Today´s Organized Gang Stalking; Twisted Whistling in food store LIDL from the movie “TWISTED NERVE”

The forces of darkness, forces of stalking, forces of mind control is everywhere.

A computer generated voice in the airs has beaming “now he is mad” and “now he is going mad” for three days into your mind.

When you then going to the food store they standing near you in the food store and whistling as in the movie “TWISTED NERVE”.

Twisted Nerve is a 1968 psychological thriller film. This is a example which kind of psychological enviroment the organized gang stalking is creating around targeted individuals. They create a psychological enviroment of stress the nerves and create a enviorment of stalking and threaths. They even turn of street light and people then standing under the lamp in the darkness. They who controls street light turn off street light at night and turn street light daytime when it´s sunshine outdoors. So the stalking computer generated voice in the airs, seems also be within them who is in charge of street lights. Gaslighting with lights and driving to madness is the goal with organized gang stalking, and these the spirit of stalking seems to be within humans in this area of the matrix.

The computer generated voice in the airs that is beaming “now he is going mad” – same spirit is within them even in food stores as LIDL.


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