The Philosopher´s Stone or Stone of Wisdom is a “Stone of Friendship” with God

He strenghten you, he guiding you, he protecting you, he couraging you, he educates you spiritually, he loving you, he healing you, a Stone of Friendship

You already has his spiritual friendship with you wherever you go.


  • “You are gods, sons of the Most High, all of you (Psalm 82:6)
  • The kingdom of God is within you (Luke 17:21)
  • Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours (Mark 11:24)


The Philosopher’s Stone, Stone of Wisdom, The Heavenly Triune Stone, Stone of Health, The medicinal panacea — The tincture of life, The angelical stone

The Philosopher’s Stone is not just a spiritual metaphor but an actual substance.

From the Middle Ages to the late 17th-century, the so-called “philosopher’s stone” was the most sought-after goal in the world of alchemy, the medieval ancestor of chemistry.

Alchemy refers to a range of philosophies and ancient practices which seek to prepare or develop the “elixir of Life” or “immortality” or “longevity” using the philosophersstone, accomplish the transmutation of base substances into gold, and attain ultimate wisdom. Wisdom from God is the Word or the Philosopher´s Stone and is the Stone of Wisdom, and when they rejected the cornerstone they rejected wisdom from God.

The Philosopher´s Stone or Stone of Wisdom is a “Stone of Friendship” with God.

True alchemy wasn’t concerned with upgrading less valuable metals, but rather with healing the human body and spirit. The Philosopher’s Stone was a magical substance thought to cure illness, prolong life, bring about personal growth, and—at the height of its powers—lead to spiritual enlightenment.

Alchemists seek three major objectives: 1) the transmutation of base metals into gold and silver; 2) a universal panacea, a remedy for all ills and a means of prolonging life indefinitely using the philosopher’s stone; 3) to create new life. Alchemy was also a journey of growth, liberation and salvation. This involved the study of metaphysics and the nature of sanctity through the study of the supernatural and the mystical.

The physical and earthly water-Stone of the Sages has, on account of its unsearchable excellence, been called by a great variety of names by the multitude of philosophers, so the Heavenly Light, the one Noumen and llluminant, … for all unsound and imperfect metals—the everlasting light— the panacea for all diseases—the glorious Phoenix—the most precious of treasures—the chief good of Nature-the universal triune Stone

Mystery of Nature, that is to say, the Spirit of the Lord, Who fills the whole universe.

The philosopher’s  Stone — the medicinal panacea — the tincture of life -the angelical stone

The so-called Philosopher’s Stone that medieval alchemists searched for fruitlessly was supposed to not only turn any substance into gold but also to prolong life and restore youth

The Philosopher’s Stone was regarded as the perfect medicine of man, under the name of the Elixir Vitae, or Elixir of Life.

The panacea was an all-healing  medicine then we have discovered the panacea or universal medicine called the ALL-HEALING MIXTURE.  All” in Greek was pas (pan-) and in Latin either omnis or totus.

The substance of the earthly Stone is nothing accounted of in the world, and rejected by the majority of mankind, so Christ, the eternal Word of the Father, and the Heavenly Triune Stone, is lightly esteemed in this world, and scarcely even looked at ; nay, we may say that nothing is so profoundly and utterly despised by mankind, as the Saving Word of God. Hence (Cor. 1., 2) it is called foolishness by the wise of this world. Nor is it only contemned and regarded as worthless (they say 97-98% is junk DNA) ; it is even proscribed and laid under a ban, like some false heretical doctrine, and it is greivous for a God-fearing man to listen to the blasphemous words that are spoken against it. (If this world don´t understand something they say it is junk)

The believer must be tried by it, and the world sifted by its appearance. So S. John says (John 1:11.) : ” He came unto His own, and they received Him not ; ” and again : ” He was in the world, and the world knew Him not.” Again, as the physical and earthly water-Stone of the Sages has, on account of its unsearchable excellence, been called by a great variety of names by the multitude of philosophers, so the Heavenly Light, the one Noumen and Illuminant, whose riches and glory are past finding out, is designated in Holy Scripture by a large number of titles. We will go through the most important names of both.

The Philosopher’s Stone is called the most ancient, secret or unknown, natural, incomprehensible, heavenly, blessed, sacred Stone of the Sages. It is described as being true, more certain than certainty itself, the arcanum of all arcana—the Divine virtue and efficacy, which is hidden from the foolish, the aim and end of all things under heaven, the wonder-ful epilogue or conclusion of all the labours of the Sages—the perfect essence of all the elements, the indestructible body which no element can injure, the quintessence ; the double and living mercury which has in itself the heavenly spirit—the cure for all unsound and imperfect metals—the everlasting light—the panacea for all diseases—the glorious Phoenix—the most precious of treasures—the chief good of Nature—the universal triune Stone.

He is the only Saviour, and the God of Gods (Deut. x.). Sure He is, and true, and cannot lie. He is the only Potentate who does what He will, according to His good pleasure. He is secret and eternal, and in Him lie hid all the treasures and mysteries of knowledge (Rom. xvi., Col. ii.).

The notion that the philosophersstone is rejected, “scorned, and trodden under foot.

He is the only Divine virtue and omnipotence, which is unknown to the foolish, or the wise of this world. He is the only true essence of all elements, seeing that of Him all things are and were created. He is the quintessence, the essence of all essences, and yet Himself not an essence of anythihg. He has in Himself the Heavenly Spirit which quickens all things with life itself (Wisd. vii., Isaiah xlii., John xiv.).

He is the one perfect Saviour of all imperfect bodies and men, the true heavenly physician of the soul, the eternal light that lights all men, the universal Remedy of all diseases, the true spiritual panacea. He is the glorious Phoenix that quickens and restores with His own blood His little ones whom the old Serpent, the Devil, had wounded and killed.

He is the greatest treasure, and the best thing in heaven or upon earth, the triune universal essence unless the image of Him is first dissolved and purified in our own souls, the veil of Moses (i.e, our own desperate sinfulness which prevents us from seeing God as He is) being taken away, and our inner heart and soul being purified, cleansed, and sublimed by the Divine illumination of Him that dwells within, namely, Christ, who washes our hearts like pure water), and fills them with His sweet and gentle comfort. So you first behold the wrath, but afterwards the love of God.

Once more: As our Matter, in the philosophical work, after being dissolved into its three parts or principles, must again be coagulated and reduced into its own proper salt, and into one essence, which is then called the salt of the Saga : so God, and His Son, must be known as One, by means of their essential substance, and must not be regarded as two or three Divinities, possessing more than one essence. When you have thus known God through His Son, and united them by the bond of the Holy Spirit, God is no longer invisible, or full of wrath, but you may feel His love and, as it were, see Him with your eyes, and handle Him with your hands, in the person of Jesus Christ, His Son and express image.


For as in our philosophical work another most noble and cognate metallic body must be united to our first substance (if it is to be rendered effectual for the perfecting of other metals), and joined together with it into one body and Divine Nature, and to be joined with it into one indissoluble whole.

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