What controls swedish organized gang stalkers? Satan, Archons, Reptilian brain, The Matrix, Moon-Staurn Matrix, Carnal Mind or the hybrid reptilian brain, Computer brain, Annuaki hybrid, Scientific dictatorship, Mind control, brainwashing, or what?


Satan is the ruler and spirit on Earth
Reptilians controls earth
Archons controls the Matrix
Annuaki has unplugged the 10 of 12 dna strand
Carnal Mind
What controls organized gang stalkers? Satan, Archons, Reptilian brain, The Matrix, Carnal Mind or the hybrid reptilian brain

Here is some thoughts about life, organized gang stalking in Sweden and different activities

Evil and mind control and brainwashing
Satanic, demonic, tyrannic and scientific dictatorship
Archons Rulers of Earth
Reptilians Nordics
Dark psychology Mk Ultra (unseen, stealthy and invisble methods and technology)
Mind slaves
The Matrix
Carnal Mind
Hive Mind
Digital Ego
Global World Brain
Computer Brain
Scientific Dictatorship
Thought science
Mind Control
Voice to skull technology
Syntethic telepathy
Psychic driving
Electro magnetic frequencies
Secret societies
Political hidden agendas
Artificial Intelligence
Covert/overt aggression
Technological imperialism

Organized Bullying
Remote mind control
Remote viewing
Mind reading
Remote viewing
Mind reading
Communication interference
Noise harassment
Organized gang stalking
Organized bullying
Fear mongering
Total Individual Mind Control Program
Total Mind Control
Total Brainwashing
Total Surevillance
Total Interference
Total Tormenting
Total Shadowing
Total Remote viewing
Spiritual warfare
Psychological warfare
Political witchcraft
Psychological and political terrorism

Can Swedish organized gang stalkers thinking in this Matrix or is this Matrix doing the thinking

Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden

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