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The warrior’s path is difficult, but progressing along it is well worth it. Change of any sort, whether it be good or bad, requires one to face the fear of trying something new and be willing to feel uncomfortable at first um transformation happens. As a warrior, one will face many battles to become free and, through one’s acting impeccably, become strong enough to able to radiate an energy that influences other people’s realities as well

The Illuminati on Earth. How does they work? Why low vibrational is their frequency. How they manipulate mind and world. How they interfering What does the Reptilians fear most?Why they plannning the One World Government?

“If you wish to control a mass population, you have to disconnect them from the true knowledge of who they are and their own infinite potential to manifest their own destiny and control their ow lives. You have to persuade them that they are insignificant and powerless so they will live their lives in accordance with that. ” This is where religion has been one of the most effective weapons of the Illuminati and the reptilian bloodlines.

A fully awake, mentally sharp, population is the last thing you need if you want to control them.

And you must feed the masses with teaching based on illusions to control them; To maintain a position of superior power one must maintain an illusion that all others are inferior and subservient to oneself. It is important to create a maze of illusion in religious stories so that all others are fooled into believing that they are inferior and unworthy of being equal individuals. As it becomes in the heavens so shall it be on earth.”

A fully awake population is the last thing you need if you want to control them. They have kept humankind in a state slumberness and ignorance, so they just have access to 6-8% of their brain capacity, and the fear a fully awaken population or if they could activate all 100% of their brain capacity.

Because of these fears they prevent humankind from become a fully awaken, so they building a system of a global world brain and this will disconnect all their decsion making to them, and the One World Government is design to protect them and prevent humankind from awakening from their programmed illusionary world and the state of ignorance. The masses ignorance is their safety valve.

So the goal is to design social and world events that´s creates a mess in the world, so they can direct humankind into accept the One World Government. The outwardly purpose why they want to create the one world government is to believe people and nation must unite to save the world, but the hidden purpose is to secure the future as the dominator of Earth and dominator above humans/humankind. In same way the protect their reptilian bloodlines, so will they protect their position as the controller and dominator of the masses.

Everything that could be good for people and humankind is turned to junk. The 10 disconnected dna strand is junk. An inactivatedd Pineal Gland would make people fully awaken, but is turned off and affected by flouride. Movies is entertainment for people minds, but for the Illuminati it is mind control, fear programming and predictable programming. The One World Government selling argument is people and nations must unite to save the world, but it will lead to total enslavement and lost of all powers, connection to their divine self, lost of all human rights.

The Reptilians behind the Illuminati naturally know better than anyone how to manipulate the reptilian brain and it is through this that humanity is largely controlled and directed.

The Illuminati practice is to say one thing and do another, because they know the public will accept the lies through laziness. The powers that be say to each other in secret meetings, “Keep them busy, busy, busy, back on the farm with other animals?’

The point is we are being programmed for the desired totalitarian future. Not one we wish, one they crave. The more blindly accustomed people are to their intended result, the more quickly and efficiently it will be adopted. The world facing a major cataclysm of some sort, a favourite theme, gives the climate change fear programme and global economic ‘solution’ tremendous impetus, for example. The world needed a saviour mentality implants the idea of some new global governance or Superman to save the day, no doubt with some enigmatic leader at the helm, the Antichrist!

“The preparation of humanity for the New Age involves psychological and physical warfare in the form of spectacular crimes and events that, filtered through the iluminised media, have a ritual occult and initiatory effect on the populace.” (Robert Livingstone)

There’s kind of a race on. They had been aware that this awakening was coming and therefore they’ve been preparing for it. What we’re seeing now is a race between them locking everything down to the point where there’s no margin. You see this is why they want microchips. In the end, these few centimeters at the back of the brain are key. That’s because the micro-chipping is about the external, but the external manipulation of the sense of reality becomes created reality and that’s manifested by the brain.

Why are they telling us what they want and what’s coming in movies?

Surely, they don’t want us to know. They do it, because the more they’re feeding that information into the subconscious mind the more that is becoming the future reality of the subconscious mind which then becomes the manifested reality of the conscious mind. It’s like putting information into a computer and then pressing enter and it comes up on the screen.

What we are dealing with is a force hidden from human sight that understands how reality operates, how we interact with it, and how we create it. It is a set up in society through its control of science — not least through funding and peer pressure and all the other stuff that goes on. Through the media and what we bravely call education, which is keeping from people this understanding of reality.

Thus, if you know how “reality” works and know how you can manipulate people to perceive the reality you want is what is played behind the scenes. All the stuff they put in movies and television programs is far ahead of what they’re seeking to create. You know the reality that we’re experiencing here every day. You stand and look into the night sky and you see all those lights, all those planets and stars – billions of light years away. What you are seeing exists in that form only or in a few cubic centimeters at the back of your brain where the brain decodes information in electrical form through an illusory physical reality which is actually holographic.

So, if you want to bring down this whole conspiracy, to its real bottom line, it is about what controls those few centimeters at the back of your brain. That’s because if they do it by programming your sense of reality, you will perceive and thus manifest your individual and collective experience of what they have programmed you to decode and manifest. They’ve proven that humans are builders, designers, creators, so they simply program us to manufacture what they want for private gains and control — it’s all happening below our radar.

In fact, it goes much deeper than that.

When you expand your mind, you go beyond consciousness and gain a greater sense of awareness. You are increasing your potential every time you do that, because you have the power to control those centimeters at the back of your brain that are creating your visual reality. Therefore the programming gets harder to impose itself. Then your mind starts to truly open up to new possibilities and way of life. The globalists are programming the public, because they believe of possessing a spiritual influence to do this. Regardless of whether it’s true or not, they believe it — and they will not stop until they do it.

The globalist moving forward of their own inertia like a juggernaut.

Their mentaility and all their work is based on secrecy, work in the shadows, unseen, hidden, clandestine, masquerade, shadow government, secret socities….

Scriptures says tye expert took the key of knowledge and kept it for themselves, and hindering others to get it, and the hindering others who trying to enters the higher heavens or higher levels consciousnesss.

The higher up you travelling the more they will attack and trying to destroy you.

Their weapons is FEAR. This creates an atmosphere they are experts on. They are experts in the area of fear, stress, and triggering emotions and thoughts of worries, anxiety, panic and so on.

They are expert of spiritual and psychological warfare, and turn the human ego against itself and it can turn the whole mass consciousness against awakening people who can see through the illusions.

This one thing they fear most; awakening individuals. They call them targeted individuals, when they actually are empowered individuals.

Humans just use 6-8 % of all their brain capacity and this is because of all the Reptilians fear concepts, and brainwashing, mind control……methods they using

Their worst fear is also if humans would growing above them and could fight back against all their psycgological warfare strategies, their mind control and indoctrination of the human mind.

They fear humans have the power to free themselves from their entangling clutches of control.

If somenone begins raising their inner vibrations, wil make them inducing more stress, more fear, more stalking, more interference to create a balance on favour for them.

No one can fight therse power with human powers, or human based knowledge, or using the human five senses.

They must connect to their inner higher God self, nothing else can break through their defense wall or the veil of ignorance.

People don´t know how to fight a unseen powers, who is using hidden knowledge, and hidden technologies

Some say they don´t fear anything, but they fear a lot things

They fear losing their position
They fear losing domination of everybodies life
They fear knowledge and awakening people
They fear peeople begin develop more than their 6-8% brain capacity
They fear people who raising their inner frequencies
They fear the most fear is lost of wealth
They fear people no longer reacti to fear with fear

Scripture says; fear not. One must overcome negativity and fear to get to the highest place of them all.

They have controlled, programmed the human mind and mankind for thousends of years, so its not easy to fight against power that has controlled humankind for so many generations and for eons. Therefore people give up even before they started

People whi identifying themselves jsut with the ego has lost from the beginning. The ego cant fight the ego, because the ego is the enemy one must overcome.

One need to find the inner powers and connect to inner divine self. The Divine Higher Self knows how to breal through the veil of ignorance, and the Divine Self fears nothing because it knows it is eternal. The ego the opposite and is temporal, and therefore “fear of death” is created by the ego and Reptilians.

When they using threatening psychology they using it for they want people to back off. If this is enough, they begin to create economic strategies of fear of lost of incomes, because this is related to humans survival.

All these are stratgies of organized gang stalking, make them jobless, homeless, and driving them towards madness with gaslingting and wickedness psychology.

In same way they created “fear of death”, they have created a state or concept of “madness”, which in basic is manipulation of the mind.

The only thing that can be related to madness is the ego. The Divine Higher Self can´t go mad, because there is no madness is the divine state of consciousness.

If people identifying themselves they can triggering a loop or wave thougt and emotions patterns that creates a total chaos of the mind.

The Divine Self don´t react on fear and it doesnýt react to madness plans and conrtcuted plans.

To summit up: No one can battle the Reptilians with the human mind and human ego, because it reacts on fear and can be driven to madness, the divine self dont react on fear and their is no madness in the divine self.

They may trying to make people believing they going mad

Everything that threatens their position is crazy for them. If you moving against these powers they will say you are mad or crazy, and make everyone to make them believe the targeted his mad.

But this equation is quite easy to understand; anyone who is crazy don´t be targeted with stratgeis to drive them to madness. The one´s who not is mad they want o drive to madness, just because they not are mad.

The main goal in organized gang stalking is to drive the targeted inidvidual to madness. Not because they are mad, but because they not are crazy.

The price one pay for awakening is been targeted with driving crazy and madness strategies

Paranoia is another strategy they using against awakening people

Fear is a backburner the reptilians and their crossbreeds have turned on high to ensure we stay in a panicked mode.

This is the dimensional field , also known as the lower astral to many people , which resonates to the frequency of low vibrational emotions like fear.

Saving knowledge is to know the self to be one with the Highest ; he fears nothing for there is nothing beyond himself to …

The choice you are making as you say these words is, quite simply, to reinvest as the witness to the situation in such a way that you can detach from the outcome or decision of what this thing is. Everything you see before you, high and low and in between, is a creation. And everything you see before you may be witnessed, once again, in a new way. As it is seen in a new way, the relationship you have with it is transformed. And as it is transformed, you disengage from the old way and you call into being that which exists in a higher octave.

This is a system of re-creation. It is not a calling into manifestation of the new, and we will teach that shortly. You must understand, each one of you, that there is nothing that can be claimed by you, high and low and in between, that you are not in agreement with.

So the moment you decide that you are a victim to something, you give it great power, it becomes your god, and you are in servitude to the false god of fear who would try to teach you who he is as the master of your world. Fear, we would say, in whatever guise it presents itself, is always a liar. There is nothing you could fear that is not meant to frighten you, and the action of fear is always to create more fear.

As you disengage from the vibration of fear, what you actually do is claim the Kingdom, because the Kingdom actually exists without fear. Do you each understand that the Divine Self as you holds no fear? The Christ cannot be in consort with fear because it does not exist at that level of vibration. Is it possible to live here? Yes, it is. But you must decide for yourselves that you have the right and you are willing to let the self become liberated from the structures you have chosen that invite you to attend to the self as the one who is fearful.

Nothing can be changed until you agree that it can be, and nothing can be claimed by you until you first know it as something that can be so. We have taught you possibility in prior teaching; we have told you that nothing can be claimed until it is first known as a possibility, and that is still so. When you claim things, when you choose things, you must always inquire why you choose what you choose. What you get from it, in many cases, will be what you expect, but if you are looking to the physical realm to solve your problems, from here on you are going to be challenged in many ways.

The claims that you have made thus far are actually designed to liberate you from the need for the physical realm to be the problem solver. That does not mean you do not exist here. That means, simply, that you realize that the physical realm is an echo of consciousness and, consequently, you go to the Divine Self as the Creative Self to support you in what is required to be transformed in the world you see before you.

The powers don´t use any time to target people who is powerless, because powerless beings is no threat to their strategies. The Divine Beings is what they fear and if humans could work enough long time they will connect with these powers, and they fear these awakening powers.

Divine Knowlegde was not meant to a few people, but it was meant for humankind, but the ego become the part who want all power for itself. The One World Government in the end represent this; to create a one world leader.

Because you do not acknowledge the unlimited and infinite power that you hold. Because you believe that everything comes from outside, instead of fighting for the expansion of the soul in love. That is why you limit yourselves and you live the shortcomings, because you do not believe that you hold them and you do not live the emotion that you have those things.

The capacity of the mind is unlimited, and about what you could create by thinking you are afraid even to dream about, because you do not experience abundance by feeling abundance, hence opening the gate of doubt. Nothing in the world is limited than thinking and the mind that doesn’t dare to generate abundance through the programmed vibration before existing inthe physical plan. You don’t try to impose your opinions to those around you. Let everyone create his own experience.There is richness for everyone. But you must believe in this truth.

You have been teached and programmed to believe the powers is outside you and not within. They want lead people from inner Kingdom within, and connect them to the outer and external ego. This is to give away one´s power to the rulers and Reptilians. One must connect to the inner Divine Kingdom to overcome all negativity and fear.

Fear nothing. You are protected . Advance into any new field you will. All is open to one who comes with pure motive.

This is also a strategy they using; to make people feel unsafe and scared, It works like this. The Reptilians working after Hegel´s strategy of; Thesis, Antithesis, and Synthesis and they become or make themselves to the savior of the day (Synthesis). They create the mess and provides then the solution. This system is also used to create fear; they create fear and this increasing the need of a protecting government, and people will then give them more power and they access more and more of people´s life areas.

They create the mess and provides the solution.
They create fearful events and then provides the need of more protection.
They are expert on these strategies.

Reptilians cannot threaten divine power, they can only pose a threat to the Divinity’s conception of themself and to the Divine Persona their servants want to believe in.

The reptilians themselves live in a fear-based system containing specific hierarchies. They fear the humans because they see them as a threat.

The Reptilians on Earth and The Illuminati.

The Reptilian Race has never been peace-makers, but war-makers through the galaxies and planets they trying to control. A fear based mind control system can´t be build up around peace and love, but is built up around fear, conflicts, domination and wars. They even make people believe they are the peace makers that want to save the planet and save the planet, but they are the one´s who creates the mess to create a desire within people they must unite and nations must unite into a One World Government, and in the hands of the Reptilians who created the mess of the world.

They using Hegel´s theory of thesis and antithesis and turn people, groups or nations against each other, and then provides a solution to solve the problem. United Nations was based on these principles after WW2, and now they want give birth to the One World Government. There will come some form of negative huge happening the Earth never has seen before. This will make people beg for a change, and give away all their powers into the reptilians and then it is to late to change anything.

The Reptilians knows they can´t take over the planet with a war, so they must take it over without a war, and therefore playing an whole other game of plans. They will use a silent war strategy and people will not even be aware there is a war in action, and this is there best card to play. Its like significe them as secret socities and the more hidden, silent and in the shadows they can work, the more they moving their frontline forward, and then it may be to late to others to make a counter move. There is silent frequencies in the airs that is constant working on the subconsciousness minds of people and programming their minds. They can take over people´s minds silently in a slow process. These actions is known as MIND CONTROL PROJECT “MARATHON”

Those who seek to divide and conquer don’t want unity. They know that by triggering a Reptilian Regression, a Mammalian Meltdown or a Neo-Cortical Apartheid, they can get us to react to the world around us in their best interests, not ours. They sell unity and create united enslavement.

Manipulation was done to make the masses think in a Reptilian way—without them knowing it.

Few people know that 95% of our DNA and parts of our brain are asleep because of the interference by this reptilian race. They limit our awareness. Some say we’re half human and half reptilian. Back in the bible’s days, the reptilians were perceived as demi-gods by the people on Earth.”

People use around 6-8% of their total brain capacity because of the Reptilians. Think if you could use 100% of the capacity. This is what the reptilians fear most, that humans actually could growing above them, so therefore they must prevent this from happening, and will therefore enslave the whole world into a One World Government or a Global World Brain. The goal is to disconnect people from their 6-8% brain capacity into a computer based brain. This would secure that people never will get the ability to raise uo from this ignorance and spiritual sleep.

The Reptilians are programmed to believe they are the superior form and believe themselves more ” God – like.

“To maintain a position of superior power one must maintain an illusion that all others are inferior and subservient to oneself. It is important to create a maze of illusion in religious stories so that all others are fooled into believing that they are inferior and unworthy of being equal individuals. As it becomes in the heavens so shall it be on earth.”

David Icke says, reptilians only care about domination or exploitation. In the end they want domination of planet Earth and the will get this control through the One World Government. The planet Earth was not given to the Reptilians, but with technology they want control of Earth and control of everybodies mind and consciousness.

The Reptilians main agenda is to subdue the human race and dominate the earth.

Mind Control “This is obviously very related to religion, which is, for me, the greatest form of mass mind control yet invented.

The specific aim of the Reptilians and the Grays is to take over Planet Earth through covert mind-control.

The primary fallacy with which the reptilians control our minds is the notion that they genetically created the human race and placed us on this planet, so therefore they are superior to us and we should worship them as gods. Not only did they not create us (we were created from a large pool of alien D.N.A. including earth primate D.N.A. by benevolent races including the Nibiruans as an experiment), but they are in no way superior to us. Yes, they have advanced technology, but our spirituality is in far greater power. Also, the malevolent aliens controlling Earth today could not have done it alone. They needed enough humans so sell out their own race in hopes of receiving some great gift, and this has been done all over the world with the secret government, the Illuminati, the militaries of every country, secret Nazi orders and especially the ancient black Gnostic serpent cults of Bavaria. The invading aliens needed the global economic and fraternal connections of the Bavarian secret societies, whereas the human ‘elite’ needed the alien mind control technology, so an arrangement was made where the Bavarian elitists (and other globalists connected to them) would receive a certain percentage of the planet once the New World Order commenced.

Then the reptilians strip the planet of its resources like water , minerals and DNA information . The infiltration of human society via secret societies is a key method of reptilian control.

Media, science, politics, religion, and the rest are used as a “control system” to manipulate the way we experience reality.

Controllers and manipulators in our world today play on our fear- based reptilian brain.

Controllers and manipulators in our world today play on our fear-based reptilian brain. Constant warnings of terrorism, never-ending wars, financial collapse, and planetary melt downs instill a continuous low grade fear in us. When this occurs our reptilian brain wants to do anything it can to regain control or a sense of safety. The fear clouds our ability to reason and discern between truth and fiction. It can literally drown our innate sense of wisdom, which is ever present within each of us. In order to gain control over the unreasonable fear, we first must recognize its presence.

The Reptilians’ purpose for introducing a fear-based system was to prevent humanity from becoming aware of the astral realms. If humans do become aware of the other dimensions of their lives, they’ll also become aware of the Reptilians. If that occurs, there is no way the Reptilians could maintain control.”

They regard human beings as inferior, stupid and many times use forms of mockery to create intentional harm for their own. The Reptilians have developed high psionic abilities, which they use for mind controlling other entities.

The division between the house servants and the slave progeny of the master who believed themselves to be above everyone else. The divisions, orchestrated by the white masters, gave new meaning to the term divide and conquer

Darwin´s evolytionary theory was based on the facts to create a illusion of a master race and the slaves (the masses)

The Reptilians controlled the human race, and for the destruction of the Egyptians. The Reptilians own 90% of the world’s currency, and 100% of the government.

The reptilians are everywhere, in malls, supermarkets, on television and of course are our rulers. Policy has a reptilian agenda of population control. Are related major diseases and are responsible for human wars. If self-proclaimed superior blue-blooded, noble and enlightened by his wisdom. Hide the true history of humanity and cultivate fear and terror, their main sources of energy. Darwin´s evolytionary theory worked in two ways; to hide the reptilian heritage on Earth and programming people with Darwin based doctrines, and the other reason was to create a illusion; To maintain a position of superior power one must maintain an illusion that all others are inferior and subservient to oneself. It is important to create a maze of illusion in religious stories so that all others are fooled into believing that they are inferior and unworthy of being equal individuals. As it becomes in the heavens so shall it be on earth. They are master´s in creating illusions for mankind and their programmed perception of reality.

Our DNA was changed because of this reptilian intervention so that we can no longer access the world beyond the five senses. We merely “operate through the reptilian brain”, which keeps us in a continuous survival mode of fear and aggression (3:10:00). And this is part of the conspiracy: “they want to lock humanity in the five senses, so we don’t perceive beyond it, we are locked in that prison”

The last 5,000 years of history should be rewritten, they have contaminated collective mentality and our DNA, humanity has been manipulated for millennia,. Our limits are the 5 senses with which we perceive only 0.5% of reality and the whole universe . But the truth would emerge with the dissipation of maya as the Veda call it, a veil or fog preventing man, just endowed with his 5senses, from seeing the true reality, but spiritual freedom and quantum physics are our lighthouse in the fog, they Are the true reality and true science. We do not see reality with our eyes, but with our brain decoding the electrical signals that our visual cortex perceives from an illusory three-dimensional holographic reality. Therefore we have the illusion that the physical world is outside us, but the only place where the physical world exists is inside brain, there is no external one buy only an internal one. If you look at a table, it will appear out of you, but it exists only in your mind, your brain decodes the vibrations and electromagnetic waves,perceived by his 5 senses, (touch, sound and colors of objects and surrounding reality that we believe to perceive are nothing but waves and subatomic particles decoded by neurons in our brain (ex:crystal clear white light) . The outer universe does not exist, the universe is inside our brain, each of us perceives it in a different and subjective way. This premise will cause some of you confusion and repulsion, but in others it will open the way to the awareness of true reality.

Unfortunately, we are limited to only five senses and four observable dimensions (three of space and one of time). The information we have about the outside world is through the windows of the five senses. But our senses are limited, so perhaps it is not reality we perceive.

There are battles happening between realities, especially the stronghold of the collective reality, to break free from and reach true guidance regarding life’s purpose. The collective reality has the power to influence thought and emotions as if one were enslaved by an unseen force that can be sensed but not logically identified. This force (delusional programming) is real. It is the root cause of all suffering happening in the world since the fall of man.

When someone attempts to break free from the false reality, the system will meet this with resistance by strategically trying to regain the power it has lost in previous battles. Each temptation, or battle for power, to force you back into the old system will be a fight you will have to win in order to impose your will over the false programming of the collective. In order to do this, the impeccability of one’s actions and thought processes must follow the system that governs the new reality, or ultimate reality.

The path in the beginning will not be easy, but with each success, there is always a little joy and freedom from within to be found. This is the beautiful and exquisitely wonderful journey of discovery. It will break the mental bondage created from a delusional world and thrust you into a free state of consciousness. There you will find freedom from the prison of the mind; freedom from slavery caused by the false programming.

To engage in the inner battle is to take on the warrior’s journey of the individual expression of Source, from which everyone comes. This means to become a warrior of light. Many decide not to undertake such a journey because of the fear of change and the relative comfort of accommodating a flawed system for so long.

This is what is known to most as “facing reality,” or accepting an unfair world, as what is the norm. Anything different threatens to break up that system. Because their reality is based on the limited perception of the five senses, many people stop themselves from going to the next level of consciousness.

This fear also stems from the ability to let go and allow Source to work in your life, instead of trying to control the outcome. In fact, a plan has already been set in place for each one of us. To think contrarily is an error that will cause most to believe they can control events, only to fail in the end.

The warrior’s path is difficult, but progressing along it is well worth it. Change of any sort, whether it be good or bad, requires one to face the fear of trying something new and be willing to feel uncomfortable at first um transformation happens. As a warrior, one will face many battles to becorme free and, through one’s acting impeccably, become strong enough to able to radiate an energy that influences other people’s realities as well.

This is something that benefits not only oneself, but others just as much. can be considered cooperative development. Belief at its core is the substance that binds and changes reality to different perception. Belief is a word that is highly underrated for the pow’ it has, as well as the multidimensional effect it has on reality. Whr changing a perception of, or understanding about, reality, one’s actions an thoughts should parallel one another. This strengthens faith and knowledg which increases belief.

To simply say “I believe” is not enough, unless yot whole being reflects it. The subconscious (soul) development must come I agreement in obedience to the higher self. There is an energy pathway that goes from the mind to the subconscious and on to the higher self. The: three must have no obstructions if we are to clear the way to manife reality. Once the conscious and subconscious are in alignment, the bell’ becomes a reality.

The subconscious needs repetitious programming. more battles are won, a foundation is created by gaining knowledge, whir consequently increases confidence and faith. As one’s perception changt to fit the new reality in everything done in thought and action by winnir battles, the more power to break free comes into play.

The battles wi usually go against false perceptions. Always try to be aware of yin thoughts and actions. This will give you strength in the face of a delusion subconscious programming system. As we are all mostly on cruise contrc most of the time we are largely not even aware of what we are truly doing.

The transformation of the subconscious is a process that takes constant reflection and gives awareness with all its preprogrammed control. This practice will keep one mindful in changing subconscious perceptions so that one’s impeccability becomes flawless. One can feel when the system of the mind, subconscious — or soul — and the higher self, align. There will be a focused balance of nonconflicting feelings to the new perceptions. Even if you do not feel like taking a right action, contrary to your old beliefs, you should act it out anyway. When someone decides to do this when they normally wouldn’t, it gives them the most power to win battles. This will be going against the grain of past conditioned reality. Over time, it becomes natural to you. It will not be a battle then, although you will not gain anything if it were not a challenge. In the beginning of your journey, the battles will go against your feelings because of the agreements held in the current reality. Once the scales are tipped, the feeling will start changing to be in line with the reality created.

The five-sense prison It is clear why the Illuminati have spent so much time and effort destroying and suppressing the knowledge of reality, consciousness and creation that would set us free of the five-sense illusion.

“it is for freedom that Christ has set us free. stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.” (Gal 5:1)

Those who rule the earth have a great fear themselves, and that is with all the billions of people on the planet that could become aware of what they are really doing, thus rebelling and they themselves taking control.

The reason most people will not take the time to investigate what is really taking place on their own planet is because they are too afraid to. The idea of ‘fear’ has been driven into everyone for thousands of lifetimes and everyone carries their own unconscious fear with them, whether they agree to it or not. Until each person decides to confront their own illusions about what they have so easily accepted and agreed to, then they will stay asleep for lifetimes to come with the Elites as their masters and controllers. As a person sleeps with their embodiment, they are the effect of everything around them, and most of all themselves.

Peter Horttanainen

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