The Three Knots

Light and the Four Lower Bodies: The white light from the central sun of this universe passes through our sun and then through the earth’s atmosphere, where it is refracted into the seven coloured rays of the rainbow spectrum. Metaphysically, each colour corresponds to a plane of consciousness, as well as containing other elements as it flows through our body, via our body’s chakra system or our ‘tree of life’ in the etheric body. Man is an electromagnetic being, as at a sub-atomic level everything is in vibration and its movement is sustained by the light of life. Man in his current state of evolution has a physical body and six other subtle bodies. These bodies are given different names in the various eastern religious traditions.

The Four Bodies
These filters correspond to the perceptions of the four bodies. Every one of us has four bodies, and each body functions on a specific level or plane of existence. For the most part we humans are focused on the physical, earthly plane because this is where most of our activities and experiences take place.
We may not be completely aware of the other three planes, but they are real and part of us exists in each one. Each of our four bodies allows us to function and interact in its corresponding plane. To learn how this works we’ll begin with the easiest to understand: the earth body.
The Earth Body
As the name suggests, this body exists on the physical plane. It is the part of us that interfaces with the rest of the material world. We rely on out physical senses to tell us what is going on around us on this earth.

The Water Body
Our water bodies represent our emotional selves and exist on the astral plane. Take a moment to visualize yourself. Now separate out from your body an image of you that represents your emotional self in its entirety. This is more or less what your emotional or water body is like. It is literally the embodiment of your emotional self, and it resides on the astral plane.

The Air Body
Our air body exists on the rational plane. Just as your water body experiences the emotional or astral plane, our air bodies exist in a fundamentally logical plane. This is the realm of reason and thought. How well we interface with this plane is often reflected in how much we rely on thought and logic.

The Spirit Body
Our spirit body, or higher self, exists on the spiritual plane. It is from this plane that we want to get our information when we are practicing divination or meditation. This body is pure in form, and allows us to interact with the spiritual.

As you can see, each of the four bodies corresponds to four of the five elements as well: our physical body corresponds to earth, emotional to water, mental to air, and spiritual to spirit.

All of the information we get from the divine, including from our spirit guides, has to come through the filters of all four bodies before we perceive it in our physical brain and our conscious awareness.
Distortions exist in all of the four bodies and these distortions are like a storm within us. They swirl and move and create chaos and they create glamour. To clear these storms, and the glamour they create, we simply need to be still.

Imagine glamour as the snow in a snow globe. As we go through our lives we are constantly in motion, physically, emotionally, mentally. And our motion keeps shaking up all of the information and perceptions that we have, creating glamour. Now imagine taking that snow globe and setting it down for a few moments. The snow settles, and the scene within becomes clear.

Within each of us burns a spark of the divine that beats our heart and nourishes our body, mind and soul. It is the hidden Presence of God, our inner source of enlightenment and higher consciousness, which connects our human self with what we intuitively recognize as the divine.

Man need not manufacture an illusion to establish the existence of God within his consciousness; the very fact that man is conscious is indicative of the inner presence of the Higher Mind. It is, then, through the consciousness of God in man—through God’s awareness of himself in and as man—that man becomes aware of the Self in and as God…. If, therefore, man is to find the living God, he must look within himself. And if man is to find this God within himself, he must realize that God, life, and consciousness are synonymous terms for the vibrant forcefield of cosmic energy that sustains his being….

Although each of the four planes corresponding to the four bodies has a unique atomic frequency, providing the opportunity for a unique expression of the soul’s potential, the four lower bodies interpenetrate one another and are connected through the etheric chakras anchored in the physical body through the central nervous system and the endocrine system. In this way the bodies function as a unit; and thought, feeling and memory patterns passing through the physical body create ripples of vibration simultaneously on the mental, emotional, and etheric planes. Thus the chakras are the receiving stations for the flow of light-energy that descends from the (God] Presence and Divine Self through the heart flame to the physical, mental, emotional and memory vehicles. Serving as step-down transformers, these centers focus the light from on high and transform it, making it practical for distribution to each of the four lower bodies. Without these centers… God’s individuality as man’s individuality would remain unexpressed on the four lower planes of consciousness…. The Real Self, or the immortal Spirit—the animating principle of all manifestation—exists independently of the four lower bodies. As the temporal manifestation of the Spirit, the soul must evolve through the four sheaths in order to become immortal.

Finally we meet in the casual body upon the mental plane as a unified flame like that of a candle, thus producing that transmutation during evolution which is commonly known as the warmth or radiation, thus forming a spherical shape around the previous lotus formation thus simultaneously radiating out glowing energies from all sides of this sphere.
During evolutionary process when the ego [soul] evolves in awareness [expanded consciousness], due to its experience in the three lower worlds, the ego lotus petals existing in three tier formation go on opening or unfolding one by one showing its attained refined color hues related to the corresponding experiences gained in the three worlds.
During early stages when the ego or soul is chosen out of the animalistic group soul (all animals exist in group souls only with no individualization at all), to be individualized with the mind attributes, then the very new born soul.
Later during evolution these lotus petals of the soul body start showing life and energy vibrations, by slowly unfolding due to the impulses from the lower three planes [lokas], as the evolving personality ego starts gaining experiences in the 3 dense material worlds [lokas- mental, astral, vital/ physical planes]through 4 material bodies[mental body, astral body, vital body, and dense physical body], and after many incarnated lives or having many births and deaths, one approaches the third initiation[Diksha], and at that time period in space, the energy lotus petals are then pretty much blooming to fullness, showing the transformation process, as the outer sphere enclosing this lotus formation starts emitting every color of the rainbow color frequencies, with streams of electrical energy constantly circulating in it and also extending beyond the periphery of the outer sphere like bright sun rays having first a u formation around the periphery first like a magnet and then breaking off as the impulses going outward as radiations in all directions.

On the basis of the occult principle of correspondences (“That which is above is like that which is below, to perpetuate the mystery of the One Thing,” we read in the Tabula Sinaragdina of Hermes Trismegistus), the human microcosm replicates the macrocosm of the greater universe. Man is ternary in his essence, consisting of matter, intellect, and spirit (or body, soul, and spirit), and septenary in his evolutionary composi-tion. The seven principles of man, which constitute an upper, eternal, spiritual triad, and a lower, mortal, physical quaternary, are: Spiritual Principles:

  1. Atma. Pure, Universal Spirit. An emanation of the Absolute.
  2. Buddhi. Spiritual Soul. The vehicle of Universal Spirit.
  3. Higher Manas. Mind. Intelligence. Human, or Consciousness Soul. Physical Principles:
  4. Kama Rupa. (Lower Maas), or Animal Soul, the seat of animal desires and passions. Line of demarcation between the mortal and immortal at-menu. The agent of Will during the lifetime.
  5. Linga Sharira. Astral Body (vehicle of life). Sentient soul.
  6. Prana. The Etheric Double. Life essence, vital power. Matter as Force.
  7. Rupa. The Dense Body. Gross, physical matter. The three lowest principles—the physical, etheric, and astral bodies—exist in the phenomenal world of space, matter, and time. They consti-tute the material man. The reincarnational cycles are manifested in these three bodies, “the three worlds’ through which lies the pilgrim-age of the soul, again and again repeated. In these three worlds revolves the wheel of human life, and souls are bound to that wheel through-out their evolution, and are carried by it to each of these worlds in turn.”

The two intermediary principles of the higher and lower Manas are the mental principles, the highest human aspect of God in man. The further evolution of these two principles belongs to the filmy of the human race, although some chosen vessels, well advanced in spiritual evolution, may attain them now. In most human beings, however, the higher Manas is not yet developed?’ The sixth and seventh principles are the spiritual planes. “What lies beyond on the sixth and seventh planes is hidden in the unimaginable light of God.’ In time man will develop all seven principles and become perfect; this will happen at the end of the seven times seventh round of reincarnations, at which time the spiritually developed individual will be God. Theosophical doctrine further distinguishes between a lower and a higher human Ego; the Ego it defines simply as man’s sense of “I am.” The lower, mortal, personal Ego, incorporated in the three lower bod-ies, is associated with a particular historical incarnation, and is called “personality.” The higher, immortal, impersonal Ego, associated with the higher bodies, remains unchanged through the reincarnational sequence, and is called “individuality.” Since the universe and man are scptenary in structure and function, the planes of existence are also seven. These seven planes are:

  1. Physical Plane
  2. Astral Plane
  3. Mental Plane
  4. Intuitional (Divine) Plane
  5. Spiritual (Nirvanic) Plane
  6. Monadic (Para-nirvanic) Plane
  7. Divine (Maha-pars-nirvanic) Plane
    All seven planes exist simultaneously, although man has not yet become sufficiently “spiritualized” in this Earth incarnation to perceive more than three or (in some highly advanced individuals) four planes. Man is constantly aware of the physical plane because his gross and etheric bodies (which sustain the life function) and his animal desires dwell in it.

It must ever be borne in mind that each plane and each subplane which is numerically allied, is embodying the same type of force, and is consequently of the same polarity.
Again, the astral plane and the buddhic plane are related, as we already know; the astral is negative in relation to the buddhic plane. When the polarity of the different planes is known, when the polarity of the subplanes is comprehended, and when the interaction between them and the corresponding cosmic planes is grasped, then will man be free, but not before. When the polarity of the ethers to each other and their relationship to the whole is comprehended, human evolution will have run its course. A Master has solved the problem of electrical phenomena in the three worlds, hence His freedom. Further, when the relationship of the negative form to the positive Spirit is grasped, and their joint connection with the cosmic Entities Who indwell the whole system is somewhat apprehended, group liberation will be achieved.

When the three knots of the heart are removed, the soul is liberated into its original oneness.
When the mental knot is pierced one gains control over the subtle body.
When the spiritual center is pierced ignorence is moved and the Self is attained, bringing a permanent sensation of bliss.
When the “knot” in the heart is removed one will achieve super-knowledge

The physical body is the densest body and has the slowest momentum of light, as it is resonates with the earth and manifests as flesh. The other subtle bodies surrounding the physical body, consist of the emotional body, which represents the water element or the desire body or the astral body, the mental body which represents the air element and the etheric body which represents the ether or spirit or fire body. Metaphysically these four bodies are referred to as the four lower bodies of man. These four lower bodies are the vehicles that the soul of man works through so as to gain experience in this physical dimension. The four lower bodies are affected by our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

The Three Knots (Granthies)

Through our experiences over countless lifetimes, our energy (personal and collective) pathways—the ways we experience our energy—have literally become tied into knots. These knots (Granthies) are found within the energetic interior of our psychic system. They are problematic because they bind us in a state of ignorance, distort everything we experience, and lock up our wisdom. Beyond the Ajna Chakra the knot of ignorance is destroyed and one becomes established in the Self.

There is “Three Knots” and these is tied to the The physical body, The emotional body, and The mental body. These knots restrict human life to instinctive, emotional and intellectual levels and to the three first physical chakras; The physical body, The emotional body, and The mental body.

Granthies are psychic knots of the nadis in the spinal chord; these are other than the chakras made up of the ethereal matter. Granthies play an important role in deciding the awakening the Kundalini. It is the first major blockage to surpass. Without opening or loosen the first knot it is not possible to come out of the bondage of the material wordly things. This is the concept of the Ego. These knots keeps humankind locked or trapped in matter and the physical body, and the three dimensional world, or these knots keeps humankind tuned into One lower vibrational frequency, or keeps humankind subconsciousness controlled, and this then creates a state of fixation of the mind. The Mind becomes mechanized or automatized, and in other words the mind becomes in a state of dream-sleep state – the state of projection. And finally these knots has hindering activation of more DNA strands and have for eons unplugged 10 of humans DNA strands. Light becomes trapped in matter and the three dimensional world and this increasing the entropy and downhill progress.

Within the susumna nadi there are three psychic knots of energy, known as granthis. The Sanskrit word granthi means a knot, a tied-up force, or an obstacle to one’s spiritual growth. These knots restrict human life to instinctive, emotional and intellectual levels. If lower desires become dominant in a person, the flow of prana gets obstructed and short-circuited at the first knot, diminishing the flow of energy to the higher centres. The path of the kundalini is obstructed, preventing its upward movement to the crown centre (sahasrara chakra). When kundalini is activated it rises upward through the chakras, and pierces successive veils of ignorance in the form of knots (granthis), which changes the perception of reality and consciousness. Beyond the Ajna Chakra the knot of ignorance is destroyed and one becomes established in the Self. The breaking of these three knots are major steps achieved in detaching the mind from illusionary existence and making Self-realization possible.

The Three Knots of Matter
Through our experiences over countless lifetimes, our energy pathways—the ways we experience our energy—have literally become tied into knots. These knots are found within the energetic interior of our psychic system. They are problematic because they bind us in a state of ignorance, distort everything we experience, and lock up our wisdom. Beyond the Ajna Chakra the knot of ignorance is destroyed and one becomes established in the Self. There are three states through which the human consciousness has to go before reaching perfect union with its own true self.

These Three Knots of Matter

Matter is formulated as; Ignorance, Inertia, and Division. These three together in essence reflects essential “Knot of Matter”

First; Unconsciousness of Matter reflects our ignorence, particularly percievable at the mental level
Second; Matter is also bound to mechanical law and colossal and obstinate inertia, obstruction and negation, persuading Life and Mind that they cannot go futher, cannot expand and therefore cannot move to their progress, evolution, and final victory.
Third; Matter is the culmination of the principle of division, and therefore is the basis of struggle and contradiction in life.

We can reverse the unconsciousness of Matter, enabling its involved Spirit and Divinity to come forth. Matter can evolve and be transformed

All neural networks, whether in the brain, the heart or the gut, are organized as hierarchical systems. These points have been called the three knots or granthi in yoga.

Every point of creation can be seen as a chakra or toroidal vortex of spiraling breathing energy. Our aura itself is a chakra. As stated before our heart produces its own torus energy field. It is not the only center in the body that generates this field. Every atom and cell has its own field. But there are two more specific regions that are pertinent to our discussion. Scientists have theorized that we have more brains than the one in our head. The heart is has its own neural network and so does the solar plexus/navel. These are the 3 brains of our physical structure. Each of these areas has its own vortex spiraling energy flow. All three brains can synch together like gears for optimal functioning. These points have been called the three knots or granthi in yoga.

Navel and Heart intelligence in addition to our Head intelligence is a Trinity of Infinite Intelligence. Often when one observes paintings of the rainbow body of light from Tibet, one will see two of these areas swirling inside the whole rainbow body sphere. Our body is said to have an energetic tube in its subtle anatomy that runs from our crown to root or pelvis. It is also capable of connecting to earth and earth’s core from below and connecting to galactic core and heavens above. Our own energy field in the torus shape can be seen as flowing up and out of the tube opening at the crown and circulating around and down to our root or perineum and ascending up again to repeat the process continuously. As we breathe connected, the energy simultaneously flows up and down.

The Three Knots

When you look at the symbolism of the chakras you will find that there are three knots that need to be penetrated for the path of kundalini to flow freely. Only consciousness can dissolve the three knots. In each of these places all the three streams of energy come together and knot and entangle themselves into an energetic realm. As your awareness penetrates the first lower knot, you start releasing your attachment to all the sensations, the names and the forms of all things. You will begin to forge a new relationship to the senses and the sensations that come through them. Before you penetrate that knot every sense grabs your mind and seizes it, making it very difficult to be still and steady. All the meditations that stimulate the Navel Chakra will open up the fire that will eventually break through the first barrier to awakening.
As the second knot unties it adjusts the relationship to that which sustains. The meaning of the second knot is ‘the sustainer. When it is still bound in a knot, you find yourself trying to establish your identity through relationships. This can either be personal relationships or a relationship to a tradition that binds you. As the knot is penetrated, you gain a lightness of heart and play-fulness. You no longer feel attached to any of the forms in life. It will open up the ability to start hearing the subtle sounds or cosmic frequencies that yogis listen to in deep meditation.
Finally, there is the third knot at the brow. Here the knot is beyond the five elements. it is at this place that the Ida crosses over the Pingala nadis. When this opens, the breath balances in both nostrils equally for a time. It pierces you beyond the sense of time and the sense of lower identity. Yogi always states that when you open this centre you will see the past, present and future. when this knot is still firmly tied, you may indeed gain powers, but you will be attached to them. So, this is a very challenging knot to overcome because many people believe they have opened it just because they are having psychic experiences. Their attachments to those realms betray them.
As the kundalini energy grows these knots are opened. These three gateways are one of the reasons that the three locks are so important. The Great Lock puts a slight pressure on all three knots, so that the Prana and Apana can balance in the Ida and Pingala channels.

When this happens you will start to open the flow of energy into the depths of the knot, to eventually untangle the blockage. The Root Lock mixes the Prana and Apana and pulls the lower three chakras out of their slumber, by using the fire at the Third Chakra. The Diaphragm Lock works on the second knot at the heart. This works by pulling the fire at the Third Chakra up into the Heart Centre, which eventually pours into the Second Lock. When reciting mantra and after having applied both the diaphragm and Neck Locks, the ojas (cerebrospinal fluid) in the spinal column is concentrated and starts opening not only the Fifth Chakra but begins to penetrate the third gateway at the Sixth Chakra.

We are able to access the spiritual qualities of this light through our mind, our heart and our spiritual practice. Through practice enables us to fully assimilate the higher spiritual frequencies of light. It is not just a mechanical process of just using some new light and sound technology to raise our level of hertz in our four lower bodies. You are a soul and spirit of light, reflecting and creating through the smallest nano particle of the atoms within your physical form. You as individualized “being of light” have been created from the same energy and Divine source of Light and All/One.

Light enters our body via our seven major chakra centres, which act as energy/light´s gateways in the head and aligned down the spine back and front in the etheric body of man.

Thus we see that Divine is forever in a state of Self-transformation and that the alchemical process whereby the Spirit changes garments from molecule to man to Macrocosm is at the very heart of the nature of Life in its grand procession

The heart chakra is the gateway between the higher and lower body. It is here we must enter, as here all is One.

The Tree of Life, within every being and embedded within all life, is activated as we enter higher dimensions and consciousness of light. Our divine design is activated. The Tree of Life encompasses all twelve aspects God. They represent our fundamental divine qualities embedded within the core essence of our being. They represent twelve doorways of light.

A portal links nonphysical hyperspace and the matrix of the material world and infuses it with quantum consciousness. DNA is the portal between physics and spirituality, the multidimensional bridge that leads us to the Divine, one day science and … are interconnected, exchange information instantly, we can describe and understand them only if we turn our mind into quantum mind.

When the heart opens, recognizes, and embraces all aspects of Divine or qualities of God, we are led through twelve doorways of light. Walking through these twelve doorways of light and living within their energetic frequencies, invites with unconditional love the emanation of the divine feminine (aspect of God), activating the portal to our Divine-Self. This divine portal of light invites Heaven on Earth—unity consciousness and peace on Earth.

The spring of life is placed in the heart.” This spring of life is the spark of the divine energy in each one of us. When you have activated your heart portal, you will have gained complete access to an incredibly powerful harmonizing force.

As the Heart Chakra opens itself to the flow of all the other Chakras, the energetic sounds of harmony, joy and laughter permeates and surrounds the whole system, raising the vibrational frequency of the power lines. The Heart eventually restructures into a highly advanced technical control center. It becomes the new Root Chakra, the new solar-power center and the grounding base for the new human construct. This new center is the Zero-Still-Point area and has the capability to store our increased cosmic energy particles.

The Zero – Still- Point in The Heart – Imagine glamour as the snow in a snow globe. As we go through our lives we are constantly in motion, physically, emotionally, mentally. And our motion keeps shaking up all of the information and perceptions that we have, creating glamour. Now imagine taking that snow globe and setting it down for a few moments. The snow settles, and the scene within becomes clear.

It allows us free access to an infinite amount of crystalline particles to use and to share with others. However to maintain balance, we can only integrate the amount that resonates with our present level of awareness and the access is to be circulated as a constantly moving current of quantum cosmic energy.

The new Root is anchored within the higher vibrations and begins to feed the Tree of life with the elixirs of the Ethers, the fifth element. It is the long awaited chance for the entrance of the fifth element to take its place and join the residing four Earth elements. As noted earlier, the individual six Chakra anchors are still there, but their energetic signatures have merged within the Heart and form a center of power that will provide the energies needed for the rebuilding process.

Healing of the system continues after the initial breakthroughs and is in direct correlation to the individual’s spiritual growth and awareness. Each rising step towards the higher calibrations promotes the increase in the energetic flow and its vibrating waves are transported, and directed to every physical and etheric layer of the human structure through the new Root. The higher frequency of the energy flow releases the restrictions of the opposing forces of Duality allowing us to travel with less effort.

Because we are energy beings the light coming into the body through the chakras is critical. If one thinks of the chakras as receivers of light, the more chakras one has open and the more open each chakra is, the more light one is receiving. Light is also known as wisdom. More light coming in means more understanding of spiritual truth and greater wisdom in how to use that truth. In looking at ways to reduce our light for the experience of separation, we blocked the energy coming down the light channel in the center of our bodies by putting locks between certain chakras. In the body, we put locks between the 3’d and 4″ chakras, between the 6″ and chakras and between the 7″ and 8″.

These are referred to as the three knots in the Eastern traditions. As one’s frequency goes higher, the locks come off and one is able to access the energy of the next highest chakra.

Breaking through the lock, or knot, between the 7th and 13th chakras is what is referred to as breaking through to the thousand petal lotus in the East. We also put locks between each of the chakras from the 8″ up. Once the lock between the 7″ and 8″ chakras is opened, the next phase is opening chakras eight through twelve. The process continues all the way up the light channel to Source, but that is well beyond anything on which most people need to focus at this time. Considering that the majority of humanity does not yet have the heart chakra fully open, first things first. Each chakra has a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual component. Locking the lower three chakras from the rest of the chakra energy kept human beings in the lower bodies—physical, emotional, and mental. Until the lock between the 3’d and 4′ chakras is removed.

Here is some personal reflections about The Three Knots

Man is born into bondage of matter and matter is bound to mechanical law, so the Mind becomes mechanical

The fall of Man or the Fall of Consciousness into the material Third Dimensional has through the mechanical law created “The Matrix”

Light is trapped in Matter and there is Three Knots that hindering this Light from flow through the human system, and these “Three Knots” then blockages new and higher DNA strands from be activated.
Then the Ego is a results of a subconsciousness process it prevents transformation and transmutation to Higher states. Until the three knots is loosen humankind will be trapped and captivated in The Matrix of Matter.

Then Matter is bound to limitations of mechanical and physical law and colossal and obstinate inertia, obstruction and negation, persuading Life and Mind that they cannot go futher, cannot expand and therefore cannot move to their progress, evolution, and final victory.

This results in the veils of duality constructed out of domesticated illusion and the veil of ignorence.
The Three Knots then hindering the 97% of the hunk DNA from be activated, and these junk DNA is the 10 higher spiritual DNA strands. Then these three knots blockage higher vibrational frequencies from be activated. Wisdom will then be lost or kept in darkness or in a slumber state as the dormant DNA. Instead will 90% subconsciousness energy control human Life.

Then these “Three Knots” is tied to the The physical body, The emotional body, and The mental body these knots restrict the human life to instinctive, emotional and intellectual levels and to the three first physical chakras; The physical body, The emotional body, and The mental body.

The energy in The Matrix working after the concept of limitation, duality and illusions. It suppresses energy and frequencies into the three physical chakras. Activation of higher energies and frequencies releases the restrictions of the opposing forces of Duality allowing us to travel with less effort.

When awakening, or liberation, or enlightment occurs persecution starts to keep everyone tuned into the lower Matrix frequency.

These Three Knots may even be related to the three “fixed” stars of Orion´s Belt, and Earth´s Energy Vortex Grid could channeling energies for the The physical body, The emotional body, and The mental body.

Canst thou tie the Pleiades in a knot, or loose the bands of Orion?” — Or loose the bands of Orion ? Canst thon bind the constellations together, or canst thou loose them when bound? All of it, whether we are awake or asleep behind those veils of illusion, the veils of duality constructed out of domesticated illusion

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