November 24, 2017

This is how State of Sweden hijacking your Life 2017

This is how State of Sweden hijacking your Life 2017

1. They destroy your brakes on your car so you cant use it
2. They create sleep deprivation by hijacking your sleep
3. Then they stop prescription for sleeping pills
4. Then they start noise tormenting and hijacking silence
5. Then they hijacking your integrity by playing sirens when you visiting toilet
6. Then they hijacking your privacy by mirroring and with communication interference
7. Then they hijacking your social freedom by persecution
8. Then the hijacking your internet connection by closing it down
9. Then they hijacking all your tv-channels by closing them down
10. Then they lock your computer so you cant write
11. They hijacking freedom of speech when they close internet and then hacking the computer and lock it when I dont have any internet
12. Then they also steal your bicycle so it will be more difficult to get to the public libary and when you using these computers they manipulate even these and then tvey start different street theater indoors or start communication interference

13. Then they hijacking your reality and perception by using enviroment manipulation, gaslighting you everywhere in social services, healthcare, they hacking your computer and starts chaning the volume, energy companies start mixing with street lights and turn them off when its dark and turn lights when its sunshine, they using wickedness psychology and transmit sounds of a cuckoo clock into apartment and then close internet and tv channels to make you confused and then playing different noise torture sound. They trying to make reality to surreality.

Sweden has no real freedom of speech. You have freedom of speech if you think mainstream. What is the meaning with freedom of speech if everyone must think mainstream.

This is how State of Sweden with high democratic moral is working 2017.  Õ

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