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The Secret of the Seven Seals – Gates in both computers and the human brain are logic circuits. They open and close to change understanding. By engaging in meditation, the electrons in the pineal gland are stimulated to absorb the photons, which are equated with spirit or God. The real hidden secret to life is understanding the difference between the spirit-within and the personality without

What are the seals and who is worthy to open them?

The real hidden secret to life is understanding the difference between the spirit-within and the personality without.

Our inner Christ is the Word. The Word becomes flesh within our heart with the event of Bethlehem. We must clearly distinguish between the seven churches and the seven seals mentioned in Revelation. The seven churches are related to the seven chakras of our spinal column.

The seven seals are the seven white spiritual serpents of our inner Christ. These seven serpents are the spiritual part of the seven columns of fire of Devi Kundalini The seven serpents of our inner Christ are no longer fiery, but rather they are beyond fire, even though they are the cause of fire. These are the seven seals of the Revelation of St. John.

These seven seals can be opened only by the Lamb, our inner Christ.

Whenever a scroll was sealed, people knew that the document had not been opened and that the contents written in the document had been kept confidential. Only the authorized person could loose the seals, open the document and read the contents. The scroll in God’s hand is sealed with seven seals. In the Bible, seven is the number of completion or fulfillment. The seven-sealed scroll contains information that represents God’s completed or final prophetic word for mankind.

We all want to know the future, and the contents of the seven-sealed scroll have that information. But it is sealed seven times. Neither John nor us will know God’s prophetic word unless someone God has authorized can loose the seals, open the scroll, and read the contents.

When John realized that not one of God’s created beings was authorized to loose the seals, he began to weep bitterly. Unless an authorized person could be found, the contents of the scroll would be kept secret and neither John, nor us, would know the future. Furthermore, God’s prophetic word would not go forth which means that evil would continue unabated. There would be no hope for the future. Caesar would prevail. But at his moment of deepest despair, one of the elders approached John and comforted him with these words:

…Do not weep. Behold the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has prevailed to open the scroll and to loose its seven seals (Revelation 5:5).

Seasoned believers know that “The Lion of the Tribe of Judah” is a term for the Messiah. He is a descendant of Judah (i.e. a Christ descendant, see Rev. 5:5.).

Only after the servants of God are sealed is the seventh seal opened. Then after the seventh seal is opened, the trumpets are blown. The sealing of the saints for protection indicates that the saints will still be on earth when the trumpets of the seventh seal are blown. If all the seals are the wrath of God, then why aren’t the saints sealed for protection before any of the seals are opened? But the saints are not sealed until after the sixth seal is opened.

There is no reason to doubt the book of Revelation’s commentary on itself when it says that the wrath of God begins with the opening of seal six. Only the seven bowls poured out after the seventh seal is opened are specifically called the wrath of God. And the seven bowls are administered by angels. The fifth seal is opened prior to the start of the wrath of God, which is announced by sixth seal. Most Bible scholars believe that the fifth seal represents the extreme persecution of the saints during the great tribulation.

After the opening of the first, the King is manifested; after the second, the Lord of War; after the third, the Prince of Commerce; after the fourth, Death with Hades. Under all these, souls suffer and die in fellow-ship with the suffering and death of the One Who opens the seals, and the open-ing of the fifth reveals them as calling for the ending of false rule on earth, and comforted, and commanded to wait until the process should be completed. The opening of the sixth gives the signs of the approach of the end. Amid the convulsions of the world-order, kings, princes, captains, the rich, the strong, bondmen, and freemen, are made conscious of the One Who sitteth upon the Throne, and of the wrath of the Lamb. All things are proceeding by the administration of the Lamb, Who opens every seal.

The “seven seals” symbolism is multi-faceted and incorporates several pivotal concepts. In its most basic definition, a seal is a verifiable mark, signature, and/or code meant to secure, protect, and validate both the source and the content of whatever has been sealed. Its purpose is to encapsulate, protect, and serve as a test of validity. The seven seals are multi-dimensional, like the seven dimensions.

Revelation uses the seven stars, angels, and seals to represent its hidden time codes about the symbolized cycles. Thereby, one of the pivotal aspects of the seven seals symbolism is the hidden star-angel time code. It is used as a test of validity in numerous ways that religious interpolators throughout the millennia failed to grasp, until it was too late.

This Analogical feeling creates a subtle energy field around the brain that needs to be learned, sustained and grown. An Analogical Awareness uses the new brain, the frontal lobes, and the neocortex with a balance between the right and left hemispheres where the seat of consciousness is and has opened up the corpus callosum.

From here, it allows creativity of the moment to open up and become whole brain dominant. This means that it overrides the left-brain dominant faculty to create “one mind” with the ability to look at all possibilities.

An Analogical Awareness exists not in the brain… but in the mind… in two Auric energy bands around the human body… that direct the whole brain consciousness… from the seven seals that exist from the base of the spine where the Kundalini starts to the center of the corpus callosum in the brain… [the seventh seal] this awareness opens up the seals to radiate their energy vortexes.

This in turn causes the two bands or energy fields around the body to communicate with each other by a process identical to superconductivity. In this process, the inside bands and the outside bands (around the body) spin in opposite directions like a wheel within a wheel… which creates a powerful energy vortex… this allows the thoughts held in the frontal lobe of the brain to coagulate and manifest in your life.

The inside bands have a left spin counter clockwise, the outside bands flow in a clockwise direction with “infinite unknown” flowing into the body. This takes you out of time and connects you to the universe and beyond, above the mundane to the “Void” where all creativity and genius come from. This is the doorway to an Analogical Awareness imbued with life from Gaia… Spirit, and our true connection to the essence of this universe and all others.

According the David Hudson these same bands are also your garment of glory, your rainbow garment, what science calls it… your Meisner field.. and once it is engaged, it literally is about 1000 times what you have now.

Gates in both computers and the human brain are logic circuits. They open and close to change understanding. By engaging in meditation, the electrons in the pineal gland are stimulated to absorb the photons, which are equated with spirit or God.

To activate the sacred interface God-Spark, the receiving electrons in the Pineal must vibrate in response to the appropriate current. Electrical resistance is the essential key to raising Kundalini energy up the spine to engage and activate the Pineal.

The law of electrical resistance is the Ohm, whereby each chakra represents one of the body’s resistors, also referred to as the seals. Ohm’s Law, (Voltage = Current X Resistance) is demonstrated by light energy in photons being converted into electric current when the photons strike a suitable semiconductor device. (“Ohm biography,” n.d., p. 01) These photons are messenger particles that can be described as angels of light, or even the messengers of God.

The appropriate angle of light needed to fulfil the messenger particle criteria in the body, forms in response to the flow of melatonin from the Pineal. Stimulating the right hemisphere of the brain activates the flow of melatonin from the pineal gland.

This occurs by shutting down the left hemisphere of the brain in meditation by letting go of all thoughts. The logic circuits engaged in meditation are gates through which an increased understanding is offered. NASA released a paper referring to the ability to change logic circuits in computers by using light and living tissue. (NASA science beta [N.A.S.A.], 2000, p. 1).

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