil of ignorance, veil of ‘Maya’ is pierced and overcome.

“But when the intellect discovers in itself an ability to pierce the veil of ignorance, it comes to live its own real nature of infinite bliss.”

The sage’s words are the only arrows that can pierce this mysterious veil of ignorance

The subject ( ignorance ) is hooked up with the object ( illusion ) — both products of maya and both identical with maya

Spirit , that is Divine Being, but the influence of maya does not allow the individual to pierce the veil and realise this identity

A divine opportunity is opened to it to pierce the veil of delusion . . and to realize … its true self, which is satchitananda.

Understand Your Ignorance

The tricky part of researching our own experience is that we often don’t understand our own ignorance. What is our own ignorance? It is a lack of understanding of our true selves—our soul, as it were. We do not understand what part we play in the creation of our lives so we point the finger outward rather than in. And that problem comes from ego. We frequently think we know what we want or what path we should be going down because our ego tells us what it thinks is best for us. Gary Zukav, in his book The Seat of the Soul, paints this as the struggle between the wants and needs of the personality versus those of the soul.

So how do we tell the difference between what is of our ego, and what is of our soul or essence? One key indicator that the ego is in the driver’s scat rather than your soul Is the word “should.” if your decisions come from a place of “should” much of the time, then you’re not necessarily being guided by your true, essential self. You may be giving up your authority to whomever the arbiters of “should” are your parents. your partner, your teacher, your religion, society, etc.

Another time to watch out for the ego is whenever you find yourself overly Interested In how you are perceived. The ego comes through in the image you have of yourself, and the attachment you have to being identified a specific way by others—i.e. your reputation. if you worry about what others think of you, if you need people to think you are a nice person, If you never want to be the bad guy, if you need to have the fancy house and car, then your ego is hard at work.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with having nice things or being a nice person, but does this drive how you act to the detriment of your peace of mind? Do you obsess over what others think and feel about you? Do you do things you don’t really want to do because you need to be perceived a certain way? Is your self-worth dependent on external circumstances? Once we’ve determined if we’re operating from our ego self rather than our true self, how do we take it a step further to understand the cause of our own ignorance—especially If we are In fact ignorant of the source of the problem in the first place? Discovering our ignorance is actually a deep concept in Buddhist texts, looking at how we suffer because we place our happiness (or lack thereof) on attachments to things outside of ourselves.

Guru is the inner guide to the seeker of God during his meditation. But God is the goal or the aim to be achieved. Guru is the search light in the inner path to know and realize God. In the beginning we all were one with God. Then God created us and separated us from Him with the help of His Maya. God has given a freedom to human beings to seek Him or not. God neither helps nor hinders in our search for seeking God. We are free to love Him or not. But a real Guru helps his disciples to seek and realize God.

A Guru uses various methods to mold his disciples in seeking God. For a seeker of God, Guru is very important. It is the Guru, who provides a searchlight or the divine knowledge and creates love or devotion for God in his disciples. Without a Guru, God is difficult to realize. Without a faith in God, there cannot be any Guru and any yoga. Beware of a Guru who leads you away from God or misguides you. He can only lead you to more ignorance, confusion, and then you will have to take many more births to get self-realization. Only a God realized Guru can lead you to God.

A Guru is a living embodiment of scriptural truth. He is an agent of salvation appointed by God in response to the devotee’s deep devotion to seek God. No man can find a Guru, unless God has drawn that disciple to a Guru. A Guru is not an ordinary teacher. He is a spiritual guide and a master of Holy Scriptures in the inner path of yoga. Guru must have already realized God. Only a self-realized Guru who already knows God and has a victory over delusion and Maya can lead others to know God. As a blind man cannot lead others to show a path, similarly an un-realized guru cannot realize God to his disciples.

“Guru is knowledge. Guru is love. Guru is light. There is no difference between Gum, God and the Soul.”

A guru (or yogi) is someone who actually embodies the liberated state.

The tradition of the guru, or master, and the yogi, or disciple, is an ancient one. All learning from generation to generation has been handed down this way. The guru must be compassionate, yet exacting. The yogi must be sincere and dedicated.

The deathless Guru has been on Earth for over 5,000 years and has reached the highest state that Yoga can offer. He has made a pledge to stay on Earth until every last human has realised God. His mission is to help deliver mankind from their limited ego consciousness to one of complete Unity or God Realisation. He is available to all those who attune themselves to his vibration and can be accessed in deep meditation by sincere spiritual aspirants.

Yoga: The techniques will connect you to your inner guru or the Divine will send you a living master. Embracing the spiritual path with a Guru or without a Guru is a personal choice and a decision each person has to make on their own.

Referring to the yogis’ practice of observing fasts and performing other rituals, Guru Ji says: “(0′ yogi), death does not agonize that person who makes truthfulness the fast and religious vow and burns his or her wrath through the true Guru’s word. (Such a person) fixes his or her attention in the tenth gate, (the subconscious mind). This way by coming in contact with the philosopher’s stone (Guru) that person obtains sublime status.”

the Guru of Alchemy.

The esoteric substance called muppu is particular to Siddha medicine and may be considered as Siddha’s equivalent of the “philosopher’s stone.” Its preparation is hidden in secrecy, known only by the guru and taught only when the student is deemed qualified to accept it.

The GURU must be a alchemist

The chief characteristic of a Guru is this that he must be a transformer , he must be an alchemist . This is the aspect which has been …

As their Guru also used to claim that he possessed miraculous powers

It has been stated: ‘The Supreme Power (in the form of Mahalakshmi) is in the pericarp of the thousand-petalled lotus’

TAP INTO THE SECRET DOOR OF MANIFESTATION The prime function of the Alchemical Breath Control is to procure a transcendental power through charging the Supreme energy of the universe to access into the sphere of “Anything is possible.”

According to St. Germain, this mainstay of Tantric conception and practices was essential to the Great Work of Alchemy known as the “Philosopher’s Stone.” The secret essence of Philosopher’s Stone is associated with this Alchemical Breath Control. As you practice St. Germain’s ABC, you will find that it alone is so potent that you will gain far more than the manifestation of your desires into tangible world; also, it will elevate you to the innate spiritual level of mind which will eventually direct you to the grand scale of transformation of the self.

When the Alchemical ingredients are conjoint, they crystallize into one super-potent remedy to produce the quantum manifestation power. It is even possible to accomplish the Alchemist’s ultimate goal, the Philosopher’s Stone, to enter a transcendental state of being: the living saint. KUNDALINI COURSE OF ACTION

This powerful formula was based on the Tantric Pranaya-ma (yogic breathing), aiming for spontaneous awakening of Kundalini, which symbolizes the Serpent Power without the lengthy meditation and the years of spiritual training.

The serpent is normally asleep while man is awake to the outside world, and is coiled up around the axis of the body. According to the Tantric texts, Kundalini is a mysterious psycho-spiritual force, a conceptual and practical mainstay of Tanya, which originally served as a road map to awaken the Kundalini power.

If it is uncoiled and raised to the thousand-petalled lotus at the crown of the head known as the seventh chakra, which represents spiritual unfolding, it obliterates the sense of individua-tion and floods the body with divine nectar, the Kula-amrita, thus allowing you to have inexplicable beatific state of experience.

When Kundalini begins to ascend through the chakras, it brings increasing powers into play, until it reaches the highest point of total awareness and realization. To awaken and uncoil it is to break the ontological plane and attain the sacred center or enlightenment.

The Guru is infinitely powerful, the very fortunate get an interview with him.
The Guru is inapprehensible, pure, like the Guru there is none other. The Guru is the creator, the Guru the maker, the disciple has true information (regarding him). Without the Guru there is nothing, what the Guru wishes to do, that is done.

The Guru is the TTrtha, the Guru is the Coral-tree,’ the Guru is the accomplisher of the desires men). The Gun’ is the donor, having given the name of Hari he saves the whole world.

The Guru is powerful, the Guru is formless (or the formless Supreme Being), high, inaccessible, infinite. The greatness of the Guru is incomprehensible, what will the narrator say?

His grace and guidance are as real and as powerful now as they were when he appeared in his human guise , and they will always be so . The real guru is our own true self , our essential being , which always shines within us as our …

Here, we are reminded of the words of Swami Vivekananda which are somewhat along the lines of, “the world does not need an army to change; only a few brave men can change the whole world.”

Other says; We cannot change the whole world ; but we can change ourselves
Other says; Change yourself and the whole world will and can be changed.

Behold the entire universe as the form of the Guru . See the guiding hand , the awakening voice , the illuminating touch of the Guru in every object in this creation . The whole world will now stand transformed before your changed vision .

The Mind of the Guru, He who takes this mind to the higher regions , the mystery of the three worlds is revealed to him, The popular phrase “A teacher appears when a student is ready”. A True Guru Wants You to Be Independent , A True Guru Goes Beyond Religion , A True Guru Will Dismantle Your Ego

The word of the Guru in order to acquaint bis mind with the wisdom of the Guru , the lofty words of Divine Wisdom and ultimate truth. It is preliminary training of the mind through the eyes and the ears . It lifts the mind of the aspirant from the usual to the Divine.

He who takes this mind to the higher regions , the mystery of the three worlds is revealed to him

When the mind is illumined with Divine knowledge The mystery of the three worlds is revealed . He , who is the seeker of virtue , Shall never forget the holy Name.

This world in the Guru ‘ s view is not a reflection of some higher worlds . … has realized God’s Will knows that the same Spirit abides within him and in the three worlds.


One of the first things that must strike a render of the Granth is the very great importance attached to the Guru. AR it states in one place :— “The very fortunate one obtahls a sight of the Divine By true love to the word of the Guru. Six philosophical systems are current : But the system of the Guru is profound and boundless. “By the system of the Guru emancipation and salvation are ‘ brought about. That true one himself dwells in the mind of the disciple. By the doctrine of the Guru the world is saved. If one bestow affectionate love on it.”

Gurus enjoyed a high position also because they were believed to possess various divine powers or siddihis


what do you do when you have to buy a new car or a new home? I assume you do research, ask your friends for their opinions, and use your own knowledge to make the right purchase. Even when you buy a new phone or tablet, the decision is based on what you like, what’s available, and what suits your style, right? You select your life partner carefully, too. Would you marry a person you didn’t like from day one? So, since you have been choosing the most important things in your life based upon research and comfort, you will choose the Guru using the same model, right?

You will pick the Guru that you like. You will find solace in the Guru who makes you comfortable. You will seek out the Guru who matches your lifestyle. Not so fast. Finding a Guru bears no resemblance to shopping for one. A Guru is not meant to make us feel more comfortable. They arrive in our lives to push our buttons and ignite transformation. So we can’t go from place to place, looking for the “right fit.” when we decide that we are ready for a Guru, the best thing we can do is begin to work on our egos. The biggest roadblock to meeting a true Guru is the ego. Remember, you can think of ego as standing for “edging Guru out.” Take the Guru out, and the ego will walk in. Allow the ego in, and the Guru will walk out. The ego stops us from accepting the idea that someone with flesh and bones can teach us life lessons.

The popular phrase “A teacher appears when a student is ready” is absolutely true in this situation.

The ultimate truth is this: You cannot find a Guru. You can only let a Guru discover you. The only thing you can do is prepare yourself for the Guru’s discovery.

Try as much as you want. if you go out and search for a Guru, you may land at a place where your ego is fed. The title of this section is somewhat of a trick for your ego and shopping habits. Butt am not trying to deceive you. t just want you to have clarity. You are much too precious to end up in the wrong hands.

A Guru’s job is to make you a tough seeker, able to face any challenge in life.

When a Guru is alive, there is vibrancy. There is freedom and yet a management of the journey. A Guru lives in the present. The past and future are irrelevant to a Guru. Their solution to the same problem may change over time because the student’s energy, or even the world’s energy, may change as time passes, too. A Guru responds to the present moment, not to past information.

⦁ A True Guru Wants You to Be Independent
⦁ A True Guru Goes Beyond Religion
⦁ A True Guru Will Dismantle Your Ego

A Guru’s message goes beyond religion and all other popular norms. Gurus don’t repeat heavy quotes from scriptures; instead, they guide you from experience. A Guru will accept you in your religion. There won’t be a need to convert into anything.

A True Guru Will Dismantle Your Ego – A Guru will attack your ego from many angles. You can either take these attacks as insults or learn to understand the hidden lessons in them. The problem is that we’re programmed in such a way that any simple method to cure the ego doesn’t work. Society, media,news, schools, and doctrines and brainwashing propaganda feeds our ego and fear programmning keeping mankind tuned into lower vibration (low state available information). One person, a Guru, wants to detoxify you from all of the ego clutter. It is a lot of work, but it can be done if you apply yourself.

Servants of the universe and the elders. The universe is Yours; You are the Lord of all. You created all. Some serve at Your door and their sufferings are dispelled. They are honoured in God’s court; the guru frees them. The guru breaks the bonds of ego and does not let the mind to be fickle. Meet the guru and follow his way. By which you find God and not have to answer for your account. Eliminate ego and serve the guru.

Without the guru the transcendent Lord no one is yours? Serving the Guru is the way to salvation by praising God forever.

The ocean is very deep, filled with fiery water; the guru carries us across.

The guru breaks the chains of death; the guru-willed realizes the reality. Cheated by falsehood, they walk on many paths. The heat of fire destroys the self-willed. The guru is the great giver of sacred name. Reciting God’s name attains eternal peace. The amazing true guru teaches the truth. Eliminates all sufferings and puts on the right path. No thorn pinches the foot of one who has the guru as his protector.

Meeting the true guru, the mind is stabilized. In his refuge they obtain God’s name. He bestows God’s priceless name.

Get imbued with God’s love forever; this is the essence of meditation and self-discipline. Recite God’s name through guru’s teachings. This essence is found in devotee’s congregation. Search your soul through guru’s teachings You will never go through womb again. Bathe at the sacred shrine of truth and sing God’s praises. Contemplating God with love realizes the reality. In the end the devil of death cannot rob those who say God with love.

The guru the bestowal is very wise. Those with truth inside merge with truth. One, whom the guru unites with him, gets rid of the fear of death. The body is formed combining five elements. God the jewel abides in it. The soul is God, God is soul; God is realized through guru’s teachings. O brother; be truthful and content. Be kind and stay at guru’s refuge. Search your soul and find God; it is realized through guru’s company. The faithless are stuck in falsehood and deceit. Day and night, they slander others.

Tell me: without the guru, who the faithless has been saved? Acting in ego he falls into the terrifying world-ocean. Without the guru, no one is saved; one crosses over reciting God. No one can erase guru’s blessings. The Lord carries across those whom He blesses. The pains of birth and death do not touch those who have the unlimited infinite God in the mind. Those who forget the guru come and go in reincarnation.

You are the almighty kind Lord. No one knows Your amazing plays. You are the perfect architect of destiny. From the beginning of time, throughout the ages, You take care of all. You the kind and beautiful Lord abide in each and every heart. As You wish, You cause all to follow; everyone acts according to Your command. O life of the world, your kind light shines in all. Everyone enjoys you and drinks your essence with love. lie gives and He takes in the whole universe. lie is the mother and father of the world.

He created the world and set the play in motion. He placed the soul in the body of air, water and fire. The body has nine gates; the tenth gate remains hidden. There are four terrible rivers of fire. Only a few guru-willed realize Him through guru’s unique teachings. The faithless are drowned and burnt through evil-mindedness. The guru saves those who are imbued with God’s love. You created water, fire, air, earth and the sky. You created life combining the five elements. They remain imbued with guru’s teaching eliminating worldly wealth and ego O brother.

The mind drenched with guru’s teaching gets satisfaction. Without God’s name there is no place to rest. They are being robbed inside; the faithless do not know the devil of death. The scary messengers and ghosts make lot of noise. These demons create lot of trouble. Without realizing guru’s teaching he keeps coming and going and loses his honour in the process. The body of the false person Is like a pile of salty dirt. Without God’s name what honour you have?

Without God’s name; salvation is not obtained; today or tomorrow he is going to fall In the hands of death. There is no friend without the guru. Here and hereafter, God is the saviour. He bestows God’s name by His grace and unites with him like water in water. Guru guides the misguided followers. He puts them on the right path when they are going stray. Serve the guru forever day and night; He is the destroyer of pain and he is your friend.

The Creator established nine gates. In the tenth gate, the unseen unexplainable infinite God lives. The seven seas are filled with pure water. The filth does not attach to Him. The lamps of the sun and the moon give light to all. Creating them, He watches His greatness. Embodiment of beauty, light and bestowal of happiness is honoured through truth. Within the fortress are the stores and markets; the business is transacted there. The supreme merchant weighs with the perfect weights. He buys and sells jewel and He determines the price as well. The appraiser appraises its value. The carefree is full of treasures. He has all powers, He pervades all; only a rare guru-willed understand Him. By His grace one meets the guru. The devil of death cannot strike him. He blossoms like the lotus in water; he recites God with joy. He rains the stream of nectar, jewels, diamonds, and priceless rubies. Meeting the guru realizes the perfect God through priceless love. Whoever receives the priceless treasure of love? It never decreases in weight. It is weighed correctly. The trader of truth buys the true merchandise.

Spiritual Master’s (Guru’s) powerful

“If one doesn’t understand the hidden sense of a mantra, one will have to surrender to an authentic master.” It goes on to add that when it comes to making mantras work it is the guru who is the path. The guru is seen as the supreme mediator between the ordinary and the divine. As the text puts it, “It is the guru who is the supreme pas-sageway (tirtha), in comparison to him any other passageway is of no use.” As a passageway to the divine the combination of the guru’s image and speech is especially powerful.

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