The power of meditation and 11 different levels or goals with meditation

The power of meditation and 11 different levels or goals with meditation

The ultimate goal of meditation, of course, is kensho, satori, nirvana, divine bliss -enlightenment, by whatever name it has been given.

Satori from the word saturo, to know. This is not knowledge gained empirically but intuitive knowledge. A word with a similar meaning to satori is kensho, literally ‘seeing nature’.

It is taught that our sole spiritual task is to directly experience this awakening to our true nature, which is known as enlightenment. This is the essence of self-realization and spiritual illumination, and also the meaning of satori.

Satori is decidedly different from the knowledge available through discursive reasoning. Rather, the true knowledge of satori is intuitive; it dwells on the meaning behind thoughts and words.

Satori experience, a release of the ego through self

In Zen Buddhism this ultimate state is called satori or kensho; Hindus label it Samadhi; Taoists name it absolute Tao; Sufis speak of Jana; modern Western mystics call it a peak experience.

“Nirvana” means literally “no (nir) wind (vana).

Neravana, from nera, ‘without,’ and vana ‘life’

Literally, it means “nobreath.

And nobreath symbolize the “vaccum” state of zero point energy above seventh chakra.

The vacuum is not empty space, but a fluctuating field filled with zero-point energies

The quantum vacuum is the ground and source of everything and everyone that exists, conscious and unconscious, the driving force that causes the universe to evolve as it does, the prime substance that gives rise to all substance.

Quantum is the sum of all possibilities.

This living energy and what we consider our consciousness, merges with all energy at, what the quantum physicists would call, the final unity of the “vacuum zero point field.” This is the Nirvana state and meaning of “nobreath” in the vaccum universe. And in same way there is nobreath in vaccum, and there is no ego of duality in Oneness. These state of the mind is represents through the chakra system; sixth chakra dissolves ego and duality, so ego and duality exist in the fifth chakra, and breath is also controlled by the fifth chakra, and the seventh chakra is represented by the “vacuum zero point field” (Nirvana state).

Some of the fifth chakra functions and attributes is;

Represents “ether”, “mind”, and “sound” (and hearing)
Controls all forms of communication
Breathing and air/sky
Fifth sense -hearing
State of duality
Ego and perception
Controls emotions and desires
Creation of matter (through ether)

Ether is the first element in the process of create matter (ether, air, fire, water and earth/matter), and ether represents the “mind” and “sound” and hearing is the first of the five senses, and the fifth chakra also control all communication in the air/sky/space.

New advanced methods of sound control and mind control

ELF – Electro magnetic frequency weapon
Syntetthic telepathy
Voice to skull technology
Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS)
High frequency devices to heat up the ionosphere/atmosphere and use of chemtrails (and nanoparticles)
Organized Gang Stalking (sound terror and noise harassment)

Mind Control with silent Sounds: The mind-altering mechanism is based on a subliminal carrier technology. “The Sound of Silence” (silent frequency weapons) is the code word for certain psychotronic weapons of mass mind-control.

Nonlethal weapon which includes (1) a neuro-electromagnetic device which uses microwave transmission of sound into the skull of persons by way of pulsed-modulated microwave radiation; and (2) a silent sound device which can transmit sound into the skull of persons.

These devices and weapons, which broadcast sound into the skull of persons by way of pulse-modulated microwave radiation; and (2) a silent sound device, which can transmit ultrasound (above human hearing) into the skull). Then these sounds and frequencies of ultrasounds is above the range for human hearing, these sounds can be heard through the “pineal gland”, and pineal gland is related to “Nirvana” and spiritual awakening. Nirvana is meditation and sounds frequency weapons interfere and blocking and/or controlling wavelengths. The use of radio frequency energy as a carrier for “silent death” has reached varying degrees of completion. It is now possible to disrupt the entire living system with weapons growing out of this field of silent frequency weapons.

Then these Nonlethal weapon frequency weapons is been designed to pass above the range of human hearing the purpose is to target the pineal gland (nirvana and stillness of the mind) and pollute it with sound terror and noise harassment. Nirvana represents Oneness, and the three dimensional world represents the concept of duality and the Matrix.

Yoga means to stilling the mind, lowering the brain wave frequency, emptying the influencing brain waves, cooling off the mind. The organized stalking and use of frequency weapon using sounds to create “emotions or waves”, and create emotions of negativity, stress, fear, panic, anger with their daily psychological warfare actions.

The second chakra is also described by some to be located over the spleen. The element of this chakra is water, therefore, the chakra corresponds to bodily functions having to do liquid; circulation of blood, urinary, elimination, sexuality, and reproduction, as well all the qualities of water on earth and all water in humans, such as flow, formnessless, fluidity. This chakra is the center of sexuality as well as emotions, sensation, pleasure, movement, and nurturance. In the Tree of Life, the second chakra correspond to Yesod, the sphere of water and moon (and gravitational forces). Its associated celestial body is the moon which pulls the ocean of water to and fro in dualistic rhytmic motion. Water is everywhere; and everywhere there is water, the moon has some control over it. Emotion and self-image are therefore all under the control of the water element. It controls the mind and the emotions, and through emotions the amygdala (watch-tower) can indirectly be controlled by the “fight and flight” reaction, or through a stressful enviroment, or using constant sounds/noise as disturbances, the glands can through emotions be controlled so they they releasing hormones in stressful enviroment or when other using fear-mongering methods to gain domination, and interference with sounds or frequency sounds can change breathing and heart-rate, in same way synthetic telepathy or voice to skull technology can create sleep deprivation.

The mind “stops” when it thinks instead of knows, when it tries instead of letting-go. Morpheus thus prods Neo to “Stop try-ing to hit me and bit me” (italics mine). The mind stops when it places itself at a distance from the body. As long as the mind stops, it is not one with the body. In the martial arts, freeing the mind means bridging the distance between oneself and one’s opponent. For there is no opponent, just as there is no spoon. In this respect, Neo’s meeting with the Oracle shows Neo’s inability to free his mind. Despite his perfecting the techniques involved in his training, which is essentially spiritual training, he still possesses doubts and fears about his true nature. Keep in mind that the Oracle never actually states that Neo is not the One. It is Neo who says this. The Oracle acts as the minor for Neo’s doubting, detained mind. Freeing the mind means having an undetained mind, a mind that is not “fixed.” Freeing the mind therefore means acquiring the state of “no-mind,” what Zen Buddhists refers to as musbin. This no-mind is also no-reflecting. This is the other edge of the sword. The Buddha urges us to reflect, but also instructs us to free ourselves from reflection. This no-reflecting ultimately frees the mind. Morpheus constantly reminds Neo that he needs to “free the mind.” Neo’s life as well as the lives of all in the Matrix has become a “prison for the mind.” Freeing the mind comes about when we break through the bather of rationalization and reflection, when we recognize the limits of reason and realize that all reason and logic inevitably hits a brick wall. This is the true “sound of inevitability.” The barrier of reflection is shattered when Neo experiences no-mind, or no-reflecting.

Only by letting go of the mind, can we free the mind. And only when we free the mind can we free ourselves. Within the Buddhist mirror, the mind is the ultimate Matrix. The mind enslaves us when we become attached to illusion, when we convince ourselves that the world we see and reflect on is the real world.

Morpheus reveals human condition and predicament—that the world as we know it is a “prison for the mind.” Note that Morpheus states “prison for the mind,” and not “prison of the mind.” This is clearly a sign of hope. If Neo’s life is a prison of the mind, then liberation seems less likely. But, his life has become a prison for the mind. This means that liberation from this prison is possible. And it is possible precisely through the mind, by freeing the mind.

Ephesians 6:12 says; For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against PRINCIPALITIES, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

“The spiritual (or alien/archons) group” requires that we don’t develop our natural psychic senses (open the third eye and learn yoga science of liberation), because this would give us the ability to see beyond “the veil of ignorance” that’s been set in place around us for eons and thousends of years. With our natural psychic senses fully developed, we would begin to intuitively become aware of their presence and the lies that have distorted our perceptions of ourselves and our world for so long. Recognizing and developing our psychic abilities would free us from the clutches of any deceptions that they have used against us for most of our history. It has been deeply ingrained into the social fabric to doubt and even ridicule anyone who purports to have psychic powers. The commonly held belief that we don’t have these abilities is by itself the greatest impediment to our being able to develop and use them. The heart center is surrounded by what has been called the “veil of tears,” and it is the last veil to be cleared on the path of enlightenment. We learn then to see beyond the illusion and limitations of ordinary reality.

Beyond the third eye and above the seventh chakra sound waves cannot travel through vaccum, in same way the ego can´t exist in the higher state of consciousness because of its duality. And at the sixth chakra the ego and duality is dissolved, and psychological warfare is the ego:s war to prevent the soul from ascending above the sixth chakra. And then the fifth chakra (in the descending process) also is the first chakra where the Divine state is been disconnected (from oneness – 6th chakra to the duality state – 5th chakra). If one ascending upwards from the fifth to the sixth chakra – duality and ego is been replaced/dissolved with Higher Self and Intuition. And sound terror is been used to prevent spiritual growth and this ascending process.

All waves known before electromagnetic waves required a medium in which to travel. For example, sound waves can travel through air, but not through a vacuum. There is no obvious medium necessary for the propagation of electromagnetic waves. Physicists postulated a medium that is difficult to detect, called the luminiferous ether, or simply the ether. The ether supposedly fills all of (physical) space. Once we have a medium, then we have a reference frame for the motion of the waves. For example, the speed of sound is measured with respect to the air through which it is moving. An observer moving through the medium will detect a different speed for the waves than an observer at rest in the medium.

It is interesting to compare the observability of the luminiferous ether with that of air, since both function as the medium of some perceptual information. One does not hear the air that is vibrating and carrying the sound wave, just as one does not see the ether which is vibrating and carrying the light wave. But with air there are alternative ways to observe which do not require inference to its role as a medium of information.

The case of the ether also has a message for manipulability. One can manipulate the ether.

The ether is the fifth element that pervades or relates to the four elements of earth, air, fire and water and it is the fire of lightning; and it flows like water, or at least ‘electricity behaves like an incompressible fluid.

The way ether can be manipulated is through heat and even particle catalyst as the “accelerators”. Ether is related to the “fifth chakra” and represents “ether”, “mind”, and “sound” (and hearing), and controls all forms of communication in the air/sky/space and the fifth chakra also controls the sense of “hearing”, and the fifth chakra as the “mind” also control emotions and desires, and the ego and perception. In the wheel of control the “Ether” element rules of the “Earth” element. Ether is the elements that creates matter through (ether, air, fire, water and earth).

When the element of ether through manipulation is heated up this could be used for mind control of human thoughts.

Through artificial technology and different forms of high frequency energy auroral devices can boil the upper atmosphere. lt is an advanced model of an “ionospheric heater. The billions of watts of electricity (megawatts of radio energy) into the ionosphere heats up a targeted area of the Earth’s atmosphere.

What may looks like an advanced model of an “ionospheric heater” of the atmosphere could actually be an advanced model of an “brain heater” and heating up the element of “ether” and mind control of the masses, and chemtrails may be the catalyst of this process to get access to control the mind.

The human body is built up of five bodies, one inside the other: the physical body, the mental body, the energy body, the etheric body, and the spiritual body. The mental body is the mind (second chakra), and the second chakra has formed the fifth chakra (also mind). Then the sixth chakra dissolves ego and duality, so does ego and duality exist in the fifth chakra.

Now, what are waves? Waves according to Science are nothing but simple harmonic motion in a medium. We can have waves in the sea in which case the medium is liquid water. We can have sound waves in air in which case the medium is a gas. But the most extraordinary waves are those of light. These can exist in and travel through space without a medium. Formerly, physicists thought that an extremely tenuous medium called luminiferous ether filled all space and the electro-magnetic light waves travelled through this medium. But the most rigorous scientific experiments failed to indicate the presence of such a medium and the idea of an ether filling all space hass been practically abandoned and light is now supposed to exist and travel without a medium of any kind.

We are thus face to face with another strange and rather startling fad discovered by Science, that light waves can exist and travel without a medium of any kind. They do not require any kind of tangible medium for their expression, not even such a tenuous thing as the hypothetical ether of Science. When light is travelling from one star to another for millions of years it is travelling in empty space. What is the significance of this phenomenon? According to Science and our own experience there is nothing else in existence except mind, energy and matter and if light can travel and exist without matter it means that it must travel and exist in the medium in which the mind works. Or, to put it in other words, light is a motion not of any material medium like the ether but of a mental medium. We have no idea what this mental medium is like but if there is nothing else in our experience which can serve as a medium except matter and mind and the very basis of matter does not exist it is natural to presume that light waves, or radiation as these are generally called, are somehow dependent upon the mind or are a function of the mind. All forms of matter are derived from radiation and radiation itself is derived from mind in some way. Wave motion without some kind of medium, if we think about it, is an impossibility and the only other medium besides the material which we know of is the mental.

The word “Nirvana” means “no wind” or “nobreath” and it means “blowing out” or cooling off. Yoga teaches how to stilling the mind or emptying it of thought waves one can recognise the thought packets coming from external (ego) sources and by activerly intervening as they come one can get rid of their effects on the mind.

The process of “Nirvana” is the process of stilling the mind (ego) and emptying influencing brain waves of mind control, and this stilling down is also a process of cooling off, and through this one become get awareness, and the opposite to this process of nirvana and its liberation from the “Matrix” of control – is to heat up the “ether” (ionosphere and atmosphere with megawatts of radio energy).

The aerosol program going on in the sky over our heads remains secret because for the first time in human history, we are being forced to live in a chemicalized atmosphere more like a plasma “battery” than the sky our forebears enjoyed. Global powerbrokers monitor and map our every movement while subjecting all of biological life to ionized aerosols loaded with experimental biological and chemical agents.

The opposite meaning to Nirvana and its liberation from matter and the matrix of control is; ‘Man does not have the right to develop his own mind.” Nirvana symbolize liberation and the universal mind and intuition, and the Matrix of matter is the opposite to Nirvana.

Literally, “Nirvana” means “blowing out” or “cooling off” or even “extinguishing, What is cooled is the fire of craving, and what is extinguished is the desire-self (ego), and it means freedom from the basic ego dominated needs and desires that is controlled through the five senses. And the sixth chakra dissolves ego and duality. This must represent the process of blowing out the fire of the lesser self and its desire-fire. The flame is blown out,” as the word Nirvana means, the three-tongued fire of lust, ill-will, and delusion, has vanished.

Nirvana means “extinction” or “extinguishment,” as in the extinguishing or blowing out of a candle flame or the dying out of a fire. In nirvana, what is to be “blown out” is the last trace of the illusion of the separate self.

Blowing out” the flame of desire (the literal meaning of ”nirvana”) can human beings be liberated from the eternal cycle of death and rebirth on the wheel of samsara, the wheel of suffering and inpermanence.

Ego and duality can´t exist in the state of Oneness. Nirvana means liberation.

Attaining nirvana means blowing out the burning flame of self-will, making ourselves poor in selfhood so as to be rich in Divineness and God. When the fire of human desires is blown out, it can experience the effects of bliss.

The Universal Mind, the Kingdom of Heaven, Nirvana—they are all within you. The way to experience it, however, is not by dying and going there but by living—and giving—from there.

Christ says: “The kingdom of God is within you,”. Other translations read: “The kingdom of God is among you.” Yet the two translations do not contradict each other (contrary to what theologians think); rather, they enhance each other. The reality of all-encompassing being, the reality of the Universal Mind is within you and simultaneously is the reality beneath your very feet. The Zen masters said: “Look beneath the soles of your feet, there you will find Tao, there you will find nirvana.”

“The clouds that cross the sky do not take root anywhere, they have no abode, much less do the discriminating thoughts that cross the mind. As soon as the Self-Mind is seen, all discrimination ends.” What takes root is the ego in the substance matter and is feed with desires.

The Taoists said, “The Tao that is expressed in words is not the eternal Tao.

Here is some example of different levels of meditation

  1. Relaxing through breathing
  2. Brain wave control
  3. Descending and ascending
  4. Building new pathways, bridges
  5. Building a “new”cables or fibres to unused brain parts and get access to higher consciousness
  6. Evolving Psi and supernatural abilities
  7. Evolving perception, sixth sense, and intuition
  8. Activation of new dna strands
  9. The goal is self-realisation as a Divine being
  10. Creativity, working with Light, healing, Zero-point energy, Co-creator
  11. The highest goal is “Nirvana” or “Bliss Consciousness”.
  12. Relaxing through breathing
    Meditation is not just a relaxing method for the mind through breathing, it is a spiritual concept for working with Light and Consciousness

When meditation is mastered, the mind is unwavering like the flame of a lamp in a windless place Bhagavad Gita 6:19

“Meditate upon these things; give thyself wholly to them; that thy profiting (your progress, your promotion or your advancement) may appear to all.” 1 Timothy 4:15

Spiritual empowerment is the personal awakening to its power. We have all the opportunity to awaken to the reality that we are spiritual beings in a biological body. Humans is a soul with a body, not a body with a soul. The body likes to be in control (through five senses) and the spirit has to be awakened to its power. That is the process of becoming aware that we are more than humans with bodies. Once we become aware, we start a process of transformation that requires us to set up our sights on the intention of heightened awareness.

When dormant energy awakens, it rises along the Sushumna through the chakras to unite above the Crown chakra. This union is described as bliss and is the transcendence of the body and the fusion of Earth with Heaven. The state of duality is transformed into Oneness. The duality (space and time) of the Earthplane (three dimensional world) is dissolved into bliss of union of Oneness. In other words, one reaches, the consciousness of non-duality, the oneness of the self with the supreme Self. When duality is dissolved the “Third Eye,” a power of perception and insight then enables them to grasp the meaning under the surface of things and phenomena.

Our consciousness, however, being non-material, is not limited to matter. Just as light exists independently of shadows and darkness, consciousness is independent of matter. The consciousness of each human being has the potential of going beyond the limitations of material sense perception, even beyond the limitations of the body. The awakening process is a shift of consciousness and perceptions; from to be a body with a soul to soul with a body, and it is a shift from a body/ego perception to Universal Spiritual Perception of the real Divine.

  1. Brain wave control

Humans were thought to have five bodies, the physical body being the densest of them (annamaya); the next would be the vital body (pranamaya); the following one was even subtler than the previous ones, the mental body of movement of mind and thought, or (manomaya).

Every element of (ether, air, fire, water and earth) has a body connected to it or a chakra, and is connected to a certain frequnecy, and this is connected to a certain brain waves, and brain waves is conencted to the five senses.

Science of “yoga” teaches the understanding the nature of thought packets (quanta packets or photons which is carriers of light packets with information). By stilling the mind or emptying it of thought waves (the awaken and stillness of the mind) can recognise the thought packets coming from external (ego) sources and by activerly intervening a they come one can get rid of their effects on the mind. It is like create a filter system similar to that used by the present e-mail programs to get rid of spam mails. The human brain is not only a receiver but also a transmitter of thought packets. With practice of “Yoga” we can tune the brains to recieve knowledge and thought packets at will. The abilty to sending and receiving (telepathy) thought packets is governed through the power of concentration. When once mind is completely calmed devoid of any thought waves then it becomes like a pure crystal. Human emotions are a product of both internal working of the brain and extern stimuli. Thought packets are a major external input and can make the mind (or ego) work in a certain manner.

The practice of Yoga as Science enable one to merge with the Divine Universal Self. This merging of individual consciousness with universal consciousness creates a “divine union” called “yoga”. The practice that leads to this state of self-mastery is also called “yoga”. So the royal road and the destination have the same name, “yoga”. Those who practice yoga are called yogis and those who master yoga are also called yogis. Yoga teaches self-mastery and how to stilling of all “thought waves” (brain waves) or mental modifications, thereby making the mind fit for concentration and meditation. science of yoga teaches; self-control, religious observances, physical postures, control of breath, withdrawel of the five senses, concentration, meditation, and wisdom state.

The word “yoga” means “to join”. The science of “yoga” teaches of the individual consciousness can “join” with universal consciousness. Yoga teaches the methods of merging the individual will with the cosmic will by controlling the mind and its modifications, thereby attaining liberation. On the physical plane, yoga bestows good health and physical efficiency; on the mental plane concentration, balance of mind, and peace. On the spiritual plane, it guarantees liberation from the chain of birth and death, and offers eternal bliss, immortality, perfection, and everlasting peace. The ultimate objective of yoga is not only individual liberation, but the transformation of the entire human race. It aims to instill a divine nature and life into the physical, mental, and spiritual life of humanity.

Yoga provides a technology, a method by which anyone who practices it can experience that divine identity within. To fully appreciate the value of the great gift of “yoga” can provide, e need to understand why, for thousends of years, the Yogis kept in secret. Then “yoga” provides “spiritual technology” and with this follows power, because knowledge gives power, and power can be corrupt, so they kept this knowledge secret.

  1. Descending and ascending

The mystical ladder, upon which angels were ascending and descending, shews that there is an eternal communication between heaven and earth — between God and man. This ladder, with its foot on the earth, and its top in heaven.

When the practice is perfected, the breath may be visualised as a stream of light ascending and descending sushumna nadi within the spine.

It is an advanced process of sushumna breathing, during which one directs ascending life force through the chakras with inhalation and allows the force to descend during exhalation.

  1. Three bridges in the brain

Third Eye Bridge (dissolves ego and duality and is replaced through intuition). The pituitary body is the seat of the mental principle, and through this body or centre, the will is energized.

Corpus Callosum Bridge (bridge between left and right brain hemisphere). The hemispheres are separate, divided by the longitudinal valley that runs between the two hemispheres from the front to the back of the brain. What unifies these two halves is the great bridge between the hemispheres, the corpus callosum, or “calloused body (Latin for “callous body”).

Pineal Gland Bridge (bridge between the physical and spiritual world, reality and dimensions). It opens access to gateways into time alteration, paranormal realms and other dimensional realities and connects to the universal mind)

There is not only a structural bridge between amygdala and prefrontal cortex, but, as always, a biochemical one: both the ventromedial section of the prefrontal cortex and the amygdala are especially high in concentrations of chemical receptors

  1. Building a “new”cables or fibres to unused brain parts and get access to higher consciousness

If one wish to understand and improve our mental, emotional, and behavioral functions, the locus of investigation is the nervous system. The person who can dial and tune the receptive, integrative, transmitting circuits of the nervous system is not just more intelligent, but can be said to operate at a higher and more complex level of evolution.

The only way to rewire neural patterns is to interfere with the neurotransmitter sequence at the synapse, thus retracting the old imprint and allowing for a new imprinting. The Corpus Callosum it is where neural connections are activated to the extent of creating new neural pathways or dendritic synapses, between them, breaking the barrier of lack of corpus callosum energy.

Cells become superconductors for an increased Now of photons that increase your electrical and electromagnetic field.

Transform the body’s ‘wiring’ from being simple copper cable to being wired with fiber-optics, where the same ‘width’ of wiring is able to carry a thousand times as much ‘process’ information.”‘ This then allows all the bodies of light to flow in harmony with the physical body, accelerating the alchemical and transformative process of embodying soul presence.

The energy flows through the body with little resistance. They are extreme concentrations of superfood that release a flow of light to heal body-mind and soul by creating a trinity of balance.

Connect with nonphysical realities, or the bodies of light, through the zero-point field or the void, which holds endless potential for new and unlimited energy. The basic idea of alchemy is that you cannot create something out of nothing. Instead, one transmutes consciousness into whatever it is that you wish to create.

If you wish to transmute something that already has a solid form, for example your body-mind and soul, then that object has to undergo a process of disintegration and transformation to move toward the zero point. From the zero point it can begin moving toward materializing its new, transformed being.

The “nearer” one is to the zero point, the higher the vibration. So, in order to prepare your physical body to receive all the other bodies of light, you must raise the frequency, clarity, and spaciousness of your physical body, bringing the physical closer to the vibrational levels of the more formless bodies of light.

When one have achived this proceess the mind have the power over matter and can then create. The super conductivity of the brain will allow one to have the power of mind over matter.

The only parts of the brain that are not so connected with a specific function of the body are the frontal lobes. Instead of being connected with the body, the fibres from these lobes seem to connect only to the other parts of the cortex. This led researchers to suggest that the frontal lobes act as the controller to the rest of the brain as much as the rest of the brain is the controller of the body.

Over time through the spiritual work by meditation, and project our attention upward, these new threads and cables of the mind fuse and widen as a symbolic bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds is built. This bridge is built in two pieces. The lower span links the lower mind and the soul. When we build this bridge, we create a direct channel for the downpouring of information from the soul to the brain, where it is interpreted and used. And through the meditational work new dna strand will also slowly be activated when the slumbering knowledge awakens – frozen light becomes awaken light (enlightment).

Higher vibrational states therefore yield greater electrical impulses and coherence in quantum emissions or holographic light information and, thus, represent a more effective means of information transfer and communication. “Coherence establishes communication. It’s like a subatomic telephone network.

The better the coherence, the finer the telephone network and the more refined wave patterns [that] have a telephone. Once energy reaches a certain threshold, molecules begin to vibrate in unison until they reach a high level of coherence (this could be the fact with Epsilon and Gamma/Lambda brain waves or they create the zero point energy). The moment molecules reach this state of coherence, they take on certain qualities of quantum mechanics, including nonlocality. They get to a point where they can operate in tandem.

The process of communication has been described as being between ‘DNA loops” within this quantum environment, which has a magnetic component to it. Apparently, ‘each loop of DNA has a magnetic field that overlaps the loop next to it, which overlaps the loop next to it. Trillions of overlaps equals one (single] consciousness. This then represents a magnetic imprint, which Humans [carry] around with them.

Since our physical DNA is shaped like helical coils, they most likely function as inductor coils and exhibit superconducting The shape creates a magnetic field as the current now expands across adjacent coil turns. If the current changes, the induced magnetic field changes. creating a force called the counter EMF, which stabilizes additional changes in current.

  1. Evolving Psi and supernatural abilities

These parapsychological powers follows as a result of very long practice and hard spiritual training through meditation techniques:

Parapsychological powers

-Astral projection
-Remote viewing
-ESP and Clairvoyance
-Aura observing

PSI is “the first letter of the Greek word ‘psyche’ meaning soul or mind”

Psychology is derived from the Greek word “psyche,” meaning soul or mind. The term “psi” may come from the same word.
The Greek letter psi (symbol ψ) is used to represent water potential.

Water potential is a measure of the ability of water to do work and is represented by the Greek letter psi

It is defined as the passage of water from a region where it has a higher water potential to a region where it has a lower. This tendency is called the pressure potential

Unlike particles, waves can be superimposed on one another. For example, when two ocean waves overlap, the amplitude of the resultant wave is the combined amplitudes of the component waves: the amplitude of one wave is added to the to the amplitude of the other wave, and the result is a wave with their combined amplitude. The resultant wave is said to be a linear combination or a superposition of the component waves. Like water waves – wave functions can also be added together to form superpositions. For example, let ψ and ψ (the Greek letter ψ psi, is conventionally used to represents the wave function) represent two solutions to S E for a particular situation.

From water waves and quantum and water potential to “quantum brain-WAVES” and brain waves potentials/abilities.

PSI is the 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet. its translations include esoteric ideas such as, soul, psyche and the unknown. The Greek letter psi ψ symbol represents the wave function in quantum mechanics and has meaning in mathematics and the paranormal. Here, it is not only a symbol, but also a acronym, Portal to Symbols and Images. The idea of ψ implies the essence of creativity and the portal we all must pass through as we journey into the deeper mysterius, beyond the reach words, into realms of artistic imagery.

Psi (the 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet) is defined by the Parapsychological Association as “the apparent ability of human beings and other species to acquire information about their environment. Therefore Psi abilty is viewed as the product of of evolution and a abilty for survival.

Lack of psi is the result of the slumbering brain parts, both the root chakra is slumbering by the knot of ignorance and the frontal cortex is slumbering because of lack of energy, and lack of psi is the result of divided brain in parts. The three dimensional world is the lack of psi-integration, and there is three knots that blocks the process of spiritual growth and the natural flow of energy is blocked, and the petals of the chakras is sealed and the lotuses therefore is turned downwards.

Therefore Psi can be understand as the outcome of synthesis (wholeness); Wholeness is summarized by the axiom, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts

  1. Evolving perception, sixth sense, and intuition

Perception is the process of receiving and being conscious of an object. Perception has several strata. At its lower stratum, physical sense apparatus is involved in perception and there is the awareness of a sense quality in a modified form. There are five main sense qualities: smell, taste, sight, touch and sound. These qualities are an aspect of matter. The awareness of the sensory form of matter occurs in Consciousness. This indicates that sense qualities are outside the boundary of consciousness, and they are to be brought into consciousness by some appropriate means. This implies that there is a distance factor.

Moreover, the penetration of sensory forms into consciousness and their recognition are based on the principle of selection and rejection. If the distance and selection-rejection principle were not operating, then all sense qualities would be the simultaneous content of consciousness. There are five classes of receptors, each endowed with the power of receiving only a particular form of sense quality. After the sense qualities are received by the receptors, sensory paths are created from the receptors, first through the sensory nerves and then through the neuronal connections in the brain, to the cerebral cortex, and thence to an area of the higher brain stem. Nothing more is known about sensory path in its nervous aspect, and there is no further trace of it in the brain.

This has resulted in too much speculation. For instance, that the end point of the sensory path is in a certain area of the brain which is in connection with Consciousness. But this connection does not necessarily indicate that this particular brain area itself is the seat of consciousness. It may mean that the area is in some way connected with Consciousness; and when this area is damaged or removed, the connection is cut off.

If this brain area is the seat of consciousness then is Consciousness distinct from brain, or is it identical with the brain, that is, brain = consciousness? But, actually, consciousness has not been traced to that area or any other part of the brain.

The sensory path which has been created is observable up to the brain; it is observable because it is a physicochemical process. But how the physicochemical process in that brain area causes the appearance of consciousness is not known. How the metamorphosis of physicochemical energy into consciousness occurs has not been explained. How physicochemical events in the brain suddenly occur as psychic events cannot be explained. Consequently, it is not easy to make mind = brain.

There may be another possibility. Psychical events may accompany or immediately follow the physicochemical events in the brain. If this is accepted, then it will mean that brain and consciousness are not identical, but are two separate entities, and their interconnection is experienced in a particular brain area. To explain this, it has been postulated that certain specific dynamic actions of the brain, in which certain areas of the cerebral cortex and the higher brain stem are involved, are the essential conditions for the relation between the brain and consciousness.

How the specific dynamic actions, which are physicochemical in nature, can establish a relation with consciousness which lies beyond the brain itself, is neither known nor explained. Molecular, atomic, and subatomic activities are all disconnected from consciousness, and are not a fact in consciousness.

It is certainly a suggestion that a relation is established between brain and consciousness when the former exhibits specific dynamic actions. If we accept consciousness as something which is neither a physicochemical phenomenon nor explainable in terms of matter, then we think of consciousness as something which is outside the sphere of chemical and electrical energy, something which is neither bound by nor composed of molecules, atoms and elementary particles. In that case, the brain-consciousness relation is deeper and more complex.

There is an important query regarding the specific dynamic action of the brain. How is it caused? If we say that neural-neuronal, centripetal conductions are the cause, then we have to accept that this brain state is continuous, without any interruption, because these conductions are continuous. It has not been demonstrated that there is some controlling mechanism in the brain to exercise control over these conductions. In that case, how is sleep-unconsciousness produced?

The specific dynamic actions certainly disappear during sleep. What makes them disappear? Here is a clear indication that the specific dynamic action of the brain, if there is any, is not caused by neural-neuronal conductions, but by something else which operates from outside the brain. Now, let us consider two important factors: distance and sensory capacity. Taste and touch operate in direct contact with the receptors in the tongue and skin respectively.

The distance factor operates in smell, sight and sound. This means that the receptors and sense-objects are not situated in direct contact with each other, but are separated by a certain distance. The distance varies, but there are certain upper and lower limits of perception, beyond which no perception takes place. Between the upper and lower limits sensory capacity varies in different species and also in the same species. Apart from distance, there is another factor, size or magnitude of the sense-objects. If the size of an object diminishes below a certain point, it is not perceptible. Here, the sense capacity also varies in both different species and the same species.

There is still another factor. If a sense-object remains within the range of the right distance, and its size is also suitable for perception, then there will be no perception if it is obscured.

As an example, if a certain object is placed inside a closed box situated within the range of vision, then only the box will be seen, not the object inside the box. That object has been obscured by the box. which the eyes cannot see through. Other examples are: bones covered by muscles, brain covered by the skull, etc.

The time factor is also operative in perception. Events which occurred in the past are only remembered, but not ‘seen’. Only present events are perceived directly. There is no direct knowledge of future events. All this indicates that sensory capacity is not a fixed thing, but relative, variable, conditional and temporal.

Supranormal perception

Supranormal perception indicates the existence of subtle nadi-paths. It also shows that consciousness is outside the boundary of the brain. Most people are unable to utilize these paths, because their powers in this direction are undeveloped.

The neural-neuronal paths of conduction, occurring in common sensory perception, stop at certain points in the brain. These are the end points of the gross, brain paths. The sensory qualities conveyed by sensory conduction are released from the nervous envelopment at these brain points and are received and conveyed by pranic forces to the nadi-field, and then to the subconscious mechanism, from where they are radiated to consciousness. It appears that brain dynamism is an aspect of pranic dynamism, and mental dynamism extends through pranic dynamism to the brain.

The sensory forms are a series of graduated forms. On the lower scale the sensory forms are gross, and as they ascend the scale they become more and more minute.

Sensory capacity also changes and becomes increasingly powerful in the perception of more minute sense forms. Our normal sensory capacity can be extended to perceive not only sense-qualities lying beyond the normal but also a new type of sense-qualities.

Minute sensory forms, existing in the internal form of matter as molecules and atoms are perceived by the electron microscope. But sensory forms existing at the subatomic levels are so minute that they cannot even be perceived by the use of the electron microscope. This does not indicate that the sensory forms are non-existent here.

The sensory forms continue from the atomic-subatomic level and extend to the subtle metamatter state. At the metamatter stage, sensory forms are subtle and exist as subtle smell, taste, sight, touch and sound, isolated from each other. They are the fundamental aspects of meta-matter.

The mahabhutas are reducible to the most concentrated forces called tanmatras.

At the tanmatra level, sensory forms are the subtlest, and these are the perfect and final forms. Beyond this point, there are no sensory forms. It is the borderland of sense-form. For the perception of these subtle phenomena, it requires perfect ‘nose’, ‘tongue’, ‘eye’, ‘skin’ and ‘ear’.

This means that it is the final and most perfect sensory experience which can only be achieved by yogic ‘mental eye’. It is the superconscious perception, and consciousness elevated to the concentration level is the only apparatus for its attainment.

This perception has two levels: dhyana-perception and samadhi-perception.

The former develops into the latter. Dhyana is that state of consciousness in which the body becomes completely motionless like a mountain; the senses of smell, taste, sight, touch and sound become inoperative, and, consequently, the outer world is no longer the content of consciousness; consciousness remains unaffected by intellective functions and thoughts; such consciousness, thus being empty, coils to a point in which all its power is in full concentration. In this state, concentration exhibits the power of holding only one object fully.

When such a concentrated consciousness is exposed to an object, it penetrates into the deeper aspects of the object and gets its inner subtle power-graph properly imaged in consciousness, and the image is fully illuminated because the revealing quality of consciousness is now maximally roused; then consciousness expands to a certain degree for the magnification of the image of the power-graph which, finally, is transferred to highly rarefied thought. In this way, a perfect and complete knowledge of the unknown and the subtle aspect of an object is attained. Samadhi is the full extension of dhyana when the perception is absolute and automatic.

The chakras have been ‘seen’ in this manner. Is the mental ‘vision’ of subtle phenomena a fact? Are the subtle phenomena real? Our answer is, that the chakras are subtle, but not imaginary. Each chakra contains specific power phenomena which can be made to manifest physically by appropriate means.

This fact clearly indicates that the chakras exist and their powers can be made to manifest themselves on the physical plane. Let us take the muladhara chakra as an example. The power apana residing there can be roused, controlled, and made to exhibit a strong upward motion by dhyana and pranayama.

When this upward apana motion is most forceful, the physical body rises off the ground and begins to levitate by itself without any mechanical aid. There is no form of energy operating in the body which is able to do this. Consequently, it definitely manifests the existence of the chakra, the pranic power and its influence on the body.

There are other forms of power in the chakras, and they can also be mused by dhyana. Dhyana in the muladhara develops natural health and strength of the body and intellective power, and prolongs life. Dhyana in the swadhishthana chakra develops a diseaseless and vital body and intellectual power. Dhyana in the manipura chakra develops the natural immunity of the body, the attainment of long life, and the release of certain uncommon powers. Dhyana in the anahata chakra develops an inner beauty, and makes the body highly attractive; there is also an intellectual development above normal and an acquisition of uncommon sensory powers. Dhyana in the wishuddha chakra develops a body adamantine in hardness and strength, and absorptive mental concentration. All these phenomena indicate that the chakra powers can be made to manifest in the body.

When an individual’s third eye has been opened, the usual meaning is that the individual has had a spiritual awakening. This chakra stimulates and enhances meditation, intuition, dreams, spirituality and wisdom, integrity, abstract perceptions and concepts, and deep spiritual understanding.

Light is innately intelligent and carries higher quantities of “purer” information as well as being superconductive. The more of it you can bring into your system, the more you can transform your body at the cellular level, from your organs, muscles, and tissues to your brain and nervous system.

  1. Activation of new dna strands

Hundreds upon hundreds of scientific studies of the last fifty years have consistently revealed that Invisible forces of the electromagnetic spectrum profoundly impact every facet of biological regulation. These energies include microwaves, radio frequencies. the visible light spectrum. extremely low frequencies, acoustic frequencies, and even a newly recognized form of force known as scalar energy. Specific frequencies and patterns of electromagnetic radiation regulate DNA, RNA, and protein synthesis, alter protein shape and function:

In the same way as cellular and DNA communication is triggered by quantum events (such as wave propagation, interference, and magnetic field interaction) as we have described, consciousness also seems to function at the quantum level, enabling it to extend its influence, unbound by time and space.

Through our consciousness we hace access access to Source genetic code information that we can draw upon and apply to our personal quantum field. Providing new information changes and enhances the DNA information as well as the efficiency with which this information is communicated to our cells and our biological DNA instruction sets. This, ultimately, allows us to re-encode our genes.

“Through our consciousness, then, we have access to Source genetic code information that we can draw upon and apply to our personal quantum field. Providing new information changes and enhances the DNA information as well as the efficiency with which this information is communicated to our cells and our biological DNA instruction sets. This, ultimately, allows us to re-encode our genes.”
Each strand provides us with a different level of awareness. Scientific studies find that we can turn our genes on and off by our thoughts, feelings and emotions. When we awaken, activate and unite all twelve DNA strands we develop access to all knowledge wisdom. When we cultivate a good combination of each of the brain waves we can take full control of our mind and our life. Level one began at birth using Low Beta Waves associated with sensory feedback. This provides us with the courage to overcome our fears and move ahead. Next, at level two, we began to apply the Beta Brainwave Range, the normal state of wakeful consciousness associated with alertness. Then, at level three, we applied High Beta Waves that help us to get ideas quickly. At the higher end of Beta, the brain moves into level four, the Gamma brain wave patterns that focus our mind. At the next level, five, Hyper-Gamma, our imagination shapes our thinking. Level six, Lambda then increases our state of consciousness providing us with inspiration through meditation and visualization. The next range, level seven, Alpha links our conscious, waking mind, with our unconscious mind and increases our creativity. Next, at level eight, we reach the Alpha / Theta Bridge, the balance point between our mental and emotional states. Just above this level, the level nine Theta Brain Waves awaken our intuition, allowing us to gain access to the power of our subconscious mind and providing us with the ability to accept and live within diversity. Following this, at level ten, the Theta / Delta Bridge allows us to access our long-term memory. Next, at the eleventh level, Delta Brainwaves tap into our genetic memories of the universal mind. Level 12, Epsilon is our highest state of consciousness, bringing us the awareness of total unification.

Alpha is the beginning of the soul level, where we create our existence, and epsilon/lambda the deep soul state; the “God” state. Beta/gamma is the ego level, where we exist and connect to the material, slow-vibrating world. The higher the brainwave state, the slower the material state. The lower the brainwave state, the faster the vibration in the material state. So a higher vibration at one end leads to a lower vibration at the other end—this is simply the Law of Balance in action. The Law of Balance is one of the physical universe’s most powerful laws.

Jesus, Buddha, and all the ascended masters realized that our beta/gamma state allows us to be present in the Earth experience. They were able to reach such a slow brainwave state that they were able to transcend this physical manifestation and were no longer material or physical. They were able to connect with their superconscious. They discovered how to reach, and how to master, the epsilon/lambda brainwave state.

A deep alpha state – towards epsilon/lambda state – allows transfer of our consciousness deeper into the soul state.
The veil of ignorance holds rigid structure in place that does not allow the DNA software programming and the coding structure of the DNA to actively integrate into the higher-dimensional chakra system necessary to activate aspects of the hypothalamus, medulla oblongata and pineal gland. These aspects are limited by this veil or partition. This partition is also what holds you in third-dimensional linear time (time as a past—present—future loop) and creates major restrictions to knowing yourself.

There are two partitions within the brain. The first partition is the corpus callosum, a coarse tissue that separates the right and left hemispheres. The original purpose of this tissue was to assist both sides of the brain to communicate with each other. With the Fall of Consciousness and aeons of living in the dense third dimension, this capacity has become significantly restricted.

The second is a vertical nonphysical partition that is perpendicular to the corpus callosum and located between the temples on either side of the head. This partition minimizes the function of the hypothalamus, medulla oblongata and pineal gland and it significantly limits the performance of the seventh and eight chakras in the physical experience. This nonphysical partition, or veil, holds each of us in a narrow field of logic, duality and rigid rules.

This veil is an electromagnetic field of energy. As you think thoughts, the thoughts pass through this electromagnetic field and are filtered based upon past memories or future concerns. This filter instantly draws a similar emotion to the thoughts you think based on those past experiences or future beliefs, fears or doubts. However, when you are in a present-time now experience such as amusement, laughter or play, the filter is neutralized.

It has no negative past or future concerns, no doubts or fears to draw upon. When you observe in present-time, the veil is neutralized, allowing observation from the Higher Mind. It’s here where this partition or veil is dismantled and reconstructed into its originally intended function: to open your awareness of the multidimensional consciousness from where you have come.

Here the hypothalamus, medulla oblongata, pineal gland and seventh and eighth chakras become more engaged, the ninth, tenth and eleventh chakras become accessible. Here, with the use of higher-vibrational Light and colour vibrations, the coarse tissue of the corpus callosum will be altered into a softer electrochemical gel, allowing the right and left hemispheres of the brain to function as originally intended, in full communication with each other.

The endbrain has two cerebral hemispheres, which gradually enlarged as evolution progressed from the lowly mammal to primates and humans. The surface of the cerebral hemispheres has a layer of nerve cells, which is about two to five millimeters thick. This layer is the cerebral cortex, and is known as the ‘grey matter.’ Though the surface of the cerebral cortex is only a quarter of a square meter, the grey matter has got around a hundred billion neurons.

The bundle of fibers under the cortex is the axons, and this is the ‘white matter.’ The bundle of axons crosses the hemisphere to the opposite one—and is known as corpus callosum. Information is transferred from one side to the other through the corpus callosum.

Deep in the white matter are the basal ganglia. hippocampus and amygdala, which have neural collections. The basal ganglion is responsible for the control of movements. The hippocampus resembles a sea horse in shape (hence this name), and the amygdala has an almond shape. They are concerned with memory and emotions.

All these senses except smell pass through the thalamus to the cortex. The hypothalamus, which is below the thalamus. controls the hormonal system through the pituitary gland and acts through the autonomic nervous system—sympathetic and parasympathetic. The former controls blood pressure and the latter controls most of the other involuntary functions such as appetite, thirst, salt and water balance, body temperature. movements of the gut and so on. The sympathetic nervous system prepares the body for vigorous action—fright, flight and fight. Sleep and wakefulness is controlled by the hypothalamus in collaboration with other parts of the brain.

The sushumna is the spinal cord and brahmarandhra (brahma nadi) is identical with the central canal. Wiwekananda” says that the ida and phigala are the sensory and motor fibres in the spinal cord through which the afferent and efferent currents travel. So the sensory and motor impulses in the spinal cord have been identified with the ida and phigala nadis respectively. About the sushumna, he says that it is a hollow canal, running centrally through the spinal cord, and the canal is continuous within the fine fibre which starts at the end of the spinal cord and goes downward to the lower end, situated near the sacral plexus. This fibre is clearly the filum terminale. From this description it appears that he has identified the sushumna with the central canal within which there is no nerve matter, but it contains the cerebrospinal fluid. According to him, the mind is able to send messages without any wire (that is, without passing through the nerves), and this is done when the yogi makes the current pass through the sushumna.

The Greek word neuron means sinew, cord, and nerve. Now this word is used to mean a nerve cell with its axonal and dendritic processes, and it is considered to be the structural unit of the nervous system. The word nerve has many meanings. But from the medical viewpoint, a nerve is a tubular elongated structure consisting of bundles of nerve fibres or axons of nerve cells, which convey impulses, and a connective tissue sheath, called epineurium, which encloses these bundles.

The word nerve may also mean energy, force, vitality. Now, let us consider the meaning of the word nadi. Nadi has been derived from ‘nada’ (or nala) to mean motion or regulated motion. In other words, nadi is energy in motion, or activated energy.

When the energy in motion is vehicled in a material structure, nadi is a nerve. Otherwise, nadi is ‘wireless’ force-motion. The word wayu has been derived from ‘wa’ to mean motion, that is, energy in motion. So the word wayu can stand for nadi.

There is another word in Sanskrit—’snayu’ which has been used for nerves.
In yoga, the term nadi has been used in a technical sense. The nadi-chakra or nadi organization is not the nervous system. In the nervous system, energy is propagated through the medium of the nerves, and the energy itself appears to be electrical in nature, functioning on the physico-chemical basis.

This ‘wired’ energy is restricted in its functions.

There is another aspect of the energy which is free from this material bondage.

This means that its function is not restricted by the nerves, and, consequently, it is conducted in a ‘wireless’ manner to produce deep effects.

This energy works in a supramaterial field having unbounded potency, and it also glides into matter to reinforce the nervous energy.

This field is subtle, and the energy is subtle. The word ‘subtle’ (sakshma) has been used technically to indicate what is not material.

This subtle aspect of energy has been termed prana wayu which operates without nerves. This non-nervous operation is, therefore, only pranic force-motion lines of direction, technically termed nadis. To avoid confusion and make the nadis distinct from the nerves, it has also been termed yoga nadi. It is now also clear why we cannot identify wayu with nervous impulse.

A nervous impulse is a wave of negative electrical force based on the chemical energy system. Its activities are limited by the nerves. Wayu is the patent form of latent prana—the basic energy. Wayu is in constant motion and creates subtle lines of direction, called nadis. Arawinda’s states that the pranic energy is directed through a system of numerous channels, called nadi,—the subtle nervous organization of the psychic body.

The nadis, or the system of nadis, have been described as the subtle nervous organization of the psychic body. The nervous organization he mentions here is not the gross nervous system. It is the ‘subtle’ nervous system, and this is clear by his using the word ‘subtle’ nervous organization. We already know the meaning of the word subtle. To avoid confusion we would prefer to use ‘the nadi organization’ instead of the subtle nervous organization.

  1. The goal is self-realisation as a Divine being
    Yoga teaches The Science of Self-Realization. Its teaches how to liberate from one state of consciousness and how to elevate to a higher state of awareness and enlightment. Yoga teaches how to neutralize the duality reactions of opposite forces and learn the mastery of balancing these energies and frequencies into harmony and peace.
  2. Creativity, working with Light, healing, Zero-point energy, Co-creator

The field is there, Contact with it releases power.

The magnetic field of the Earth are vastly different from the Zero-point energy in the universe. Then Zero-point energy has no gravitational pull, is weightless, and therefore is faster, clearer and without distortion.

When two body system binding energy they goes to zero.

That which can be seen has no form. That which has form cannot be seen.

When these two quantum fields overlap, electrical current flowing through our personal quantum field is transmitted through the magnetic field that develops as a result of the current flow, creating a condition known as inductance. Inductance involves the expansion or contraction of the magnetic field.

As the magnetic field varies, it causes an electromotive force that provides a stabilizing effect by opposing any further change in the electrical current flowing through it. In other words, inductance is the process by which the flow of electrical charge is impeded by the temporary storage of energy as a magnetic field. Inductance can occur without two objects physically touching each other (such as two quantum fields in proximity to each other). Inductance also amplifies the electrical potential of the energy.

Electrical impulses or arcs, created by the spin of quantum particles (photons) as described, pass between the fields when they are in high magnetic resonance with each other. When these two fields are mutually inductively coupled (magnetically coupled), the Source genetic code information as quantum holographic light patterns are transferred from one field to the other when conductance reaches its maximum. This mechanism is consistent with the theory of inductive coupling described by science.

“When these two quantum fields overlap, electrical current flowing through our personal quantum field is transmitted through the magnetic field that develops as a result of the current flow, creating a condition known as inductance.”

What´s science research has discovered from meditation studies is that Gamma brainwaves resonate in balance with Epsilon brainwaves. This could be the inductance when the highest frequency of brain waves (gamma) overlaps with the lowest frecuency (epsilon) and in the middle creates a new field or entance to the “Zero-point” field of Divine energy.

  1. The highest goal is “Nirvana” or “Bliss Consciousness”.

Humans were thought to have five bodies, the physical body being the densest of them (annamaya); the next would be the vital body (pranamaya); the following one was even subtler than the previous ones, the mental body of movement of mind and thought, or (manomaya). Finally, if we stick to the four bodies that science admits do exist, was the body of supramental intelligence (vijnanamaya). So it seems clear that scientific points of views and that of ancient wisdom are very similar. Yet Perennial Wisdom adds a fifth body to the equation: (anandamaya), body of Grace and joy, made of spiritual joy, ecstasy and happiness.

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