What is a alien or is alien a way of thinking; some kind of satanic “alien” dictatorship?
Is one world government an alien form of rulership?
Is predator stalking and predator surveillance alien?
Is total domination alien?
Is Satan alien and the rulers of this world is Satan and they who rules this Earth worship Satan and they who rules this world is reptilians…………if they want to create a one world government and total domination over human they need and using technology for this silent take over………..Its a silent take over with artificial intelligence………..its a invisible artificial intelligence and this has taken over humans minds today……….
Fear-frequency Earth -alien
Earth will soon be a reptilian planet with fear-frequency
When they manipulate and unplugged humans 10 dna is that alien aggression against humans to destroy their original light blueprint and then force everyone to the reptilian blueprint of darkness
Organized Gang Stalking is satanic reptilian
Today´s technology is reptilian designed to targetting the human frequencies, so they can´t activating higher frequencies than the reptilian fear frequencies humans is captivated in………..and this is alien predator aggression

Everything reptilian does is made covertly
covert narcissism
covert satanism
covert aggression
reptilian covert psychological terrorism
reptilian psychological warfare
reptilian sound torture and electro magnetic frequencies
these entities methods is worse than Nazi Hitler beacuse they is a product of Satan
Satan rulers is much more dangerous than Hitler on this planet. Depopulation of billions of people or with organized predator stalking drive people to madness or suicide and this is part of a reptilian-alien-predator aggression and this is today´s governments
‘AI’ may even be more dangerous than nuclear weapons. Artificial intelligence can destroy humanity, destroy man and destroy God´s creation and create a cyborg-hybrid controlled by a global world brain that is disconnected from God and the Word of God. That´s why AI could be more dangerous than nuclear weapons because this process is happening slow and covertly today.

Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden

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