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October 29, 2017

Transformed By Love (Christ) or transformed by Fear (Satan)

Transformed By Love (Christ – freedom) or transformed by Fear (Satan – enslavement)

First John 4:18 says, “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But
he who fears has not been made perfect in love.

Satan’s world system runs on fear, and God’s Kingdom runs on faith.

Transformed by truth/light (Christ) or transformed by lies/darkness (Satan). The truth will set you free from darkness and fear

Fear is how Satan becomes operative in our lives and faith is how God becomes operative in our lives—plain and simple.

The spirit of fear, which is from Satan to try to keep you in bondage and from doing anything.

Since fear is a tormenting spirit, we know that it does not come from God. And if it does not come from God, there is only one other source fear can come from, and that is from Satan!

Fear is also the devil s tool to keep us in bondage to the opinions of man. We are afraid of what people will think or say about us. We become afraid that we might not be accepted in our denomination if we go all the way for God.

One of Satan’s primary weapons against the believer is the spirit of fear. It is important to understand that fear is satanic in nature and does not originate in God.

Satan are not transformed by any of these things, so what other things transform him other than evil and fear. He hates God, he hate the Trinity he hates God´s word, he hates Christ, he hates Love, he hates the Truth, he hates the Light, he hates Faith, he hates the Holy Spirit, he hates Oneness because he want´s duality.

Why does Satan want duality so much? With duality he can mind control with brainwashing, and use fear mongering to oppress the Spirit of God, terrorizing, traumabasing, ceate pain, make reaility to a horror surreality so the brain and mind can´t heal, using constant scare tactics, using psychological and spriritual warfare against targeted individuals, make subtle threats, create long term stress, inducing fear and stress, sensitizing the brain, ostrasize and isolate people to a prison life, using psychological torture. This is how Satan trying to stay in power.  Jesus words “FEAR NOT” means just FEAR NOT SATAN methods. Jesus and God´s transformations knowledge is effective weapons to work with against Satans methods. When Satan are exposed for these transforming methods he can´t stay. Satan trying to surrending other people lives with walls of fear. These  transforming methods breaking downs Satan´s walls of fear, pain, terror. When you start using the power of these methods the walls of Satan will break down and he will be the one who must flee not you.

  • Transformed by God
  • Transformed by the Trinity
  • Transformed by God’s Word
  • Transformed by Christ
  • Transformed by Love
  • Transformed by Truth
  • Transformed by the Light
  • Tranformed by Faith
  • Transformed by the Holy Spirit
  • Transformed by Oneness


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