Total Brainwashing and Mind Control in State of Sweden (The Matrix World)

There exist a Matrix or ancient subconciousness script that´s is  running for full speed today. When people starts a(wakening) this Matrix starts attacking you. “The Game” illustrate the idea, it is script, a game and war at same time. Targeted individuals living in a psychological and spiritual war. It is a war about your mind and soul and it is a war about perception and it is a war about ego perspective (control) and trough which perspective you see this world (is it trough the ego or the higher self) and it is war about freedom and independence (Higher Self). The lower self want´s keep you lcoked in the Matrix, in same way they learning humans just have  2 DNA strands whe they have 12 DNA strands. They don´t want you think outside the Matrix (outside the box) and they don´t want you to activate your Higher DNA codes to breaak free from the chains of the Matrix. And this post is about how State of Sweden trying to mind control, sound control, brainwashing and hijacking your mind. Today this have become torture beacuse they can´t succed hijacking my mind, so it has become more bizaarre for every year and more and more people have participating

State of Sweden is like a Matrix and people is caught in “The Matrix” and this Matrix controlling peoples minds and actions. This Matrix can almost use anyone and anybody to targetting your mind. State of Sweden has trying to hijacking and manipulating my reality for over 6 years now.This post is about these methods and you meet them everywhere in Sweden and it seems peolpe are controlled by this Matrix

Swedish healthcare/psychiatry informs you about a existing “Dreamwatcher” and this can explain a existing “Matrix” and this Matrix is a form of “Dream State”  – The tradition of the Toltec masters says that we are dreaming one hundred percent of the time. If a kundalini process means awakening and expansion of the consciousness, what is the state of the mind before this awakening? What is reality and why can humans reality change from one state to another when a Kundalini process starts?

Why does a scientific based healthcare informs anyone about a existing “Dreamwatcher” – and why does they inform about a brain in the stomach – and why does State of Sweden transmitting music chorus into your apartment and saying; “We control the Sunlight”. All this is related to a Kundalini awakening and energies in the Solar Plexus and the Solar Plexus is your ego.

That means that what we think of empirical reality is only one dream of many possible dreams. The Matrix and the Controllers belong to one dream, and that dream is under our individual and collective control.

Swedish healthcare/psychiatry also informs about a brain in the stomach (Solar Plexus Brain)


Here is sound harassment from start of easter weekend. Daytime they suddenly starts using motor saw for a couple of days ago. This must be garden workers who is working for the landlord

This is from (today) 30 March 2018 Easter weekend after 21.00 when you watching tv-series. A car revving the engine for a ccouple of minutes.

At night is swedish police who is harassing you at night in same way but they using sound technology and transmitting sound similar to a grasstrimmer and playing musi chorus and sirens. Everyone has same strategy to speed up stress creating sounds. This is a creataed sound to illustate how it sound at night and sounds like this and this is sound torture:

And neighbors using drilling machine in same way. They drilling 2-3 seconds in concrete walls and neighbors can start drilling like this early in the morning

This is  just one methods they using and it is same harassing spirit.

What does this image symbolize? Other people can´t turn on or turn off your mind, but they can hook up your attention and your consciousness by targetting the human mind with;

  • Constant sound
  • Constant sensitizing
  • Cconstant interference (noise and communication interference)
  • Constang stalking (sounds, symbols, colors, people, cars, trucks, helicopters, airplanes)
  • Constant mirroring and imitating your daily life
  • Constant Anchoring, chaning, sensitizing, looping, brainwashing, hijacking
  • Constant manipulation of reality, mind and reality, hijacking sleep (sleep deprivation)
  • Constant double-speaking, double-thinking and double binding psychology
  • Constan create a illusion of fear by fear mongering and constant fake amygdala attacks
  • Constant over-stimulating the amygdala (fearcenter) and the brain in the stomach registers fear, and State of Sweden attacking both with psychology, mind control, persecution aand stalking, sound torture, sleep deprivation, brainwashing,  illusions, gaslighting, making reality to surreality and manipulations.

It seems there is a Spirit and this Spirit is using same methods everywhere and using who it want´s anyhow and anytime – they have same harassing spirit all these stalkers and gangstalkers. Same neighbors who is harassing you with 2-3 seconds drilling sounds, same people who is working with tv-broadcasting and broadband creates a unpleasant distortion sound while you watching tv, and they using children in same way walking around a make high pitch screamings for hours or after midnight. So everyone seems to be controlled by the “Spirit of Distractions” or a “Tormenting Spirit”. The first common strategy is to create a constant created ongoing sound day and night, the seconds is to using a created and manipulated psychology in same way they create sound distractions.

Constant double-speaking, double-thinking and double binding psychology, imitating your life (what you think, say, do, watch, listen to). Real live interference can take place if you listen to radio, watch live tv, or people acting out and imitating something from your life. In Sweden they shadowing you from room to room (start coughing on the balcony everytime you make breakfast or start playing sound of grasstrimmer or sirens when you visiting bathroom)

We don´t see the Matrix and its running like a script and manipulating the ego.

We living in a Mind Controlled Reality and Brainwashing Culture and this is The Matrix. Your Higher Self is not this Matrix, but the Matrix wan´t make you believe you are free. If you start create your own reality and break free from the chains of the Matrix you will discovery it starts hunting and manipulating your reality even more.

When they targetting the human mind it is “The Matrix” that´s attacking. This is the Mind Game or Spiritual warfare. This Matrix want´s keep you in the lower three first physical chakras

When energy is rising from the spine the consiousness is expanding and can recieve more light and in same time activate more DNA light codes.


This world is controlling the human mind fear, mind control and brainwashing.

The word chakra is Sanskrit for “wheel.” There are seven wheels or energy points in our bodies and each chakra has a distinct character and relates to different aspects of our being. Our chakras are spinning and moving.

Mk Ultra Programming, Mind Control – Brainwashing – Hive Mind Matrix (Gangstalking, Noise harassment, Persecution, Stalking, Sensitizing (anchoring and chaining), Ostracism, Gaslighting and Mirroring (imitating and mimicking), Interference Psychology (make thing at same time). Noise Interference, Communication Interference, Silent Technology, Sound Torture, Sleep deprivation, Psychic driving (looping sound or music chorus), Voice to skulle technology or “Synthetic teleparty (transmit sounds, voices or looping music chorus for hours),


When they start targetting the mind and brainwashing the mind they start looping same music chorus for hours or sensitizing the brain with color, symbols, numbers, props, stalking (people, cars, trucks, helicopters) and constant sounds and then start stalking activities (simultaneously and at same time you doing something) and constant noise harassment (background noise and noise and communication interference)

This is how the hijhacking your brain in Sweden and this is not just the government, all people behaving like themselsves already is “mind slaves” to “The Matrix. Swedish citizens trying to take control over your mind by:

  • constant start and turn off activities
  • they hooking up your attention and mind by targetting you
  • constant interference activities
  • psychic driving – looping same music chorus

I´m 100% sure many Swedish citizens are mind slaves to this Matrix and this Matrix using people how it want´s. You can for example see this when cars driving around with one headlight or rear light broken on their cars or driving around with light turned off and  the police don´t anything about it. This Matrix govern citizens and even the Swedish police and even airforce. These people trying to take over your mind when they even don´t govern and are chief´s over their own minds. Today it is easter weekend and they have airstalking you for three times today and stalking you with music chorus

When I was preparing to go outdoors for exercise they started transmit this music chorus and they transmitting this even outdoors several times when I was exercise (running) and when I´m and take a bath they start transmit this music chorus when I´m take a bath after my exercise and this is the Swedish Police methods. They using Voice to Skull Technology (V2K) or synthetic telepathy when they targetting your mind with music chorus. This is just one example. At most they have targetting your mind with music chorus for 18 hours (psychic driving). They start targetting your mind when you trying to sleep and starts when you open your eyes.

State of Sweden and Swedish police also transmit this music chorus when you are indoors and even outdoors when you exercise. So suddenly when you are outdoors they targetting your mind “We control the sunlight”. In Sweden this is the code for the “Solar Plexus Brain” in the stomach or the Ego.

Here is more Swedish music chorus they using – Heavy Tiger – Let the Sunshine In

State of Sweden healthcare and psychiatry also using Solar Plexus psyhology; they informs you about a brain in the stomach – the belly brain.

And even State of Sweden Social services also using Solar Plexus psychology when they give you a new social service secretary and her name is “SUN”. The letter starts with My name is SUN

and Swedish Social services then starts own new SUN themes projects for long-term unemployed and this project has same name as the kindergarden a few hundred meters away. State of Sweden really want´t control the SUN or your EGO, and using music chorus to say the control the sunlight, healthcare informs you about Solar Plexus Brain, they give you a new social secretary and her name is SUN and when they create long- term unemployed project with SUN-theme. Sweden has a obsession controlling everything or this Matrix has it.




State of Sweden trying to control everything in people life and their minds with cross-over anhoring and chaining psychology. Here is four Swedish vehicles and they are stalking vehicles. Isn´t that strange all four have same blue color as the Swedish police helicopter? PostNord is postal service truck, Hemglass (Ice Cream Truck Car/song) is also blue and a retail company for cleaning products has also same blue color and all four is used for stalking. And guess what: In same way they create SUN theme project for long-term unemployed for you, they also give you a job at same company which is stalking you. So Swedish employment agency get you a job at same company who is stalking you.


people in Sweden starts coloring their hair in same color and stalking you. This is reality in Sweden. These images is examples from Google Images

Here is mor examples how this Matrix control people

First they have take a indoors shovel and brush outdoors and then is child dragging this agains the stones outside my window. So this Matrix makes people take a indorrs shovel and brush outdoors and make a 4-5 year child climbing over these bushes with shovel outside my window and the shovel has same color as everything else that is used for stalking.

When you walking to foodstore or bicyckling same person appearing everywhere and dragging a suitcase and even that in same blue color. There is a Matrix and this Matrix seems to control everyone.


Can anyone drop tree cans with color on one place? This is State of Sweden or the Swedish Hive Mind or the Matrix.

They pouring out blue color on the streets and the landlord don´t clean the streets (6-7 months ago)

And there is color everywhere on the streets

They drop bluish plastic things everywhere there you exercise



Blueish garbage bags

After I watch a tv program about art and painting and how they paintd bushes they painted a stone blue (this is just a illustration)

They also drop blueish shoe protection on paths and in the woods there you exercise and latex gloves also. This is how they using enviroment manipulation in State of Sweden and this Matrix makes people acting how this matrix wants. This is just one color and they using everything and every color in the chakra system in this way. This color is the fifth in the chakra system and is a important gateway to freedom from the Matrix.

Neighbor noise harassment 30 March 2018

To understand the wickedness with neighbors they are sitting with a drilling machine in their hands above your head while I typing/writing this post 30 march. And this is the Swedish Hive Mind and they using same psychology everywhere. You can hear sound of low drilling after 5-7 seconds, 39-40 seconds, 1.14 and 1.20 in this recording.

They can start drilling vey very slowly in concrete walls on the slowest level in the morning around 09.00.

Here is another neighbor who slowly starts hammering and then tuning it out. This is how they are working every day in different ways.

First your Hammering and in the end of the recording you can hear how they slowly starts dragging furniture between 22 seconds and 32 seconds

When they hammering in walls they never drilling in the concrete walls before it.

And when they drilling in concrete walls they never hammering afterwards

And they just drilling in concrete walls for a few seconds

This is harassment with hammers and drilling machines

Here they walking around and hammering a few times here and there in walls and in floor

Same neighbor is garbaging on your backyard

They sitting and waiting with drilling machines in their hand and in same way they sitting and waiting for the water tap in the bathroom and open and close the water flow all the time and try to synchronize this when you writing or wisiting the toilet or the bathroom

Another neighbor has been psycho hammering like this on and off for several years – at most maybe 20-25 minutes on and off, then 15 minutes and 5-10 minutes and this neighbor even starts picking things same time I take a bath

uploading text today and tomorrow

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