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The pact is also with your ego. It’s about embracing your ego. Here are some things we are told about the ego.

The pact is also with your ego. It’s about embracing your ego. Here are some things we are told about the ego.

1. Your ego is your false self and it’s out to get you.

2. Your ego needs to be diminished because it’s the part of you that feels jealousy, arrogance and insecurity.

3. Your ego is the negative aspect of yourself and the quicker you can get rid of it the better.

These are the things we are told about the ego. The ego has been categorized as the unwelcome enemy of the world for centuries. There are even spiritual books that tell us that giving in to the ego is like saying yes to the devil in some shape or form. In many spiritual teachings, it’s frowned upon and quite frankly unacceptable to even think that the ego has anything good to offer.

The German philosopher Nietzsche said, “The great epochs in our lives are at the points when we gain the courage to re-baptize our badness into the best in us.” This is about transforming our demons into diamonds and victims into victors. A beacon of light pierces the dark so that others can find their way home. A beacon of dark dims the light so that others are not blinded along their way toward their journey.

Today too many people are hiding in the blinding light of apathy and indifference, afraid of the darkness that lies within empathy and conscience. The masses are too caught up in apathy. Indifference is too comfortable and it is mental laziness of just settling for mediocrity. Compassionate empathy within an unfeeling apathetic world requires a baptizing of our shadow, which then lessens the demonization of the shadows of others.

Jung said, “Knowing your darkness is the best method for dealing with the darkness of other people. Pitch black or blinding light is useless, extremes prevent us from seeing clearly. Being a beacon of dark in the blinding light is just as important as being a beacon of light in the pitch dark. “Yet mystery and manifestations arise from the same source. This source is called darkness… darkness within darkness, the gateway to all understanding.” –

Lao Tzu When its pitch black out, light is required to shine in the dark so one can see. When it’s a blinding light, then a dark flame is needed to see in blinding light. You have learned how to make your darkness shine. Your Dark Night was what Jungian analyst Mark Welman calls an ontological “pivot point,” a perspective in which death is also jouissance and egocide is linked to creativity. In this sense, death means a new life: a joyous rebirth. You understand that your ego’s death was merely the death of your codependent, materialist viewpoint. This egocide was only the concept of clinging to it that died.

Walking the Path of Night is realizing that you are adept at transforming demons into diamonds. You’ve rebaptized your badness into your best. Having survived your Dark Night, having transformed darkness into light and vice versa, you have emerged as a paradoxical being dancing in yin-yang delight with your shadow. You realize that darkness was not a thing to overcome, but a thing to be transformed by.

There are seven main psychic centers. The psychic centers are in areas where large numbers of nerves come together and are associated with an organ, a gland, or a plexus, which is along the spine. These seven major psychic centers or psychological centers have the function of accumulating and cultivate the subtle energy which the universal essence brings to us with each breath. These psychological centers that are counterparts of physical organs are responsible for us to perceive psychic phenomena that the physical senses cannot detect. In primitive times these senses were important for survival in the harsh world.

To be able to hear infrasound, ultrasound, see certain phenomena that are invisible to the objective senses, and about to sense danger coming, as many other animals do, was vital. Due to evolution, we rely more now on using reason to survive and therefore those psychic centers gradually atrophied. Still, each of those psychic centers shapes an integral part of our being.

Our goal is to reawaken them to the potential they once had. There is no artificial way to do this such as drugs, it can only be open through visualization, proper breathing techniques and certain vowel sounds. Our goal is to do more than develop extrasensory powers; it’s to also have clarity so that we can be happy by living harmoniously with others.

The body has two nervous systems and one works with the psychic body. They are the autonomic nervous system, which regulates involuntary actions such as breathing and digestion, and the somatic nervous system, which governs voluntary action and body reflexes. It is the hypothalamus controls the body’s involuntary functions and is in effect the brain for the autonomic nervous system. The brain itself, cerebrospinal nervous system and five senses help us sense the material world through our objective view of it.

The hypothalamus, autonomic nervous system and seven major psychic centers allow us to see the invisible and intangible. Our psychic consciousness permeates our entire being. It also permeates the universal essence in the atmosphere. The hypothalamus is the seat of our psychic consciousness. The psychic body and psychic consciousness form a perfect union as in its entirety. On the same note, our physical body is not separated by our objective consciousness.

An example would be a candle flame. There is the flame and the light that shines from the flame is still one. The flame would be compared to the body and the light from it would be the consciousness perceived by the senses.

Peter Horttanainen

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