Signs of Gangstalking

This post is about all methods one neighbor using for noise harassment and psychological torture

Information and knowledge revealing that lower chakra sytems is animalic and controlled by the archons, that assistance of the demiurge, Yaldabaoith, the lord of the archons. This is how the gangstalkers communicate with each other on a mental plane. These people are low frequency people, and all dark forces, or demonic controlled neighbors are mind controlled and brainwashed by these forces.

How can these entities know things that are happening in your life or my life, or how do they know things about what you have been doing or who you have been talking to?

Evolution or spirtual growth means that every person who is looking for spiritual freedom from this materialistic world and matrix must pass throw their controlled chakra system (the lower chakra system), and they will spiritual attack you by oppress you and obstructing you, or gatekeeping and watching you, stalking you, scaremongering, revealing things about your life to make you feel your are controlled by them and not by yourselfes. That´s why they also using children to acting or harass in differents ways.

Humans are trapped and caught in this or their matrix, andt hey don´t want anyone to get free or out of their matrix. But they are to begin weakening for real. It is like mind virus in the beginning. It is always most aggressive in the beginning, and then just get weaker and weaker for every week, months or year. It is helping foucs on the light source and not on their dark energy. There is a spiritual war going on today. Some call it for psychological warfare, but it the same meaning. If their is a spiritual war going on how does this expresses?

These dark entities attacking, persecution, harass, stalking, mocking, feramongering, isolate, obstructing other humans today. They acting like wolves in mental sheep´s clothing. This is no longer a democracy and there is no humans rights in their world. There main gial is to enslave everybody, and everyone who not bying this concept will be psychological tortured in every way they can and have destructive fantasy to. What kind of democracy allows other groups to with a hidden agenda destroy other humans life on every level? It is evil and cruel and these forces working everywhere today and controlling people

Think like this; who or which creature using children for gangstalking purposes to make them harass other by screaming, yelling, acting, revealings things from your days or if you watch tv or listen to music and so on.

Many of these dark entities or creautres are mind invaders.

During this spiritual growth humans must pass throw these energy fields and they will try to manipulate the reality, brain and mind, thinking patterns, feelings and thoughts to confuse and deceive, and turning your positive feelings to something negative, to turn hope to meaningsless, to turn light to darkness or sadness.

Here is 6 ways to how they hindering you from find your true self

  1. Poisoning the water with fluoride to inactivate the pineal gland
  2. Learning humans they have 97-98% junk DNA
  3. Darwin theory humans are from the apes (in this world the Alpha male can rule the world)
  4. Humans consciousis is 10% and almost 90% is subconscious. 90% subconscious energy controls humans
  5. Humans have just a 2 DNA strand and not 12 DNA strand
  6. Using media/tv to mind control everyone, brainwashing people every day, mk ultrasize other humans

You can read more about archons or sirians (from the Sirius star) on this webpage to learn more about these entities. These ancle biters.

Here is a story about how just one neighbor working 24/7 to disturbing, to create noise harassment all day, from the early morning to evening, and even in the nights.


One neighbor harassmnet 24 /7.

It starts in the morning when you going to the kitchen and they starting hitting och knocking in the floor, and then this hitting in the floor goes on for all day and when you fall in sleep you suddenly hear a big boom smashing in the floor and you are awake again. My neighbor are driven by demonic forces or she is just a psychopath..I think it is both.

The main goal of gang stalking is to influence the life of the victim and to condition it, in order to destroy it.

The victim feels like he or her has been thrown in a nightmare or inside a world that is no more his or her own

Gang stalking is designed as a systematic form of control that is able to destroy an individual’s life.


In addition to Unconventional and Conventional Warfare is full scale PSYCHOLOGICAL MEANS OF MANIPULATION FOR THE PURPOSE OF CONTROL.

85% of what takes place to the Targeted Individuals is in the forms of Psychological Terrorizing, Psychological Harassment, and Psychological Manipulation.

It appears to be used to BREAK the Targeted Individual down, to the point of suicide.  To get these highly functional Target’s to become dysfunctional.  It is in line with REVERSE ENGINEERING, whereby the purpose is to with premeditated malice, break down every aspect of the Target’s life.  In particular, to break down their cognitive abilities in processing, thinking outside the box, and to GIVE UP on questioning THOSE WHO DARED to Target them to begin with.

Sensitization is a psychological process that associates a stimulus to a reaction or a situation. In other words, it is a technique that makes the target particularly sensitive to a daily stimulus like a colour, a gesture, an object, or a simple action of everyday life.

Technically, this stimulus is called “anchoring”; this is due to the fact that the reaction become anchored to that particular stimulus and will come to the surface every time that a similar stimulus shows up.

Terror by the neighbors. Almost every Targeted Individual reports in one or other form of terror by the neighbors. And that around the clock or just when you want to go to sleep or relax. Typical Methods are door slamming, chairs- and furniture moving, on the floor falling things, neighbors starts conversations loud, coughing high before sleep, smashing something in the floor just when you fall in sleep to wake you up and rush you up.

Door slamming

Door slamming is also a popular pastime, particularly in apartment buildings. One individual reported that, during a peak period of harassment, the neighbor across the hall began entering and leaving his apartment every 10 minutes, slamming his door loudly on each occasion. This was a daily occurrence, encompassing periods of several hours, over a period of several months. It is apparently served to trigger a door-slamming “chain reaction” on the part of neighbors both on that floor and on the floors immediately above and below.

Loud repeated door slamming

First they slamming the apartment door loud

Running fast down the stairs, sometimes even banging the railways on their way

Somedays they running down and door slamming and then laughing loud outside my window (it´s sadistic fun)

Then they starts door slamming the entrance door, open and close the door 2, 3, 4 times and then repeating this after a while

Sometimes the neighbor seems to rush down and door slamming and then starts coughing outside my window

Another metods is to run down the stairs and then open the door but not close it, like they gatekeeping the door like somone holds the door open. One time I walk out to see if who it was holding up the door and no ones was there. So they run down opens the door fast and then close it quitely, so you think someone holds the door open.

They starts door slamming evertytime you gonna eat your dinner

They run down the stairs and goes out of the entrance door, and the ringing on the intercom/bell to their own appartment to get in.


Disturbing your sleep and sleep deprivation

There will timed loud noise responses, in order to wake you up out of this state of rest and/or sleep. These acoustic harassments can be directional to a vehicle, an acoustic frequency, an amplified household appliance – that will WAKE YOU out of rest or sleep.

This is done several times, so as to get the Target in a State that they are unable to fall back asleep.  Sleep Deprivation is also used to slowly break the Target down, so as to keep them in a continued vulnerable state, which makes it easier for the Terrorist Architect’s to ATTACK the Target psychologically for the purpose of manipulation, set-ups, entrapment, terrorizing and intimidating the Target.

Starts loud conversations

Loud and fake coughing

Hitting in the floor

Smashing something in the floor just before you fall in sleep

Crashing something in the floor in the middle of night so you wake by a loud boom in the floor


‘Hoover Maneuver’: The Dirty Secret of Emotional Abuse

Using the vaccum cleaner to harass you everyday or several time per day

Starts and turns off the vacuum cleaner on and off every 5 seconds for 15 minutes to harass you. No human people starts and turn off their vaccum cleaner every five seconds for maybe 15 minutes if the purpose is to harm, to affect, to disturb, to drive crazy (this tactics is used by many Swedish gangstalkers start and turn off the engines, they do it with mini-motorcycles all day for hours, and even cars using same tactics in Sweden. They stop their motors with red light or parking places and starts them when you passing them). All methods when they  constant switching from high to low screamings , from on to off, open to close, start and turn off motors or vaccum cleaners, open and close water cranes, start sirens and then shut off the sirens, open and close doors constantly, playing drums in slow pace and the fast pace is to drive you mad. This is the common with all these evil tactics.

You hear a boom after the vacuum cleaner is dropped into the floor, but the neighbor does not start  the vaccum cleaner. It was just another technique to make you believe or think that now the “hoover maneuver” starts again. If someone has abuse you with a instrument of some kind and when you see it or they want to make it look like it starts again, you brain will think now it starts again (almost like a threath of abuse.

Sensitization is a psychological process that associates a stimulus to a reaction or a situation. In other words, it is a technique that makes the target particularly sensitive to a daily stimulus.

The hoover maneuver is an attempt to see if a prior target ofabuse can be conned into another cycle of abuse, resulting in theabusive person reclaiming a sense of power and control by causing pain(emotional and sometimes physical) to a target.

The literature on the subject of narcissistic abuse recovery is replete with pseudonyms for various circumstances involving a person with narcissism. One such concept is “hoovering” by the emotionally abusive person.


INSIDE: If you live in an apartment with connecting walls:

If you live below someone, this occupants will be recruited to increase the levels of noise they make.  Walking heavier than usual on the floors, dropping heavy objected above your head, and shadowing the moves you make in your apartment.  These occupants will also give permission to have their units be used in their absence so that other recruit’s can occupy these units, to continue the 24/7 harassment of the Target.

This hypersonic sound device will also be placed upon Electronics like Refrigerators, Water heaters, anything that produces sounds and/or vibrations, which can be amplified to increase the sound levels.  This devices will also be used, so that you think the sounds, voices, walking, is coming from specific area.

Walking around in the apartment and hitting in the floor in differents parts of the room.

Walking heavy on the floor or suddenly rushes quickly


Recurrent confrontations by unusually hostile strangers; and comments by strangers which appear intended to evoke “paranoid” reactions.


Entries into the individual’s residence, during late-night hours while he/she is sleeping, and/or during the day when the individual is elsewhere.

Sleep disruption/deprivation

This is achieved by means of overt and electronic harassment. Sleep deprivation, as a tactic, invariably surfaces when the targeted individual begins exhibiting a strong emotional and irrational response to the other forms of harassment.

Harassing telephone calls by start hitting the floor, start coughing, or starts vacuum cleaner for a fe examples.



Mind stalking

Psychological harassment start hitting the floor slow or fast

Coughing for longer times

Rubbing Balloons

Very slow drilling in walls

Hammering in walls

Suddenly high screamings

Starts coughing when making dinner

Garbaging in your backyard

Spitting down to your backyard

Dropping down black feathers to backyard

Playing loud music

Playing computer games and conttantly changing the sound from high to low

Caming out to the balcony and start conversations with each other

Jumping heavy on the floor

Skateboarding outside even in darkness/evenings

Jumping down the stairs when you leave your home

Apartment noise campaigns will include

Flushing toilets all the time without washing their hands

Starts washing machines all the time

Starts washing machine on the centrifuge

Running water for hours every day

Being “shadowed” around home interior by neighbors in adjoining apartments/condos (synchronized bathroom use/running water/toilet

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