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Understand; The Wisdom of the Overself: The Path to Self-Realization and how The banking system has become the biggest casino operation on the planet, and aims to get bigger, still, and The old world order, masquerading as the new world order, and the plans of the Illuminati

Understand; The Wisdom of the Overself: The Path to Self-Realization and how The banking system has become the biggest casino operation on the planet, and aims to get bigger, still, and The old world order, masquerading as the new world order, and the plans of the Illuminati

You must journey from your center to find God. To be a center is to experience everything from a self-point of view; life revolves around you, as if your life comes from you. You can’t see or sense that your thoughts and emotions come in from the spiritual world, the fourth dimension. You identify with every thought, every emotion, making yourself a slave. You claim it all, thereby condemning yourself. This is your state of deep sleep.

So everyone born into this world is born into deep sleep.

The Biblical Word was written for humanity in a state of deep sleep! The Word was written to teach and govern those in deep sleep, and regenerate those that could awaken. Now because humanity is born into this state of deep sleep, man is born into sin. To be born into a state of self-centeredness, self-love is to be born into sin. Sin simply means out of order. The order of life is to have God as the center. Man is born out of order, looking in the opposite direction; into the darkness of the physical world, away from the true light of the spiritual world. Man can reach a point when he realizes his life is out of order; that he is not the center and that the life that God gives has an order. Man has been given a choice (will) to go with this order or against this order; to be with God or against God; to be in agreement or in disagreement; to be good or evil.

By all appearances, the banks run the banking system exclusively for their own profiteering, with no regard for the economic well-being of the nation that the banking industry is intended to serve. The banking system has become the biggest casino operation on the planet, and aims to get bigger, still. The day’s are long gone when savings deposits helped fuel the economy of the nation. This may have been true up to the 197os. Today, the opposite is true. Bank deposits have become a portal for money to be drawn out of the productive sphere of the economy, to fuel the financial aggregates games.

Millions of men plunge into such slumber nightly but. philosophically, are no wiser next day, when moreover they lose the peace thus gained and have perforce to pick up their anxieties anew. Is sleep really the ultimate state open to humanity?

For its transitory character makes us look elsewhere. Here the higher teaching steps in and explains that Nature has indeed given man this move-up closer to the reality of mind, but because he has not earned the right to it by his own effort, she soon takes it away from him again. For he has entered sleep carrying with him the deep mental seed-impressions of earthly desires, the strong emotional tendencies which bind him to physical life, and the powerful egoistic chains which cannot coexist with the freedom and integrity of the mind’s own pure nature. Because he has not earned the right to a release from this bondage by his own personal effort,

Nature does not allow him to enjoy the consciousness of his thought-free liberation during his sleep but only as a soothing afterglow during the few moments after his awakening. In a sense it might be said that she mocks him by making it always a past experience and silently telling him that if he wants to make it a present one he must go forth and earn it. Is this not a hint to man that were his thinking to be deliberately brought down to its lowest ebb, thus making his mental state during wakefulness as similar as possible to what it is during sleep, and were this to be achieved with complete intellectual understanding of all that his enterprise involves, he would consciously experience this same happy calm condition.

Such indeed is the rationale underlying some of the higher yoga exercises given at the end of this book. It is an indisputable fact exhibited by experience and proved by mentalism that many of the troubles and most of the illusions which a man has are brought to him by his thoughts.

He can free himself from the tyranny of those troubles and these illusions therefore to the degree that he can free himself from the tyranny of his thoughts, provided again he does this with adequate and intelligent understanding. In such mental quiet lies peace, healing, and freedom. Such a superior mental quiet must not be confused with the ordinary kind—so popular among the neophytes in yoga—which can be obtained by the ordinary methods.

These methods do indeed give a man mental stillness, but they also leave the idiot in full possession of his idiocy, the self-deceived in undisturbed proprietorship of his illusions. The state which is sought and obtained by the philosophic student, who not only knows its inside and outside but knows that he knows and how, is immeasurably better. It is mystical experience grown up and come to an understanding both of itself and the world.

It is related, as will be demonstrated toward the end of this work, to the common mental quiet achieved in meditation as a mature adult man is related to his own self when an ignorant child. This indeed is the mysterious fourth state beyond waking, dreaming, and sleeping which the hidden teaching holds up before the gaze of aspiring men as a goal wonh working foe.

What they now experience unconsciously during sleep they could experience consciously during wakeful life. All men may attain it although. merely because few ever seek it, few actually do attain it. It is free from all the interruptions and alternations of the other three states; it is tenable at all times and in all places and whether we are awake, a’dream, or asleep; and because it transcends the unconsciousness of sleep It may be called the transcendental state.

Such a state is a paradoxical une and beyond ordinary comprehension because it is a union of deep sleep and full consciousness. The three states are not enough. Mankind has the passibility to advance beyond them, to win from Nature’s tight grasp a fourth state which shall transcend them all. Its inexpressible felicity is there. waiting as it has always waited for the few adventurers who will act as pioneer for the whole race.

It is through meditating upon the inner significance of these three states that we arrive eventually at the significance of the mysterious fourth state. It is always there deep down within is and we never really leave it at any time. not even when we become active in wakefulness or fall unconscious in sleep. And now we may grasp why it is that we do lose consciousness during sleep.

For the mind’s native state to which we then return possesses a vibrational range vastly beyond that possessed by the wakeful intellect.

The latter is periodically drawn inward by a powerful magnetic force to this innermost pan of its being but finds itself quite unable to expand IN own range to catch the wider consciousness of the fourth state.

Consequently it swoons and passes into sleep. As its own limited life was snuffed out during the sleep It naturally denies later that any kind of consciousness existed then. We set up our finite consciousness as the crux of mind when it Is really but a bubble from the lather’s depths, a whispered and remote revelation of its pure being. “The conscious cannot he derived fmm the unconscious.

Man is divine,” wrote that astute statesman Lord Beaconsfield. Here alone does mind return to its primal selfhood, to the genuine unbroken unity against which sleep’s pseudo-unity seems but a transient and suggestive hint. Here it is, but it is not anything in particular, not this or that.

The fourth state is the undisturbed and unhroken awareness of mind essence. It may perhaps now be a little deafly why the hint that humanity can attain is fullest spiritual self-realization only when dearly conscious of this physical wood, that is to say only in the wakeful state.

The more attention is concentrated the more vivid are the mental images which result. Such concentration achieves its intensest degree during wakefulness and this is one reason why earthly life seems more real to us than any other. Such is the immense importance of this earthly life, which some mystics foolishly deny as an illusion and many ascetics foolishly despise as an evil, that here the achievement of our highest destiny becomes possible. For here the intellectual thinking consciousness can work at its widest stretch whereas it cannot even come into play during deep sleep.

Our intimate relation with the hidden reality of mind, our knowledge of its constant presence, can here be brought into full daylight as it were. The physical world is the crux. We must realize truth about life while yet in the flesh, if it is to be truth and not a substitute for it: this is why neither dream nor sleep will suffice to provide the conditions adequate for such realization.

The Spirit of Heaven must descend to earth and enter through the door of the body and be a welcomed guest while we are fully awake, not while we are a’dream, or asleep. Thus the transcendental fourth view takes all the other three states within its wide scope and therefore embraces the whole of life. He alone who can attain it may rightly call himself a philosopher and none else. But such a view must not be mistaken for a merely intellectualist one; on the contrary it is a profoundly mystical insight.

When we believe that we are conscious of ourself we are really conscious of a heavy disguise of the powerful complex of thoughts constituting the conscious “I” which the unknown self puts on and takes off. This deeper self is of course there beneath the disguise but we never know it in its undisguised state.

Indeed, life is forever, so that is what you would call an impossibility. And that be outrageous thing — there is no such thing called impossible. All things are. Now, as life becomes to be understood as more sacred, the manifestation of life (especially when you move into your fifth-dimensional activity now and through your fourth) [there] be more electrical frequency, be more electromagnetic understanding how thought works with these frequencies.

For your perception, as you perceive activity, alters that activity. It is not that you have that influence dramatically from your conscious level called physical; you have that influence from the electrical forces that are within your being. That is what is causing the alteration, and that is why you design experiments looking for a particular thing.

And of course you get what you look for! Because the most powerful entrains the slower, right?

Indeed. And that be why the light be coming here. It is already here; it be awakening within each entity, but you know what I mean. In that awakening its going to cause the alteration of the electrofield, electromagnetic fields, around your planet and around your plants also. They are going to be more lively, more vibrant. Indeed.

As the higher consciousness assimilates that limited consciousness and the projection on the physical plane, then we become that higher consciousness, that fifth dimension or whatever. The higher, then, is focused here, which then includes what was before the limited consciousness. Is that correct?

You may say it in that manner. More of you is coming here, more of you is being realized here. You are understanding and realizing more of self. In other words, You’re allowing more of yourself to be understood.

Indeed. It is not a thing from without your being. Indeed? It is an awakening from within; you understanding your power.

That is why your government is so afraid of this thing. They of wrongly make people believing the “POWER” is outside him (the external ego) and not within hinself. This is how people giving away their energies and power to a exsternal ego-matrix.

As long as they can continue to tell you that it is without [outside] your being, You’re still going to be playing fear or that there is another greater than the light of you. There is not. As you empower self from within and acknowledge and pull in all of the frequency called light that is yours to begin with, yours forever, and acknowledge that within your being, then you be the one coming that everyone is afraid of.

Now., the empowerment of mankind is happening, and those that are playing in their control in their influence [on] humanity are going to go into greater turmoil for the reasons we have expressed earlier. Indeed? They are not allowing their consciousness to merge. Now, pay attention here.

Being as how they are playing this game for power in the level of activity called linear time, in that action of consciousness they knew this be the last time for this thing prior to being here. Understand? Now (and this is going to be a comparative thing, but it is part of the doubt they are playing with), their light, prior to manifesting body here, was not so sure of itself.

And they knew it would be easy to play control of power here. Understand? So they be here in this time to play this thing. As this awakening occurs, as this shifting of consciousness occurs (comparatively here), their weakened light, their weakened greater entity, so to speak, in its judgment of self be not capable of assimilating the consciousness play called linear time here.

Are you following what I’m saying? Up to the linear time. They can encompass the higher light, but they’re in linear time, so … Indeed, yet their consciousness here, requiring to play power, will not relinquish itself to a weakened form of light only in that it is playing within the doubt of the thing. Understand? They become more erratic.

One thing is for sure. As souls awaken, they will be less and less willing to put up with control and oppression, whether overt or covert. It is predicted by our group and this channel that virtually every major country will go through some sort of revolution during the next 30 years.

Update on the Illuminati’s New World Order

We would like to take some time now to talk about the plans the dark Illuminati has for the Earth and how those plans are about to come unraveled. The future of third density Earth lies in the willingness of humanity to wake up and face the issues, both within and without, that need healing. We have already indicated that it is our perception that about 75% of humanity will not make the shift into fourth density. That number can still change, but the variance at this point is quite small.

A liberal margin of error would indicate the departure from Earth of between 70 and 80 percent of humanity.

The dark Illuminati, seeing the likelihood of a mass exodus, would like to make sure that those who leave are the ones likely to cause them the most trouble in their plans for total world dominance. A few fringe members of the dark sects have engineered plans to control the world’s population through various means. This select group would like to wipe out 90% of humanity, leaving about 10% that can be easily controlled and We would like to point out that this is a minority of a minority, a small group of souls who belong to the so-called dark forces, which are comprised of about 20% of the extraterrestrials who have influenced humanity since the beginning of civilized Earth. However, several of these misguided souls wield a lot of Earthly power, in terms of wealth and influence.

A somewhat larger group of dark Illuminati are not hell-bent on destroying 90% of humanity, but do desire to retain what power they seem to already possess, and want to increase this power exponentially by creating a one world government under the control of a one world banking system.

The One World Government, One World Religion and One Banking system is all related to the Illuminati.

“By all appearances, the banks run the banking system exclusively for their own profiteering, with no regard for the economic well-being of the nation that the banking industry is intended to serve. The banking system has become the biggest casino operation on the planet, and aims to get bigger, still. The day’s are long gone when savings deposits helped fuel the economy of the nation. This may have been true up to the 197os. Today, the opposite is true. Bank deposits have become a portal for money to be drawn out of the productive sphere of the economy, to fuel the financial aggregates games.”

The New World Order is Really Old

The old world order, masquerading as the new world order, will never come to fruition because too many souls are waking up to the fact that the only real security comes from within. Although some are discouraged and feel like simply giving up and going along with the herd, a large number of souls are “mad as hell and will not take it anymore.” While we in the heavens do not condone acting from anger, we do observe that those souls who are angry with the way things are going in the world have more aliveness than those who simply change the channel and pop open another beer when something too disturbing attracts their attention.

The energies of the cosmos, as well as the opening of the portals on Earth, are causing everything to rise to the surface of consciousness to be healed. This means all the lies, cover-ups, deceit, and covert strategies are being exposed, either by whistleblowers, investigators, or through some seeming chance discovery.

This is the reason the Illuminati’s new world order will never succeed. There are just too many souls with what you call “BS detectors.” In other words, they intuitively feel something is not right whenever the Illuminati come up with another scheme to enslave the populace, no matter how many pretty words are used in the presentation. There has been talk among humans of a staged religious event, some sort of angelic being coming out of the clouds with a promise to save mankind.

This scenario would be complete with holographic projectors and images beamed from lasers through the sky to make it believable. Yet what the group of deluded souls behind this project fails to see is that they cannot counterfeit energy itself. A beautiful being shimmering in the skies that has no real higher energy would instantly be recognized as a fake by those who have partially or totally awakened.

Peter Horttanainen

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