Yesterday they start using Tattoo Machine to harass and today drilling machine

12 april 2018

State of Sweden started their sound tormenting around 04.00 in the morning and the using a sound similar to how a grasstrimmer sound and using this sound in same way when someone is revving a engine. This sound is transmitted with silent weapon technology – V2K – Voice to Skull technology or synthetic telepathy tehcnology. They can targetting the human mind with voices or tormenting sounds for the mind or transmitting looping music chorus (as State of Sweden) and using this for brainwashing and psychic driving. This is a illustration how it sound 04.00 in the morning when they targetting your mind. So people sitting 04.00 in the morning and creating these sounds to targetting your mind.

12 april 2018

Neighbor starts drilling in walls when you start reading news around 09.20 in the mo

And during I writing this post they start drilling again 12 april

New drilling  harassment 12 april for 1.1 second in concrete walls and they stopped when I start recording

and new drilling harassment 12 april

more drilling harassment 12 april

New drilling  harassment 12 april

Neighbor starts a Tattoo Machine Sound when you going to your backyard (11 april 2018)

Earlier 11 april 2018 they sitting in their cars and honking hornes when you start writing

High Sounds in every tv-broadcasting in Sweden

They airstalking you with helicopters and then makes overflyes with Swedish Air Force flying over the roofs today and day after.

Here is some examples how spiritual stalking and shadowing taking place in the State of Sweden and these behaviors is everywhere in the Swedish society. Is taking place in your own home, healthcare, pharmacies, food stores, employment agency,  social services, swedish media (radio, tv, news articles). They stalking, shadowing, and interference your life, your mind, your soul, your dreams, and trying to interference, mimicking, gesturing, gaslighting, mirroring, targetting you with real time “directed conversations”

I was searching for new horror movies and read about this and day after I have a new follower on Youtube including Among Us

New follower on Youtube dayafter I read about the movie “Living Among Us”. Among Us has tarted follow your channel on Youtube.


They mimicking, imitating, stalking, mirroring, duplicate, gesturing, shadowing and this is creepy like a horror movie, it is snot a horror movie, it is real in Sweden.
When you watching a movie on Youtube they stalking or mirroring content from movie day after.

Here is a clip from the movie “Final Days of Planet Earth” –  2006 Part 1- I watching from Youtube

And dayafter someone has make a comment on my blog with a username including “Birdsong”. This was a nice comment, but there is this stalking thing almost everyday

Swedish healthcare and psychiatry informs you about a existing “Dreamwatcher”

When you watch a movie on Popcorn Time they have a article about eating Popcorn at the night during the Winter Olympics is going on (dayafter I watch a movie)


And dayafter they have this article about Popcorn eating and Olympics. This total stalking behavior or total mind control feels unhuman and unhealty and wickedness

When I watch ishockey games with white background I get a 4 cm broad white line on my screen. Here is a image from my tv screen when I watch icehockey

And few days later Swedish media Aftonbladet has a article about Picassos´s painting and has same white lines in the image. It is same Swedish media who create the article about Popcorn eating and olympics dayafter I watch a movie on Popcorn-Time


Motor saw harassment

Here is sound harassment from start of easter weekend. Daytime they suddenly starts using motor saw for a couple of days ago. This must be garden workers who is working for the landlord

Revving cars harassment

This is from (today) 30 March 2018 Easter weekend after 21.00 when you watching tv-series. A car revving the engine for a ccouple of minutes.

At night is swedish police who is harassing you at night in same way but they using sound technology and transmitting sound similar to a grasstrimmer and playing musi chorus and sirens. Everyone has same strategy to speed up stress creating sounds. This is a creataed sound to illustate how it sound at night and sounds like this and this is sound torture:

And neighbors using drilling machine in same way. They drilling 2-3 seconds in concrete walls and neighbors can start drilling like this early in the morning

This is  just one methods they using and it is same harassing spirit.

They using cars an honking hornes

Tv broadcasting to create unpleasant distortion sound

They using drilling machines and hammering in walls and floors

They using tattoo machines sound

They revving engines

They using motor saws and leaf blowers

They using helicopters and airstalking and even air force to make overflyes

They stalking with sounds, stalking with mirroring news articles, they playing looping music chorus, drum beats, psychic driving, and all forms of sounds by using power tools and human made sound screamings.

They have a stalking spirit and harassing spirit within them

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