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Upgrading the second Triad – When each layer of the Living Light Body is awakened, many other layers and systems need to be upgraded or adjusted to function best with this higher level of Light. You’ll upgrade the Colour Codes, Triads, pituitary gland, DNA and more (and hopefully you’ll upgrade your amusement, neutrality and personal goals as well). Think of this as being similar to when you install a new operating system on your computer and some existing applications need to be updated. A series of automatic functions within the second Triad become engaged with this activation. The second Triad is upgraded here. This automatic functioning allows your pineal gland to constantly create Light, and this magnifies one-hundredfold when you consciously place your attention in that second Triad, reinforcing the presence of the first layer Light Body

Upgrading the second Triad – When each layer of the Living Light Body is awakened, many other layers and systems need to be upgraded or adjusted to function best with this higher level of Light. You’ll upgrade the Colour Codes, Triads, pituitary gland, DNA and more (and hopefully you’ll upgrade your amusement, neutrality and personal goals as well). Think of this as being similar to when you install a new operating system on your computer and some existing applications need to be updated. A series of automatic functions within the second Triad become engaged with this activation. The second Triad is upgraded here. This automatic functioning allows your pineal gland to constantly create Light, and this magnifies one-hundredfold when you consciously place your attention in that second Triad, reinforcing the presence of the first layer Light Body.

When you expand your heart charka, in many of the cases, Rudra granthi automatically breaks, paving the way for kundalini to ascend easily. Rudra granthi is the toughest of the three blocks. If this block is removed, your gateway to liberation is opened. Time is a mass consciousness creation, time is not a foundation of reality that was here before humanity existed. The mass consciousness of humanity created it.

THE DANCE OF ego, soul, and spirit takes place within the chakras. It can be seen that the ego, the separate identity of the self, is animated by the energy of the first three chakras. The Soul is the Heart Chakra, with allegiance to both ego and spiritual realms. Spirit infuses the upper chakras. The ideal is that each chakra integrates its gifts and perspectives with all the others. Growing in conscious-ness is knowing more of the territory of your being, ultimately expanding to encompass all of the chakras simultane-ously. Ultimate awareness. Not easy to obtain, however, because of attachments. Attachments limit, hold and freeze consciousness to certain points of view, perspectives and opinions. Attachments are natural; they spontaneously arise, but it must be seen that they will contaminate the experience of oneness by putting the self where it doesn’t belong.

To move beyond the limited view of the first three chakras does not require going against the perspectives they bring, simply beyond them. Moving beyond means to delve into the conscious awareness of the soul. The soul is always there, of course, but our conscious awareness of it may not be. The center of consciousness has to shift in order to allow the awakening of the heart, the seat of the soul. You have to be able to take that leap of faith of believing that it is safe to lower your defenses. That one leap is a mighty leap, however, because it allows you to bring the heart into your life experiences. Life without heart is a tough experience. Awakening to the heart softens life and allows joy—the song of the soul—to be present.

“When you expand your heart charka, in many of the cases, Rudra granthi automatically breaks, paving the way for kundalini to ascend easily. Rudra granthi is the toughest of the three blocks. If this block is removed, your gateway to liberation is opened.”

 The key is to break the Rudra granthi knot. This is the energy center between the eyebrows that is the seat of higher intelligence. The ego transforms in this chakra. As all the six chakras are cleansed, the Kundalini energy will rise and reach the thousand-petal lotus or the Sahasrara chakra. Located at the top of the head, when the Kundalini energy reaches the crown chakra, you attain complete realization of the Truth or the Higher Power or the Universe, whatever name you may call it.  The ego transforms here, and you are merged with the wholeness of the universe. This is the experience called. Samadhi, or enlightenment. Your perception about life and the universe changes entirely.

In Western cultures, there has been a revival of the temple system in the form of school as mandatory for all citizens of a certain age. We are now so used to school as a part of reality that it is hard to imagine a time when everyone was illiterate except for a handful of scholars. It is hard to imagine that subjects such as biology were taught only to those who had taken spiritual vows to particular gods and goddesses. In general, it is hard to imagine all of the centuries that have transpired with the majority of humanity in darkness, their chakras barely open or under control.

What is also hard to imagine is that souls who seem to have a quick understanding of the subjects taught in schools are reviewing topics that they are already familiar with. A massive number of souls in the Western culture are going through the process of having their root chakras brought under control with organized sports and dance; their emotional chakras balanced through reli-gious and moral training; and their solar plexus chakras activated in schools, colleges and universities.

However, often they are left without enlightenment and their lower ego is running rampant. This is a major problem in modern society. The majority of people in Western cultures are left at this point and are looking for something more, something that has been missing. They seek enlightenment and spiritual teaching. They are ready to complete the initiation of the solar plexus and move up to the initiation of the heart chakra. They are often stopped by their lower ego.

When the individual who is seeking to embody a loving consciousness is surrounded by others who are driven by the lower ego (the matrix and mass conscioness), it is like being in shark-infested waters, metaphorically speaking. In the home, the workplace and in social settings, the individual is constantly at the mercy of others driven by their lower ego to acts of unkindness, cruelty and selfishness.

Everything that the master teacher Jesus ever said that was recorded and written down at some later time, had something to do with raising the consciousness above that of the lower ego, to the level of the higher self, which is loving and compassionate. All of the lit-tle parables that he told describe some situation where someone acts from the level of the soul and not the lower ego.

The fire of the Christ Consciousness, the “I AM Presence,” must rise above the ego consciousness to reach the God-Consciousness of the 8th chakra

Time is a mass consciousness creation, time is not a foundation of reality that was here before humanity existed. The mass consciousness of humanity created it. When God created physical existence, time did not exist until humanity created it. To the mind time seems like a foundation of reality that is not flexible. Time is a creation that can be transformed by the power of divine love. Time is elastic. It can expand or contract. When you become enlightened, you move from living in the creation of time to living in the “Now” moment.

The now moment is eternity, there is no past and future in the reality of your soul’s unlimited existence. Living in the ‘now’ moment does not mean that you have no remembrance of events of the past or that you do not plan for the future. But it does mean that you stay in the divine power of the ‘now’ moment. If you did not create linear time you would live in the Now Moment in which you would progressively experience, but not because of past or future. The important difference with the Now moment vs. linear time is that you do not build perceptions in the Now moment. You build perceptions from your experiences in linear time, and you refer to those for your next experience. This is why humanity created time to begin with, because once we thought we were not safe, we thought we needed this system.

The only way to obtain liberation is to die out of your self-made prison of ego-armor. “Die, ere you die, so that if you should die, you will not die,” (seventeenth century). And twelfth-century mystics  tells us: “At night you must plunge into the depths of your nothing should a morning dawn for you in the brilliance of the highest light.” This is the path to liberation. To die means to awaken out of the ego-engendered dream of samsara. Become absolutely nothing —mu!—and you awaken. This is surpassing life and death and thereby surmounting all duality, accepting and rejecting, right or wrong. Die and be utterly dead, and then do whatever you want—all is good.

The problem comes down to your being afraid of fear! And that’s an emotion. “When emotions arise, wisdom ceases,”. Wisdom is the reality of your Self-Being; it’s the absolute here, the absolute now! Now is the beginning and the end.

The goal of all yoga practices is samadhi or superconscious union of the little self with the Higher Self or God. Samadhi comes after one learns to dissolve his ego consciousness in the calm inner light. Once the grip of ego has really been broken, and one discovers that he is that light, there is nothing to prevent him from expanding his consciousness to infinity.

1. The fourth chakra is the first chakra of transcending individual ego.

2. And at this level the root chakra is then no longer the base of fear-survival energy, and the HEART will become the new root chakra which energy-frequency is based on LOVE and HEALING.

3. And at this level the person has liberate himself from the lower matrix and influencing control of mass consciousness.

Moving Beyond Duality andf its frequencies….Duality Vs Oneness, Fear and Love frequency

The Living Light Body’s axiatonal lines and spin points were disconnected during the Fall of Consciousness to prevent communication with the Over Soul, Higher Self and Soul Spirit, and also with Creator. As a person begins the ascension process and enters higher and higher levels of consciousness, the body’s cells match that higher vibration and begin to hold greater levels of Light.

The highly vibrating cells affect the entire physical body. As the axiatonal lines and the axial spin points upon them are integrated and activated, they have a direct connection to the meridian system and acupuncture points. You might imagine the Living Light Body as a fine open-woven mesh with tiny nodes at every intersection lying just above your skin. It is a garment of Light, a coat of many colours. With the activation of your body of Light, the potential for change within the physical body is significant. The physical body regenerates cells at a regular pace. For example red blood cells renew in approximately four months, stomach cells in two to nine days.

As the energy and Light connections are created between the Living Light Body’s spin points and the spin points within the cells, a resonance between the two bodies develops. The denseness begins to be eliminated and cellular regeneration starts to occur from that more perfected state. Newly regenerated cells vibrate at the new higher level of Light. It may go without saying that this interface between the Living Light Body system and the physical system is not possible while holding your attention in a third-dimensional state. No matter how many years one spends praying and working and studying, the only way to merge the Living Light Body with the physical body is in a consistent fifth-dimensional state of being. One must become a body of Light before having a Light Body.

It may go without saying that this interface between the Living Light Body system and the physical system is not possible while holding your attention in a third-dimensional state.

These seven layers of unique energetic components that are each composed of Light, colour, sound and the frequency ranges of each. This is an initiatory process that began in this last gathering of the students. They are offering their service not only to raise their bodies to a higher state of being, but also to facilitate the raising of planet Earth out of the density of a third-dimensional matrix. This upgrade takes place within the physical body, as well as the consciousness of the Soul Spirit. It can be then modelled and translated through the Elementals for a re-creation of the way in which Earth is held within energetic configurations. An alteration is made not only of the matter of the body, but the matter of the planet itself. But it first has to be taken and utilized at the personal level. Here is where you find yourself at this moment: holding a consciousness that was not available previously in regards to creation of Light within the body and within form. When this conversion is translated by the Elementals and made usable within the Earth, the ley lines of the Earth begin to be activated, recharged and enlightened. They begin to operate as the meridian system does within the physical body. This takes the direction of the Elementals, just like it takes your conscious direction, to direct the Light through the various channels

Activating this first layer of the Living Light Body allows you to begin to configure the cells and alter the glands and fluids of the body so that it may begin to hold a greater level of Light. It also unifies the Higher Mind with the Mind of Creator, also known as the Universal Mind. This activation unifies all the previously separate systems of the physical body, upgrading the functioning of the chakras, Triads and the Unified Field. It also creates a synergy within the morphic fields surrounding the physical, etheric, mental-emotional, causal and Christed bodies, allowing for the merging of those bodies.

There are many energetics being placed into the physical realm through you that not only will open the consciousness of the body, but also will set a new level of awareness for you to observe. The Mind of Source is now within your Higher Mind. The Holy Spirit is within your Soul Spirit and within your body. When you begin to fully acknowledge that the Mind of Source and your mind are one and the same, it allows that eighth chakra to begin to function at a much higher frequency range. This Light is distributed throughout the system, down from the pineal, into the pituitary, the hippocampus and the hypothalamus, throughout the glandular system. It also engages with the cellular system. As that Light begins to spin and vibrate at a higher frequency range within the pineal, there is another aspect of that liquid Light that begins to take form. It is much thicker and has a viscosity. This nectarlike Light is flowed throughout the system. The liquids within the body’s cellular system, glandular system and digestive system must all contain this liquid Light in order to have this conversion into the Light Body. This Light also runs through the meridian system and engages the axiatonal lines and spin points to further disperse these higher frequencies into the system.

Upgrading the second Triad

When each layer of the Living Light Body is awakened, many other layers and systems need to be upgraded or adjusted to function best with this higher level of Light. You’ll upgrade the Colour Codes, Triads, pituitary gland, DNA and more (and hopefully you’ll upgrade your amusement, neutrality and personal goals as well). Think of this as being similar to when you install a new operating system on your computer and some existing applications need to be updated. A series of automatic functions within the second Triad become engaged with this activation. The second Triad is upgraded here. This automatic functioning allows your pineal gland to constantly create Light, and this magnifies one-hundredfold when you consciously place your attention in that second Triad, reinforcing the presence of the first layer Light Body.

The collective consciousness of the group responded with, “Awareness of their existence is the first step in the healing process. The ability to be ‘conscious’ of more than one dimension simultaneously takes practice and dedication. Once you become ‘aware’ of these aspects of self, the healing process is relatively simply and will lead to a higher vibrational response. To be Multi-Dimensional in your consciousness you must first acknowledge that you have the ability to develop your perceptual awareness of all dimensions—those below as well as those above.”

Our cells store this energy, and it also creates the electromagnetic field around the body we call the Aura. When these forces operate within us unconsciously, we generate and store only enough of this energy for the everyday health and maintenance of our system. If our positive and negative currents become blocked or are out of balance in some way, our subtle energy stores become depleted and illness results. If, on the other hand, we work with these energies consciously, we keep the physical body in balance, and generate extra stores of subtle energy. This extra subtle energy can help to heal the physical body as well as to build and nourish a higher spiritual body. As we build up this powerful higher vibrational energy within the system, an alchemical transformation will begin to take place. It will generate a third force, a powerful neutral energy within the system that will eventually create a permanent unification of the opposing active and receptive forces within our consciousness and subtle energy field. This neutral force activates the higher mind—the wings often pictured on the central staff that lift us to a higher level of consciousness, a consciousness of unity.

High thought is generated by high vibrations . … In order that the vessel which is consciousness may ascend from a lower to a higher level of operation , it first must cease to expend itself in motions relative to its lower ( fallen ) condition.

The new ​consciousness of the supramental creation is an alchemist of the ​spirit – it is able to transform everything.

When tachyons slow down , third – dimensional matter is created , and when they speed up , the higher planes of consciousness can be achieved

“The conscious conquest of matter, life and mind which you started we have completed, and that is why man left earth … The single electron of hydrogen turns on ever higher levels; its atom becomes less and less material, more and more … pure electromagnetic vibration, thus capable of expressing the highest delight of being — the love which created the universe. … 35 opened to man the secrets of matter as well as the doors to space and to the knowledge of the alchemy of the suns.

You are a powerful multi-dimensional being living a human existence.

What is enlightenment?

Enlightenment is the downpour of nirvanic energy into your personal vehicle or into manifestation. This experience is happening right now on a larger scale on the planet. It has been happening since beginning of time. The process of human evolution is a process of enlightenment.

You integrate energies which are coming from a higher plane of consciousness: Nirvana.  When this downpour of energy is sudden and conscious, you truly feel transcended by light vibration.  In most situations however it is more like a drop by drop pouring of energy into your consciousness.

Everyone is getting enlightened to a certain extent.  The flow of life force in your consciousness is a process of enlightenment.  The totally of humankind is going through this process. Now, when you consciously meditate and invoke energies from these higher planes, you strengthen the “bridge” with these higher levels of consciousness and speed up your spiritual evolution.

The key to understanding this faster moving energy is like changing gears on a car. Instead of changing gears on a car people can learn to switch frequencies from lower (gears) to higher and through it make the atomic cells produce more faster moving energy. It then becomes like a super-speeding Internet, were information moves in the speed of light and instantly.

The Earth based “GEAR” is the FEAR-GEAR and its FUEL is low vibrational freqiencies. Everything on Earth is designed to keep humankind locked and tuned into their lowerst GEAR of low vibrational frequencies. Thw whole mass consciousness is under the spell of FEAR and slowest GEAR.

Raising ones inner vibrations means they must changing GEAR, and to be able to do this they must leave the slow-gear of mass consciousness. The whole media news apparatus, and the movie industry is channels that producing and feeding mass consciousness with low vibrational energies of FEAR. Therefore, people can´t change or switch GEAR. When human begin to moving faster they STRESS, and this stress is negative. Raising inner frequencies to a higher state creates calmness, and a balanced state of mind.

The practices of Yoga are intended to move the consciousness beyond the ego-bound human personality through identification with and expression of this divine consciousness based on Oneness and direct experience, not mental reasoning or inference.

The human EGO just allows humankind to operating on one dimension and this dimensions is controlled by one GEAR – the slow vibrational frequencies of FEAR. This is what has fueling the human mind and Mass- Consciounsess for eons, generation after generation.

The human EGO is the FEAR creator and therefore controls the GEAR of FEAR. So when someone begins to change GEAR (change frequency) the naturally reaction for the ego is to scare yo back and to become passive. Then the EGO is MASS CONSCIOUSNESS people around you will begin affect your life with fear and negativity. They actually become working much like how media news spreading low vibrational energies of mind-controlling fear.

Earth is under the SPELL of the FEAR-GEAR and people has become to scared to change GEAR.

What prevents enlightenment? The answer is the FEAR-GEAR, because it keeping mankind locked into their slowest frequency-gear, and this keep their thought pattern captivated within a mind-matrix knows as the mind-prison. Mankind is enslaved within this low range of frequencies, and this Matrix has become the HIVE MIND of mass consciousness.

The hidden purpose with the One World Government and the Digital Global World Brain is to prevent anyone to be able to change their inner GEAR. The forces behind the One World Government is same EGO-Reptilian powers that has govern Earth and people’s minds for thousands of years, and they will not suddenly begin to freeing people from this state of mind. Instead, it will enslave everyone, and they will forever lose their ability to change GEAR from FEAR frequencies to the Higher LOVE frequency.

This world is designing a world where all decision making is moved from people to computers or the global world brain. It´s a combination of; Let the computer think for you and building highway for driverless cars. These are the three main concepts how they slowly taking over the human mind.

The Breaking and Release

The Breaking of the Outer Man and the Release of the Spirit

Sooner or later a servant of God discovers that he himself is the greatest frustration to his work. Sooner or later he finds that his outer man does not match his inner man. The inner man heads in one direction, while the outer man heads in another direction. He discovers that his outer man cannot be subject to the rule of the spirit and cannot walk according to God’s highest demands. He discovers that the greatest hindrance to his work is his outer man and that this outer man frustrates him from exercising his spirit. Every servant of God should be able to exercise his spirit, to secure God’s presence in his spirit, to know God’s word through his spirit, to touch men’s condition by his spirit, to convey God’s word through his spirit, and to sense and receive divine revelation with his spirit. Yet the frustration of the outer man makes it impossible for him to use his spirit. Many servants of the Lord are fundamentally unfit for the Lord’s work because they have never been dealt with by the Lord in a fundamental way. Without this dealing, they are basically unqualified for any work. All excitement, zeal, and earnest pleading is vain. This kind of fundamental dealing is the only way for us to become a useful vessel to the Lord.


Romans 7:22 says, “For I delight in the law of God according to the inner man.” Our inner man delights in the law of God. Ephesians 3:16 also tells us “to be strengthened with power through His Spirit into the inner man.”

In 2 Corinthians 4:16 Paul also said, “Though our outer man is decaying, yet our inner man is being renewed day by day.” The Bible divides our being into the outer man and the inner man. God resides in the inner man, and the man outside this God-occupied inner man is the outer man. In other words, our spirit is the inner man, while the person that others contact is the outer man. Our inner man puts on our outer man like a garment.

God has placed Himself, His Spirit, His life, and His power in us, that is, in our inner man. Outside of our inner man is our mind, emotion, and will. Outside of all these is our body, our flesh. In order for a man to work for God, his inner man must be released.

The fundamental problem with many servants of God is that their inner man cannot break out of their outer man. In order for the inner man to be released, it must break out of the outer man.

We have to be clear that the first obstacle to our work is ourselves, not other things. If our inner man is an imprisoned, confined man, our spirit is shrouded and not easily released. If we have never learned to break through our outer man with our spirit, we cannot work for the Lord.

Nothing frustrates us like the outer man. Whether or not our work will be effective depends on whether the Lord has broken down our outer man and whether the inner man can be released through our broken, outer man. This is a very fundamental issue. The Lord has to dismantle our outer man in order to make way for our inner man. As soon as the inner man is released, many sinners will be blessed and many Christians will receive grace.


In John 12:24 the Lord Jesus said, “Unless the grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it abides alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.” Life is in the grain. However, there is a shell outside of the grain, a very powerful shell. As long as this shell does not break open, the grain cannot grow. “Unless the grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies.” What is this death?

It is the action of the temperature and moisture of the earth upon the grain which results in the breaking of the shell. When the shell breaks, the grain grows. Therefore, it is not a matter of whether or not the grain has life, but whether the outer shell is broken. The very next verse says, “He who loves his soul-life loses it; and he who hates his soul-life in this world shall keep it unto eternal life” (v. 25).

According to the Lord the outer shell is our own life, and the inner life is the eternal life that He dispenses. In order for the inner life to be released, the outer life must suffer loss. If that which is outward is not broken, that which is inward cannot be released. Among all the people in the world, some have the Lord’s life within them. Among those who have the Lord’s life, we find two different kinds of conditions.

With the first, the life is bound, surrounded, and locked up. With the second, the Lord has opened up a way and the life can be released.

The problem with us today is not how we can have life, but how we can allow this life to flow out of us. When we say that the Lord has to break us, this is not a figure of speech or a doc-trine. Our very being has to be broken by the Lord. The Lord’s life is well able to spread over the whole earth. However, it is locked up within us!

The Lord is well able to bless the church, yet His life is imprisoned, contained, and blocked in us! If the outer man is not broken, we can never become a blessing to the church, nor can we expect the world to receive God’s grace through us!


The Bible speaks of ointment of pure nard (John 12:3). God’s Word purposely uses the adjective pure. It is ointment of pure nard, something truly spiritual. Unless the alabaster flask is broken, however, the ointment of pure nard cannot be released. It is strange that many people appreciate the alabaster flask. They think that the flask is more precious than the ointment. Many people think that their outer man is more precious than their inner man. This is the problem facing the church today. We may treasure our own wisdom and think that we are quite superior. Another person may treasure his emotions and also think that he is quite outstanding.

Many people treasure themselves; they think that they are much better than others. They think their eloquence, their ability, their discernment, and their judgement are better. But we are not antique collectors; we are not admirers of alabaster flasks. We are those who are after the aroma of the ointment.

If the outer part is not broken, the inner part will not be released. We will have no way to go on. and the church will have no way to go on. We no longer should be so protective of ourselves.

The Holy Spirit has never stopped working. Many people can testify that this work has never stopped in them. They face one trial after another, encounter one incident after another. The Holy Spirit has only one goal in all of His disciplining work:

To break and dismantle the outer man so that the inner man can break forth. But the trouble with us is that we murmur as soon as we suffer a little hardship, and we complain as soon as we suffer a little defeat. The Lord has prepared a way for us. He is ready to use us. As soon as His hand is upon us, however, we become unhappy. Either we argue with Him, or we complain about everything to Him. From the day we were saved, the Lord has been working on us in many different ways for the purpose of breaking the self. We may or may not know it, but the Lord’s goal is always to break our outer man.

The treasure is in the earthen vessel. Who needs to see your earthen vessel? The church lacks the treasure, not the earthen vessels.

The world lacks the treasure, not the earthen vessels. If the earthen vessel is not broken, who will find the treasure within? The Lord works in us in so many different ways for the purpose of breaking the earthen vessel, the alabaster flask, the outer shell.

The Lord wants to prepare a way to bring His blessing to the world through those who belong to Him. This is a way of blessing. but it is also a way stained with blood. Blood must be shed, and wounds are unavoidable. How crucial the breaking of this outer man is! Unless the outer man is broken, there cannot be any spiritual work.

If we are consecrated to the Lord for His service. we have to be prepared to be broken by Him. We cannot excuse ourselves or preserve ourselves. We have to allow the Lord to break our outer man completely so that He can have a free way through us.


The Lord breaks our outer man in two ways. First, He breaks it in a cumulative way, and second, He breaks it in a sudden way. The Lord gives some people a sudden breaking first, followed by more gradual breakings; the sudden work comes first and the cumulative work follows. Other people face situations and problems every day. Then one day, they suddenly receive one great blow from the Lord; the cumula-tive work comes first and the sudden work follows. These are different patterns of breaking that we ordinarily experience. Either the sudden breaking comes, followed by the cumula-tive breaking, or it is the other way around. Generally speaking, even with those who have not deviated and detoured, the Lord has to spend a few years before He can complete this breaking work. We cannot reduce the time this breaking takes, but we can extend this time. The Lord completes the work in some in a few years. However, with others, the work is not completed after ten or twenty years.


We have heard about the cross for a long time. We may be very familiar with it already, but what is the cross? The meaning of the cross is the breaking of the outer man. The cross puts the outer man to death and breaks open the shell.

The cross destroys everything of the outer man. It destroys our opinions, methods, wisdom, self-love, and everything. Once the outer man is broken, the inner man is released, and the spirit is able to function. The way before us is very clear indeed. Once our outer man is broken, it becomes easy to release our spirit. One brother has a good mind; those who know him all acknowledge this. His will is strong and his emotions are reserved and deep.

Yet when others meet him, they realize that they are touching his spirit, not his strong will, good mind, or reserved and deep emotions. Every time others fellowship with him, they touch a spirit, a pure spirit because this man is broken. Another sister is quick. Everyone who knows her realizes this. She is quick in thoughts, quick in words, quick to confess, quick to write, and quick to throw away what she has written.

But when others meet her, they do not touch her quickness but her spirit. Her very person has been broken. The breaking of the outer man is a very fundamental issue. We cannot hold on to our weaknesses all the time. We cannot have the same flavor after the Lord has dealt with us for five or ten years. We must allow the Lord to have a way through us. This is the Lord’s basic requirement of us.


The breaking of the outer man is a basic experience which every servant of the Lord must go through. God has to break our outer man before we can render any effective service to Him. A servant of the Lord faces two possibilities in working for the Lord. First, his outer man is never broken and his spirit is never aroused. His spirit cannot be released, and no power flows out from it. Only his mind or his emotions are active. If he is a clever person, his mind is active. If he is a sentimental person, his emotions are active. This kind of work does not bring anyone to God. Second, it is possible that his outer man is not separated clearly from his inner man. When his spirit is released, it is wrapped in his mind or his emotions. The result is mixture and impurity. This kind of work produces mixed and impure experiences in others. These two conditions frustrate a man from serving the Lord in a proper way.

Romans 8 is perhaps the chapter with the most references to the word spirit. Who can tell which words refer to the human spirit and which refer to God’s Spirit? When Bible translators come to Romans 8, they leave the readers to decide for themselves which spirit refers to the human spirit and which refers to God’s Spirit. When the English versions come to the word pneuma, some use an upper-case Spirit, and others use a lower-case spirit. All versions differ in this respect, and no one person’s view is authoritative. The truth is that it is impossible to differentiate between the Holy Spirit and man’s spirit. When we received a new spirit, we received God’s Spirit at the same time.

When our human spirit was revived from its deadened state, we received the Holy Spirit at the same time. The Holy Spirit resides in our spirit, but it is difficult to tell which is the Holy Spirit and which is our spirit. There is a distinction between the Holy Spirit and our spirit, but the two are not separate. Hence, the release of the spirit is not merely a release of man’s spirit but a release of the Holy Spirit through man’s spirit, because the two spirits are one. We can differentiate the two spirits as terms but not in fact.

The release of the spirit is the release of the human spirit. It is also the release of the Holy Spirit. When others touch our spirit, they are touching the Holy Spirit at the same time. If we can provide others the opportu-nity to touch our spirit, we should thank the Lord because they are being provided with an opportunity to touch God’s Spirit at the same time. In fact, our spirit brings God’s Spirit to men. When God’s Spirit operates, He has to operate through the human spirit.

This is similar to electricity that runs household appliances; it cannot travel like the lightning in the air. It travels through the electrical wires. Today we not only have electrical power but electrical wires. The wire bears the electricity. In physics there is such a thing as an electrical charge. To be charged is to bear a burden. If we are to carry electricity, we have to carry the charge by means of electrical wires.

This same principle holds true for God’s Spirit. He needs the human spirit as a medium to bear His Spirit. Through the human spirit the Holy Spirit is conveyed and carried to men. After a man is saved, the Holy Spirit resides in his spirit. Whether or not a man can be used by the Lord depends more on his outer man than on his spirit. The problem with some people is that their outer man has never been broken. There is not a blood-stained pathway; there is no wound, no scar.

The result is that God’s Spirit is locked up within their spirit and cannot be released. Sometimes the outer man moves, but the inner man does not respond. The outer man is released, but the inner man is still bound.

The outer man is working, but the inner man does not join in. The outer man and the inner man do not match; they are not in unison. The outer man is excited, but the inner man remains ice cold. We tell others how great the Lord’s love is, but we do not have the slightest feeling within us. We can tell others of the pain of the cross, but when we return to our room, we have no problem laughing. It is a hopeless situation when the outer man and the inner man are not in union. The outer man may be working, but the inner man is not moving at all. This is the first condition: The mind and emotions are working, but the spirit is not. The outer man acts, but the inner man does not respond. It is as if the inner man is a spectator of the outer man’s performance. The outer man remains the outer man, and the inner man remains the inner man. The two are not in harmony.

The breaking of the outer man leads to the free release of the spirit. The free release of the spirit is not only necessary to our work; it is profitable to our personal walk as well. If the spirit is released, we can constantly abide in God’s presence. If the spirit is released, we spontaneously touch the spirit of inspiration that lies behind the Bible. We spontaneously receive revelation through the exercise of our spirit. If the spirit is released, we spontaneously will have power in our testimony when we deliver God’s word with our spirit. We will also experience this in our preaching of God’s word, that is, in ministering God’s word to others as a minis-ter of the word. Moreover, if our spirit is released, we will touch others’ spirits with our spirit.

In order to deal with God’s presence, we have to first deal with the matter of the breaking of the outer man. The nature of our emotion is different from the nature of God; the two can never be joined as one. The same can be said of our mind. John 4 shows us that God’s nature is Spirit. Only our spirit is of the same nature as God, and only our spirit can be in harmony with God forever.

If we try to retain God’s presence in our mind, this presence is lost as soon as we are not in complete control of our mind. If we try to retain God’s presence in our emotion, the same is true; this presence is gone as soon as we are not in complete control of our emotion. Sometimes when we are happy, we think we have God’s presence. But this happiness does not stay. When it goes away, our sense of His presence is gone. We may think that we have God’s presence when we weep, but we cannot weep all the time.

Sooner or later our tears will stop, and when they stop, God’s presence seemingly stops as well. The function of the mind and the function of the emotion are both activities, and no activity can go on forever. If we try to maintain God’s presence with activity, this presence will be gone as soon as the activity stops. Two substances will blend together only when they are of the same nature, such as water with water or air with air. Things with the same nature can enjoy each other’s presence.

The inner man is of the same nature as God; therefore, it can realize God’s pres ence through His Spirit. The outer man is constantly in the realm of activity; therefore, it is a frustration to the inner man.

The outer man is not a help but a hindrance. The inner man will be free from distractions only when the outer man is broken. God has installed a spirit within us to respond to Him. The outer man, however, only responds to outward signals.

A man loses God’s presence and the enjoyment of it because his outer man is constantly responding to outside activity. We cannot eliminate all outward signals, but the outer man can be broken. We cannot stop all outside activity. Millions and billions of things in this world are occurring outside of us.

If the outer man is not broken, we will react whenever something happens outside of us. We cannot enjoy God’s presence calmly and continually because the outer man is constantly reacting. God’s presence is based on the breaking of the outer man. If God grants us mercy and breaks our outer man, we will manifest the following traits: Our old curiosity will be dead; we will no longer be curious.

Formerly, we were very strong in our emotion; we were easily stirred up in the tender sentiment of love or in the raw sentiment of anger whenever something happened. We reacted as soon as something happened around us, and we were caught up in those things. As a result, we lost God’s presence. But if God is merciful to us, He will break our outer man, and our inner man will no longer be touched when many things happen to us. We will remain calm, and God’s presence will abide with us.

Once the outer man is broken, a man does not have to come back to God because he is with God all the time. There is no need for a coming back. An unbroken man needs to come back to God whenever he goes about with his business because he has moved away. This is the reason he has to come back. A broken man never moves away; therefore, he does not need to come back. Many people move away all the time, even while they are working for the Lord. This is because their outer man has never been broken. It is best that they not do anything at all. As soon as they do something, they move away. But those who know God in a genuine way never move away. Therefore, they never need to come back. If they spend the whole day praying to God, they enjoy His presence. If they spend the whole day busily scrubbing the floor, they still enjoy His presence. As soon as our outer man is broken, we will live before God. We will not need to come back. There will not be the feeling nor need to come back.

When the outer man is broken, all outward activities are confined to the outward realm while the inner man continues to enjoy God’s presence. The problem with many people is that their outer man and inner man are entangled together. Whatever affects the outer man affects the inner man.

Strictly speaking, the outward things can only affect the outer man; but the outer man, in turn, affects the inner man. With those who are not yet broken, their outer man can affect their inner man. With those who are broken, their outer man cannot affect their inner man. If God is merciful to us and if our outer man is broken, it will be separated from our inner man, and outward things will only affect the outer man; they will not affect the inner man. When the outer man is separated from the inner man, all distractions are confined to the outer realm; they cannot enter the inner realm. A man can converse with others with his outer man while his inner man is still fellowshipping with God. The outer man can be con-scious of the “shuffling of the plates,” while the inner man continues to live before God. He can work and labor with his outer man, interact with the myriads of things in the outer world, yet confine all the activities to just that realm. His inner man is not affected, and he can continue to live before God. He has never left; therefore, he never needs to return.

Simply put, whether or not man’s spirit can be useful to God depends on two kinds of work of the Lord. One work is the breaking of our outer man. The other work is the separat-ing of our spirit from our soul or the dividing of our inner man from our outer man. God must accomplish these two things in us before we can put our spirit to use. The breaking of the outer man is accomplished through the discipline of the Holy Spirit, and the separation of the outer man from the inner man is through the revelation of the Holy Spirit.

Peter Horttanainen

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