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THE SINGLE EYE – If the body perceives the remote as well as the near, the future as well as the present, why does Mind not function accordingly?

When the Pineal gland is normal and stimulated by the Ser-pentine Fire, it becomes the Inner Eye of the Brain, the All-Seeing Eye of the Masters, the Light of the World Within. Ye are the light of the world. The light of the body is the (All-Seeing) Eye. If thine Eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light (Mat. 5:14 ; 6:22). As the Initiate prepared for instruction in the secret of the Single Eye, the “Light of Life” that lighteth “thy whole body,” he prayed that the will of the gods be made known unto him. When he reached the state where he experienced the strange sensation of the shock that suddenly awakens the Pineal. the Initiate cried out,

In 1898 there was published his seven-volume work, “The Future War and Its Technical, Economic and Political Relations,” in which he described the war with uncanny accuracy amounting almost to clairvoyant insight. These apparent mysteries are understood by occultists. who know that knowledge of future events shows signs of some stimulation by the Serpentine Fire of the Pituitary and Pineal Glands. It also shows that these glands are not damaged enough to destroy their function.

The extra power stimulates the spiritual centers and increases man’s consciousness. This cannot occur when the delicate spirit-ual centers are damaged by polluted air, as explained in “Man’s Miraculous Unused Powers.” When the glands and spiritual centers are badly crippled, nothing happens. For the damaged organs cannot respond to the effect of the Serpentine Fire. When partial response occurs, the event termed Premonition appears. Were glands and organs in better condition, greater response would result, and the “World Within” would be more fully revealed. A Master of India said to the French writer Jacolliot:

“You have studied physical nature and obtained marve-lous results—steam, electricity, air planes, and so on But for more than 20,000 years we have studied the intel-lectual forces of the Universe, and discovered their laws and, by making them act alone or in concert with matter, have obtained phenomena still more astounding than your own.”

A. P. Sinnett declared that there is scarcely any spiritualistic phenomena that cannot be reproduced by adepts in occultism by the force of their own will, supplemented by knowledge of the greater resources of the cosmos. The powers with which occultism invests its adepts include control over cosmic forces which ordinary science knows nothing about. There are scores of obscure or unknown cosmic laws yet to be discovered and employed to produce marvels that now would be considered pure magic.


The great Carrel wrote : “Each part of the body seems to know the present and future needs of the whole, and acts accordingly. The significance of Time and Space is not the same for our Cells as for our (physical) Mind. The body perceives the remote as well as the near, the future as well as the present” (Man The Unknown, p. 197).

If the body perceives the remote as well as the near, the future as well as the present, why does Mind not function accordingly? That is what we are trying to explain.

The world in which we live is a world of material :science We are so deeply immersed in this culture and its theories, that it is difficult to imagine how much it has influenced our thinking.

Modern physicists are forced to come up with new concepts that the old-time professor would reject. He would regard them in the same light as paranormal phenomena and ask, “Can you weigh it, taste it, smell it, feel it, see it?”

Today we see the world’s leading scientists theorizing a new world, in which there appears a place for the doctrines and phi-losophies of the Ancient Masters. Their ideas have. not even filtered down yet to the “mine-run” of scientists, much less to the “mine-run” of the masses.

These leading scientists are discovering that Matter is an entirely different thing than we have been accustomed to think it. We have such an eminent scientist as Prof. Pais talking about atomic nuclei, not as different forms in themselves, “but as different states of one form.”

That space as we know it may be entirely different than we have been taught. Is space two billion light years across, or 15? There seems to be quite a difference of opinion. Time itself is different than we have been accustomed to regard it. To Einstein it is a fourth dimension. To Prof. Pais it is something even further extended.

We have now discovered that Time itself can be transposed ; that physics cannot explain many of the things that we observe; that the Mind can influence objects; that telepathy exists but cannot be measured—and many other strange things.

The Subconscious Department of Mind knows nothing of the Time-abstraction that physical consciousness has devised. There is no Time element in dreams.

In dreams we see the past, present and future with equal facility A dream that encompasses days, months, and even years, may take only a few minutes or even seconds of Time The Society for Psychical Research, London, has compiled records on more than 1,000 proven cases of precognition,—that is, instances in which some future event has been seen before it occurred, often, though not always, in dreams

The result of this investigation has produced an impressive mass of evidence strongly suggestive of Mind Power that is not limited by Time. In his work, “The New Immortality” (1938), John W Dunne held that “reality,” us it appears to science, must be a series of “regresses” reaching back into infinity He held that the Time-barrier is non-existant, and is merely an invention of physical consciousness That there is a common faculty of the Subconsciousness which disregards this alleged barrier.

The trance state, either hypnotic or mediumistic, is another condition where Time, as we know it, has no meaning. A related phenomenon is retrocognitionc-that feeling of “hav-ing been here before ” That feeling may be the result of one’s remembering events that occurred in one’s previous life on earth. If we accept precognition as a fact, there is little to hinder our accepting also retrocbgnition.

If Mind Is not limited in its progress forward in Time, it can hardly be limited in its backward reach into the past. In fact, all events are recorded in the Brain, and these become apparent as the Seven Sense Powers come into full function.

BRAIN POWER – The top secret of the Masters was their discovery of HOW TO INCREASE BRAIN POWER. Modern men may think all this is new. The evidence shows that the Ancient Masters discovered these things thousands of years ago. While we are only beginning to learn that man has these Brain Powers, the Masters knew how to develop and use them, and performed what seemed to be miracles

Kundalini Parable “He spoke unto them many things in parables” (Mat. 13:3).

In the Ancient Mysteries the Masters taught only in parables, afterwards interpreted by them to the candidate. Without the Key, the parables cannot he comprehended, and that is the pur-pose of them. In the following parable,

Kundalini is symbolized as the Goddess of the Serpentine
Fire: 1. Growing tired of heaven (the brain),

  1. She decided to visit the new earth (human body) being formed in the sea of space.
  2. From heaven (brain) she descended a ladder (spinal cord),
  3. And found an island (I he embryo),
  4. In the Sea (amniotic fluid) of Meru (Mary).
  5. Surrounded by the Mountains of Eternity (external mem-brane inclosing the embryo),
  6. All of which existed in the Egg of Brahma (womb of Matripandma). After exploring the island, Kundalini decided to ascend the ladder and return to heaven (brain), but found the ladder had been severed from above and the island was floating off in space. In fear, Kundalini fled into a cave (sacral plexus), curled up and fell asleep. There she remains as the Coiled Serpent, sym-bolical of the_ evil effect of carnal lust which weakens body and brain. From this cave Kundalini can be lured only by the “three mysterious notes of the Hindu snake-charmer’s flute,” which is the secret meaning of the Hindu snake-charmer and his flute.

The three mysterious notes symbolize the Pranic Power of the Sushumna, Ida and Pingala Nadia. As Kundalini begins to uncoil when aroused by the “three mysterious notes” of the “(lute,” she moves upward through the spinal canal and returns to heaven (brain). All the real, worth-while teaching of the Bible deals in various ways with the Kundalini Parable.

Cosmic Intelligence appears in the Brain, producing a state termed Mind. Psychologists have, divided Mind into three departments, Conscious, Subconscious and Superconscious.

They assert that our Conscious Mind, usually all we use in our daily affairs, is only a small part of Brain Power. Deeper than the Conscious is our Subconscious Mind, which is many times more powerful. And deeper still, the Super-conscious Mind, so potent that no one seems able to measure it. Psychologists say that it never forgets, and even contains all the wisdom of past ages. On the subject of Mind, Carrel wrote:

“We know that Mind is not entirely described within the four dimensions of the physical continuum. It is situated simultaneously within the material universe and elsewhere. It may insert itself into the cerebral cells and stretch outside space and time.

“We are totally ignorant of the realities that lie out-side space and time. We may suppose that a telepathic communication is an encounter, beyond the four dimen-sions of our universe, between the immaterial parts of two Minds. But it is more convenient to consider these phe-nomena as being brought about by the expansion of man into space. The spatial extensibility of personality is an exceptional fact. “Clairvoyants perceive not only events spatially re-mote, but also past and future events. For the clairvoyant there are no secrets. They seem to wander as easily in time as in space. Or to escape from the physical continuum and contemplate the past and the future as a fly could contemplate a picture if, instead of walking on its surface, it flew at some distance above it. “The facts of predictions of the future lead us to the threshold of an unknown world. These facts seem to point to the existence of a psychic principle capable of evolving outside the limits of our bodies” (Man The Unknown, pp. 261, 265).

Modern men may think all this is new. The evidence shows that the Ancient Masters discovered these things thousands of years ago. While we are only beginning to learn that man has these Brain Powers, the Masters knew how to develop and use them, and performed what seemed to be miracles.

Man’s body is an organized Unit of vibratory waves, animated by Cosmic Spirit, making man an Instrument through which Cosmic Spirit contacts the Material World, exactly as the Bible states. The mystery called Life is the EFFECT of that contact, and the EFFECT is a STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS that manifests in the Brain of man.

Of course material science will object to some of these state-ments, terming them unsound and unscientific.. But it is groping in the dark and Linable to define Life in logical terms, or to offer any reasonable evidence to show that the foregoing statements are unsound or unscientific.

On the other hand, specific statements in the Bible and other ancient literature, in addition to observation and experience, support the above declarations concerning Life and Man. The Masters regarded God as Cosmic Spirit.

They held that Eternal Cosmic Spirit permeates the body atmospheric oxygen and nitrogen diffuse in man’s tissues. Hence, Spirit animates the body (Jn. 4:24; 6:63).

These statements allocate the Kingdom of God within the body (Lu. 17:21), making Heaven a State of Mind, said the Masters, not a place in space as taught by the church (Rom. 14:17). There may be contradictory statements in the Bible, as many men were engaged in writing the various books thereof. But no statement

In the Bible directly contradicts the declaration that Cosmic Spirit is the Power that produces body and brain function in the state termed Life or Living.


What we call Life or Living appears as a State of Conscious-ness. The Masters taught that as Incarnated Spirit contacts the Material World, the EFFECT thereof appears in man’s Brain as Conscious Knowledge that he is a Living Being.

That makes the EFFECT termed Life or Living appear as a definite State of Consciousness on the physical plane. Hence, what material science calla Life is nothing more than Conscious Knowledge of the EFFECT of Spiritual Contact with the Material World in those whose Brain.Power is limited to the Five Senses.

These facts, based on the Bible and supported by declarations of the Masters, clearly show beyond all doubt that Life in the physical world is but a State of Consciousness on the material plane, while Life in the Spiritual World is a State of Conscious-ness on the Spiritual Plane.


The multitude is taught to regard this CHANGE as death. Modern science puts horror in the hearts of the masses by claim-ing that “death” means the total extinction of man. That is erroneous.

The facts show that “death” is only a word and means the end of a STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS appearing in the brain of that particular person. It means the end of the EFFECT produced by Incarnated Spirit contacting the Material World through that particular body.

We repeat that the EFFECT appears in man’s Brain as Conscious Knowledge. When the EFFECT ends, that state of Conscious Knowledge also ends, so far as that body is concerned. But specialists of spiritism interpret certain phenomena as proof of the continuation of CONSCIOUSNESS after physical death.

It continues on a higher plane of being. That means man still exists, but in a higher world. Here is another mystery:

When man’s State of Consciousness in increased on the Material Plane from the common Five Power to the very rare Seven Power, he is then raised up to a higher level of Consciousness,, and competent to SEE the Kingdom of God within, and to KNOW that he is not a form of inert clay, but a SPARK OF ETERNAL COSMIC SPIRIT (Jn. 3:3).


Now we have cornered the big fraud that has deceived mil-lions of people for sixteen hundred years, and done it with the very Bible used by the church to support that fraud. According to church dogma, God, as Incarnated Spirit dwell-ing in the Human Temple (1 Cor. 3:16), got lost in the fog of His own creation, and must be “saved” from “eternal dam-nation” by His “only begotten Son.” (In. 3:16), who performs the “saving process” by gallantly dying on the cross (Mat. 27:50), thus washing “us from our sins in his own blood” (Rev. 1:6). Those who can believe that fairy tale must be non compos mentis (weak minded), and need a guardian to protect them from the snares of the church.


Look within for the Kingdom of God, said the Masters. Enter into thy closet, and shut thy door (Mat. 6:6). This refers not to a room nor a door, but to the body and the blacking out of the evidence of the Five Senses. Material science teaches man that he is physical, and he be-lieves it. He obstructs his Spiritual Consciousness with a strong overpowering physical consciousness. His state of thought is largely responsible for that. As a man thinketh, so is he (Pr. 23:7).

Man should learn that he does nothing of himself. The Father that dwelleth in man doeth the works. For It is God that worketh in man both to will and to do His good pleasure (Jn. 14:10; 16:6; Phil. 2:13).

Man thinks he sees with his eyes and hears with his ears. The eye of a dead man cannot see, nor the ear hear. We see and hear in our brain, not with our eyes and ears. We consciously contact the World Within by possessing the power to look within, not by gazing into the distant sky. Power of sight and sound is limited by the Brain, not by distance. The eagle can see farther, and the dog can hear and smell better, than most men, because of better Brain Power. Limited Brain Power makes men “dead” to much of the Material World, and to all the higher World Within.

It requires a higher degree of Brain Power to see the World Within than to see the sun in the sly. Due to limited Brain Power, material scientists are “dead” to the vast World Within. To them, the World Within is Just heathenish superstition.


Instruments have been invented to increase man’s power of sight and sound. By the aid of telephone and radio we can hear men talk around the world. By the aid of television we can see men miles away. These devices expand Brain Power. They show that Brain Power may be increased to a point where man can see and hear things anywhere on earth. That fact, now common knowledge, was unknown to modern man not long ago. We can now understand the secret meaning of the statement, “There is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed ; and nothing hid, that shall not be known” (Mat. 10:26). An example of this higher Brain Power appears in the case of the great Philosopher and Master, Apollonius. While preaching at Ephesus in the first century of the Christian era, he saw in Rome the assassination of Domitian, as related in Lesson No.10.

We shall soon notice the “Radar-Man” of Holland who appears to possess similar powers.


Man’s knowledge exists in his Brain, and is limited only by his Brain. To increase our knowledge of ourselves, our environ-ment and the Universe, we must increase our Brain Power. Carrel, one of the truly great scientists of this age, discussed the mystery of Mind and Brain Power in these words:

“The individual projects on all sides far beyond his anatomical frontiers. Man difuses through space in a still more positive way. In telepathic phenomena, he in-stantaneously sends out a part of himself, a sort of eman-ation, which joins a far off relative or friend. He thus expands to great distances, and may cross oceans and continents in a time too short to be estimated” (Man The Unknown, pp. 269, 261).


The top secret of the Masters was their discovery of HOW TO INCREASE BRAIN POWER. This discovery they recorded only in thickly veiled symbol and allegory. Thus did they describe in the Apocalypse the EFFECT on the body of increased Brain Power.

But they were careful not to include the secret how to accomplish it. To discover that secret requires much more knowledge of psycho-physiological function of Body and Brain than that pos-sessed at present by modern science—a fact admitted by Carrel when he wrote, “Our ignorance (of body and brain function) is profound” (Man The Unknown, p. 4). By their work the Masters proved that man really has Seven Sense Powers instead of only Five. Some authors contend that, according to the sages and seers, man has twelve sense powers.

The Apocalypse gives man only Seven. Modern science says that man has only Five Sense Powers; yet it admits that birds, beasts, and some people possess strange mental powers that cannot be understood nor explained at this time.

Occult science asserts that the brain contains centers, the. higher functions of which are almost entirely dormant In most persons of this age. Such are termed “the dead” in the New Testament and other esoteric writings. According to the Apocalypse, it is only through the develop-ment and activation of the Sixth and Seventh Sense Powers that the Inner Man can act upon the consciousness of the psycho-intellectual self and discover the “World Within.”

The corpse-like condition of the higher organs of the Brain does not preclude higher development of the ordinary intellectual faculties, apart from the epistemonic powers.

There are, and always have been, men who are examples of high intellectuality, combined with the densest spiritual stupidity. In the case of the true genius, the poet, artist, intuitive philosopher and religious mystic of saintly purity, there is a partial awakening of these higher Brain Centers; while in the case of the Master the higher faculties are so active that he becomes cognizant of the interior worlds, the planes of True Being. When man’s State of Consciousness is raised from the Common Five to the rare Seven Power, that is the “resurrection of the dead” mentioned in the Bible, and the Regeneration and Redemption recorded in the gospels, the Apocalypse, and ex-pressed by myth and symbol in all the great religions of antiouity.

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