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Why mankind is in a sleep state, The normal man is only 3 percent Awake

Why mankind is in a sleep state, The normal man is only 3 percent Awake

Sleepwalking — Awaken Oh Wayfaring Soul

Most people are sleepwalking through life and have no idea that they are asleep. Until something happens that reveals just how asleep they are, they may actually think they’re consciously awake, taking care of life’s business. This is because most have been conditioned to see and perceive things in a certain way. We have developed a false image of life. That false imaged is what we perceive to be our reality. Think about it! What are the main forces that drive the world as you see it? Is it driven by money, power, prestige, beauty, sex, vanity, pride, ego, selfishness, and the like? Think about this also. Could life continue to exist without these things I just mentioned? Even though we’ve become so attached and value them as important – they are not the force that has driven life for millions of years. Before money, how did man live? Before power, prestige, vanity, and the like, how did mankind survive? If you were stranded in the desert, could you survive off any of the aforementioned material things? None of these things are essential to life. We have been merely conditioned into thinking they are. We’re living in a sleep-state and don’t even realize we’re sleep. We’ve been lulled to sleep by the imposter.

Think about this. How long has life been in existence? Let’s take a wild guess that it has been in existence much longer than you have been on the earth. Since you know many people who are much older than you are, you can also guess that life has been in existence hundreds of years according to proven history. Life could have been in existence for several million years according to the fossil remains -The point being -life already knows what it’s supposed to do. We aren’t the ones responsible for maintaining life.

It has more control over us than we may be aware. Remember, we are just stepping into a picture that has been etched in time for thousands, millions, or maybe even billions of years prior to our entrance as mortal beings. Many patterns were already set ages ago. According to what can be proven as fact – we know that life has a long track record. During that time, certain systems have unfolded and established themselves. If we pay attention to life we would see its many rules, habits, trails, and even guiding marks.

Such things were placed there for our benefit. Something caused these things to be in existence. If we take a careful look, we would see that something extremely intelligent caused all things to operate as they do and maintain existence in a very precise order, far beyond our conscious knowledge.

Our role in the matter is to merely pay attention, capture its many jewels, and learn from it. We have the benefit of enough recorded history to see patterns throughout the fabric of life. If we care to use that knowledge to our benefit, we could literally solve most of the world’s problems. That being the case, then why would you suppose we aren’t all excited about the possibility of healing the world’s problems? It’s because, for the most part, people are still consciously asleep. Most haven’t yet awakened to the truth about life.

Most prefer to remain asleep because they don’t want the responsibility of knowing things. When you know things, you have to do something about what you know. If you don’t know, then you don’t feel guilty about not doing things of which you don’t know. With that in mind, I would suggest the first order of business regarding the meaning of life would be to become (aware) awakened.

Wake up and see life, as it is – then go about doing what you’re supposed to be doing by way of divine purpose. Until you awaken, you won’t even know that there is purpose and meaning.

If you’re thoroughly attached to such things, you’re a junky and don’t even realize that you are hooked. Until you wake up and see life beyond material things and fake attitudes you’re not operating within the flow of life. If you’re not in the flow, then you are out of the flow. If that is the case, chances are great that you aren’t accomplishing your purpose for being in this Godforsaken place. But, if you’re that fast asleep, you don’t even realize you’re missing anything.

Does it make sense to you that life would be about collecting things that you can’t even take with you beyond the physical realm? There are things that you may accumulate and carry over into the next realm; all are immaterial, non-physical, and otherwise spiritual. You can take wisdom, love, character, personality, goodness, joy, patience, peace, kindness, brotherly love, and the like over into the next realm, but you can’t take any of your worldly possessions.

Why would anyone spend their precious moments on earth accumulating things that will do them the least amount of good in the next realm? It’s because we are sleepwalking through life. Perhaps there’s much more to life that we can’t see.

Our task should be eagerly pursuing invisible attributes that are eternal. If love is a proven attribute, we should be doing all we can to acquire love. We should be doing all we can to both give and receive love. Love can certainly take us much further along the eternal path than money. Why then, do we choose to value money over love?

This is only because we are sleepwalking. If we don’t learn to love one another while living in this material form, then we can’t achieve the primary reason why we’re here. Until something wakes you up, you will not realize this truth.

Is Life Fair to All?

One could certainly wonder if life is true and just to all alike. Does everyone have a chance to wakeup and achieve their divine purpose in life? It appears that most are asleep and only a few choose to awaken. Was that the grand plan? Since God don’t make mistakes – was it His plan that most people would sleepwalk through life? Was that part of the divine plan?

How can so many fall short, if God didn’t already know that since the beginning? Surely, He must have known our weaknesses. Knowing such in the beginning, you would think that a loving God might have done something to correct a fault in us that we can’t correct ourselves. Perhaps He did something to correct this and we just don’t see it.

Maybe it is up to us to discover the secret. In truth, God has already done all that is required of the Sovereign. Once we awaken to the truth, we will discover and receive what has already been done.

The major problem isn’t what God has done, but in what you’re willing to do in order to acquire what was done. If you were thirsty, even with your limited knowledge, you would know that your body required liquid in order to quench the thirst. If you were hungry, you would know your body required some sort of sustenance in order to satisfy the hunger. However, if your soul requires something in order to grow, what do you do in order to nurture the soul?

First you would have to acknowledge that there is a soul that needs nurturing before you saw the need to feed it. Most don’t follow their inbred instincts in order to care for their souls. Therefore, it receives little or no attention. God provides for all who seek, but if you don’t seek – is it God’s fault? Fairness is not the issue — awareness is the key.

Why does kundalini awakening happen in only few people? It’s development level that varies widely among people.

It is important to know that along the base of the spine lies a very dominant and extremely powerful potential energy force known as the Kundalini that only waits to be awakened.

This is the entrance to the Direct Path to complete liberation from the ego, a route that only very few take, due to the fact that one must pay the entirety of one’s karma in one life. Those who have taken this road have been the most remarkable figures in human history.

When you understand the fact that life itself was built upon only truth, you will understand the material from which to construct your life. Even though things that are false fully operate in life – they are not real. The only thing that is real is truth – the rest only attempts to oppose truth. Things that are false have no future, because eventually they will be cast aside.

Things that are true are eternal. They were intentionally made that way. As you are trying to find your way through life, a very safe choice would be along the path of truth. Opposed to what you may think, truth has no reason to hide from the very ones it was made to guide. Anyone who seeks truth will find it – if they truly desire it from their core being. It will be the one that’s illuminated by the light.

Unfonunatcly, truth is not the only thing you will find when you seek. If you seek things that are false you may find them also. They follow the desires of your bean. If you truly want things of darkness you will find them, or they will find you. Your hean attracts what it is filled with. The good news is that we are the ones who choose. We may choose to walk in darkness or we may choose to walk in the light of truth.

We may take the lower road or we may take the higher pathways. Even though life itself only knows and respects the truth, we are not bound by truth. We are only bound by the consequences of not electing the path of truth. Life always wants you to elect truth over the foreign imposter. If you elect the imposter – life continues its flow, just as a feather would if tossed into the flow of a mighty river from the riverbank. You do the choosing and life respects your choices.

We need to understand and eliminate those Egos that are inside us for each Ego that is eliminated from inside us, releases a percentage of Essence, Energy or Consciousness that will start to grow in us until we become fully liberated with 100 percentage of awakened Consciousness.

The normal man is only 3 percent Awake.. Such work requires knowing how to transform impressions and how to eliminate the mechanical results of impressions that were not transformed in the past. The exterior world, in and of itself, does not exist. What exist are impressions and our reactions, which are internal. Nobody can say that he is seeing an actual tree; he is seeing the image of the tree, not the tree. Nobody sees the thing in itself, as Emmanuel Kant used to say. What we see is the image of things, that is to say, the impression of a tree or of things, and these are internal; they belong to the mind.

If a person does not modify or change himself, the result comes immediately: the birth of new egos or “I’s” inside himself which bring him into greater slavery and intensify the Sleep of The Consciousness in which he lives. That’s why Humanity is in an Asleep State. When we really understand that everything that exists within us, with respect to the physical world, is no more than impressions, we also understand the need to transform these impressions, and by doing this, we start our own transformation.

Thus, we need to transform impressions incessantly, both present and past ones. Within us, there exist many impressions which in the past we mistakenly did not transform; the mechanical results of these impressions are the “I’s”, which we have to disintegrate in order to free and awaken the Consciousness.

Reflect upon this: things and people within you, within your mind, are no more than impressions in you, in your mind. If you transform those impressions, you will transform your life. When there is pride in us, for example, it is based on ignorance. What does any of us have to be proud of? Social position? Money?

If. however, we understand that our social position is merely a mental question or a series of impressions that have reached our mind about our social status; if we understand that such a state is no more than a mental question; if we analyze its real value: then, we realize that our status exists in our mind in the form of impressions. These impressions that are produced by money and social position are no more than external impressions reaching the mind. If we understand that they are only impressions of the mind, then we can transform them and pride itself collapses.

Then, in a natural way, humility is born within us. If it is not transformed, it will become another “I” or ego inside us that will repeatedly come to feed or steal our mental energy. Therefore, it is convenient that through comprehension, and by simply asking “God to eliminate the thought” we transform impressions that appear in the mind.

Peter Horttanainen

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