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Were the Norse Vikings really in contact with extraterrestrial beings? And were these beings thought of by the early Vikings not as alien visitors but as gods? If so, then where might these celestial visitors have gone?

Could these extraterrestrial beings be Annuaki visiting The Vikings and these are The Nordic Reptilians?

They were teachers and destroyers. Mighty warriors who blazed across the skies in gleaming chariots and wielded magical weapons that could bring down mountains. Odin, Frey, and Thor. The gods worshipped by the Norse Vikings were fearsome and mysterious, but were these beings truly divine, or is there, perhaps an extraterrestrial connection? The Norse were among the most technologically advanced cultures of the ancient world. They were epic explorers who embarked on oceanic voyages to Africa and the Middle East and even reached North America at least 500 years before Christopher Columbus. Were the Norse guided by powerful gods, or could these super-beings that guided the Vikings have actually been visitors from another planet?

Myths and legends have long been regarded as fantastic stories that describe powerful gods, mutant giants, and fearsome monsters…but why do so many different cultures, separated by vast distances, tell the same stories? Is it possible that myths and legends were really eyewitness accounts of Ancient Astronauts descending to Earth? Ancient texts are filled with stories of gods interacting with humans, offering wisdom, technology, and even impregnating women. Could the demigods of mythology, have been the offspring of alien and human unions? If so, could aliens have supplied the “missing link” that accelerated human evolution?…advancing our civilization and making us who we are today?

“Looking at our planet, we have two groups of human. One group is religious. The other group is a scientific group. The religious group believe that God created everything, the whole Universe the suns, the solar systems, the trees, the plants, the animal, but we humans are the crown of creation. The other group, the scientific group, they think we know everything about mutation, selection, that we are on top of evolution. Now, in both cases we think we humans are the greatest. There is nothing higher than we. We have to learn that we are just one of the million species out there. We have been visited and it continues. These visitors will return to Earth again.” – Erich von Daniken (Author, Chariots of the Gods?)
Will mankind’s origins remain a mystery? Perhaps the answers lie right in front of us, in every corner of the globe, and all we need to do is what Erich von Diiniken began doing more than half a century ago keep digging keep exploring and keep watching the skies.

The Vikings, or Norse people, flourished from the late 8th-century to the 11th-century, in what is today Norway, Sweden and Denmark. But unlike other ancient civilizations, like Greece, Rome or Egypt, relatively little is known about this mysterious people, as few written records or hieroglyphs have survived.

“People typically don’t think of the Norse as particularly sophisticated, but they were enormously sophisticated in terms of technology. Ship building, bridge building, fortress building. And I’m thinking here primarily of the circular fortresses in Denmark. They are absolutely circular. They consist of ramparts with an external ditch, gateways at each of the compass points.” – Kristen wolf, Ph.D. (Prof. a Chair, Scandinavian Studies, Univ. Of Wisconsin-Madison)

Although their civilization was divided among numerous kingdoms, the Norse Vikings were united in their belief in the power of the individual.
“They had a kind of early assembly that was very advanced for its time before the other areas of Europe had any kind of democracy. So, they actually came up with the idea that power belonged to the people, not the royalty.” – Jonathan Young, Ph.D. (Founding Curator, Joseph Campbell Archives)

“They had something of a proto-democracy, and people would come from that particular region in order to argue issues of law or other kinds of cultural issues of political significance at that time.” – Scott A. Mellor, Ph.D. (Lecturer, Scandinavian Studies, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison)
But perhaps most incredible to historians was how far the Vikings traveled from their Scandinavian homeland. Hundreds of years before their European counterparts, the Vikings set out from Scandinavia to explore and conquer vast territories in Europe and even the Middle East.
“They were the ones that invented ships, and they were the ones that traveled about much more extensively than the other German tribes further south.” – Scott A. Mellor, Ph.D. (Lecturer, Scandinavian Studies, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison)

“The Norse crisscrossed half the world in their long-ships. In the east, they sailed down the rivers of Russia to the Black and the Caspian Sea. In the west, they sailed down the coast of Europe, through the Strait of Gibraltar into the Mediterranean. They reached out across the then-unknown Atlantic Ocean. They went almost everywhere there was to go.” – Kristen Wolf, Ph.D. (Prof. S Chair, Scandinavian Studies, Univ. Of Wisconsin-Madison)

According to archaeologists, artifacts discovered in Newfoundland, Canada during the 1960s, proved that the Vikings were the first Europeans to set foot in North America…500 years before Christopher Columbus.

“I remember a time when it was very contentious about the Norse getting to America when I was young. This was a major, major argument. Now, we have found their settlements there from about 1000 AD, so it’s very, very clear that they made it to northern North America.” – Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D. (Geologist / Author, Forgotten Civilization)

“The main advantage of the Norse was their excellence in ship-building. And, indeed, the ship has become the symbol of the Viking age. Those who have sailed replicas of Viking ships have commented on just how incredibly seaworthy and fast these ships were.” – Kristen Wolf, Ph.D. (Prof. & Chair, Scandinavian Studies, Univ. Of Wisconsin-Madison)

“It’s their ship that allowed them to travel over these long distances. They were the ones that really sort of perfected the keel, which meant that the ship wouldn’t flip over when going across the Atlantic.” – Scott A. Mellor, Ph.D. (Lecturer, Scandinavian Studies, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison)
“The development of the long-ship was an incredible innovation. These were very sleek, very supple craft that could be equally effective on rivers and in the high seas. They were very light and extremely strong craft that was also slightly flexible, so in a high seas or storm or something, it could survive.” – Jonathan Young, Ph.D. (Founding Curator, Joseph Campbell Archives)

“They had a very solid understanding of hydrodynamics. In some of the ships, we also found advanced signs of metallurgy, smelting and different types of alloys that they were using. And this is all out of context from other cultures they seemed to be interacting with.” – Jason Martell (Founder, AncientSchool / Author, Knowledge Apocalypse)

And so we find that there’s the god Odin, the god Frey, the god Thor. Those are probably the best known. But there are a bunch of other supporting gods who flesh out this mythology. The gods live in a world of their own, but it’s closely connected to the world of men.” – Timothy R. Tangherlini, Ph.D. (Prof. & Chair, Scandinavian Section, UCLA)

“The Norse had some of the richest descriptions and references to the cosmos. In fact, they referred to the cosmos as “Yggdrasil,” meaning the Tree of Life. That was the symbol of their idea of the cosmos. And they were very specific in stating that their cosmos contained nine different worlds, one of which is ours, the Earth.” – Giorgio A. Tsoukalos (Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine)
“we often hear about the Nine worlds of the Nordic mythological realm. There’s Asgard and that’s the home of the gods Thor and Odin. There’s the world of humans. we call this Middle Earth, or Midgard. If we go step a little bit further outside of Asgard and Midgard, we confront Jotunheimr, or the land of the giants. We’ll encounter Muspells, which is an area of fire. We’ll encounter Niflheimr, which is another world where the frost ogres live. We’ll encounter Alfheimr, which is where the elves live.” – Timothy R. Tangherlini, Ph.D. (Prof. & Chair, Scandinavian Section, UCLA)

According to the Edda., Asgard was home to the most powerful of the gods. it is described as a beautiful and peaceful realm, full of glimmering halls and fertile fields cut by shimmering rivers.

“Odin is the chief of the gods. He lives in the highest of the heavens, Asgard. He had one eye. He’d given up an eye to drink of the water of truth. So, he has this depth of wisdom. So, he’s a warrior god able to bring fury and danger to the enemies.” – Jonathan Young, Ph.D. (Founding Curator, Joseph Campbell Archives)

“Odin was the god that gave people written language in the runes, he was the god that gave them the poetic mead, he was the god that gave them many aspects of what would be considered a sort of noble way of life.” – Scott A. Mellor, Ph.D. (Lecturer, Scandinavian Studies, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison)

But was Odin perhaps something other than a mythic deity? Could he have actually existed? And if so, how? Ancient Astronaut Theorists believe clues to Odin’s true identity may lie in the myths describing his two ravens Huginn and Huninn.

Odin s Ravens were his scouts. They were his research team. Huginn and Muninn represent thought and memory. So, Odin had these scouts, these spy satellites that would go out and see what he needed to learn for today’s activities.” – Jonathan Young, Ph.D. (Founding Curator, Joseph Campbell Archives)

“According to Norse legends, every morning Odin sent out his two magical ravens, Huginn and Muninn, and at night those ravens would return and he would listen to them, and they would tell him everything that they observed throughout the entire day.” – Giorgio A. Tsoukalos (Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine)

Scholars believe Odin’s two ravens translated as thought and memory were simply mythological creations. But is it possible that Huginn and Muninn were actually something else? Something perhaps more technological?

“Whenever he wanted to observe other worlds, find out what they were doing, he would send these two ravens out, and they would be like spy drones or something, and they would go to these other countries and then come back to Odin and report to him what was going on. And it would seem like what Odin had was some kind of spy planes or spy drones that he was sending out much as we do today.” – David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods)

“The question is whether the Norse really stated that these were ravens, or whether they were instead something else, that they were somehow flying objects. So, we have details here of something mythical, of ravens being able to speak to the gods, or the ravens are some kind of spy drone or some other kind of spy satellite technology by which Odin is able to get information.” – Philip Coppens (Author, The Ancient Alien Question), (The Lost Civilization Enigma)

Could it be that Odin was actually an extraterrestrial explorer? One who sent flying machines like modern-day drones to gather intelligence on the ancient Scandinavians? And if so, might there be more evidence of Odin’s otherworldly technology contained within other Viking myths?
“When Odin sits in Asgard, it’s almost like he’s got total situational awareness. He’s got these ravens who fly out every day and come back and tell him the news of the world. But he can also sit in this high seat.” – Timothy R. Tangherlini, Ph.D. (Prof. S Chair, Scandinavian Section, UCLA)
“Odin’s high seat, which is a name that basically translates as the “watchtower,” is a place where he can sit and look out over all the worlds of creation and see everything that’s happening in the world.” – Dr. Karl E.H. Seigfried (Norse Mythologist)

Is it possible that this high seat, or watchtower, is yet another example of advanced extraterrestrial technology, as Ancient Astronaut Theorists suggest?

“Some of these stories that come out of our past of the god Odin, and having the ability to actually sit above Midgard, or the Earth, and see everything from a vast distance, we have to wonder if this isn’t actually mythological but potentially technological. It sounds to me as if Odin was sitting in some type of a captain’s chair in a spaceship above the Earth, which allowed him to have this view.” – Jason Martell (Founder, AncientSchool / Author, Knowledge Apocalypse)

“So the moment we have stories of gods needing all this type of equipment in order to find out first what is going on leads me to think that we are not talking about actual gods, but we are talking about space travelers who had access to technology, and our ancestors witnessed all of this and they said, well, obviously these guys are gods.” – Giorgio A. Tsoukalos (Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine)

was Odin’s high seat actually referring to an orbiting spaceship from which the chief god could look down on Earth, as some Ancient Astronaut Theorists suggest? And if so, might this also help explain the incredible technologies attributed to other so-called Viking gods? As the god of thunder and lightning Thor was able to summon storms and battle giants with his magical hammer.

“Thor is the son of Odin. He is a sky god. He is in charge of thunder and lightning. He has a great hammer. He is he’s a terrifying presence, a power god. Thor was usually seen flying through the skies in a great cart pulled by goats.” – Jonathan Young, Ph.D. (Founding Curator, Joseph Campbell Archives)

“If Odin was the chief god, Thor was the god for all of us. Thor, in a sense, is the quintessential sky god. Our word thunder comes from Thor. In Swedish, the word for thunder evokes the idea of driving Thor’s chariots over the vault of heaven, and you can sort of see the crashing and the burning of that chariot going across heaven as being the lightning

Is it really possible that the Viking gods Odin and Thor were, in fact, extraterrestrial visitors? Alien beings who po ed advanced technology? If so, where might this advanced species have come from? How did they get here? And what was their agenda? Ancient Astronaut Theorists believe the answers may be found in the stories of the other, known, Viking gods. And in Nordic legends that tell of cosmic bridges linking planet Earth to an otherworldly realm.


Gamla Uppsala, Sweden. This small town, 40 miles north of Stockholm, is one of the oldest, continuously-inhabited sites in Scandinavia. Beneath this church, archaeologists have found what they believe are the remains of a famous temple called Ubsola. According to a 14th-century text called The Deeds of Bishops of the Hamburg Church, this ornate temple was built to honor the most powerful Viking gods – Odin, Thor and Freyr.

“Freyr is the main fertility God in Norse mythology. The rituals that we do have evidence of connected to Freyr seem always to be connected to peace and prosperity. So, all of these characteristics show him in a relationship with humans that’s centered around prosperity and fertility of various types.” – Dr. Karl E.H. Seigfried (Norse Mythologist)

Freyr was believed to control the weather, and was renowned for his diplomatic skills, quieting the feuds among the numerous Viking gods and giants. And in the Viking pantheon, it was a deity named Loki who provoked the most conflict among these gods.

“Loki is actually not a god. He’s a giant who is counted amongst the gods. And at the end of time, he actually leads the dead and the giants against the gods.” – Dr. Karl E.H. Seigfried (Norse Mythologist)

“He’s that transgressive character who makes possible all of these conflicts that the gods then have to solve. Without Loki, a lot of the conflicts disappear, and you don’t have a mythology at all.” – Timothy R. Tangherlini, Ph.D. (Prof. & Chair, Scandinavian Section, UCLA)
According to the stories compiled within the books of the Eddas, Loki tries to atone for one of his many acts of mischief by giving Freyr a ship called Skiadadhir.

simply because they are smaller.” – Philip Coppens (Author, The Ancient Alien Question), (The Lost Civilization Enigma)
“Is it possible that these little people who are making these high-tech weapons were really Grey aliens, and because they didn’t know how to describe them, they were called them dwarfs or little people? And these little people are the ones who are making these high-tech weapons for these Norse gods. It would seem that these weapons are extraterrestrial in nature.” – David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods)
“Now when you think of dwarfs, and think of extraterrestrials, you think of little Greys, and I think the dwarfs might have been alien Greys.” – George Noory (Radio Host, Coast to Coast AM)

Might the dwarf like Sons of ‘wadi described in the Viking mythologies really be the alien visitors we know today as the Greys? And is it possible that the Viking or Horse gods themselves were in fact entities from another planet? If so, how did they get here? According to Ancient Astronaut Theorists, the answer lies in a Viking legend that speaks of a rainbow bridge called Bifrost, a portal that links the realm of the gods with the world of men.

Bifrost is a bridge that connects Asgard to Midgard. And the Bifrost conceptually is very interesting. It allows there to be a very clear connection between humans and their gods.” – Timothy R. Tangherlini, Ph.D. (Prof. & Chair, Scandinavian Section, UCLA)

“The gods would travel along this rainbow bridge to their meeting, which was by a divine well. The red in the rainbow bridge was burning hot, so it was quite a trick to use this effectively as a place of transportation. Some scholars have speculated that possibly this was inspired by the Milky Way.” – Jonathan Young, Ph.D. (Founding Curator, Joseph Campbell Archives)

“So, here was this rainbow bridge that-that could be traveled upon to get to this home of the gods, land of the gods. So, is it possible that this rainbow bridge, the-the Bifrost, was some kind of wormhole that would take people from a star gate on our planet to the home of the gods, literally to another planet?” – David Childress (Author, Technology of the Gods)

“Say you wanted to get from here all the way around to China. It’s actually longer to go around the earth than to cut through

the earth. A straight line is always the shortest path. So, you can imagine if you could make a wormhole, a cut through space that connects the two points you want to get to, you could make the distance effectively shorter and get there in a faster time.” – Michael Dennin, Ph.D. (Physicist/Prof. of Physics i Astronomy, UC Irvine)

“Ancient man would not understand a technological description to describe a wormhole, but this path of light sounds very similar.” – Jason Martell (Founder, AncientSchool / Author, Knowledge Apocalypse)

Might the mythical bridge of Bifrost really have been an interstellar wormhole? A cosmic tunnel in space through which the so-called Viking gods could travel to Earth? Ancient Astronaut Theorists believe further evidence can be found by a closer examination of the Viking gods’ incredible weaponry.

Balingsta, Sweden. Just outside this small town located 40 miles northwest of Stockholm is an ancient carved granite block. mown as the Boksta Runestone, it is one of the few remaining relics that depict the mighty god Odin holding his magical spear: Gungnir.

“The Boksta Runestone is an extraordinary ancient relic that has runic inscriptions which were used by the Vikings. It shows Odin riding on horseback with a spear.” – William Henry (Author / Investigative Mythologist), (Author, Freedom’s Gate), (The Judgment Day Device), (Lost Secrets of the Watchers), (The Secret of Sion), (Egypt: The Greatest Show on Earth)

“So, one of the things we find with the Norse gods is they each have remarkable possessions, and among those is a spear that Odin claims for himself called Gungnir. And Gungnir is a remarkable spear in that, whatever you throw it at, it’s going to hit.” – Timothy R. Tangherlini, Ph.D. (Prof. i Chair, Scandinavian Section, UCLA)

According to Viking, or Norse, mythology, Odin’s spear was made by the Sons of Ivaldi, the very same creatures who built the ship Skidbladnir. They imbued the spear with special properties that not only made it incredibly accurate, but gave it immense power.

kinetic energy weapon and what we have here in modern times is nothing else but history repeating itself?” – Giorgio A. Tsoukalos (Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine)

Is it possible that what the ancient Vikings described in their myths were in fact alien technologies? And do the various accounts of Odin’s spear and Thor’s hammer really help to prove that Vikings were in contact with extraterrestrial beings? If so, then where might these beings have gone? Ancient Astronaut Theorists believe the answers may lie in the strange and sometimes violent burial rituals of the Vikings.


Tonsberg, Norway. 50 miles south of Oslo lie the ruins of Oseberghaugen, a Viking burial mound. During excavations in 1904, archaeologists unearthed the remains of two people buried inside a Viking long-ship. Dated to the early 9th-century, the discovery revealed for the first time some of the Vikings’ ancient burial rituals.

“What’s very interesting about the Oseberg ship is the fact that the Vikings actually chose to bury their dead in these boats. Now, this seems very similar to some type of a conveyance, possibly going into space. You see similar references in other cultures, such as the Egyptians and even the Chinese.” – Jason Martell (Founder, AncientSchool / Author, Knowledge Apocalypse)

Throughout Scandinavia, the British Isles and Iceland are similar Viking burial sites, many containing boats and other ship-like markers. Is it possible the Vikings, like the ancient Egyptians and Chinese, buried their dead in boats in an effort to help their deceased on their journey to the afterlife? And if so, why? According to ancient Norse mythologies, slain Viking warriors joined Odin in his fabled hall, Valhalla.
“Odin’s hall in Asgard, the realm of the gods, is known as Valhalla, which literally means “the hall of the slain.” The way that Valhalla itself is described is that it’s a place where the dead warriors that Odin has gathered from the battlefields spend all day fighting each other and killing each other and then are brought back to life to spend the night in feasting on an endless supply of meat and pork.” – Dr. Karl E.H. Seigfried (Norse mythologist)

“The courage of the Norse explorers and warriors was directly related to the structure of their fables. Valhalla was this great reward. If you served well with great bravery, you found eternal life in the company of kindred spirits in a great banquet hall.” – Jonathan Young, Ph.D. (Founding Curator, Joseph Campbell Archives)

Stories and legends about Odin’s enormous palace describe it as being almost metallic, with shimmering walls and a golden roof.
“During the day they drink and they eat along these long tables and with fires down the center of the hall. And then after they’ve eaten, they clear the tables and they all battle. So, this must be tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands the imagination boggles at how big this hall must be.” – Timothy R. Tangherlini, Ph.D. (Prof. & Chair, Scandinavian Section, UCLA)

But is there evidence that Valhalla was more than just a mythic place? Could it have been an extraterrestrial spacecraft, as some Ancient Astronaut Theorists believe?

“Valhalla was not a figment of our ancestors’ imagination, but it might have been some type of an orbiting space station. The reason why I’m saying this is because whenever we have a description of Valhalla, it is an incredible description of a place that has weird attributes.” – Giorgio A. Tsoukalos (Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine)

“Various descriptions of Valhalla give it the reference of being some type of a large metallic ship, but they actually bury their dead in the ships as well. So, is this some type of reference of them actually trying to replicate sending their dead to the heavens or just like their gods would be returning to the heavens in some type of a large metallic ship?” – Jason Martell (Founder, AncientSchool / Author, Knowledge Apocalypse)
Archaeological evidence as well as contemporary accounts also indicate, that in addition to burying their dead in boats, the Norse Vikings also sent many of these burial boats out to sea and burned them. But why? Was it simply a fiery tribute, one meant to honor the deceased? Or did the ancient Vikings simply replicate something their ancestors had once witnessed, perhaps the launch of an alien spacecraft?

“So my question is whether or not our ancestors witnessed rockets or spaceships taking off and landing with all of this fire and this smoke and the earth trembling, that they over time thought that by burning their dead they would imitate what they saw in the past.” – Giorgio A. Tsoukalos (Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine)

Were the Norse Vikings really in contact with extraterrestrial beings? And were these beings thought of by the early Vikings not as alien visitors but as gods? It so, then where might these celestial visitors have gone?

“What we know is that in the 10th-century, the Norse begin a really extensive exploration of Europe. We don’t know why they begin to explore. It is also clear that we don’t know whether they were helped by other beings. In fact, there is another theory which suggests that they were going to go in search of the deities. It suggests that the Vikings were absolutely convinced that the residence of the deities was physical, somewhere on planet Earth.” – Philip Coppens (Author, The Ancient Alien Question), (The Lost Civilization Enigma)

Did the Norse gods return to their homeland, prompting the Vikings to travel the Earth in search of them? Or did the so-called gods simply inspire their earthly hosts to explore the planet in an effort to spread their extraterrestrial influence to other -arts of the lobe?

“All this knowledge of the Universe according to the Norse mythologies was given to them by the Shining Ones. And the Shining Ones were said to have descended from nowhere else but the sky. So, is it possible that extraterrestrials in fact guided events in our human history? And the answer of course is yes. Because we can find stories like this all around the world. It was very deliberate in order to direct our history.” – Giorgio A. Tsoukalos (Publisher, Legendary Times Magazine)

Thor’s destructive hammer, Odin’s all-seeing throne and a mystical bridge linking Earth to the heavens. Are the legends of the Viking gods really evidence that alien beings visited mankind in the distant past? And if so, might these beings have been instrumental in the efforts of the Norse to explore the globe? Perhaps we will find the answer deep in a Viking burial mound or carved on the surface of an ancient stone. Or possibly the truth will be revealed to all mankind on the day when they return.

Magnetism, Odin Force and Vril energy

Johann Baptist van Helmont (1597-1644) came up with the idea of a magnetic power present in all things which he called magnate magnum. He named it od (odyle or odic force) after the Norse god Odin. Although it infused the whole human system its principal area of concentration was the solar plexus.

When this energy is manifested by human beings it called “Odic Force,” “Human Magnetism,” “Vril,” “Prana”.

Magnetism contains nothing new but its name. Man is a magnet and contains his own poles or points of reciprocal attraction and repulsion, corresponding to the opposites of light and darkness, centripetal and centrifugal action, male and female, etc. The medium by which his influence is conveyed is a subtle and vital essence, pervading all bodies, establishing a correspondence between all the different parts of the world, and regulating their forces. This essence Van Helmont called Magnale magnum.

Louis Jacolliot (1860), spoke of it as vril (energy), a concentration of cosmic ether.

(How the Odin Force or Vril Energy in Solar Plexus Chakra and Heart Chakra both could be Odin  then the third Solar Plexus chakra is a psysical (matter) chakra and the fourth chakra is spiritual.

Tor and Jupiter (another name for Yahweh or Yhwh)
Thor was son to Odin, and Thor was the thunder God and God of Sky, and Odin the All seeing Eye
Jupiter was son to Saturn, and Jupiter was the thunder God and God of sky Jupiter the All seeing Eye

Facts about Solar Plexus Odin Force and Odin Heart chakra;

It is important to realize that the Third-Eye is not the brain. Your brain cells are active during thought and action but that is not the Third-Eye. You may be intensely intellectual but that doesn’t mean your Third-Eye is open at all. The Third-Eye is an invisible mechanism that has its lowest expression in the etheric-physical body, not in the physical body. It is a complex mechanism stretching from the level of Atma, the Pure Self within you, all the way down to the ethereal part of the physical body. This technique will first stimulate the etheric Third-Eye Chakra, which in the average person is sleeping or closed down due to mental activity. The more mentally active you are, the more your etheric Third-Eye Chakra will be asleep. In the same way, the more emotional you are in the Solar Plexus—and the average person feels mostly through the Solar Plexus Centre—the more your Heart Chakra is closed down. There is a big difference between feeling from your Solar Plexus and feeling from your Heart. When you open the Heart Chakra, the Solar Plexus will close down. Similarly, when you open the Third-Eye, your mental activity will stop and you will experience Silence.


In Norse cosmology, we mortals live in the realm of Midgard, which is the physical universe or the reality of three physical dimensions. The Gods live in the higher dimensional realm of Asgard. Communication between these two realms is by way of the “rainbow bridge” known as Bifrost. The Gods, with the exception of Thor who was too heavy, crossed Bifrost whenever they left Asgard to travel to Midgard (Earth).



Through Vrilology, we seek to reestablish this rainbow bridge and thus permit communication between ourselves, in Midgard, and the higher powers represented by the Gods, in Asgard. In thus way we can draw on the powers of the Gods, which exist within us, to transform us. This is accomplished by a consistent regimen of meditation, chanting and visualization. This bridge is the rainbow bridge or Bifrost. Thus, the two halves of the brain, the left side being Midgard (Earth) and the right side representing Asgard.

To do this properly, we must first understand something of the nature of our brain. It is within the brain that we can visualize and comprehend what we are doing and trying to accomplish. First of all, the human brain is designed differently in men and women. The brain is divided into two hemispheres—the right and the left sides. It is within the left side that we draw on our logical, analytical, mathematical, technical, problem solving, administrative, and organizational abilities. These characteristics are all part of the conscious mind. It is this side of the brain that controls our day-to-day actions and makes us feel guilty, and suspicious of things that we cannot explain within a scientific context. The right side of the brain houses our intuitive powers of imagination, inspiration, artistic creativity, and spirituality, as well as our psychic, artistic, holistic, conceptualizing, interpersonal, musical, verbal, and novel thought abilities. It is the spark of thought and idea. It is powered by emotions, but without the left side to balance it, it would cause us to act on whatever inspired us, for good or bad. Most importantly, our ability to contact the Gods, and draw on the endless reserve Vril, is rooted in the right side of the brain. We know that Midgard, the realm of man, and Asgard, the realm of the Gods, are connected by Bifrost, the rainbow bridge. These two halves of the brain speak different languages and communication between them is often murky and difficult at best. What we must do is construct a means of communication between these two halves so they can work together. This is done by constructing a bridge between them. This bridge is the rainbow bridge or Bifrost. Thus, the two halves of the brain, the left side being Midgard and the right side representing Asgard, can be taught to work together by the construction of this bridge that we refer to as the Bifrost Gland or Third Eye.


Odin, the All-Father of the Gods, is known to have two ravens—Huginn and Muninn. They are the voices that speak to him, revealing to him knowledge of the universe. Each day they fly off and later return. Sitting on his shoulders, they whisper to him all they have learned. Huginn represents the left side of the brain, for he is the power of intellectual thought, while the right side of the brain is represented by Muninn, who is the power of reflective memory. The memory that Muninn represents is the sum total of past events, as well as future events. In the poetic Edda, Odin says:

“Huginn and Muninn fly every day, over the whole wide world;
I dread that Huginn will not come back, but I fear even more for Muninn.”

Odin, chakras, Yggdrasil is a reality-generating matrix

The eight petals are accounted for in two respects, which are identical; the eight of Odin’s horse, Sleipnir. and the eight equal-sized facets of the octahedron, the Platonic Solid for air and the geometric shape of the inner heart chakra. The jeweled altar points to Asgard, enclosure of the Aesir, the Norse gods. but the assembly of the Great White Brotherhood. Thousands of Ascended Masters in theirdiamond Light bodies hued with their Ray affiliations, creating an overall impression of a multihued or jeweled assembly.”‘ The Kapataru is Yggdrasil! because it is a reality-generating matrix. the axle within the octahedron. It’s basically a big magic wand. if you know how to use it, and I believe first generation humanity. those graced with the Garden of Eden live. online, operational, could. The axle or Kalpataru. the wish fulfilling tree. is the power of the Tree of Life. activated and wielded to create. sustain, modulate, or change physical realities. The Buddha Speech. the ninth stage in the Christed Initiation, potentially equips you with all the magic syllables (the names, correspondences. forces, and combinations. like reality-recipes) you need to perform the magic of this tree. That means. geomantically, Yggdrasil!.

4.5 miles wide, is the implicit vertical axle within the larger octahedral inner heart chakra expressed across the landscape. It works in reverse too. for the particulars of this landscape exist inside our inner heart. That means in us we have a fast hone with eight legs. the enclosure of the Aesir. and a reality-making device that is also a spinning axle and world axis and ‘free of Life. The myths confuse the picture slightly. The Tree is Odin’s fast horse who has eight legs. The inner heart chakra„ the octahedron with eight sides, is the home Sleipnir. Yggdrasil!. the Tree of Life, is the implicit vertical axle within that. It is the Kalpataru inside the eight petalled Anandakanda heart chakra, or Odin’s horse.

Odin rides his horse which means that’s where we may meet with Odin. in the octahedron. The Tree of Life is the axis mundi and magic wand inside Odin’s horse. This means. and it’s obvious when you think about it, that Yggdrasil!, as the World-Tree. Tree of Life. is also a vertical Four Worlds template. with features underground and above ground and on the ground. and including the 40 Sefirot. Four Worlds. Jacob’s Ladder. Nine Worlds connected through Yggdrasill means nine Sefirot with the tenth, Kether, reserved for Odin. It’s vertical in that the Tree is 200 miles high. rising above the ground, and 150 miles deep into the Earth, with an above and below ground aspect spanning 350 miles. But in topographical terms. everything is on the ground, except the Grail Castle, or will seem to be. or be spatially accessible that way.

The Sefirot are the energies and Light qualities the Supreme Being used to Create Creation, to generate. sustain, and eventually destroy or allow it to transcend itself. Implicit in the Sefirot. as part of their operation, are the 22 letters of Hebrew, the sacred Autior. the fire-letters and primary creative forces or agents used in Creation. That means Yggdrasil’. containing all this. necessarily is a reality-generating matrix.'” The 50 letters of Sanskrit, also a sacred, creative language. are implicit in (or create) the 50 chakra petals from root to brow, which correspond with the Sefirot Malkuth through Geburah.

This Tree and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, writes Qabalist scholar Gershom Scholem, stand in the center of Paradise. representing a higher order of reality and control a great deal of our existence. “The Tree of Life represents the pure, unbroken power of the holy, the diffusion of the heavenly life through all the worlds and the communication of all living things with their divine source.” It contains no mixture of good and evil, no “shells” or “husks.” These are the Qlippoth, animated entropic Light fragments (demonic beings: the Sitra Archa, or the Other Side) from the primordial Breaking of the Vessels (Sefirot) when the Light originally flowed through and overwhelmed them by unbalancing Creation and putting the burden on humans to repair Creation; the Qlippoth can hide, pollute, dam up, or choke the holy fallen sparks. but the Tree itself has no restrictions.”‘

The Eddas say Odin hung upside down on Yggdrasil! for nine nights. He was wounded by a spear and had no food or drink. It was his self-sacrifice for the world. The Tree is sometimes called Gallows, Odin is thereby sometimes called God of the Hanged or Lord of the Gallows. or Hang; (“the Hanged”). or “the Gallow’s Burden: This is memorialized in the Tarot’s major arcana card. The Hanged Man. Odin passed the nine nights by studying and mastering the runes.

Odin is credited with being the god of runic knowledge and magic, even sorcery. for the runes are not merely 24 letters with symbolic import but power images. The image is solipsistic since Odin is the creator of the runes and the Tree and its nine interconnected worlds- To say he hung upside down for nine nights on the wind-swept tree is to say he permeates the nine worlds, is accessible through each, and provides the protocols (i.e., runes) to use the Tree.

The Tree of Life, with its worlds, Sefirot. or chakras, is the power key to the Creation. It also graphically alludes to the Kav, the Line of Light inserted into the Vacated Space: that Line is topped by the crown (Odin’s head hanging down), root chakra at the insertion end. Odin hanging upside down for nine nights on Yggdrasil’ is a Sefirot map: his crown, the tenth Sefira, Kether, his ineffable home, is at the center of the Vacated Space. The Kav marks the ‘hanging” orientation of his body. head to the world’s center. The Ofanim describe Yggdrasil! as 4.5 mile wide, with roots extending 15 miles. The Edda; tell us Nine Worlds live in it. They probably correspond to Qabala’s & Sefirot Malkuth through Chesed which comprise most of a tree.

Odin-Kether as the crown. We know that this Tree of Life contains the full complement of Four Worlds (as Qabala describes them) and the 40 Sefirot, or perhaps Five Worlds and 50 Sefirot. It is the same as Jacob’s Ladder. How might we conceive of all this in spatial terms? First, Yggdrasill is like a hollow pipe, like the great Kav, or Line of Light, that entered the Vacated Space, filled with Sefirot. Stand within the 4.5-mile diameter of Yggdrasil! There are the Worlds, the Sefirot, the great stepped Ladder of Heaven. The runes which Odin studied assiduously during his nine solitary nights hanging upside down on this tree are the powers of AL, all the creative potencies, the 22-letters of creative fire that Qabalists call the Autiot, the Hebrew sacred alphabet the Supreme Being (Odin) used to create Creation (runes for magic).

In geomantic terms, Yggdrasil is situated within the Earth’s primary Ananda-kanda heart chakra.

This is the eight-petalled inner heart center known as the Place of Bliss. In Norse myth, the word Yggdrasil means Odin’s (Ygg’s) Steed called Sleipnir, a horse who has eight legs. Odin (or Wotan) is the Norse name for the chief god, equivalent to the Greek Zeus; he is known as Ygg, while drasil refers to his horse. Sleipnir’s eight legs refer to the petals or vibratory centers of the Ananda-kanda center as well as to the eight Celestial Cities arrayed around its base, making it a kind of eight-spoked wheel. Yggdrasil, etymologically, is a circular or self-reflexive image, referring back to itself, for Odin is the eight-legged horse he rides up the tree which is himself stretching throughout all the created worlds leading up to himself. The horse is a metaphor to denote fleetness and swiftness of ascent; Sleipnir is Odin’s because the Tree or horse is the rapid ascent route from Earth to the Supreme Being’s (Odin) Throne Room at the top of the Tree. The tree is like an express train to the Throne, and it’s also the axle connecting the two wheels, the top one being the Throne Room and the highest celestial sphere. So the tree is an eight-legged horse of the eight-petalled inner heart, the abode of bliss, swiftly conducting you to God.

It may seem paradoxical but in terms of experience, the tree is compressed lat-erally to form a landscape of bliss all around the tree. The fast connection from the Eden template at Rondablikk to the Throne Room makes it possible for the entire vertical tree to be experienced as if it were spread out laterally across the landscape. Say you’re at the top of the tree, looking down at its birth. Then the tree slowly gets squished and flattened down to ground level so instead of being tall it is wide and flat. All the godly realms and denizens, the intermediary spirits, the wells and springs—they are all spread out laterally, multiple dimensions expressed as a single tableau. This puts the Throne Room right in the middle of the primary Eden pattern-ing, dissolving the illusory separation between mortal creatures and eternal God. The planetary pattern of one Yggdrasil providing the express train connection to the Throne Room is matched in the human Ananda-kanda chakra. The Tree holds the human imprint. The speed of the horse means the directnes of the approach.

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