The Orwellian society, thought control and spirit of mind control within humans

The Orwellian thought control society through television

Clearing throat sound is been used in sport live broadcasting to interfering with your thoughts. From today´s tour du ski and sprint ski cross competion the commentators for SVT make more than 30 clearing throat sound during the broadcasting.

These clearing throat sound is part of the organized gang stalking that is anction on planet Earth today. It not just clearing thoat sound, it is sneeazing sound, fake coughing sound. So there is spirit within humans that is trying to stalking and mind control humans thorugh clearing throat sounds, sneezing sound and fake coughing sound. All of these is part of the organized gang stalking that is working day and night. These may be the archons that controls the matrix humans is trapped within and the archons prevent anyone from changing the human pre-programmed mind and the low vibratiomal frequencies that controls the whole matrix.

Satan wants to think for all people on earth through the spirit of mind-control. And if he cannot think for you, he will torment your mind so much that you will begin to think in his line. People with tormented minds are usually led and controlled by their emotions, and that is what Satan wants to happen. Satan has used this spirit to cause many to lose their minds.

In this area of land or within the matrix there is a constant computer generated voice is the airs that literally is speaking; beaming and looping sounds, words and voices into your mind, indoors and outdoors, day and night. It is beaming and looping words as; “now he is mad”, “now he is going mad”, and fear mongering words as; “now its dangerous”, or words as; “worry”, “worries”, or “anxiety”, and these is been beamed when you thinking, when you make your dinner, or when you eating breakfast, lunch or dinner, and at night when you tryinbg to sleep beaming intense sound to create sleep deprivation and then beaming words as “now he going mad”.

These are goals of organized gang stalking and through the collective shadow hive mind they using collective gaslighting, and organized gang stalking is a design of gaslighting. Wickedness psychology, gaslighting and noise harassment is been used to constant distract, disturb, or distort the mind.

Organized gang stalking is a design that is using all forms of sound to “thought control the mind”, and clearing throat sound is one method they using through the orwellian televison.

The Earth we are speaking of is what you perceive as your planet. Your planet is not all what you see or think it is.

They implement and anchoring thought control methods everywhere; in television, around your apartment, outdoors, in food stores, on trams or buses

The Aryan race of this world is the fifth root race

Thought control method is been used everywhere

When they implemnet and anchoring thought control method and using sounds they using these to sensitizing the mind, to distarct the mind, to distort the mind, to disturb the mind.

Thought control by using by using sound to sensitizing the mind

These methods is also been used when they using colors to sensitizing the mind or “things”, cars, trucks, and music is also been used used to control an sensitizing the mind

This is how they working in this area of land when they implement or anchoring an sound mechanism of thought control or a sound mechanism of harassment:

  1. Long time and hours with same sound
  2. Then constant start turn off the sound and then turn on the sound again
  3. Then start using it to interfering with your thoughts and starts the sound harassment and when you think a thought they suddenly stops, and after a while it starts again and when you using your cognitive thinking system they stop, or reverse they start the sound harassment.

These methods is then been used when you make dinner, eating, training, writing, write a email, when you using your internet bank, or when you thinking about what food you will buy in the food store that you need, or interfering when you are outdoors and walking or running and may think which way you gonna go or run today the nearest person make screaming sound, or nearest car or truck honking horns, and if no one of these is near there is a constant ongoing computer generated voice in the airs that is beaming and loping sounds, words and voices into your mind.

Here is some examples how they implement and anchoring these methods around your apartment and surrounding the apartment and your mind with these sounds;

All of these methods starts by anchoirng a mind control mechanism of sound. Constant coughing for 25 minutes. Neighbors sitting in their apartments and fake coughing every two seconds for 25 minutes and then start using it when you eating, and same neighbor then using running water in same way. Open water cranes for hours and then open and close the water cranes synchronously and simultanously with your thougths. Neighbors above living a organized gang stalking life for 18 hours every day, and even gang stalking in the middle of the night by dropping things on the floor to awake you, and then laughing loud.

Fake constant coughing for 25 minutes and coughing every 2 seconds, after a few days they lowering the minutes. Then does neighbors using fake coughing when you make breakfast, when you eating dinner. So they know when you start make breakfast or eat dinner. Then does people on streets, in food stores stalking your mind with same double fake coughing, and even sport commentators using this methods of interference. And even pharmacy workers using fake double coughing.

These fake coughing sound is also been used by pharmacy workers that starts fake coughing for 15 seconds when you visiting the pharmacy. The pharmacy workers is also part of organized gang stalking and reveals there is remote viewing actions in place. For example if you start break some pills into four pieses the pharmacy workers gives you a advice to break the pills without asking for any advice. This shows how they reveal themelves they stalking the mind and using remote viewing to reveal their own tactics. Everywhere they stalking your mind.

When you exercise at home other neighbors has tehcnological harassment technology and starts looping drum beats. Same methods as when they implemented the 25 minutes fake coughing sound. Neighbors starts constant looping and beaming drum beats hour after hour, and day after day. When your mind has been sensitized to this sound for days and weeks, they start using this sound as mind control mechanism. Then organized gang stalkers can interfering synchronously and simultanously they can turn on and off these sounds in same second you thinking a thought and turn off the looping drum beat sound in same second.

They sitting in their apartments and stalking your mind and using human made sounds and technological devices to control your mind and cognitive thinking system.

Neighbors in apartment above organized gang stalking 18 hours every day. They not hust walking around and fake coughing all day, they also using same method by using running water in same way. They open the water cranes to create an constant ongoing background sound hour after hour, evening after evening, week after week. Then does they start using water cranes to mind control your thoughts. They sitting near the water cranes and constanly turn then off and on simutanously when you thinking. Neighbors above not just sitting and controls the waterflow, they also sitting with drilling machines in their hands and starts these on and off when you writing. or sitting with a hammer in their hand and walking around in their apartments and hammering in both walls and floors.

Neighbors constant door slamming for 15 hour every day. Its starts early in the morning and going on all day, and evering until around 22.00-23.00. Neighbor above dropping things on the floor, then door slamming the apartment door, running down the stairs, door slamming the entrance door, then standing outside your window and simultanously banging in the fence one meterr from your window, and then using door slamming in same second you read a word, write a word, hear a word in the movie and so on.

Other neighbors outside your window anchoring an bouncing ball sound. A neighbors walking outside your window and bouncing a ball for 5-7 hours every day.Then they start using bouncing ball sound in same way they using all other methods, and bouncing a ball and then starts and then stops, and starts and stops, and they then start interfering bouncing ball sounds when you thinking or write.

Other neighbors driving a mini motor cycle in ciircles for hours, day after day, evening after evening, and then they start to constant turn on and turn off the engine, day after day, and hour after hour. Then they uisng mini motor cycle sound to interfering when you thinking. When you then are outdoors and passing cars and red light car drivers have turn off heir engines and turn then on in same second you passing them.

Other neighbors standing outside your window or around and high pitch screaming for 7-8 hours every day. They nearly speaking a word, just high pitch screaming to each other constantly. After this even these start using high pitch screamings and interfering when you thinking.

Other neighbors sitting outside your window and constant speaking or other neighbors standing outside your window late everning and start speaking loud.

Energy companies is also part of organized gang stalking in same way for create mind control or thought control.

Energy companies turn off street light outside your window at evening. When you are outdoors they can turn on street at daytime when you are outdoors and exercise, or they can wait by turning on street light when it begin darkening when you are outdoors and exercise on the walkways. The thing is that they turn on the street light when you passing same place. Or the can turn off some part of the street light and just where it is dark there is people standing in the darkness.

Honking horns is been used to interfering with your thought when you are outdoors and exercise and every time you think a thought about which way you may run today they honking horns in same second. The excavator operator around your apartment also sitting in their vehicles and interfering and honking horns, and they using these outdoors to stalking your mind.

You may see 5-10 cars and trucks driving around with one broken front light or rear light, or have both light turned off. This may actually symbolize the action of organized gang stalking and the evil single eye of Horus. This is a system in place in this area of land where they using street lights to stalking your mind, and they using orne broken car light to strengthen this constant stalking.

Implement and anchoring sound effects and harassment by shooting firecrackers for three weeks. Neighbors shooting firecrackers for three weeks, and for 4-6 hours every day, or between 80-120 hours of firecrackers shooting. Who have access to shoot firecrackers for 120 hours, and Landlords does not make anything about they shooting firecrackers for weeks. They are also part of organized gang stalking. They then using firecrackers as they using all other methods and interfering. They can stand near your backyard and in same second or two when you open your window a firecracker going off. And when you are outdoors and exercise and are kilometers way from your home they other people starts shooting firecrackers as well. They using firecrackers in same way when you watch a movie a few seconds later your hear a firecracker.

They also using dymanite and warning blasting signal to stalking your mind. When you are outdoors and exercise they start these warning blasting signals just when you are near to passing this area. They then using these blasting warning signals to interfere when you open your refrigerator. In same second you open the refriferator they start the warning blasting signal outside your window.

TV broadcasting and sport commentators using same methods as all others examples of mind control and synchronously and simultanously interference. They interfering in real time in every live sport broadcasting you watch on every channel. They interfering with soft sound of clearing the throat, fake coughing, longe fake nose breathings. The sport commentators also uisng silence as a control mechanism and then interfering in same second you thinking. When you wacth billiard and pool broadcasting the commentators is quite for 7-9 minutes in the broadcasting and then start talking in same second you thinking, and this going on and off through the whole broadcasting. They also using same methods when two commentators comments football. The both may be quite for a longer time, or just the other for minutes and then start talking in same second you thinking. When you then watch these tv programs and they sending commercials, then they start beaming and looping these commercials into your apartment or into your mind. If you watch tv series, reality shows they start beaming music from these tv shows and even beaming their voices into your apartment, and then even beaming these peoples voices outdoors when you exercise. When you listen to music they beaming and looping these music chorus for hours, both indoors and outdoors. Even news paper companies stalking in same way and stalking your mind. For example if your tv screen get a white 5 centimeter stripe on the screen, day after there is a news article about a painting that has white stripe in the paintings.

The mind control spirit of this world lives within humans in this area of land or within the matrix, and it can´t be the divine spirit that is shooting firecrackers, or using warning blasting signals. or driving around with one broken car light, or fake coughing for 25 minutes, or using television for mind control or thought control. The Orwellian society of control is not the divine spirit of the world, it is the other spirit that controls this materialistic world.


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