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The Spiritual Wildfire – The awakening of Kundalini is the release of the bound power and light of God present within the human form.  Love, ‘spiritual energy’, would have the power to bind mankind and matter, together into one solid and interconnected mass

The Spiritual Wildfire – The awakening of Kundalini is the release of the bound power and light of God present within the human form.  Love, ‘spiritual energy’, would have the power to bind mankind and matter, together into one solid and interconnected mass

The awakening of Kundalini is the release of the bound power and light of God present within the human form.

Love, ‘spiritual energy’, would have the power to bind mankind and matter, together into one solid and interconnected mass

Awakening the kundalini force within you is not just about attaining wisdom, powers, psychic and miracle abilities. The great awakening’s major purpose is to produce an efficient server of the race. This point is very important and cannot be overemphasised.

After  the purification process you can enjoy the following benefits:

•A fully active chakra system with full awareness of your spirit body.

•Seeing auras around people, animals and plants.

•Seeing into other dimensions and seeing different beings.

•Feeling deep positive emotions like joy, love, gratitude, etc.

•Genius abilities and deep wisdom begin to surface.

•Deep love for people, and a real sense of connectedness to God.

•Supernatural abilities begin to submerge from deep within you.

 •Having radiant health and energy.

“Deep within mart dwell those slumbering powers; powers that would astonish him; that he never dreamed of possessing forces that would revolutionize his life if aroused and put into action”

As kundalini Shakti ascends through the chakras, she becomes subtler. On her pathway upward, she reabsorbs all the creative principles that originally descended from sahasrara. This is called laya-absorption. During this homeward journey, Shakti removes the veils of maya (illusion), which evaporate like a mirage. As kundalini ascends through the chakras, mental limitations are gradually removed so consciousness can shine in its pristine glory. Mental fluctuations settle down and the mind becomes serene. Awareness flows smoothly and the mind becomes a vehicle for bliss and happiness. At sahasrara chakra, kundalini merges with Shiva, who is identical with her. In her formless state she is consciousness. In her creative form she is Shakti, the power of manifestation. Therefore, kundalini’s descent creates increasing ignorance, bondage, and delusion. The same kundalini energy, as it ascends, causes spiritual awakening, freedom, and wisdom.

The rising kundalini is understood to stimulate the chakras and awaken dormant supernormal powers. When she finally reaches sahasrara chakra (thousand-petaled lotus), then the goal of yoga (divine union) is achieved, and limits of time, space, and causation are transcended. The powerful force of kundalini can be used to strengthen your body and enlighten your mind. When used properly, it can promote greater creativity, intelligence, and wisdom. When misused or abused, it can degrade your spirit and bring ruin. Kundalini is described in the ancient Hatha Yoga Pradipika: “It gives liberation to yogis and bondage to fools.’

Your Fivefold Sheath 

Within these three bodies are five sheaths, like specific sections of instruments within your inner orchestra: annamaya kosha (physical sheath), prana-maya kosha (vital sheath), manomaya kosha (mental sheath), vijnanamaya kosha (intellect sheath), and anandamaya kosha (blissful sheath). These five are termed sheaths because, like veils, they hide your luminous atman (higher self). Your three bodies and five sheaths are not stacked inside or around you. The subtler bodies and sheaths permeate and surround the grosser ones. Your higher self is your true nature, the unchanging, eternal atman, separate from and witness to your various bodies. However, you mistakenly identify yourself as these sheaths. You believe yourself to be your physical body, thoughts, or experiences. Yet this is not who you really are. Indeed, you are the unbounded, undifferentiated radiance of Brahman pure consciousness.

Thus everything, from the most subtle sense of “I” awareness to the physical domain of earthly matter, is made of conscious-ness in varying levels of contraction. Even within the most bound forms of the physical realm, the full power and presence of God, of Divine consciousness, are present.

The release of that bound energy is like the release of the potential energy bound in matter that suddenly results in the extraordinary power and light of nuclear reactions. The awakening of Kundalini is the release of the bound power and light of God present within the human form.

When Kundalini awakens—in other words, when our innate power of Consciousness to move our awareness beyond the limitations of body and mind comes to life—then the energy of Consciousness, also called Shakti, moves up the sushumna nadi and pierces the chakras in ascending order.

Consciousness moves from the constrictions of the earth realm, ever expanding, shedding limitations along the way until it finally reaches the unbounded realm of the sahasrara once again. The wave once again knows its union with the ocean, and we experience reunion with God, the Self of All. Now this is the briefest possible look at the chakras and what they represent. There’s much, much more to them and what they symbolize.

Each is a level of consciousness, and the yogic sages have explored and given detailed accounts of them. Each chakra has associated with it certain powers and characteristic feelings that affect how we create our individual realities—our relation-ships, our worldview, our sense of self, and our ways of interacting with the world—when we are acting from the level of that chakra. If you read Sir John Woodroffe’s Serpent Power,’° which includes translations of the yogic texts dealing with all the chakras and the Kundalini, you’ll be awed by the rich symbolism and the extraordinary map of Consciousness they provide.

As the rest — all that forms in space and time due to cause and effect — we must not overlook the existence of Consciousness. Man is Consciousness first and foremost, and a name and form producer and participant in his own creation after that. It is only when he forgets his own Consciousness that he errs, falls into primal ignorance (mula-vidya), and begins to think of himself as bound, limited, a product of nature, and other silly concepts. For higher understanding, then, you will have to get beyond the historical frame of reference to comprehend that everything, including plants, animals, land — earth, water, fire, air, and ether — is all fabricated by the Mind (cosmic, collective, indi-vidual).

When man thinks in terms of a mere historical refer-ence, he remains a slave to time. When man thinks in terms of origins, he becomes a slave of appearances only, of beginnings, middles, and ends — of maya. Man, especially God in mankind, was present long before the five elements came together to shape various forms in nature. If you are origin-bound, then read your Bible if you will (God breathed upon the waters), but make sure to read it in the clarifying Light of the Upanisads.

And consult Swami Vivekananda as well. When Swamiji states that God is not in the Universe, but that the Universe is in God, what do you think he means? All comes from Consciousness; where else would it come from? Nature? Nature is insentient. How can it be the author of any-thing. It is a mere matrix. It is a plant, insect, animal and human body producing machine, but every mechanism has got its inventor. The Mundako Upanisad states it clearly: “Anterior to life and mind is the Amtan.” How can it all be a matter of time, when time is illusory? All of time exists in the Eternal Moment. All of space exists in the subtle-most spiritual Ether. And that moment and that space is going on in you eternally.

The keys for unlocking the secrets of spiritual science lie with the subtle way of nondualism.

We, especially Westerners, need to rid the mind of its tendency cowards sentimentalism, romanticizing, sensationalism, occultism and the like. The idea of the common person is that spirituality ought to be miraculous, attended by all manner of strange and wondrous happenings, like the fairy tales we were brought up with. Thus, and as a result, we see precious few beings striving for inner qualities and character anymore. They all want results quickly, and the results they seek follow a trend towards the material or the pleasurable. But world-transforming, mind-purifying, intelligence-illuminating sadhana is hard work — 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration at the outset. Few want to do it. The Avatar (always one, never many) comes again and again to show beings the way out of darkness, and that way is most always accompanied by self-effort. if you, as an aspirant, long for grace, you will realize somewhere along the way that the inclination to perform sadhana is a form of Avatar’s grace. One will thus eventually realize that Avatar is identical with one’s true nature, and that the true nature has revealed the true nature to Itself. What else can be meant by the term, oneness? In the end it is not a blend, but an Essence. The blend is only an appearance that the Essence takes on in the as yet unillumined mind of the aspirant. As I was saying above, all becomes crystal clear in the interim of spiritual discipline. And so, getting rid of fogginess of mind, in all its forms, we will see that Avatar is ever one, is the Essence of our nature, sports in Maya but is never caught, and must enter therein to awaken those who are dreaming a host of deluded projections and coming to suffer as a result. After the play is over, Avatar dissolves Its current structure back into Maya, from whence all structures “miraculously” arise, but resides where It always abides — in the Eternal Self.

When Kundalini `sleeps’ man is awake to this world. When She `awake? he sleeps that is, loses all consciousness of the world and enters his causal body. In Yoga he passes beyond to formless Consciousness.

Kundalini is supposed to be a coiled white serpent lying one and-a-half-circle in its house at the base of the spine.Kundalini Yoga recognizes these subtle chakras and Nadi and when Kundalini is awakened it releases tremendous energy as in the case of an earth-quake or a volcano. It is usually awakened by a prolonged and sustaint practice of Pranayama and Hatha yoga. The kundalini awak-ens from the base of the spine and rises up the subtle nadis and pierces the subtle chakra. It finally reaches Sahasrara chakra, the seventh and the highest chakra representing a thousand petals lo-tus. When the Kundalini reaches this chakra, the soul is engulfed in soft, divine light and internal peace. This is the super-conscious state, when a soul merges or unites with the divine light. Where the True `yoga'(union) is said to have been achieved.

All the primary powers and energies necessary for biological and spiritual evolution of a man are provided through the ” Silver Cord ” from the cosmic plane , which pass into various parts of the human body through several subdivisions …

Peter Horttanainen

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