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To enter the invisible point of the horizontal line is like breaking through geometry into a dimension which opens beyond multi-dimensionality itself: there is the Kingdom of God, the magic garden. So very near and yet so fan How to enter it? The so-called mystic writers say that the Kingdom is within you, the gate is within you, the key is within you, the path is within you … but it has to be cleared first. The mind is highly valued in yoga, not for itself, but as an essential vehicle to the hidden parts of our nature. Tavistock Institute. Part 153


This yoga awakens kundalini and causes it to flow up the Sushumna nadi. At the moment of union, the mind (temporarily, at first) is annihilated and samadhi results. The mind is caused by duality: union of prana and apana removes this duality and, thereby, the mind. When, through mudras, kundalini pierces the Vishnu Granthi (throat knot), the Divine energy can enter the head chakras and samadhi is achieved. Samadhi is a result of union and is a conscious state. Swami Svatmarama says, Then, in the second stage, the prana unites with the apana and enters the throat chakra. The Yogi then be-comes firm in asana, wise and comparable to the Gods.

If our sacred identity already exists within us at this present moment, why can’t we recognize it immediately and consistently? Why instead do we feel a relentless drive, a searching for something we cannot easily identify? And why are many people completely unaware of their possibilities, their potential for wholeness? Seekers have wrestled with such issues for centuries.

The mind is highly valued in yoga, not for itself, but as an essential vehicle to the hidden parts of our nature.

The Sixth Chakra is in the Brow Point. It corresponds to the pituitary gland. It is here, when you gain your intuition in terms of the direction. that you want to go. It is here that the major channels of energy meet (Ida, Pingala and Sushmana). This is the chakra associated with the Third Eye, the eye that gives you the depth and dimension within the subtle worlds. The Third Eye holds the knot of Shiva. To dissolve this knot is to attain a state of unity, to overcome dual-ity; to realize fully that there is no separation between Self and everything else. As speech is to the Throat Centre. so visualization is to the Brow Chakra. This chakra has the power to man-ifest from thought alone. The awakening of this chakra brings such a state of consciousness that you will be able to communicate with your inner teacher, the source of wisdom within.

The Crown Chakra is located over the top of the head, and it is associated with the pineal gland. The Seventh Chakra has key characteristics of humility, surrender and of ‘bowing down’ to the Infinite. The twin forces of Ida and Pingala have now been absorbed by the Sushmana at the Brow Centre; it is now the pure force of one at the Crown. The awakening of the Crown Chakra is at the heart of Buddhism, Sufism, Hinduism and yoga. It is the realm of enlighten-ment. Its association to the pineal gland is still a mystery. So far we know that this gland is connected to the amount of available light we receive. It is also connected to the amount of spiritual light that we receive. The Crown Chakra represents the potential for enlightenment that we all possess. The seven-fold pattern represented by the chakras system is the blueprint for spiritual development.

The Three Knots

When you look at the symbolism of the chakras you will find that there are three knots that need to be penetrated for the path of kundalini to flow freely. Only consciousness can dissolve the three knots. Each of these three knots is represented by a Shiva Lingham, that which is surrounded by something symbolically in the chakras. The first one is the Knot of Brahman, which is in the First Chakra.

The second is the Knot of Vishnu at the Heart Chakra.

The third is the Knot of Shiva at the Brow Point. In each of these places all the three streams of energy come together and knot and entangle themselves into an energetic realm. As your awareness penetrates the first lower knot, you start releasing your attachment to all the sensations, the names and the forms of all things. You will begin to forge a new relationship to the senses and the sensations that come through them.

Before you penetrate that knot every sense grabs your mind and seizes it, making it very difficult to be still and steady. All the meditations that stimulate the Navel Chakra will open up the fire that will eventually break through the first barrier to awakening.

As the second knot unties it adjusts the relationship to that which sustains. The meaning of Vishnu is ‘the sustainer. when it is still bound in a knot, you find yourself trying to establish your identity through relationships. This can either be personal relationships or a relationship to a tradition that binds you. As the knot is penetrated, you gain a lightness of heart and play-fulness. You no longer feel attached to any of the forms in life. It will open up the ability to start hearing the subtle sounds or cosmic frequencies that yogis listen to in deep meditation.

Finally, there is the third knot at the brow. Here the knot is beyond the five elements. It is at this place that the Ida crosses over the Pingala nadis. When this opens, the breath balances in both nostrils equally for a time. It pierces you beyond the sense of time and the sense of lower identity.

Yogi Bhajan always states that when you open this centre you will see the past, present and future. When this knot is still firmly tied, you may indeed gain powers, but you will be attached to them. So. this is a very challenging knot to overcome because many people believe they have opened it just because they are having psychic experiences. Their attachments to those realms betray them.

As the kundalini energy grows these knots are opened. These three gateways are one of the reasons that the three locks are so important. The Great Lock puts a slight pressure on all three knots, so that the Prana and Apana can balance in the Ida and Pingala channels.

When this happens you will start to open the flow of energy into the depths of the knot, to eventually untangle the blockage. The Root Lock mixes the Prana and Apana and pulls the lower three chakras out of their slumber, by using the fire at the Third Chakra.

The Diaphragm Lock works on the second knot at the heart. This works by pulling the fire at the Third Chakra up into the Heart Centre, which eventually pours into the Second Lock. When reciting mantra and after having applied both the diaphragm and Neck Locks. the ojas (cerebrospinal fluid) in the spinal column is concentrated and starts opening not only the Fifth Chakra but begins to penetrate the third gateway at the Sixth Chakra.

Kundalini brings into balance the left and the right hemispheres of the brain bceuse it unite polaities into ONENESS and WHOLENESS:

With a greater clarity one can look back into the past, understand the present, and anticipate the future.

Somewhere, on this line, there is an ungraspable spot, a geometrical point called now which actually breaks the line into its past and future segments. The present is an invisible point on the line because it cannot be quantified in time units like the past or the future and yet the irritating paradox is that, from the human standpoint, only the present is, the past is no more and the future not yet.

If our meditation can enter within this invisible point (by thoughtless meditation) it swells it like air in a balloon so as to have past and future absorbed in it: the intensity of the all pervading Present is enjoyed because super-ego (past) and ego (future) have been renounced.

To enter the invisible point of the horizontal line is like breaking through geometry into a dimension which opens beyond multi-dimensionality itself: there is the Kingdom of God, the magic garden. So very near and yet so fan How to enter it? The so-called mystic writers say that the Kingdom is within you, the gate is within you, the key is within you, the path is within you … but it has to be cleared first.

The path is the inner channel within the spine (Sushumna nadi) referred to as the Tree of Life. It is the path of Kundalini, the residual divine Energy within Man. However there is a gap in this subtle channel. (The gross manifestation of this gap outside of the spinal chord is expressed as the gap between the solar plexus and the vagus nerve of the parasympathetic nervous system).

Also the path as well as the chakras (psycho-spiritual centres of energy on the Sushumna nadi) might be constricted or closed because of the loads resulting from previous karma, spirit possessions, nervous troubles, etc. Hence the path has to be cleared first. But, as we will explain later, this cannot be done by the seeker himself because his attention cannot reach his own Sushumna.

We understand now the role of the true Master (guru): he is the one to water the seed of life with the vibrations of divine energy that flow like rays, from his being. When the holy vibrations enter into the being of the seeker they fill the gap within the Sushumna and thus form a bridge on the path of Kundalini’s ascent.

This seed of life will manifest into the Tree of life; when Kundalini is spontaneously awakened by the vibrations of the guru, She realises that She is being invited by the Divine authority of a highly evolved realised soul. She thus rises, piercing six chakras (chakra bhedah) in the central channel (Sushumna).

When the kundalini unites at this energy centre, the meditator attains Supreme bliss, Superconsciousness, the highest knowledge, Self-Realization.

The crown centre is known as the thousand petal lotus, which is located at the top of the head. Its colour is violet, and is linked to perfection—not to be confused with our egoic sense of perfection. It is the seat of our soul, and associated with enlightenment. It is situated in the limbic system of the brain. When the kundalini unites at this energy centre, the meditator attains Supreme bliss, Superconsciousness, the highest knowledge, Self-Realization. Experiences of transpersonal states of consciousness, and different dimensions of consciousness come when this centre is awakened. We are able to rise beyond into a timeless state, and experience divine inner joy and bliss.

Shiva and Shakti merge and play, the triple time of past, present, and future merge, all come together in the bindu. In the bindu also is the fire of jnana (wisdom).

Now from then; and even the oneness of direction, from past to present, from present to future, is merged in oneness of dimension.

Siddhi is something of an anomaly, since it is the only aspect of the mind to survive awakening. All other aspects of the mind are transmuted into the higher frequencies with the exception of this single eye — the mind’s eye. Once the heart has bloomed, the inner eye provides a communicative link or interface between the brain and pure consciousness. The inner eye could be described as perfectly circular, seeing in all directions simultaneously. Whereas the gift can read the pattern of the future, the Siddhi can see the future in precise detail.

When past, present, future, or subconsciousness, consciousness, super consciousness is merged into ONENESS one gets the ability to get insights of NOW and can see furture events happening.

And time in bliss disappears altogether; it is neither shortened nor lengthened. In bliss time simply does not exist. When you will be in bliss, time will cease to be for you. In fact, time and misery are two names for the same thing. Time is another name for misery. Time and misery are synonymous. Psychologically time means misery; and that is the reason why we say that bliss is beyond time. What is beyond time cannot be found through time.

That is why we say that it is better we wander around awhile more. And so we wander and wander. We are waiting for the moment when the doors of the temple will open up a little wider and we will enter it with everything we have. But the doors of the temple never open up for more than one person at a time. Only one person can pass through it. And you cannot take even your position or prestige with you, because then you will be two—you and your prestige. You cannot carry even your name with you, because then it will be two—you and your name. You cannot carry any baggage with you; you can carry absolutely nothing. You have to go there totally naked and alone; then only can you enter.

One must sacrifice a lot to develope these higher spiritual abilities to have the ability to see the future events in present state of NOW for an example.

Physiologists do not accept the existence of Kundalini, because they are not able to locate and identify it in the body. What is known as Kundalini is the development of the fourth state i.e. the mental faculty. One specific result of activation of the Kundalini is unprecedented, spiritual experiences as also the power to foretell the future of individuals. The development of the fifth i.e. spiritual faculty (Atmic body) is a continuation of the development of the fourth state.

Once a glimpse of reality becomes available, the false just ceases to be. Once we have a glimpse of God, then God alone is, and nothing else. But that glimpse will be possible only when everything within us is still and quiet. And then there is no question. Then everything is his. Then thoughts, feelings and desires, all are his. Then anything and everything is his. But to have this glimpse, this recognition, it is essential in the primary stage, in the first place, that thoughts, feelings and desires, all should come to a standstill. Now we will sit for meditation.

“A man’s spiritual consciousness is not awakened unless his kundalini is aroused.” Kundalini is the motivating catalyst behind the transcendent experience. It’s the key to changing your state of being. How? Kundalini stimulates neuroplastic activity in the brain, and consequently, the ability to see and experience life beyond the material, physical dimension.

If this is true, it means that our consciousness, or some portion our consciousness, resides outside the brain, outside the body, in a metaphysical dimension, unseen by normal people.

It is said that the fifth of eight siddhi super power (PRAPTI) can; Through this Siddhi the Yogi attains his desired objects and supernatural powers. He acquires the power of predicting future events, the power of clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, thought-reading, etc. He can understand the languages of the beasts and birds. He can understand unknown languages also. He can cure all diseases.

The Yogi, when he is in Samadhi, acquires the power of predicting future events.

Another word future insights or the ability to predicting the future is known as “Precognition”.


Precognition is the ability to foresee future events. It can involve any combination of clairvoyance, clairaudience and/or clairsentience.

Another kind of precognition seems to involve seeing a soul’s time track completely, before the soul experiences it. This fifth-dimensional precognition occurs when all the soul’s possible futures have been seen simultaneously along with the ultimate outcome. This implies that one can move forward in time and experience the future self directly. It also appears to imply that free will gives way to predestiny.

Is it possible that one can see through all the veils of perception to the absolute truth beyond all relative realities? Truth, if it exists, would have to encompass all of space and time completely, and therefore, recognition of it would mean being able to simultaneously comprehend past, present and future. From this vantage point, all of Creation is happening at once; a million years becomes the blink of an eye; entire universes are created and destroyed in a fraction of a second.

A soul in a state of God consciousness experiences being everywhere at once; everything in Creation is a part of him/her. Is it possible that you are simply God experiencing itself one soul at a time? In other words, right now you are experiencing one version of the cosmic drama behind the eyes of one body, mind and soul. Perhaps each soul in the universe is simply another part of you that you haven’t yet chosen to experience personally in linear time.

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