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`Transformation of the Human-Animal’ will clarify what it means to be Awake or asleep and why many modern human-animals still life in a collective herd or group consciousness. That evolving to ever higher states of consciousness is the Divine Plan for all of mankind.

Higher Self consciousness is the next evolutionary goal for the present modern day Homo Sapient Man.The matured Higher Self is known as Cosmic Consciousness, Universal Consciousness or Supra Consciousness (Supermind).

Transformation’ also describes, why and how the New Man must learn to reintegrate back into the old lower self world to which He no longer belongs but must continue to live in. How He must constantly learn to integrate and adapt to the ongoing and shifting biological transformation, which in the beginning stages keep Him in a constant state of turmoil. It explains why the New Man must find a renewed and energizing purpose in order to regain a desire for remaining in His old lower self-conscious world.

Transformational Psychology is a method and the inner power fuels and accelerates our transformation, from the human-animal that we are, to that of a more spiritualized being called the Higher Self. Transformative stages occur when our lower self’s vibrational frequency is slowly purified until it is attuned to the vibrational frequency of the Hiigher Self consciousness.

This Higher Self is the next stage in our spiritual evolutionary growth. It is through an intense self-examination of our psyche that we gain a new and broader understanding of who this lower self conscious human, that we believe ourselves to be, really is. Through an increasing awareness that grows in conjunction with the transformation we also pin knowledge of some of the higher states of consciousness that exist.

Once our physical body has adjusted itself to higher vibrational frequencies we can then have access to die raise frequency realms that our body can tolerate and sustain itself in; at least for short durations. Through our widening understanding we learn what actions are necessary in order to transcend our lower self consciousness—a consciousness that presendy keeps us confined within a fishbowl of darkness and ignorance.

This fishbowl is a world in which we have only a dim awareness and where our reality is that of a somnambulistic and robotic being.

The state of fear is state of existence and not life, because we do not know what it means to be fully alive and living to the fullest of our capabilities. In order for us to understand this world and the other beings who live in it with us, we must first be able to understand our self: who we are, why we arc, where we came from and where we are going.

Only when we understand the Immortal Being that we really are, exists the possibility of escaping the fishbowl. And once we discover who we are as divine beings, we will also understand the purpose for our journey in this world of illusion: of duality and time.

Then the desire to free our self from our confinement in the fishbowl begins to grow into a hunger that cannot be denied.This powerful desire for freedom will stir us into taking whatever actions are necessary to make possible our escape from the dark limitations of our present sleeping state.

There it only one way to escape from the fishbowl and that is by transcending our lower self consciousness by our meumorphosis into a higher state of consciousness. Once our awareness has been broadened by experiencing a higher state of consciousness. we come to recognize that this lower self conscious person who we believed ourselves to be. is not who we are!

And, that there are worlds beyond the fishbowl; worlds that hold more reality and more meaning then we could ever have imagined. We embark on our journey of discovery and transformation in order to awaken and to become aware of the magnificence of our potential. It is only through our awakening that we become aware of the Glory that is us-in-the-making!

Before we awaken, we have no idea that we are more than our personality and the roles that we are “playing” on the stage of this life. We do not recognize that we are an unfinished being in-the-making. We do not know that we have the potential to become an autonomous Immortal mortal Being of Light and Love. Nor do we know that the transformation needed to make this possible can only be done while in a physical body within this realm of duality.

This is why our life here in this world is so important. Most of us move up the ladder of Consciousness automatically and unknowingly. a process spanning countless centuries and innumerable life tines.

All of us have the potential to move up the ladder of Consciousness at an accelerated pace but of those who know this, few choose to do so. The fear of the unknown, the fear of change and the fear of personal repercussions from those we know and from society at large, keep most of us rooted within our comfort-zones, even if our existence is meaningless. full of misery and strife.

However, our spiritual evolution can be accelerated through the methods used and practiced by Transformational Psychology. Spiritual growth and the attainment of a Higher Consciousness and more awareness can be accomplished in a much shorter period. However, this can only occur if our personality willingly participates in the destruction of its old physical, emotional and intellectual programming.

We have to conquer our fear of venturing into our inner world in order to discover and examine the many false selves that lurk within us. We are all a house divided, because there is no Master present. We are all a conglomerate of many selves, all competing for being ‘top dog’ and running the show! It is only after surrendering all that we thought we were, that we will be able to realize who we actually are.

We must surrender our ego and our will and follow the call of our Higher Self but this can only happen once we discover who the Master of our House is. And. in order to find and solidify the Master, we must first discover which one of our selves is actually our authentic self. During our stay in this material world we are composed of three separate components: a lower self, a Higher Self and the immortal nortal spark of the Divine. It is this immortal spark of the Divine within us that ‘lives’ us.

This Divine spark is our Essence—our Immortality. It is this Essence spark that enters and resides in each new life that we conic to dwell in. We arc a living spark of Divinity that belongs to our Soul; to which we return after each lifetime in another realm. The lower self conscious Homo sapiens human-animal that we are, is only an actor on the stage of a temporary and illusory life.

We are only mortal personalities composed of an ego and a mind in a physical body. Our lower self personality is totally oblivious to anything outside of the fishbowl existence.This lower being that we are is enslaved by the human-animal body, which is under the control of the law of Mother Nature.

Therefore, we ale motivated by and mechanically follow the body´s animal traits and instincts. Until we awaken from this animalistic state we will remain confined and bound to our sleeping fishbowl existence.

Our Higher Self knows us better than we know our self, for our Higher Self is closer to us than we are to our own Beingness. Some intuitively call the lfigher Self their guardian angel—and they are right. it is! We are unaware of our Higher Self until our awareness becomes connected and tuned in to ‘Its vibrations.

Only then do we sense It as a living and intimate presence that is above and beyond our personality level. And then we understand that we are always connected, because we are an integral part of this Higher Self. It is only when we lose awareness of our Higher Self that we feel aimless and alone; when in actuality we are never disconnected from our Higher Self. Our Higher Self is always with us, watches over us and heart and responds to our every call that we send out.

Our Higher Self is the bridge that connects us to our mortality and immortality, for It has access to both the lower self realm and the transcendent realm of our Soul.Our Higher Self is in pursuit of acquiring more growth of essence. This it does through the physical senses of its intermediary. which is the personality. When we. the lower self personality. become connected and aware of our Higher Self. only then is it possible for the personality to actively participate in the acceleration of the transformation process.

We all need to find a game worth playing; for without an aim-game that makes us feel like getting nut of bed each morning with purpose and enthusiasm. we cannot have a creative or useful life. Without a pine worth playing we cannot experience an authentic life—only a meaningless, bleak and robotic existence.T

his is a life of accidie; a life utter boredom, flat, joyless and without any hope that there will conic a changed and brighter tomorrow.This is the only type of life that billions of our fellow human beings ever experience. Everyone, knowingly or unknowingly plays a game.

Most of us from the time of our birth have been cast into a particular game; a game that contains the aims for our life.The majority of us never feel a need to stop and examine our life because we do not recognize that we are role-playing within a particular game.

We believe that the roles we act out are actually who we are. But all our roles are only make-believe masks belonging to our personality. It is only when we no longer find any meaning in our life or we are overcome with suffering or feel a persistent yearning for ‘a something’ that we cannot define, that we pause and question what our life is all about. It is this pause. this suspension in dine, which gives us the opportunity for changing the direction of our life.

We can either alter our old game or choose an entirely new game to play. But, only after having fully awakened to our fishbowl existence arc we able to wisely choose a new game to play. And the game we choose defines the aim of our aspirations and spiritual maturity. Most may not think it necessary or even possible to change their present life-game; but any game, once we realize it’s only a game, can be altered for the better.

This is what Transformational Psychology is able to do.Through an intense and truthful examination of our inner self, we can uncover the illusions and falsehoods we harbour that keep us from leading a more productive and happier life. As we become more aware of who and why we are, we see the people in our life from a higher and more insightful perspective.

Through our continual transformation, a wider awareness and a more receptive understanding will develop. We will discover a new meaning in all that we do and this will greatly increase the quality of our daily life.

As we spiritually mature we develop a more positive and discerning outlook. We become more sensitive to our actions and words when we interact and co llllll unicate with others. We are able to accept more easily what we cannot change and be more daring in changing what we can.

There are two types of games: Meta games and object games. Object games are played strictly for acquiring the things of this world: wealth, fame, power and control over others. For many, life’s aim is simply to squeeze as much out of this material life by acquiring and consu g at much at possible.

Some of the more common games that people play are: the misery and suffering game, the wealth game. the fame and prestige game and the glory and power gante.The most co llllll on oral’ is the householder game: to eat and be merry. to procreate and raise a family. this is the aim for the majority of people.

Object games come instinctively to human beings and therefore require little effort to play. Then there are those who have no aim-game at all. It is better to play any game than to have no game at all. for without a pme, there is no aim and no direction to one’s life.

Aimlessness can only lead to misery and spiritual regression and the waste of one’s precious lifetime in the body. Meta games are played for experiencing altered realities, for spiritual enlightenment, acquiring knowledge. creating artistic works and deliverance from bondage to the darkness and ignorance of our fishbowl existence.’ he most difficult of all the Meta games to play is the Master Game*.

This game is played by few, for it demands all that a person has to give. It is played mainly within one’s inner world. It is played to sprout the seeds of all our highest potentials. To uncover all the powers that are normally hidden and locked up within our psyche and our physical body.

Playing the Master Game reveals that almost all humans live their lives in a sleeping state from which few will ever escape. Playing the Master Game provides the opportunity for freeing our self from this ‘waking-sleep’ by making us aware that our lower self consciousness is not the highest level of consciousness possible.

By playing the Master Came. it becomes possible to get a caste of various states of altered consciousness. including that of our Higher Self. And when we are transported for a moment out of our normal waking-sleep, we get for the first time a taste of freedom. The Higher Self consciousness awareness is a realm of complete objectivity. for in that condition we exist in a state of complete detachment.

Yet included within this gate of detachment are blended in the elements of Total Satisfaction and Fullness. In this super-aware state. we are for the first titre in harmonious balance, experiencing and feeling ourTrue Self. Through the method and practice of Transformational Psychology our life can be transformed. thereby accelerating our spiritual growth.

Self-awareness develops through an intense in-depth exploration and examination of our psyche. This inner self includes not only our personality but also our Essence.This Essence is our immortal mortal Beingnets. It is the core of who we actually are. This it the immortal core that migrates with us from one life-time to another.

A method used to achieve more self-awareness is learning how to direct all our attention not only to the outer actions occurring around us. but at the same time. directing our awareness to the movements within our inner self. Through this balanced two-way attention our Watcher is activated. This Watcher is an objective, detached Observer who simply views all actions. emotions. thoughts and responses of our personality without making judgments. Our Watcher is also aware of the motivations behind all that we do and say.

This Objective Observer, this Watcher. is our Higher Self. Growth of sell-awareness is acquired by a constant observation of our thoughts and actions. It takes time and practice to develop this delicately held two-way awareness. mainly because of our easily distracted and fluctuating mind. Rapid movements and actions and the noise of outer activities surrounding us pull us magnetically outwardand plunge us back into our lower awareness.

Within a nanosecond our dual awareness is extinguished. Through this nvo-way self-awarenett we also become keenly alert to the actions of our ego and its ‘hidden motives and agendas. This two-way awareness places us outside of the ego and therefore we are able to observe it as an objective observer.

This finely tuned dual awareness attracts the Light of our Higher Self. which will penetrate deep into all the dark corners of our ignorance, revealing all our egoistic desires animal traits and illusions.

Only after the root causes of our imperfections have been revealed can we analyze the basis for their existence. Through this cleansing process of our psyche–our emotions/intellect and physical body—we begin to transcend our lower consciousness by moving ever further into the consciousness of our Higher Self.

This purification is accelerated each ‘ we make the choice to opt for Higher Self value instead of a lower self one. Whenever we choose a Higher Self value and reject the lower animal trait valu especially when aware that this will create difficulties for us. we decrease the power of our ego-driven personality and speed up our transformation.

In order to advance on our journey we must have the heart and determination of a warrior, for the struggle to overcome Mother Natures’ spell is a long and difficult one.

It will be a fierce battle and in order to succeed, we must be spiritual warriors with a strong aspiration to free ourselves from our animal heritage. She will fight us by activating and bringing to the surface all the influences of our animal instincts and traits that are as yet lodged in our physical body and our psyche.

Through the practice of Transformational Psychology we embark on a new path, a vertical path that takes us higher up the ladder of evolution into the transcendent realms. Moving vertically, we will begin to disconnect from the horizontal path of time, duality and matter that is the producer and sustainer of our lower self consciousness. This vertical course is the beginning of the acceleration of our transformation out of the Human-Animal consciousness into that of our Higher Self consciousness.

Through the gradual disintegration of our lower self consciousness, the connection with our Higher Self will deepen until we experience a rebirth into a new and higher state of consciousness. This Higher Self conscious state is programmed to be the next step in our spiritual evolution—a transmutation into a new species called Cosmic Man.

We will be transformed from being slaves to the laws of our ego, mind and programmed personalities of our fishbowl reality, into new beings who are inner directed by the guidance and calls of our Higher Self.

It will be from the purity of our inner life where our aims, aspirations and actions originate and not from our robotic, egoistic outer self personalities. It is not ‘up there’ in the transcendent realms that our transformation is to be accomplished but right here in this physical body. But in order to transform, we must listen and surrender to the promptings and calls of our Higher Self. Only then will our Higher Self send us the circumstances that we need in order to keep us moving on the Path to our eventual Glory.

After birth into Self-Realization we do not automatically become a perfect Being. We are now glaringly Aware of our own ignorance and imperfections. We can no longer escape our defects by ignoring or hiding from our motives. We are now noticing the disparity between our intentions and our actions.

With this new birth has also come a heightened sensitivity, making us more susceptible to pain and suffering. Fortunately, we have also acquired a deeper depth of endurance and faster recuperative powers, which shorten emotional and mental distress. We must find and walk the middle path between the old man and the New Man, charting a new course ofAwareness and balance between the two—the one, who is being left behind, and the New One, who we are being absorbed into. Gaps occur between the two worlds, when each one is distinctly felt and in conflict with the other; but mostly there are varying degrees of over-lapping.

Each step out of the old is taking one step further into the New Retreat back into the old is no longer an option. Our roots are now embedded within the New Consciousness. To acquire ever more freedom from the old world of duality, we must continue to make ever deeper inroads into the New and this is done by bringing the Higher Consciousness down into the coarser vibrations of the lours self.

Through this meeting and merging the finer vibrations will absorb and transmute the lower. heavier ones. This transformation can only occur within the realm of the lower self. To prevent the lower self front being obliterated or incurring damage to the physical body, the transmutation must proceed at a slow and steady pace. For a permanent change in consciousness to occur. the lower nun must actively—and in full Awareness—participate in his transformation. 1t must bring the Higher Consciousness into his daily life.

The New Values must be lived in order to deepen into maturity.There are stages, stepping-stones that have to be touched and crossed. Periods for fermentation, a ‘Isnot] and adjustment for the construction of a new cohesive State of Being are needed. The physical body is the medium through which the lower self makes its transformation. A new physiology is required for residing in the Realm of Cosmic Consciousness.

The dense cellular structure of the matter-bound body of the old man acts as a barrier between the old and the New.The old body must be cleansed of its denseness and new circuits opened and established so that it can sustain the finer frequency vibrations of the Higher Realm.

Only after the old physiology has been completely transformed does it become possible to ‘slip over’ for permanent existence within Cosmic Consciousness. Till this transformation is complete, each entry into Cosmic Consciousness takes a toll on the physical body. When we return from there, the body feels drained of energy; a lassitude is felt and normally it will take a few hours to recover.

This is why, in the beginning, a lengthy stay is not possible; the body needs to attune itself in stages. The oscillating states that occur between the two worlds provide the opportunity for this adjustment.

While having our Awareness in Cosmic Consciousness we arc unaware of the physical body. It moves and functions under its own volition. This disconnection poses a threat to the safety of the body because we are now unaware of its needs and most dangerous of all—we don’t care!

We are now living in Total-Perfection-And-Satisfaction. Fear and desire do not exist. We glide in an Ocean-Of-Invulnerability in which Acceptance and Surrender are integral elements. Another danger for the lower nun is that Cosmic Consciousness tips him of the personality-ego: it hones and bares him down to his Essence. This leaves hint open and vulnerable. He must not allow himself to be swept away and be obliterated by the Transcendent Bliss nor become addicted to Its sire” call of sensuousness.

If he is to attain to being an autonomous and self directed Being, he matt keep a firm hold on his Am-Ness. He remain in full Awareness of his Selfhood. Just like two lovers who feel as one, yet, at the same time, both remain Aware of their individuality. Intuition is the language of the New Man and it is the transitional language, the bridge between thinking and Direct Knowing. Direct Knowing is the matured language of Cosmic Man. Cogitation will no longer be needed and it will drop away.

This Direct Knowing is the Stillness-Of-Pure-Awareness. This Pure-Consciousness is our real Immortal-Beingness. The New Man is only a transitional Beingness. He is the last and Highest Form of Man existing in a gross physical body within the realm of mind and matter.The Realm of Cosmic Consciousness is the bridge between the world of matter and the Transfinite Beyond. Even Connie Man, when His evolutionary moment arrives, will continue on—on the Great Journey into the All of the All.

Transformation will come to all. It will come whenever our ripeness reaches its peak. We are all One—we are all on the same Great Journey—we all breathe the same breath and our Hearts throb with the same Heartbeat. We are all longing to reunite with our Completeness.

All steps led towards one great purpose—to leap out of bondage and leap into Freedom. Our life on this Earth is a journey of exploration—a journey into the unknown of our Self, where we rediscover that we are a Spark-Of-The-One, a wave within The-Great-Ocean-of-Beingness.

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