October 27, 2017

Why Satan hate so much

Why Satan hate so much

After I write this post I was wondering why satan is so pride about everything he does? Many of these behaviors can also be seen in todays gangstalking.

Since Satan’s plan for mankind is destruction. and since Satan hates God, he also hates G0d’s creation. He hates the fact that we have a Saviour and he does not.

The devil hates anything that God is doing. He hates people being blessed and his plan is to hijack anything that is of God and use it for his own purpose.

Satan hates us most of all and persecutes us so intensely.

Satan harbored enmity against man for two distinct reasons. First of all, man carried in himself the image of God. Satan could not attack God, but he could attack the image of God in man. Gangstalkers are also attacking other persons identity and self-esteem.

The reason for Satan’s enmity against man is that man is destined to take the place from which Satan fell. so, in a sense, man is Satan’s rival. In Genesis 3, we learn that Satan instigated man’s downfall through his cunning.

Since Satan hates Jesus and his people, he attacks and persecutes them (Gangstalkers)

The only way we learn about Satan is through the Bible, (God’s Holy Word)v And Satan hates the Bible because it .

Satan hates God and everyone who loves Him.

Satan hates you because God loves you and he is on a mission to steal, kill, and destroy your life. He will use any means to lure you into choosing his ways over God’s ways.

Satan hates free will; he desires to tell you exactly what to do.

Satan hates perfect health.

Satan hates it when anyone leaves a life of slavery. He is a slave master and a slave driver. He will do anything to keep us in chains to sin.

Satan hates the healing power of Jesus because it thwarts his mission to destroy God’s creation, the human body.

Satan hates God and everyone serving Him.

Satan hates to be exposed. If you even use his name some people think you are a Satan worshiper—or why else would you even bring up his name?

Satan hates the children of men and women of God.

Satan hates Mankind and therefore, blinds Mankind so we cannot solve our most important and simplest problems; such as, trusting GOD; such as, getting born again/saved; such as, not killing each other.

Satan hates public testimonies about healing and restoration.

Satan hates the light because Jesus is the light of the world.

Anything God loves is something satan hates. Anything God blesses is something satan curses.

Satan hates exposure and was going to extreme measures to remain hidden.

Satan hates believers and even unbelievers is because we look like God, and that just angers him.

Satan hates people to know about Jesus because a lot of enemies are created for him through that.

Satan hates and spurns the scriptures.

Satan hates God and he wants our souls.

Satan hates the most are prayer.

Satan hates God and wants to hurt Him.

Satan hates the very Name of Jesus!

Satan does not want to see you receive your miracle. People will say things to get you … When you use your faith, the Devil hates it because he knows that if you become strong in the Lord that he is in trouble.

Satan, who hates to see us smiling and happy and will do just about anything to bring us down; “if” we let him.

Hate is Satan´s protections walls and lies is his structures. If you walking in here hate will meet you and deceiving and manipulated behaviors, and they start persecute people and invading their minds and their lives. Satan´s kingdom is a prison. Targeted individuals are living with walls of Satans all techniques and methods.

The Greek word for fortress, ouhutoma i also the same Greek world prison. Think about what a fortress is,
how it is shaped and how it protects what is inside. It is an almost impregnable wall that keeps enemies out but also guards the things within. It is the same with the fortresses of our minds.

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