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Transforming the Kundalini Fire into Fraternity, Once the fifth root race has come to an end, and the sixth root race is dawning, an influence will have emerged in the realm of the conscious intellect that currently. Therefore, when Kundalini lies in dormant condition, spiritual consciousness remains clouded with the physical forces and Atman appears in bondage, but when She is aroused shining with the dawn of spiritual consciousness, she assumes the role of Guru

Transforming the Kundalini Fire into Fraternity, Once the fifth root race has come to an end, and the sixth root race is dawning, an influence will have emerged in the realm of the conscious intellect that currently. Therefore, when Kundalini lies in dormant condition, spiritual consciousness remains clouded with the physical forces and Atman appears in bondage, but when She is aroused shining with the dawn of spiritual consciousness, she assumes the role of Guru.

Now I would ask you to recognize one further thing. Once the fifth root race has come to an end, and the sixth root race is dawning, an influence will have emerged in the realm of the conscious intellect that currently, in the fifth sub-race, is still very inconspicuous, but which is nevertheless already germinal. This is something issuing from the musical prin-ciple. In the fifth sub-race, the importance of music will increasingly come to the fore. Music will no longer be merely art, but a means of expression for things quite other than purely artistic ones.

And here we fmd something that points us toward the influence of a very particular principle on the physical plane. In the realm of music, or of what resembles music, initiates of the fifth root race will give the most sig-nificant impulses. Into the fifth root race must flow what we call the kundalini fire, and this must happen in the realm of the conscious life of the intellect, of reason.

This is a power which as yet still slumbers within us but will become increasingly important. It already has a great influence today, a great importance for what we perceive through the sense of hearing. And during our further evolution in the sixth sub-race of the fifth root race, this kundalini fire will acquire great influence on what lives in the human heart. The human heart will truly have this kundalini fire within it.

People will then be pervaded by a special power living in their hearts, so that, in the sixth root race, they will no longer distinguish between what serves their own good or what serves the good of all. They will be so imbued by the kundalini light that they will possess the principle of love as their most intrinsic nature. In the seventh sub-race, while the whole of humanity will be plunged in chaos—since the root race will then be close to its demise—a small portion of people will become the true sons of the kundalini fire.

They will be pervaded by all the forces of the kundalini fire; and they will provide the sub-stance for the next root race, of those who will guide humanity’s further evolution. Thus the fifth root race is heading for those heights where the divine fire, the kundalini fire, will kindle the divine principle, with sacred pathos, within human beings; and then person will no longer be divided from person but, in so far as thinking reason extends, fraternity will have been achieved.

This fire will one day live in human beings. And in those who are initiated during the course of the fifth root race there lives already an intimation of this divine fire, which encompasses the power of fraternity, and which will revoke human insularity. But this is only slowly working its way through, emerging only germinally. It is still veiled and concealed by the sundering passions of human beings, the dividing powers of karma.

And where it manifests here and there as precursor of a future time, it assumes a different form, a quite different character. On the plane of illusion, the divine fire is divine anger. Only when brotherliness streams through all humanity will it be divine love. But as long as it manifests, here and there, as zealous fervour, it is still divine rage, and therefore expresses itself as potent power in isolated instances, because the rest of humanity is not yet mature enough.

The mysteries did not exist to satisfy human curiosity. Rather, those who were ordained to help shape the future took part in them to receive there the impulses for their mission. That is the meaning of the mysteries.

Only a few advanced individuals received such an impulse, having the mission of slowly bringing humankind to the point they should eventually reach. Only the really mature indivi-duals, who may perhaps be five hundred years ahead of their time, are capable of enduring these secrets and acting in the spirit of the mysteries.

If others were to hear these things, they would immediately try to bring about conditions that humankind is not yet ripe for. Every mystery eventually enters the public domain under substantially changed con-ditions. Everything will at some point be revealed. The character of secrecy is due to the fact that only a few, to begin with, are ordained to prepare the future. They must lead and guide the others.

Today there are secrets that can only be revealed in the sixth root race, when quite different conditions of fraternity hold sway, which have not yet come about. Those who knew something of these facts naturally had a terrible concern that something of the mysteries might be betrayed prematurely.

Projection of the Fire to the Chakras This miraculous bird of fire provides the clue in order to project the fire of Kundalini at a distance and thus to help the sick or to project the fire to any chakra of the Astral Body of the esotericist. Some students will project the fire to their prostatic chakra with the goal of attaining the powers of consciously departing and traveling within the Astral Body. Others will do it with the goal of developing clairvoyance (through the frontal chakra).

Others will do it in order to gain the power of hearing the ultra (through the chakra of the larynx); this chakra of the larynx enables the yogi to conserve his physical body alive and perfectly healthy, even during the cosmic nights. Others will project the bird of Minerva to the solar plexus, which grants the power of remaining within fire for hours without getting burnt. Some students will send the marvelous bird to the heart chakra, which will grant them power over hurricanes, winds, etc. Likewise, the bird of Minerva can be sent to the chakra of one thousand petals, which is located in the superior part of the skull. That chakra grants intuition, polyvoyance, intuitive vision, and the power to consciously leave the physical body within the Spirit, our Innermost, without vehicles of any kind.

The bird of Minerva can also be sent to the atoms of the physical body, and to command it to prepare the body for the “Jinn” State. Thus, all of us must learn how to project the fire to any corner of the universe, and to any chakra of our organism!

This is how everyone will awaken their internal powers, because in order to work in the Great Work it is not enough to light the fire, it is necessary to learn how to intelligently employ it. Restoration, Transformation, and Invisibility Agni is the god of fire. This great Master helps to restore the fire in each of the seven bodies: Physical, Ethereal, Astral, Mental, Causal, Buddhic, and Atmic.

The theurgist can invoke Agni when he moves about in the Astral Plane. Agni will come to his call. When the theurgist invokes Agni, he will call him as follows: In the name of the Christ, By the majesty of Christ, By the power of Christ. If before the eyes of his friends, the invoker commands the bird of fire to transform his face or commands the bird to give him a bird’s appearance (or that of a tree, etc) the bird will perform the transformation and his friends will not recognize him. Now then, if we project the bird of fire to the mind of someone who is waiting to harm us, and if we command that person’s mind not to see us, we will then become invisible.

Often, Jesus, the great Hierophant who taught us Gnosis, had to become invisible. Innumerable marvels can be learned and executed with the power of the fire. We can transform ourselves radically with the power of the fire. We can become gods with the power of the fire!

But when a person gets his mind overflowing with blissful Peace and feels the tide of Ananda saturating the very core of his heart and feels therein the presence of never-abating divine intoxication, he is then in fact in direct touch with God, Who is an embodiment of Bliss itself. Such an experience is tangible, emotional and inspiring. When Kundalini awakens, She spiritualizes the body and mind as if the divine influence of God has descended on the physical plane. Such influence varies in intensity with different persons and in particular individuals too its flow of intensity fluctuates from time to time.

As a minute spark of fire may burn heaps of straw in no time and the ensuing big conflagration is not different from the original spark, so the divine spark of the awakened Kundalini is the Lord Himself.

When the whole heap of straw has been consumed, the fire extinguishes into voidness. Burning of straw is but the manifestation of heat lying involved in it through the involutionary process.

All the fire that appeared from combustion was simply lying hidden in the form of straws, as if the fire itself had assumed the form of straws. Ignition once started soon uncoils the whole amount of heat stored up there and sends the whole heap into flames. Similarly when a master throws sparks of divine fire, it ignites and sets the involved Kundalini to flames, which soon takes up the form of a big fire—the Lord on the physical plane.

A Yogi calls Him the self of his self, but when all straws have been burnt, like the extinguished fire, the Kundalini power also merges into the Absolute. One has simply to raise one’s self to the ignition point. All other preparations in the form of piety, virtuous deeds, devotion to God, and prayers or other methods of invoking God, improve our combustibility in that respect that the slightest touch or contact with spiritual persons may light in us the divine fire instantaneously

A heart surcharged with an incessant flood of Divine love (Bhakti) is its own reward, inasmuch as no temporal desire or animal passion helps to ebb its tide or mar its purity. The rising tide of Bhakti sweeps away all other kinds of emotions and desires, and displaces all worldly attachments, detestations and fear, bringing in a happy sweetness of divine blissfulness. Mind is freed from all disturbances and becomes filled to the brim with calmness of sweet tranquility, possessing it a person becomes immortalized and desires nothing and freed from cares, becomes contented, neither desiring nor detesting, but accommodating to all phases of Life.

Therefore God Himself as Guru guides all the aspirants. He is as such to be realized within one’s own heart, and only such persons as have realized Him are proper persons to act as Gurus. A master initiates his disciples into the mystic line of spirituality through Shaktipat, as he infuses in them his own spiritual power and awakens theirs so far lying dormant. Therefore that Power is de facto Guru and She is the Divine Power of God Himself.

Therefore, when Kundalini lies in dormant condition, spiritual consciousness remains clouded with the physical forces and Atman appears in bondage, but when She is aroused shining with the dawn of spiritual consciousness, she assumes the role of Guru.

Guru-Tattwa (the Guru principle) is therefore the meeting point of the personal Guru, God and the disciple. At times the disciple finds himself one with the Lord and at other when he feels his own separateness from Him, he feels his personal Guru to be one with Him. When in Samadhi the triad merges into the Absolute.

One who has realized “Brahman” becomes “Brahman” himself.


(1) AGNI, the Lord of Fire, rules over all the fire elementals and devas on the three planes of human evolution, the physical, the astral, and the mental,
Alignment 13 and rules over them not only on this planet, called the Earth, but on the three planes in all parts of the system.

(2) Agni, the sum-total of the Gods. He is Vishnu and the Sun in His glory; He is the fire of matter and the fire of mind blended and fused; He is the intelligence which throbs in every atom; He is the Mind that actuates the system; He is the fire of substance and the substance of fire; He is the Flame and that which the Flame destroys.

(3) All potentiality lies in the vitalising, energising power of Agni, and in His ability to stimulate. He is life itself, and the driving force of evolu-tion, of psychic development and of consciousness..

(4) “Our God is a consuming Fire” refers primarily to Agni, the con-trolling factor in this age. The devas of the fire will play an increasingly important part in all earth processes. To them is given the work of inaugu-rating the New Age, the new world and civilisation and the new continent

Agni controls not only the fires of the earth and rules the mental plane, but He is definitely associated with the work of arousing the sacred fire, the kundalini … The Lord of Fire will achieve his peculiar work for this cycle by arousing the fire of kundalini in the large numbers of those who are ready. This will be begun in this century, and carried forward actively for the next one thousand years.

Fifth, The Ether Dharana. “Here the Yogin moves

The energy of the Mother Kundalini upward and opens the ‘Ether Chakra.’ As soon as he is successful in opening this Chakra, he has opened the door of liberation or emancipation—he will never die unless he wills it.” “When the Yogin has learned the five Dharanas, the human body can visit and re-visit the Heavens, and he can go wherever he likes, as swiftly as the mind.

“Yogins should also practice the Bhastrika Kumbhaka. That, too, will awaken the Kundalini. He should move or awaken the Kundalini again and again, and though he be in the mouth of death, he need not fear it. “When the Apana rises upward to the ‘Fire Chakra,’ the flame of divine fire grows strong and bright, being fanned by Apana. When the Apana fire mixes with the Prana, which is naturally hot, the spiritual heat of the body becomes bright and powerful.” When the Kundalini feels this extra heat, she will awaken from sleep; then she goes into the Sushumna. As a key can open a door, so Yogi should open the door of liberation by awakening the Kundalini.

“Yogi should practice in secret, and not tell any one if he desires success. “The Udiyana, or Flying Up Mudra, moves the Goddess Kundalini, and who masters this Mudra will be Master of all powers, like levitation, etc.

This Mudra makes it easy to attain emancipation, and is the key that unlocks the door of liberation. “The Mula Bandha Mudra is the best Mudra to control the Apana and Prana, and is the key to everlasting youth.

Mixing the Prana and Apana causes heat in the body; that heat causes the Kundalini to awaken—then she goes upward thru the Sushumna. In that Sushumna all wisdom and powers are.

“Jalandhara Mudra is the well tried Mudra for keeping old age, decay and death away. It saves the nectar and keeps the vital force moving in the right Nadi. Who practices this Mudra daily,

Peter Horttanainen

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