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Will the Real God Please Stand Up. Goodbye, One World Government, One World Bank, and One World Religion. This post is really about you and me, and what we must do to keep from being crushed by Goliath. The Christian Church is asleep!

This post is really about you and me, and what we must do to keep from being crushed by Goliath, and what we must build in place of it… something that has as yet not been built in the whole history of mankind.

So is the government that David calls Goliath out of control? Could David’s Goliath be imaginary, (he admits to being a regular user of heavy drugs), or is it a conspiracy? If it is a conspiracy, some of his statements are inconsistent with who his Goliath is.

In some cases his giant could not have originated in recent history, for on page 61, he says

“the logic of war has not succeeded in five thousand years of war.”‘ It should be noted that in the literature of those earliest cultures, war was fought at the command of evil spirits. Some groups currently see war as a tool to restore freedom, but most of their opponents see all war as an attack on societies.

David’s feelings parallel the concepts of recent groups calling themselves “The Militia” who suggest that the government is full of giants intent upon an evil, one-world government, dedicated to very limited personal freedoms. Recently science has shown that many acts of domestic violence are probably hereditary, or caused by mental, or economic pressure.

Other theories attribute most of society’s violence to a failing educational system. While public education is not entirely to blame, schools have not responded to all questions that have been asked by David’s generation. The reasons are simple, answers are nearly always controversial, usually shaded by one’s ideology.

Since the past is dead, the present is often unrealistic, and the future is so uncertain, there are many variations for the philoso-phy of life.

One reason is that despite great scientific knowledge, both life and death remain profound mysteries. Another reason is that not everything once claimed historical has proven to be true history.

The Christian Church is asleep! It enjoys the comfortable life of pleasure, leisure, and approval. It is very hard to see where or when the World ends, and the Church begins. We have become “incorporated as a business”. Bad idea! Jesus Christ threw such hypocrites out of the Temple as traitors and thieves. The Holy Temple of the Lord God had become the “Den of Thieves”. All for a per cent of profit. “S” should stand for Savior, not for a dollar sign.

Is anyone really surprised that the Creation itself seems to be at war against us? Drought is only the tip of the iceberg. The Book of Revelation promises more, much more. The whole point was, and is, to get Mankind to repent of its sins, and turn to the Lord God alone to obey and serve.

The Book of Revelation promises a wonderful future to all believers. A Believer is a person who accepts Jesus Christ as One and Only Personal Lord and Savior. A person must become “Born-Again” after repenting of all of his or her sins. Then he, or she, turns to Jesus Christ as One and Only Lord of Lords, and King of Kings.

One must become evangelical in this Faith! If you want your name written in the Lamb’s book of Life, then give Him plenty of reason to put it there! Big deeply carved letters! When the “Roll Call is called up yonder”, will you be there? Make the choice, and make the choice now.

The Book of Revelation is a “rich treasure of knowledge”. It was written for us, the generation of the “Last Day”. It prophesies the Victory of the Lord Jesus Christ over all evil, over all falsehood, over all idolatry. Goodbye, One World Government, One World Bank, and One World Religion.

The Key is the faith of belief. Look to Noah and the Flood. Look to Lot and Sodom and Gomorrah. Look to Israel at the Divided Red Sea. Look to David versus Goliath. Look to the empty tomb on that very first Easter Sunday Morning!! Look in your own mirror! Look hard and you will have your own answer.

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