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The true purpose of Freemasonry is actually hidden from the lower levels of Freemasonry. However, people are attracted to Freemasonry because it helps them gain positions and prestige. Once their members are in positions of authority, they are bound by oath to protect fellow Freemasons.

According to The Conspiracy Zone, the illuminati have said about us: “They will be helpless to do anything for they will have no weapons. … The real illuminati agenda involves mind control, the creation of controlled chaos, staged terror attacks, and psychological operations.

Coup d etat, black choppers, advertising consumption, Cabalists, Cathars, Templar Knights, Rosicrucians, Freemasons, Illuminatis, etc… they all bring to life a New World Order through a “New Age” religion, the imperial worship of Antichrist. No matter how strange or frightening and phantasmagoric these words might look like we all know they exist not only on real and virtual pages but likewise into the heads of some people seeing themselves as the absolute masters of all the worlds…

Some of the genuine supports of these fancies are part and parcel of the manipulating techniques and mind controlling ones, all as real as could be, others rely on the boundless gluttony (to be found in various degrees within each two legged human eating the bread of idleness on Earth!)…

In the Roman Empire there was a secret police, “Frumentarii,” acting also as a censoring agency. The Romans were highly skilled at political manipulations, espionage and dirty operations. The word terrorist comes from terror-terroris, much used in the Roman legions practice to subdue the conquered populations through fear and terror. All the world powers are well trained in doing this. There is no power without information, no information without espionage, no espionage without breaking the law…

Frumentarii, singular frumentarius, was a military elite force in the Roman Empire and served as the emperor’s secret police. It was founded by Hadrian as a special unit of the Pretorians to keep the political situation in Rome under control during his travels. The force was detested for its methods, which included declarations, executions and torture, and was disbanded by Diocletian.

Politically, private informers, or delatores, were to be found in profusion around imperial headquarters, ready to turn in anyone suspected of treachery. And the frumentarii doubled as political spies. New treason laws, protecting the safety and majesty of the emperor, provided the legal basis for prosecutions on the evidence of these ubiquitous sycophants. Laws that attempted to ban or seriously curb their activities were never completely successful. Selection for clandestine work was contingent not so much upon the position one held, but on the trust that was placed in the individual.

The word terrorist comes from terror-terroris, much used in the Roman legions practice to subdue the conquered populations through fear and terror.

To begin, it seems appropriate to define the term terrorism. Within terrorism lies the word terror. Terror comes from the Latin terrere, which means “frighten” or “tremble.” When coupled with the suffix isme (referencing “to practice”), it becomes akin to “practicing the trembling” or “causing the frightening.” Trembling and frightening here are synonyms for fear, panic, and anxiety—what we would naturally call terror. The word terror is over 2,100 years old. In ancient Rome, the terror cimbricus was a state of panic and emergency.

In the Reign of Terror (Le Gouvernement de la Terreur), a group of rebels, the Jacobins, used the term when self-reflexively portraying their own actions.

This society, which assumed the name of Illuminati, was planned and founded by Adam Weishaupt.

The Masons, the Jacobin clubs and the Illuminati as diabolical.

A primary instigator of the French Revolution was the infamous acobin Club, which became the radical nucleus of the revo-lutionary movement, and was founded by prominent Freemasons.

John Robison wrote of the Jacobins, stating, “The intelligent saw in the open system of the Jacobins the hidden system of the Illluminati.”

The Key Portion of The Memoir About the Illuminati Karl von Hesse said in a memoir dated March 31, 1817 — beginning at page 136 of the Me:noires — the following about the Illuminati, the plan of a French Revolution and the Wilhelmsbad Congress: 11361 The year 1782 was fixed for a masonic convention at Wilhemsbad. The Duke Ferdinand. the grand-superior of 11w Order, had already spoken to me a couple of years earlier. approving and desiring it quickly… It was decreed to assemble… I had been grand master of two German provinces. and of Italy, but I was able to make it a separate province. I am not permitted to say more about its work. It will suffice to say that we infinitely sought to improve the order, and a religious tendency began to replace the preceding goals. At the same time, a new society. formed in Germany, especially in Bavaria, was named the Illuminati. Many of their leaders were at Frankfurt and many gathered around also the city of Hanau.

They were able to gain most of the deputies (at Wilhemsbad) to their system of iniquity which had much in common with the principles of the Jesuits [N.B. he may mean their strict discipline] and above all with Jacobinism. It started out that there were a few proselytes amongst the deputies, but they were able to gain over a great number. The next year, Bode came to see me at Kassel to talk to me of this New Order, that is masked behind the first degrees of Freemasonry.

He began by saying that its aim was to overthrow the Church and Thrones. Bode was a strong honest man of very good intentions. He gave me a notebook and said to me: “You see here a system which may cause the misery of mankind if it falls into bad hands; but governed by a man of sound understanding. it may also do much good. I place these papers in your hands, being fully empowered by the Order, and you must be one of the chiefs: it is the north …….(Sweden one the countires) ….will depend entirely on you.

He left the papers with me and he would return to take my orders within a few hours. I spread out the papers as promptly as I could, and prayed to God from the bottom of my heart to guide me in an affair of such importance for the good of the entire world. I saw very well what I would do, and my first movement was to bear witness as to the horrors that l found: but, moreover, I felt the evil which could result from ambitious hands, egoists, like Bode, who would put themselves above the law of religion and morals. I remained poised and responded to Bode, when he returned to me. about the question he put to me: “Well! you have the papers!

How do you find them? Do you accept the charge of the office that is offered you?” From that point until the end, I accepted the charge, with the customary condition that the highest grades of the order of masonry would not enter without my permission. With this understanding, he responded that “you are empowered to arrange everything as you find good.”

The name of the charge was called the National of the North. This was a perfect plan for the introduction of Jacobinism.

I received a list of members, which still exists. They fortunately were not strong, and then I returned to (the North), and I spoke with their leaders, taking each aside separately. But, I say, none of them knew yet the highest grades and did not know the ruinous goal where they were to be drawn along. I instructed them that I had accepted the title Chief of the North to arrest the progress of this monstrous society. God is my witness! It did not do well in the North, because of the persecutions that began in Bavaria, and Jacobinism did not take hold in Germany, as it did in France, where I had already learned at Wilhemsbad that it was planned to make a revolution.

Robinson said, “An association has been formed for the express purposes of rooting out all the religious establishments and overturning all existing governments.” Robinson made considerable use of the work of a French Jesuit priest who had published a similar thesis. Abbe Augustin Barruel wrote, in Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism, about a conspiracy involving the Illuminati and the Jacobins. He said the French Revolution was planned and executed by secret societies.

Weishaupt said of the Illuminati, “Its object may be said to be the checking the tyranny of princes, nobles, and priests, and establishing an universal equality of condition and of religion:” Are these not laudable aims? What manner of person would condemn them? — only the Old World Order and their fellow travellers who have everything to lose if the Illuminati rise to power.

it is substantiated that the foundation of the French Revolution was planned at the Great Masonic Convention in Wilhelmsbad in 1782.

A very significant thing happened in the year 1782. Historians will never write about it. They don’t understand it. But on the 16th of July 1782 at the Congress of Wilhelm bade an alliance between the Illuminati and world wide Freemasonry was sealed. This pact joined together all leading societies on the earth of that day. Over 3 million people on the rolls of those Freemasonic organizations and the Illuminati – they merged.

Wilhelmsbad may or may not have been the place where plans for the French Revolution were hatched.

According to The Conspiracy Zone, the illuminati have said about us: “They will be helpless to do anything for they will have no weapons. … The real illuminati agenda involves mind control, the creation of controlled chaos, staged terror attacks, and psychological operations.

The real illuminati agenda involves mind control, the creation of controlled chaos, staged terror attacks, and psychological operations to convey selected information to specific foreign and domestic countries to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and the behavior of individuals, organizations, governments, and groups. Covert operations will be conducted by governments, corporations, or other organizations, and designed to appear as if they are being carried out by other entities. Psychological operations and planned operations will have the purpose of inducing or reinforcing attitudes and behaviors favorable to the originators’ objectives. The populace can be easily brought to the point where it willingly submits to greater control through the news media and Organized Religion. PSYOPS are currently being used to intentionally deceive targeted individuals and populations through manysophisticated methods for specific objectives. Every major country has developed sophisticated PSYOPS programs and use PSYOPS technology to deceive their own people in order to achieve strategic and military objectives. Through mind control, public opinion is clearly manipulated, so if you watch the news or attend church services, you are definitely being deceived.

Controlled Corporate Media program the public through massive repetition on the news networks. The news is no more than mass brainwashing and mass propaganda in favor of the official and the media are used for manipulating public opinion, and they falsely analyze situations for the public through staged media controlled debates. The mainstream media brainwashes people/humankind with a pre-engineered interpretation of world reality, and examines all problems in the context of the political process, political interests, and under the false mask of democracy.

The media center serves the World’s System, and those who try to survive in the World’s System and reject alternative interpretations of reality are dependent on pharmaceutical drugs to get through each day. The truth is that it is the World’s System itself that has engineered depression by the culture it created, and the system benefits from disoriented, confused, and depressed people. The news media quickly informs us of new drugs available to counter the symptoms of depression, but refuses to reveal what really causes it; all the things inherently wrong with our culture. The culture of the system causes depression and every other mental challenge.

Life in the modern corporate economy is engineered for our destruction, and implemented according to a planned course by the evil powers who rule the world behind the scenes. We are living in the age of the illusion of material prosperity and massive media conditioning. Most people serve as workers, and their existence solely enriches the Elite. As workers sustain massive debt loads in the short term, they buy lots of material items while all their earnings are stolen back from them through inflation, taxes, and interest. In the current system, inherited wealth isn’t passed down from one generation to the next.

We are getting poorer instead of wealthier, and are more dependent on the system. We may all be deceived, because we believe we are doing well as long as we have jobs. This belief system itself is part of the deception, and through media reinforcement of this idea of having a job, working has become the means by which we measure ourselves. Everyone operating under the statutes of the World’s System will judge and value others based on what kind of work they do. We are not really prosperous when we must work for someone else all our lives.

The other thing we have to be watchful of is how they have infiltrated our communities. Again they aim for power centers of any organization. In every community across the world you will find Freemason lodges. Many of their members think that they simply belong to a fraternal organization.

The true purpose of Freemasonry is actually hidden from the lower levels of Freemasonry. However, people are attracted to Freemasonry because it helps them gain positions and prestige. Once their members are in positions of authority, they are bound by oath to protect fellow Freemasons.

They can also make things difficult for Christians employed in community jobs. Adam Weishaupt’s development of the Illuminati including his attack on the Jesuits at Ingolstadt University. He states, “Through the intrigues of the Brethren the Jesuits have been dismissed from all the Professorships; we have entirely cleared the University of Ingolstadt of them.”Intrigue is another word for covert operations. There are Freemason judges, and Freemason Police Chiefs, and Freemasons are on the boards of social service organizations and in positions of power in our schools. They oppose the church in every way shape and form. They can through covert means remove Christians from their positions. The Church of Scientology uses similar methods as Freemasons, and the founder was himself a Freemason. Or is Freemason using same methods as Scientology uses.

Here is another method or technology the Global Elite using founded by the founder of Scientology – Lafayette Ronald Hubbard.

Mind Control Technology and Radio-Frequency.

Dr. Jose Delgado — a professor — believed that, “Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal, but we must electrically control the brain”. His belief would inspire the use of the Radio Frequency Identification through implantable microchips (RFID) as a means of mass control through electric signals provided by towers carefully located for this purpose — The 5G Networks.

The worldwide distribution of these towers would then facilitate the global obedience to a New World Government.

The use of such towers as military weaponry of mind control to take over the entire planet Earth.

However, the first person to conduct experiments on Radio-frequency and behavior modification was actually Lafayette Ronald Hubbard — founder of Scientology —, through his therapeutical methods, which he named as “Auditing Procedures”. Hubbard published his findings for the first time in 1950, in the book “Dianetics” —which was rejected by mainstream Psychiatry but not ignored.

The findings published in Dianetics were then studied by Dr. Delgado, who at the time that the book was released, had just accepted a position in the Physiology Department – Dr. Delgado would publish his studies on implanting electrodes into humans only years later.

According to Dr. Pugh, “Dr. Delgado proved through his vast research that individuals are defenseless against direct electrical manipulation of the brain because it deprives the person of the most intimate mechanisms of biological reactivity. By using electrical stimuli, the subject is unable to stop the biological response in his body. A person cannot override what the brain fires for the body to respond to. The individual is therefore rendered completely helpless. This discovery led to the 1960’s investigation into the strategy of directing microwave beams at targeted human beings from a distance. These studies found that microwave (ELF) beams created enormous anxiety and hyperactivity in those targeted, so much so, that it led to their complete physical exhaustion.”

Beyond The Mind Control Technology

According to Dr. Joye Jeffries Pugh (In Eden, 2006), “The plan to take over the mind of humans has been developed in stages. It has been going on for quite some time, and uniquely, it incorporates much of Tesla’s technology.

The intent of the Hidden Plan is to take away a person’s capability of recognizing the difference between good and evil, thereby hindering their biological ability to exhibit freedom of choice. It is an manipulated system designed to allow the politically correct and so-called illuminated men to make all decisions for you and your family with their free will, while robbing you of yours.

This has been an ancient agenda; to create a collective consciousness that will ensure darkness and and manipulation progresses without defiance by Christians.

Many governments is in a fascist shift. We are being spied on and watched everywhere we go. The church is no exception. In fact, the church is going to increasingly become a target.

They will create and have created dissension. They are subtle covert operators who support the NWO agenda. They are targeting members of your church for destruction. Why? For many reasons. They do not target all Christians. They target Christians who are outspoken, full of kindness, or are simply devoted to doing what is right. They target Christians who are swimming upstream in the world, so to speak, those who refuse to bend to the NWO agenda. They choose Christians that they can easily dislodge from the church because there are fewer supports around them. They can subtly spread gossip and rumors, write poison pen letters and deliver them in the name of targeted person. They slowly and deliberately drive a wedge between their targets and any family or friends who might support them.

What might be the ultimate goal of this occult geopolitical agenda? Stopping humanity and the planet from achieving illumination and full self-realization.

We need to be hyper-vigilant against the con, for it is everywhere, insidious and embedded. We must be alert for trance-induction states, psycho-logical warfare, and subliminal manipulation. Many things in our social reality are planned, orchestrated, and staged to effect us, from surprise “terrorist” attacks to celebrity-based distractions. It is unwise at this point to take social events at face value: look through the face. Don’t succumb to the mainstream media’s insistence that conspiracy theories are a joke, unprovable, and the product of fringe lunatics or extremists. That pejorative attitude is part of the con. Be wary of informational inputs (such as from TV, advertising, or other subconsciously delivered media) and covert men-tal conditioning. The atheist-materialist paradigm outwardly denigrates and scorns psychic activity and any subtle reality perceived by this means, yet inwardly, this is a time of dark psychism and black magic, in which intelligence operations are coupled with black psychism.

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