This is how they create sleep deprivation in State of Swede as part of Gangstalking

Everyone who can create sleep deprivation creates sleep deprivation or create activities to interference or disturb the sleep somehow.

They start in psychiatry – with political abuse of psychiatry (when your spiritual energy is awakening they start targetting you even i Swedish Healthcare and psychiatry).

Therapist informs there is a existing “Dream Guard” . this means there is a “Supreme Dream Controler” that is controlling who can dream and sleep and how much they can sleep. Victor Frankl decribes this in The Unconscious God: Psychotherapy and Theology p. 28-31.

State of Sweden and Healthcare are interesting be the supreme “Big Brother” that´s watching your dream like a stalker in your dreams.

This concept is same concept they using when therapist has his business card in a medical package (who has business cards in medical package)? This is same Swedish Big Brother psychology. First thet want acting “Dream Guard” – which can means they blocking the way to the unconsciousness mind Frank talks about. And business card and medication means some form of Swedish Big Brother “Thought Police” or Truth Pill.

Then they hijacking your sleep by creating sleep deprivation with sound torture and again they uisng “Sirens” day and night, indoors and outdoors, so State of Sweden want´s control your dreams, your health, your sleep and there is eve more…

They also want control your Solar Plexus brain. Swedish healthcare and psychiatry informa about a brain in stomach, and then does Swedish Big Brother transmitting music chorus into your apartment and then targetting your mind Voice to skulle technology (or syntehcic telepaty – which is technology they using today when they targetting humans minds)

So they want control your dreams
So they want control your health
So they want control your sleep
So they want control your EGO and Solar Plexus Brain
So they want´s control your REALITY and LIFE

1. First healthcare transplant a illusion of a stalking Supreme Dream Guard into your mind

2. Soon after this stalking and persecution starts

3. And later sound torture starts with sleep deprivation

4. Then healthcare stop prescription for sleeping pills during treatment for depression and you have sleep problems

5. Then they don´t have any new times to other doctors for 9 weeks and the sound torture and sleep deprivation going on. So they collaborate. One creates sleep deprivation (control your sleep and in same time torturing you with sounds) and then healthcare stops prescription for sleeping pills (control sleep and then create frustration when there is no new times to any doctors for 9 weeks)

6. Instead You starts bying healthcare products from phatmacy to sleep a few hours. And because of noise tormenting you have to sleep with headphones and music.

7. When you bying healthcare products and listen to music at nights they first manipulate your music files and changing speed in the files. And again Swedish Big Brother want´s even control this process. And after this they even hijacking your computer in REAL TIME and starts gas-lighting you by changing the volume – from low to higher or from higher to lower (they trying to interfering in your life on every level and anywhere and everyone seems to particpating

8. Then they start airstalking with helicopters late or after midnight to stress you up

9. Then they start using firecrackers for 20 days outside your window or neighbor start dropping things above your head when you trying to sleep or drop something just when you have fall in sleep so you wake up again or they drop something in the floor in the middle of the night – and then laugimg loud

10- The does pharnacies gives you a tranparent bag when you bying healtcare products against sleeping problems (Big Brother interference psychology)

11. Then does pharmay don´t alarm off when you bying healthcare products against sleep problems, so alarm starts shouting when yoiu leaving the pharmacy

12. When you listen to music at night they start stalking you mind with same music you listen at night. Swedish Big Brother interference by mirroring and imitating your music you listen to at night, First they start playing this music before you going to sleep, when you wake up they playing same music i the morning. So they hijacking your mind i this way. Then they even targetting your mind with same music outdoors

13. Then they start using same mind sound stalking psychology to brainwashing your mind and brain. They start with psyhic driving – looping same music chorus for hours, At most 18 hours one day. State of Sweden transmitting music chorus into your apartment and targetting your mind with looping and same music chorus for hours. This process starts whe you trying to fall in sleep. They starts psychic driving (looping same music chorus) and often in combine with intense grasstrimmer sound and sirens so you can´t sleep. ANd when you wakening up the first thing you start hear is sound of grasstrimmer sound, or looping music chorus or sirens

14. Today 11 April 2018 and the pharmacy that sells these health products has not filled up with new products in 4-5 weeks and this is same pharmacy that´s give you a transparent bag, or dont larm off their products or make personal comments about how much you bying.

A common strategy in gangstalking including to remove products you usually bying and is part of all targetting mind control psychology.

15. Other strategies to create sleep deprivation is to drop iron pipes on the ground a couple of times after midnight before you trying to sleep. Using children is also a common stratgy in Sweden. They using children in the middle of the night to create high pitch screamings, often at same time or they can also high pithc late after midnight, so you even wake up. Ditching on door bell late is another strategy. Appearing outside your window late and starts talk loud or laughing. Or fake coughing every time they passing your window. Honking hornes another strategy they using. Revving car engine. Driving cars outside window late. Arriving with motorcycle late at same time. Driving with snow blowers in winters in same way they using leaf blowers.

16 Psychological horror psychology is another strategy they using in Sweden.

You can hear how they deliberately scratch the snow shovel in the asphalt and you can hear how the sound comes closer and then always stays outside your window and they use the same method with people. They go outside your window and stay. It’s the same method they use at door slamming when they open the door but you do not hear when they close it

17. If you wake up and visiting bathroom in the middle of the night they shadowing you. Swedish police is shadowing you. When you visiting your bathroom in the middle of the night they know when you open your eyes and then starts playing intense sound with grasstrimmer sound or sound of sirens. And when you trying trying to sleep again thet starts playing looping music chorus (psychi driving)

This is the hidden State of Sweden you never hear about and these stalkers and shadowers or ghosts-people seems to be everywhere and in every department

This post is just about how they targetting your sleep, Can you imagine how daytime is when you meet people in department, social services, employment agencies or healthcare – everyone acting and playing psychological street theater. They mimicking, gesturing, mirroring, imitaing and gaslighting and trying to mak eyou believe your things and they manipulate your reality in many ways.

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