Why Satan is afraid

Fear is the only power Satan has over man. God does not give us the spirit of fear; that is of Satan only.

We are the ones the devil is afraid of. We shouldn’t be afraid of him; he is afraid of us.

The one person that Satan is afraid of is Jesus Christ.

Satan is afraid of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit; satan is afraid of good preaching and right teaching.

The devil is not afraid of Jesus being the Son of God. He is afraid of Jesus being the Son of Man. God has deccided Satan must be defeated by man.

After God became a man and put that man with Satan within him upon Himself, He brought that man to the cross. This is why Satan is afraid of the cross, and this is why the Lord told us to take up the cross.

Satan is not afraid of our binding, but he is afraid of the cross.

He is afraid of our prayers and intercessions that we offered up to God.

He is afraid of the Bible ; he does not want you to know the good things it says of God’s people, and the bad of those who are not 

God has chosen this event to fully bless His people the church, beyond measure and Satan knows it. He sees it, He hears, it, and it is vibrating. … It is designed for the Glory of God and Satan is afraid of it.

Satan is not afraid of us, but he is afraid of the blood of Jesus; he is afraid of the Word of God; he is afraid of the cross 

The wicked man is a coward of cowards, he is afraid of everything. He is afraid of God, because he is His enemy; of Satan, because he is his tormentor. He is afraid of God’s creatures , because they join with their Maker in fighting against him.

Satan is afraid of the unbelievers “salvation potential”.

Satan is afraid of our Faith, he is afraid of us learning about Jesus.

Satan knows the greatness that lies within every born again Christian, so he is afraid of your greatness as a chosen vessel of God.

The holy law of God, and sin-avenging justice, are those that the guilty sinner is afraid of.

Satan is not afraid of you but trembles at the power of the Holy Spirit!

Satan is so afraid of losing his throne inside you that he tries to smother your conscience with carnal lukewarmness and extinguish the Holy Spirit’s convicting work.

When we quote the Word back, we get stronger, and Satan must flee. He is afraid of hearing the word of God.

Satan is not afraid of those who preach Christ’s word; he is afraid of those who submit to Christ’s authority.

God did not created us to be down, and defeated but that’s the will of the accuser of mankind (satan) to reamin content with our situations , in order that we should not rise with a positive testimony, because positive testimonies are spiritual weapons against the kingdom of darkness, and the devil himself is afraid of that.

The blood is what Satan is most afraid of and is what drives him away.

Satan himself is afraid of your passion. The only thing he constantly attempts to do is to shift your passion from God’s purpose for your life.

The devil lives for darkness, afraid of the light.

The devil is scared stiff of anyone who possesses such a life, and so he works tirelessly to keep you from it.

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