The terms animal soul, personality, or lower ego are, therefore, employed to identify any qualified, collective Life Force appearing as a manifested form. The animal and human bodies are, after all, nothing more than an aggregate of elemental lives with their roots in the mineral kingdom—iron in the blood, calcium in the bones, and approximately 75 percent water—expressing their collective conditioning. “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the earth” (Genesis 2:7). This collective conditioning of the “dust of the earth” gives rise to the traits and instincts, like self-preservation, which are indigenous to the form and, in the case of the more advanced animal and human , endows the form with personality characteristics that are viewed as ego-centered (in this instance a lower case “e”). This lower ego, or personality, ceases to exist as a distinct individuality with the demise and disintegration of the form. At death, the animal soul reenters the pool of Life, for “Dust thou art and unto dust shalt thou return” (Genesis 3:19). The human Spirit, in its turn, ensouls the animal soul, “And the Lord God…breathed into his nostrils the breath of life” (Genesis 2:7). This is termed an incarnation. The word “incarnate” means in the flesh, in a carnal body, not of the flesh; therefore, we have an acknowledgement of this blending of dual forces. The product of this union of Spirit and body is the “I am” faculty—that self-aware individuality called the reincarnating Ego—which shall now pass on through its long pilgrimage of incarnation to incarnation, from personality to personality, “unto the perfect day.”

The Great Mystery

The Higher Self is the real “You”. It is a living being with an intellect. It makes choices, such as when to incarnate, where to incarnate, and the kinds of incarnation. As an incarnation, a human is an essence of the Higher Self that inhabits the physical body, and as such, the Higher Self is expressed through the many filters of the body energy system, its DNA codes, and the vast network of energy channels in the physical body. In third density, the human brain and body consciousness interface with higher spiritual consciousness on quantum levels of energy interaction. The organic brain is in effect a quantum energy and information transducer for the occupying spiritual energy thread.

Human incarnations are connected to the Higher Self by a high-vibrational energy stream emanating from the crown. This energy stream has been seen clair-voyantly as variously violet, pearl-colored, and rainbow-colored. There is also an “energy core that maintains the connection between the physical body and its spiritual bodies. This is often referred to as “the silver cord.” The silver cord is part of the subtle body system surrounding the physical body and has been known since ancient times: “Or ever the silver cord be loosed” (Ecclesiastes 12:6). This cord severs from the physical body upon physical death. The situation is vastly more complex than this, as there are many dimensions and densities beyond the ones with which we are more familiar and untold numbers of galaxies beyond the one in which Earth exists. There are Higher Selves for the Higher Self, and Creator energies beyond that.

An important objective of initiation into the mysteries was to relax the magnetic bond by which the spirit is held to the body. This happens in deep states of meditation; in lucid, or conscious, out-of-body experiences; and in states of satori. Many feel a loosening of the bond with the very first Spiritual Empowerment, when consciousness is elevated, or raised in vibration. In this state, the spirit of the incarnated individual is temporarily released from the bondage of the body and can reunite with higher consciousness. When the force field within which humans reside is deactivated and the spirit is freed from the gravitational and electromagnetic field, the multiple facets of the life force are brought into harmonious interplay. This is what the spiritual practice can achieve for human beings.

We need the speed of evolvement to make the quantum leap. It is a world of superconsciousness and extremely refined energy, the quantum level of the universe.

Dna could cause pattern in vacuum, creating magnetized tunnel or wormhole connections that could transfer information outside space-time and into a person´s consciousness

“The DNA has been shown to be able to create magnetized wormholes. Wormholes are tunnel connections between entirely different areas in the universe through which information can be transmitted outside of time and space.

When the quantum light information pulsed through the wormholes hits the Earth, it is anchored by another magnetic field, created by the Earth’s magnetic grid. When the Earth’s magnetic field in turn overlaps with the magnetic field generated by us, the transfer of Source genetic code information from the (Source) to our DNA is facilitated. This transfer of information occurs magnetically through inductance when they are entangled enough to communicate. Our genetic coding comes from the activation of these patterns within our personal quantum field based on our quantum DNA’s ability to receive and translate the information into instructions for biological functioning tasks within this magnetically coupled environment. This is how quantum genetic information patterns a portion of our DNA that is imprinted on the physical gene structure.

These overlaps between energies, vibrations or frequencies following The law of resonance states that when two or more energies are vibrating at different rates of speed that the lower frequency will be raised, the higher frequency will be lowered, and the two will meet in the middle, until they are vibrating at the same rate. This open a portal, gateway or wormhole, a window, and opening the third eye and the way to zero point energy.

Dna not only transmits and receives information but can also absorb and interpret it.

The human kingdom provides the battlefield for the essential encounter between Spirit and matter which will see the eventual victory of the Spiritual over the material. In the early skirmishes matter has proven itself a superior foe and has dominated the indwelling Spirit. The power of the Dweller in the body is as yet embryonic and, therefore, goes unnoticed. Its youthful power, grounded in the lower realms and subservient to the forces of matter, is weak and feeble, but Its future destiny is indescribably beautiful.

Some day “Death shall be swallowed up in victory” (1 Corinthians 15:54) and Spirit shall assert Itself and gain dominion over the world of form. At the most primitive stages of spiritual development the bodily consciousness (ego) holds sway, and the life is lived with strict attention to physical needs; the creature in question is little more than an animal. At this stage the Third (animal) Kingdom conditioning of the body is the dominant force. No dichotomy in consciousness is as yet sensed and the creature lives in a virtual Garden of Edcn with no real sense of self, apart from an awareness of the body proper and its appendages, and neither are there those internal conflicts that shall someday arise as growth within the Fourth Kingdom occurs. The being, at this point, is described as an animal-man, an animal endowed with all the faculties, equipment, and potential for human expression, lying dormant as yet. This is often spoken of as the “missing link,” the bridge between the Third and Fourth Kingdoms, as a disciple is the bridge between the Fourth and Fifth. Up to this point the Spiritual Self, or Monad, has been evolving Its consciousness (Soul) upon higher levels of existence awaiting the evolution of a vehicle suitable for Its use upon the lower planes, while the Third Kingdom of Nature has been busily at work developing just such a form.

From on high the Divine fire descends as the Soul projects an extension of Itself down into the awaiting inchoate brute form and therein anchors Itself through a Spiritual Process equivalent to atomic fusion. A fiery umbilical of energy, called variously the sulratma, aniahkarana, or silver thread, is established, and, through this extension of Self, the Soul shall now live in the lower three worlds of human evolution, the personality as yet crude and undeveloped as its outpost in consciousness. Through this consciousness thread, each incarnation the Soul shall abstract from Its form and its content of registered experience, all that is essential for Its evolution into total Self-realization and Self-mastery on all levels. A spark has been lit which shall be fanned into a flame and, someday, as evolution proceeds, shall blaze forth as the fires of illumination.

A new creature now walks the planet. He has eaten of the fruit of the “Tree of Knowledge,” symbolically speaking, of course, and has been graced with the offspring of the marriage of the spiritual Self and the animal soul—individuality or Ego, with all its attendant qualities— “and the eyes of them both were opened…” (Genesis 3:7). This fecundation of the lower by the higher has been referred to in some religious systems as the “fall of the Angels.” In one important aspect this is correct, for the Soul has indeed descended and taken up residence in a lower form; however, due to this descent, the Soul may now explore regions of manifested being and achieve levels of awareness that would otherwise be unattainable. It has, in collaboration with the animal kingdom, created the Fourth Kingdom and thereby established a bridge in evolution between the higher and lower realms of existence.

The law of resonance states that when two or more energies are vibrating at different rates of speed that the lower frequency will be raised, the higher frequency will be lowered, and the two will meet in the middle, until they are vibrating at the same rate. The middle is the entrance to the Zero Point Field of Universe, it is the The Magnetic Resonance Key to the Fifth dimensions of Heaven. The keys that is mention in Scriptures is not physical keys, but these are Magnetic Resonance Keys, and these is what´s opens the doors to higher dimensions. Its not a physical key that opens the doors to new non-physical dimensions, it is the keys of Magnetic Resonance that opens the spiritual doors.

The more we are transformed spiritually, the more we become resonant with the zero point and Divine energy, and the more the mind begins to merge with, and identify with, this unchanging truth of who we are. The more we exist in this Divine resonance, the more it becomes part of the conscious awareness of our everyday existence. Eventually we become transformed by the continual experience of this energy flowing through us so that we become one in awareness with this energy. This is known as cosmic consciousness. The process of awareness and Consciousness is actually a form of Conscious Spiritual Eating of Divine Energy (light and wisdom) This is the “daily bread” or “manna from Heaven”. At this phase one will get the ability to “Download Consciousness”. This will then slowly through quanta packets (packets of light or quanta packets of information – the photons) start re-programming, re-calibrate the cells of the body to the a higher state of Consciousness, and upgrade from a lower matrix to a Quantum State of Consciousness. From a evolutionary perspective this “the new mind and new heart” is the new brain (new Consciousness) – The Quantum Self Brain (that is not physical but Spiritual). The Spiritual Man has a Quantum Self Consciousness in the fifth dimension Reality.

The animal soul (personality) shall tend to the body’s needs, such as survival, procreation, and the autonomic functions essential to the maintenance of the organism. through the conditioned intelligence and reflexes it has accrued over long ages and shall dominate the show in the early going. Slowly, the power and assumed identity of the Ego grows. reaching out to absorb and assimilate every available experience to which it can respond. Its attention is directed outward and downward toward the world of things with which it identifies. And so one incarnation follows quickly upon the heels of another as the Ego yearns for increased stimulation and excitation, as well as a heightened sense of Itself.

This identification with Its vehicles and the world of form becomes so strong that it is as if the Ego and the ego (personality) have become one and the same: therefore, no internal conflict exists as yet and the sense of identity and unity with form dominates the consciousness. Such an individual thinks of himself in terms of limitation, mortality, and qualities relative to matter and personality existence. In the primitive being. man and nature are seen as one and a sense of unity exists in consciousness. In the more civilized man, we see the results of the growing battle between the inner and outer showing forth as a conflict of interests and drives and the emergence of values wholly apart from the body and its apparent needs.

A sense of duality awakens in consciousness and the man vacillates between long established material interests and the now growing sense of spirituality. In the advanced man, the “eye” of the Ego turns upward toward heaven or inward, if you prefer. and the sense of identity begins to shill to the higher consciousness that has been developing on its own plane.

The will is weak in Solar Plexus because of the seal and knot, and then is subconsiously controlled by the primitive subconsciousness thought pattern, so this energy storehouse is then a mixed of negativity, fear, stress, material survival desire. This is known as the fear-frequency. The goal to the more advanced man or Spiritual Man is to move this energy storehouse to a new root in the heart, and this will then produce the love-frequency of bliss and enlightment. Man has then overcome the the Ego-generator-frequency, and then has a Love-generator-frequency. Fear-based subconciousness has then shifted to a Love-based Consciousness.

A growing detachment from the personality occurs until, freed from the demands of the personality and Its own identification with that ego, the Ego blends itself with the Soul. With this shift of identity a member of the Fifth Kingdom has awakened. Thus, one´s Divine Self is then born in the world. blessed with the Universal sense—a recognition of Unity and Oneness that is cosmic in its perspective and proportions—and who lives now with the conviction of personal immortality and an identity which is Divine.

He will now place even his own Ego upon the altar of the Spirit and his identity shall merge with and become “one with the Father.” This is the at-one-ment that man has, since his beginning, intuitively accepted and awaited. It has been the distortion of the religious systems that has led many to expect this “salvation- to come through the medium of a messiah or savior, wholly apart from man himself. But “the Kingdom is within” and “within- we shall have to seek if we are to find Self and through Self the Unity that is God.

What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters, compared to what lives within us.

Expansion of The Brain and Opening the doors of perception and Higher Consciousness

Expanding the Gates of Perception and open the portal and gateway to higher consciousness through the Third Eye. One aim of the esoteric disciplines is to remove “blindness” or the “illusion,” to “awaken” a “fresh” perception. The third eye is only a symbol of a whole set of extrasensory faculties which come to a person through the grace of Divine. This opening the door of the heart to let in Divine grace. It removes the screen of illusions and veil of ignorance, as it were, off the mind and the person develops deep insights and clarity of perception. The new state of awareness, which belongs to the accomplished Spiritual Man. The dormant centre in the’ brain has been activated leading to the opening of a new super- sensory channel of perception, that is the Third Eye or the Tenth Door.

Now, what happens when dormant centers of the brain open? A new mode of cognition, of perception is developed. To be able to hear is to open the doors of the soul.

We bring our consciousness up to what we call the spiritual eye, the third eye, the tenth doorway, the tisra til. That’s usually where the Soul will reside in the physical body: between the eyes, about two inches straight back. The Third Eye is the Supersensory channel to Divine Consciousness and Divine wisdom.

This chakra is also called your perception centre, so this is where your intuition and connection to higher realms manifests itself.

The Third Eye is the threshold within Man that leads to the inner Spiritual regions. Placed in the mystic Centre of the cosmos, it is the bridge or ladder by means of which the soul may reach God. Known as the Tenth Door, The Third Eye is the door that intuitionally links one to the Divine State of Consciousness. Third Eye is represents through intuition. This chakra is also called your perception centre, so this is where your intuition and connection to higher realms manifests itself.

The ethers with thoughts that would uplift humanity is a free-will zone, we have the choice whether we wish to individually or collectively receive the thoughts and/or act upon them or not. Humans are designed with the potential to be able to receive these thoughts with the opening of or activating certain parts of the brain, namely the tisra til which is located at a point between the two eyes. Other names are the third eye, the tenth door, the spiritual eye. The pineal ductless gland is the physical counterpart. When you have been connected to the Holy Spirit, you have the tool to begin opening to higher thought. This higher thought has been there, but you are now able to receive it. Think about this. Think of yourself as being literally surrounded with higher frequency thoughts and now you are able to receive them.

Expanding the Gates of Perception and open the portal and gateway to higher consciousness through the Third Eye. One aim of the esoteric disciplines is to remove “blindness” or the “illusion,” to “awaken” a “fresh” perception. The third eye is only a symbol of a whole set of extrasensory faculties which come to a person through the grace of Divine. This opening the door of the heart to let in Divine grace. It removes the screen of illusions and veil of ignorance, as it were, off the mind and the person develops deep insights and clarity of perception. The new state of awareness, which belongs to the accomplished Spiritual Man. The dormant centre in the’ brain has been activated leading to the opening of a new super- sensory channel of perception, that is the Third Eye or the Tenth Door.

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Solar Plexus

In the solar plexus, the animal soul becomes merged in the soul of man, and the Divine consciousness is seen in germ. Taking the analogy of the antenatal state and the germinating of the Divine Self in each human being, students who have their intuition developed will see the correspondence between the activity of the solar plexus and its function, and the first three and one-half months of the antenatal period. Then comes what is called the “quickening” and life makes itself felt.

A rising up takes place, and the correspondence can then be seen between the natural physiological process and the birth of the Divine Self in the cave of the heart. Herein lies the deep mystery of initiation, and it is only revealed to those who tread the Path of Discipleship to the end. We are told in this sutra that knowledge as to the condition of the body comes through meditation upon this centre.

The reason is this: when man arrives at an understanding of his emotional body and of the force centre through which it functions upon the physical plane, he finds that all that he is (physically and etherically) is the result of desire, of kama, and that it is his desires which chain him upon the wheel of rebirth. Hence the emphasis laid by the yogi upon that basic discrimination through which a man develops the capacity to choose between the real and the unreal and which cultivates in him a just sense of values.

Then follows dispassion which, when developed, gives him a distaste for the life of sensuous perception. When the aspirant can grasp the place that desire plays in his life, when he realizes that it is his emotional or astral body which produces the greater part of the trouble in his lower nature, and when he can grasp the technical side of the process which desire-energy follows, then the work of the solar plexus is understood and he can begin the great dual work of transference and transmutation.

He has to transfer the energy of the centres below the diaphragm into those above, and in the process transmute and change the energy. The centres are to be found up the spine, but it aids the student considerably if he can grasp the idea of the relative localities in the body which are energized and affected by these centres. All these centres have physical plane organs which are the result of the response of dense substance to their vibration.

The solar plexus brain, which is the stronghold of the Animal Soul. When the lower nature has no power, you, the higher self, “then have perfect self- mastery. The Animal Soul has its seat in the liver and a point of contact in the sex (chakra) centers, while it rules the body through the brain of subconscious mind, the Solar Plexus Brain. It gets powers from all sensations, desires, and experiences and devotions of the Earthly. The Animal Soul, is the synthesis of the lower principles overshadowed by the rational mind. But when it attracts to itself and holds captive the Rational Brain through animal desires, it becomes the personal tempter. This is the great fight in man.

The humanoid has in no way changed, life after life he has continued on the same and psychologically speaking has become worse. And must incarnate again and again, until he or she enters into meditation and raises the energy in the solar plexus to the temple (the brain). This breaks the cycle of karma (reincarnation), and cleanses the soul (light) of its animal personality. True religion reveals that we are the being (what is called God) within ourselves, and for us to manifest our inner God we must first practice ReligAre, this is Latina for the English word religion (this means to rejoin or connect), that is too say one must practice Religare (religion: too rejoin our soul with our own particular God within); But theology has rendered this true definition practically impotent, has falsified and distorted the reference, and eventually the meaning, by localizing the God in the case in the cosmic heavens instead of in man himself. This diversion of thought and aspiration from operable deity within to ineffable, incomprehensible and inaccessible deity without, has affected the sad miscarriage of all religion, which has been the direst catastrophe of all history. It has come close to causing the abortion of all cultural effort.

Self study is such an important part in softening the ego personality, because we can get stuck in various ‘knots'(granthis) within the subtle anatomy. Assuming we have begun unraveling the first `knot’ and initiated the conscious spiritual journey with a desire for enlightenment, (or just a healthier body and calmer mind) with some additional study, and application of techniques, we can pass the second ‘knot’ around the solar plexus. This is where many spiritual aspirants become stuck, because they mistake devotion for knowing God. They love God and yearn for God but are on a different wave length to what He/She/It is on. They want God or the guru to give them God consciousness, without realizing that it has been within them all along. We need to give of ourselves to connect to that same level of consciousness. Give our problems, our thoughts, our karma to God, for that is ‘food’ to be consumed. That really does lighten the load psychologically. Offload our problems, and not just close the door for a while whilst we escape to a temporary bliss phase of meditation. Empty ourselves of our concept of who we are that we may be filled afresh with more noble thoughts. Divine consciousness! Recognizing that we are not our thoughts! Even the noble thought of enlightenment.

This division between body and spirit is central to the Gnostic religious tradition. Humanity has within it an essence of the pure divine that is trapped within an earthly body and a material universe created by an ignorant, malevolent and flawed demiurge. The pure divine essence of the Self is trapped and held as hostage (Stockholm syndrome) in Demiurge´s earthly matter world (the three dimensional world).

In this Gnostic understanding of human creation, Adam was created twice. Ialdabaoth created a spiritual Adam in his own image. But because Ialdabaoth himself was a flawed creation, the spiritual Adam was unable to move. Sophia once again tricked Ialdabaoth into ‘breathing his spirit’ into Adam. But it was not the spirit of laldabaoth that was given to Adam; rather, it was that of the invisible spirit. Ialdabaoth realised that he had lost his own link with the invisible spirit and that the risen Adam was more powerful than himself. After this Adam had within them a spark of Light and the divine essence, and then this essence were superior to the Demiurge they captivated Adam in the physical body, or trapped Light in Matter, or humankind in The matrix. Plato’s demiurge in the Timaeus), turns out to be tragically flawed, wicked, arrogant, jealous (Ex. 20:5), and utterly alienated from the divine first principle, thus turning his creation into a prison holding Adam’s posterity hostage. Humankind is tricked into a belief system that the Ego is God and not the real Self they have captivated and keeping in dream-asleep state. In retaliation, Ialdabaoth and his evil angels trapped the enlightened spiritual Adam in a material body made from the dust of the earth.” The ego can´t see through the veil of ignorance. This work must be done by the awakening Self. The ego can´t change or raise the lower frequencies that had imprison him/her in the Matrix. This work must be done by the Self.


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