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November 1, 2017

Trickery is Satan’s answer to truth

Satan has a trap for you. He is going to trap you, if you do not do what he wants you to. He wants you to turn against God, and be on his side.

Trickery is Satan’s answer to truth.

Satan’s trickery, and we must be constantly on our guard against it.

The world would not long follow a leader who practiced cheap trickery

Satan’s trickery, to detect false teachings, and to ferret out false teachers. He has the ability to spot a phony before others see through his phoniness.

Satan is the true master of illusion and trickery, and the adversary of all God has created. Satan has no creative strengths in himself

Trickery is Satan’s own game, not the Lord’s!

Satan’s desire to enslave humans is supported by a quotation from 3 Cor. 11, which says that Satan “seized and bound all mankind.” This statement uses the significant language of slavery and freedom associated with Satan.

Demons seek to enslave people, just as they themselves are also bond slaves to Satan. They enslave a person to destructive emotions such as fear, rage, anger, and hatred.

Satan. has achieved the level of slavery in the population today that boggles the mind. He has us wrapped up in the daily slog of commerce where our individualism is totally consumed

Satan telling himself “I will be like the most high”. This is his goal.

A man needs only to disobey once, and feel the assurance of their disobedience being accepted, for them to become completely engulfed and enslaved by the spirit of the Devil. Satan has also taken man physically captive in their spirit.

Satan: Whether through enslavement, torture, mind control, or oppression the end result is the same, the bondage of submission!

Satan uses cohorts and demons to break the interaction between God and humans.

And The King of His universe warned us that Satan is that other master who will enslave those who reject their Creator, and will make you believe that God’s free gift of salvation is not free; destroying the meaning of LOVE

Yes satan enslaves his victims and snatches their identity, forcing them to perform for the multitudes for bitter, deadly wages (the Bible says that the wages of sin is death). Satan has given people the deceptive thought that the world owes them 

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