This is how my day started in the Swedish land of Gang Stalking 5 September

Every day starts with organized gang stalking and every night starts with organized gang stalking, and they creating this sound harassment control loop or tunnel reality with constant harassment day and night, and indoors and outdoors, 24/7, so I write about this surrealistic world of organized gang stalking in Sweden.

Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden is like some force trying to hijacking your life, hijacking your mind,, hijacking your energy, hijacking your sleep, hijacking your health, hijacking your perception of life or hijacking your percepctive of reality, and they interfering with sounds, music chorus, and looping commercials day and night, indoors and outddors.

They stalking you day and night, creating sleeping deprivation, beaming looping commercials for hours, indoors and outdoors, and beaming different versions of same commercials at same time, so in this sound torture enviroment you have some relaxing music in the background when you trying to sleep. They start beaming your mind in same seconds you trying to sleep.

Yesterday when you not have any background music on, they start playing and transmit this background music for you, so they started beaming this backfground music into your apartment even before you trying to sleep. And when you trying to sleep they started beaming you rmind with Unibet:s commercials.

When you then wakening up in the morning there is sound of sirens, and then start beaming same relaxing music they beamed before you trying to sleep in the morning. Then they start beaming Unibet:s commercials, then commercials for hamburger.



This morning started with this commercials for Burger King. State of Sweden using Swedish commercials and using them in their organized gang stalking. It seems many of these commercials has a design of harassment approach.

They saying; Hallo,  this can´t be right, Shit, this must be illegal

Then they stars beaming relaxing music into your apartment you have in the background when they targetting your mind with sound torture to create sleep deprivation.

It´s bizarre government people of THIS world in Sweden in the middle of the night sound torturing and psychic driving targetting your mind after 00.30 and until 06.30 in the morning, beaming sirens and same looping commercial loop for Unibet

There is a ruler of this world and there is a ruler that never sleeps and there is a tormentor.

And in presence time when I writing this post they start looping Unibet:s commercials when they singing friday, saturday, sunday


Yesterday they transmit four different version of this Unibet commercials into your apartment and into your mind

They started with the looping friday, saturday, sunday
Then they start looping when they singing friday and then just looping same word; friday, friday, friday, friday, friday, friday
Then they start looping a version there they singning friday-sunday, friday-sunday, friday-sunday
Then they starts beaming two version of this harassment at same time; they beaming the part where they singing friday, saturday, saunday and then at same time starts beaming the version they singing friday-sunday, friday-sunday, friday-sunday

So you hear two version of same commercials at same time

The version they beaming when they singing friday-sunday sounds like if your hear someone singing/speaking left-right, left-right left-right and then looping this, and at same time beaming a version they singing friday, saturday, sunday

And when you then going outdoors and exercise they beaming this commercials several of times

This is organized gang stalking in Sweden and when you then going outdoors people acting in this same interfering way everywhere. On streets, in food stores, and wherever you go. It seems this stalking spirit living in the Swedes Gang Stalkers.

They stalking with vehicles, helicopters, people speaking in a interfering way, they walking around and patrolling and obstructing the way, and they beaming sirens even in the food store, and the entrance door doesn´t open, and when you buying bus ticket the ticket isnt´t activated and it´s same problem every time, and this occur every time you going to the swedish social wellfare service, and when you write mail to some swedish department neighbors starts make hitting sounds in the floor everytime, and when you using your internet bank neighbor starts make hitting sounds in the floor.

This swedish Spirit of organized gang stalking is same harassing spirit you see and meet everywhere and it seems this spirit never sleeps and roaring and stalking everywhere and this spirit interfering everywhere with stalking sounds day and night, indoors and outdoors.People talking in this interfering way, they walking in obstructing way and walking cris cross on paths when you passing, blocking the way. And State of Sweden trying to hijacking your life, hijacking your mind, hijacking sleep, hijacking your health, hijacking your perception and people trying to gaslighting you at departments, and they hacking your computer at night and raisng the volume, they sending you two different mails to new social wellfare service visit, and remove the first mail with the new visit time and then removed it and then sending a new visit time with another visit time (gaslighting) and hacking your computer.

This is how organized gang stalking is in Sweden everywhere. They start same minute you leaving your apartment, like programmed robots or people is living in some form of MATRIX that controls human minds in Sweden.

And this stalking from people and vevicles also including all forms of sounds. People in Sweden also interfering with sounds and stalking you with sounds and they creates these sounds,

When State of Sweden starts beaming sound of sirens, using sounds of owls outdoors, or beaming sound of cuckoo clock into your apartment, or people using barking dogs in their organized gang stalking, people then imitating these sounds and starts make human made sound of sirens, human made sound of owls, human made sound of a cuckoo clock, human made sound of barking dogs.

Your neighbor above who is stalking 24/7 starts loud fake coughing for 15 minutes every day and coughing loud in every breath, like a machine starts coughing. Same neighbor then starts using this fake loud coughing and stalking you around your apartment with fake coughing. When you make breakfast they walking out on the balcony and starts fake coughing, and when you eat dinner starts fake coughing, when you watch tv-series or movies starts interfering iwith fake loud coughing. People imitating these beahviors in same they they start make human made sounds of siren, human made sound of owls, human made sounds of a cuckoo clock, and make human made sound of barking dogs.


People then starts imitatnng this behavior and start fake coughing outside your window when they passing, and then they stalking you with fake coughing in food stores,, and then does pharmacy people starts fake coughing for 15 seconds. People walking around and “double coughing”

This spirit of Swedish organized gang stalking must have it´s own idea about how this life and world shall be controlled with fake coughing, sneezing or loud fake nose breathing for example.

State of Sweden has this stalking mentality everywhere, even when you watch TV in Sweden they stalking and sensitizing your mind. And this symbolize the level of the swedish gang stalking behaviors. Swedes acting like this everywhere. Coughing and sneezing is part of the gang stalking methods they using. In Sweden thet also uisng fake nose breathings when you watch live tv sports. Here you can hear of the commentator starts make fake loud nose breathing in live tv broadcasting. And then the Swedes starts imitating this behavior and starts sensitizng your mind with nose breathing outdoors or when you sitting on the bus.  In same way you can hear the fake double coughing you can hear how people sitting around or behind you and fake nose breathings.

When you then watch Swedish tv broadcasting they also creating a high pitch distortions sound in every broadcasting

It´s like people living in some form of Matrix that controls human minds in Sweden and same spirit that starts some form of harassment is then imitating this through others. So this spirit of harassment that starts is same spirit that then is imitating these behaviors with human made sounds of sirens, human made sound of of owls, human made sound of a cuckko clock, human made sound of barking dogs, imitating fake coughing and stalking with, and then starts fake nose breathing and sensitizing your mind.

And in same way these people who is imitating human made sounds, so does people you meeting in swedish departments (social wellfare services) using more advanced psychology to affect, infect and sensitizing your mind with covert and overt psychology. They speak covertly and they usning double speaking and they using mind games, gaslighting, imitating and gesturing methods, and then using mirroring psychology. Here is an example of mirroring psychology; If you read or write a post about remeote viewing or how they today can mind mapping your mind, your social wellfare services worker has made a mind map to your your visit/appointment at social wellfare services. So it becomes soem form of remote viewing stalking harassment and all organized gang stalking using this method when they revealing they is stalking and surveillance your life.

And now when I writing this post State of Sweden now started looping Unibet:s commercials

They started with the friday, saturday, sunday version  and then started

friday-sunday, friday-sunday, friday-sunday and now they started

friday, friday, friday, friday and now they startedtwo version at same time

It seem they have technology so they can can change these sounds and words they sing how they want and have capacity to play several of them at same time, and this is the government who has this capacity

People who is representing Sweden sittiing somewhere and sampling these and then beaming these to your mind and the purpose with beaming several at same time is to confuse your mind and brain, and this symbolize the hidden covertly plan behind organized gang stalking; to confuse and gaslighting your mind, and this is how this swedish system of organized gang stalking trying to everywhere.

Organized Gang Staling is psychological warfare, psychological and political terrorism.

This is how this day started around 07.00 at clock and now is time 09.00


Organized Gang Stalking in Sweden

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