Yesterday Organized Gang Stalking – Firecrackers, today tire explosion

Organized Gang Stalking in my area means they imitating everything you write or watch on tv series, and this everyday.

Yesterday I wrote about how they using firecrackers in organized gang stalking, and later that evening you could here the bang from a firecracker.

Later same evening when you watch a tv-serie and there was a scene when a person get shooted, and one or two minutes later you could here the bang from firecrackers, and this after 22.15.

This is how they remote viewing your life.

And who have access to firecrackers in Sweden in the late summer when they sell firecrackers around easter time and new years time.

Today I went out for exercise and today there was tire explosion behind your back that sound like bomb. Yesterday when I wacth tv-series there was a scene they using bomb explosion and this is how they stalking.

When you exercise first a police car passing you, a few hundreds meters later there is tire explosion behind your back, and one or two minutes after this there is helicopter above your head . A Police car, tire explossion and helicopter in area of five to eight hundreds meters.

They are all organized gang stalkers

Other days they start explosions working just when you passing them on the street.

Or, in the same time you open your refrigerator they start high beeping sound before they using explosions in their work outside your window.

Organized Gang Stalking is the art of simultanously actions. These can be people leaving or arriving from apartment at same time, or make noise harassment, or they can start screaming, using power tools, or use firecrackers in same second your open a window for an example.

All actions include simultanously stalking, actions, harassment, sensitizing from many sources at same time.

One minute after I posted this text they start using leaf blowers outside your window.

This is how organized gang stalking working


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