This is psychological warfare and political terrorism in Sweden – advanced sleep deprivation and use of commercials

State of Sweden targetting your mind with same looping Unibet commercials indoors and outdoors when you exercise, and they using 4 different versions and beaming two of them at same time.

It´s bizarre government people of THIS world in Sweden in the middle of the night sound torturing and psychic driving targetting your mind with commercials.

They looping this part from the commercial when they singing friday, saturday, sunday. It´s commercials for Unibet Betting in Sweden


After they day after day and hour after hour beaming your mind they have started different versions

Version 1.Looping  friday, saturday, sunday

Version 2. Looping just friday, friday, friday, friday, friday, friday, friday, friday, friday, friday, friday, friday, friday, friday, friday, friday, friday, friday, friday, friday and after 10 minutes they start looping friday, saturday, sunday again, then sirens, then same loop again, when you then visiting toilet in the morning and sitting on the toilet they start beaming same loop again, and when you writin this post they start beaming same loop again

Version 3. Looping Friday-Sunday. friday-sunday. friday-sunday (this sound like when someone saying left right left right

Version 4. Looping and beaming two version at same time; the beaming version 1  friday, saturday, sunday and then beaming version 3 at same time when they singing friday-sunday, friday-sunday, friday -sunday

This is the Swedish Organized Gang Stalking and when I writing this they start beaming sirens again, and now change it to Unibet loop again. This is the Swedish Hive Mind of terrorizing.


When they start sabotaging yoy sleep and creating sleep deprivation, it is just one method they using, they using many methods and sabotaging your sleep or hijacking your sleep and they collaborate. They creating sleep deprivation with sound torture, sound of grasstrimmers, sounds of sirens, beaming looping music chorus, using psych driving and beaming same looping commercials.

When all departments is particpating in organized gang stalking they collaborate in same nazi doctors collaborated with Gestapo. When the start targeted someone, they start with sound torture to create sleep deprivation. Healthcare the stop prescription for sleeping pills during treatment for depression, and they have then no new times for 9 week (healthcare ostrasizing)

When you then start buying healthcar products from pharmacies even they particpating in organized gangstalking. You get a transparent bag when you buying products and this is used when someone want´s return medication they no longer use. Then does they don´t alarm off the products so the alarm starts shouting when you leave the pharmacy.

Then does State of Sweden hacking your computer and manipulate your music files you have in the background when they sound torturing you at night,

Then they start gaslighting you by changing the volume, and then they hacking your computer at night at raisning the volume so you wakening up,

When you listen to music files at night they then start mirroring this and beaming same music into your apartment and when you wakning up they start beaming same music into you apartment

They walking outside and shooting firecrackers for three weeks and 3-6 hours every day. Who has resources to shoot firecrackers for hours every day and who has access to firecrackers they can start shooting late night all year when the just selling these at two times (easter times and new year times)

They start beaming sirens or looping commercials in same time you trying  to sleep.

When you wakening in the night and visting toilet they start beaming sound of sirens, sound of grasstrimmer, sound of looping commercials

So State of Sweden is shadowing you at night and harassing and terrorizing your mind day and night

You wakening up to sound of harassment and sound of sirens or looping commercials and every night starts with sound of sirens or looping commercials

And they beaming voices from other persons from TV shows

They beaming voices from sport commentators at night

State of Sweden using evil methods and here is other examples how they using interference psychology and this is to confuse your mind, in same way when they looping two versions of commercials at same time. They trying to confuse your brain or mind, day and night.

Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden

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