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THE UNITY WORLD AND BEYOND. This stage is called the “ Touch of Enlightenment , ” and through the bringing together of the forces of the purified personality and those of the approaching ” soul , a “ light is engendered which fadeth not away . The state of enlightenment is also called self-realization or God-realization. It’s called -realization- because the great, enlightened beings have “realized” one fact — a fact that has implications on every element of life as they know it. Trusting that you, who share with me the uncertainty and unrest that come necessarily from losing the old Eden, are willing to go on until we find the new. Tavistock Institute. Part 146

Symbolism Behind The Jesus Story and that the story of Jesus’ life was largely fictional and primarily based upon Gnostic knowledge and symbolism. The major events of the Jesus story actually describe key stages of “the path” to enlightenment and the kingdom of heaven. These key stages are, of course, the initiations:

• Birth — Entering “the path” after the base desires have been overcome (1).

• Baptism — The purification of the ego by overcoming emotionality (2).

• Temptation — The final test before enlightenment, i.e. overcoming the spiritual pride and conceit that may accompany the acquisition of esoteric knowledge and spiritual abilities.

• Transfiguration — The subjugation of the ego by the soul and the acquisition of causal consciousness that occurs at enlightenment i3).

• Crucifixion — Dissolving the causal body (the start of 4) and momentarily feeling lost and forsaken between two kingdoms — the human and the fifth. This dissolution of the causal body is also known as the “second death”.

• Resurrection — Entering the fifth kingdom (the end of 4). Victory over death, i.e. freedom from compulsory reincarnation (subsequent incarnations are voluntary and not driven by karma).

• Ascension — Ascension to the sixth kingdom (i6), the kingdom which Christ belongs to.

On another level Jesus’ birth in a stable represents birth into an animal-type body (which the human body is). The shepherds represent the guardian angels that look after humanity (their flock). The three kings represent the Devarajas (angel-kings) of the mental, emotional and physical worlds that oversee the construction of our bodies of incarnation.

Perception Of Time The perception of time is different on the higher planes than to here in the physical. The perception of time widens on the higher planes, with more of the past and the future being perceived as the present. With regards to seeing the future, only the most probable future can be seen, and as soon as any variables change the probable future will change.


The emotional world is known as the Hall of Ignorance, the mental-causal world as the Hall of Learning, and the unity world as the Hall of Wisdom. Unity consciousness provides omnipotence and omniscience in the worlds of man, so the fifth kingdom is known as the Kingdom of God” and the unity world is known as “the promised land”. It is impossible for a person to graduate to the unity world/fifth kingdom purely by his own efforts — help from above is essential.

All individual beings in the unity world (and above) are part of a collective — a group of individuals who retain their self-identity yet share the consciousness of their group. In the fifth kingdom, there are seven collective groups, each corresponding to one of the seven rays (which will be described shortly). In the sixth kingdom, the seven collectives have merged into three, each corresponding to one of the three primary rays (which correspond to the three aspects of existence). The collectives expand as they receive new members who graduate from lower levels of consciousness. The higher worlds are beyond the perception of all humans, so it would be futile (if not impossible) to describe them, apart from saying that feelings of bliss, unity and love increase exponentially with each higher plane.

This stage is called the “ Touch of Enlightenment , ” and through the bringing together of the forces of the purified personality and those of the approaching ” soul , a “ light is engendered which fadeth not away .

The state of enlightenment is also called self-realization or God-realization. It’s called -realization- because the great, enlightened beings have “realized” one fact — a fact that has implications on every element of life as they know it.

They’ve realized the omnipresence of divinity. They’ve realized that everything is one, and that knowledge and the knowing of that knowledge are thseparable. They realize that what you see is what you get, what you get is what you see. and what you see is who you arc. In other words. it takes one to know one. We are the world. indeed.

Realization is not just about reading some words and being able to discuss or debate them, but rather to realize the essence behind spiritual insights such as “In the beginning was the word, and the word was God: “Everything is one,- ‘The kingdom of Heaven lies withal.- or ”Thou art That.”

Once you realize the essence of spiritual teachings and make them an integral part of your reality, these teachings filter through and transform your entire world. Your sense of linked individuality fades like a mirage that had been blocking the bright sunlight of supreme truth. As this supreme light blasts through you unimpeded by mortal illusions of limitation and separation. you become enlightened. You emanate not only your own personal human light. but also a higher. mon. universal light.

Before becoming forever established in the highest realization. you may touch that enlightened space for a while and then return back to limited thinking. Even when you’re feeling limited. remembering the higher spaces you’ve touched helps to keep you moving forward toward your divine birthright of knowing who you are in the highest sense at all times.

Enlightenment is the ego’s ultimate disappointment.

I. That the goal of all teaching given in the real esoteric 14851 schools is to put man consciously in touch with his own soul and not with the Master.

  1. That the Master and the Hierarchy of Masters work only on the plane of the soul, as souls with souls.
  2. That conscious response to hierarchical impression and to the hierarchical plan is dependent upon the sensitive reaction which can be developed and made permanent between a man’s own soul and his brain, via his mind.
  3. That the following points should be borne in mind:
    a. When a man is consciously aware of himself as a soul, he can then be in touch with other souls.
    b. When he is consciously a disciple, he is then in touch with. and can collaborate intelligently with. other disciples.
    c. When he is an initiate, other initiates become facts in his life and consciousness.
    d. When he is a Master. the freedom of the Kingdom of Heaven is his, and he works consciously as one of the senior members of the Hierarchy.

But—and this is of prime importance—all these differentiations relate to grades of work and not to grades of persons: they indicate soul expansions but not graded contacts with personalities. According to the realised soul development upon the physical plane will be the response to the world of souls of which the occult Hierarchy is the heart and mind.

The guidance to which the adherents of many esoteric schools so often respond is not that of the Hierarchy but that of the astral reflection of the Hierarchy; they respond therefore to an illusory. distorted. manmade presentation of a great spiritual fact. They could, if they so chose, respond to the reality.

Apart from the ordinary occult and esoteric schools found in the world today. there are groups of people as well as solitary individuals who are practicing various forms of meditation and of yoga.

This is true both of Eastern and Western aspirants. Some of these people are working with real knowledge, and. therefore, quite safely; others are profoundly ignorant not only of techniques and methods but also as to the results to be expected from their efforts. Results there must inevitably be, and the major result is to turn the consciousness inward, to develop the spirit of introspection, and to orient the man or woman to the inner subjective worlds and to the subtler planes of being—usually to the astral realm and seldom to the truly spiritual world of souls.

The mind nature is seldom invoked and the processes pursued usually render the brain cells negative and quiescent whilst the mind remains inactive and often unawakened. The only area of consciousness which remains therefore visible is that of the astral. The world of physical and tangible values is shut out; the mental world is equally shut out

Later on, the Sixth Root Race that will inhabit the continent of Antarctica will conquer the Astral Light. The Seventh Root Race will conquer the Cosmic Mind; then, the human being will elevate himself to the Angelic kingdom

Yogi and Yogini have to christify their mind

The unity world is known as “the promised land.

Much of the frantic outcry against modern science and criticism is simply an expression of fear. They say they believe ; but they are dreadfully afraid that, if they open their eyes to the reality of things, they will lose that belief. They do not trust their faith.

This is the real infidelity of the age. Instead of a manly faith in the verity of God’s universe, they rush out of the sunlight of the living world, and take refuge in a dismantled, man-made fortification of antique dogma, and try to keep out the sunshine and air of the real world of to-clay. If they want to keep the Eden of their old-time faith, perhaps they are wise. For, if they look fairly at the real truth of things, they cannot keep it.

Their position represents the childhood stage of the world’s religious life. If they can keep their minds in the childish stage, they may perhaps wander in their Eden a little longer. But it is at a fearful c3st ; for a childish mind in a grown-up body is one of the saddest sights in all the world. And this child phase of religion cannot last long.

The new universe that modern knowledge has discovered, with its new conceptions of God Ind of min,—these are really very new. Men now living can remember the beginning of the new revelation that has given us a new world to live in. To the next generation of educated people, the old ideas will be as far away, as mythi-cal, as unreal as are the worlds of Milton. and Dante to us to-day. The Eden of the old faith, then, is hopelessly gone. We have tasted the tree of knowledge. The old time has van-ished like a dream.

The good angel of truth guards the closed gates of the past. We cannot reenter it, if we would. There is no use then in lingering under the old walls and longing for the old peace. For better or worse, the flesh-pots of Egypt are behind us. We are in the wilderness. There is a “promised land” ahead of us, that we only dimly see as yet…..t is uncomfortable in the desert.

To tread the paths of new thought is very painful to the feet that are not hardened to the journey. Many get tired and try to go back. Many will tell you that, while it is impossi-ble to go back, it is also useless to go forward: that all talk of a ” promised land ” is a delusion, and that the wilderness is good enough, if you only think so. But the human heart is always hungry for Eden.

People do not like to be all abroad : they like comfort and shelter. If you do not lead them to the true God, they will take up with the gods, the idols. of the heathen. The fact of our modern unrest and uncertainty in religious matters is plain. That a deeper, broader, and higher knowl-edge of God’s universe is the cause of it is also plain. It is nobody’s fault: it only means that the world is outgrowing its childhood and is becoming wiser.

That a good many timid people get frightened, and rush back into the old Churches that look so strong in their moss-grown antiquity, is nothing strange. There was a grand revival of paganism when Christianity was young ; but that did not turn back the world’s advance.

So, in the face of the present unrest and uncertainty of the world, I cannot feel a fear. When one get into a belt of fog, knowing that light is supreme, that it is above and all around the fog, Always feel sure that the straightest way out of it is to go straight through it, and come out on the other side. Let who will sneak back to the starting point : One propose to go through. Like Columbus, One believe there is land on the further side of every sea.

Trusting that you, who share with me the uncertainty and unrest that come necessarily from losing the old Eden, are willing to go on until we find the new.

So we must not expect our new paradise to be done all at once. We must cultivate the fields, build our homes, and leave to time the doing of those things that time only can accomplish. To lead us out of the discomfort that accom-panies the religious unrest of the age, we need, then, at least four things :

  1. We need satisfaction for the intellect, which is to be found in seeing that our thoughts about things agree with the facts. This is what we mean by seeing and resting in the truth.
  2. We need satisfaction for the heart : this implies some worthy object on which to lavish our love. The heart is as anxious to love as the eye is to see.
  3. We need satisfaction for the conscience, the moral nature; and this can be found only in seeing that justice and right are a pan of the nature of things, and that they tend to become supreme.
  4. We need room for the spiritual nature to unfold its reverence, its aspiration, and its boundless hope.

These are the four fundamental and eternal wants of human nature. And the old religion, the lost Eden, can now supply neither of these. It is not true ; and so the intellect must reject it. It is cruel and hard and partial; and so the heart rejects it. It is hideously unjust; and so the moral nature revolts at it. It cannot revere and respect that which the judgment declares to be unworthy of reverence. And its hope for man is darkened by the wrathful gloom that broods forever above its endless and uselessly cruel hell. No place for us there, then. We cannot go back.

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