The Mind-Set Of A Wisdom Seeker

The Ego controls the lower Matrix and The Higher Self holds the original Blueprint

Consciousness can override the Lower Matrix. But, it is not easy. Unplugging from the Lower Matrix means one will get attacked (stalking, persecution, harassment) by those (in both third an fourth dimension) who want to keep one in The Matrix of Enslavement. They who starts liberate and free themselves from the Lower Moon Matrix and awaken will be persecuted everywhere. People are subconsciously programmed to psychological attack (using overt and covert psychological warfare) and frighten one back onto the structures of The Matrix. People will be programmed to believe one is the evil (the enemy or the opponent to the threaten subconsciously collective ego), and the subconsciousness controlled collective ego (The Matrix) will turn everyone against you. This is the Spiritual warfare, psychological warfare and is Organized Gang Stalking or Organized Bullying. This is fear mongering and gaslighting (confusing) program and the Hallmark of the Dark Agenda. Its the actions of the lower nature of the reptilian brain, lower matrix control. This is an effect of the splitting off and allowing the lower self to rule.

“The alien group” requires that we don’t develop our natural psychic senses (open the third eye), because this would give us the ability to see beyond “the veil of ignorance” that’s been set in place around us for eons and thousends of years. With our natural psychic senses fully developed, we would begin to intuitively become aware of their presence and the lies that have distorted our perceptions of ourselves and our world for so long. Recognizing and developing our psychic abilities would free us from the clutches of any deceptions that they have used against us for most of our history. It has been deeply ingrained into the social fabric to doubt and even ridicule anyone who purports to have psychic powers. The commonly held belief that we don’t have these abilities is by itself the greatest impediment to our being able to develop and use them. The heart center is surrounded by what has been called the “veil of tears,” and it is the last veil to be cleared on the path of enlightenment. We learn then to see beyond the illusion and limitations of ordinary reality.

Ephesians 6:12 says; For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against PRINCIPALITIES, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

We have created angels, demons and everything in between. We believe that all of this exists outside of us; and we are at war with reality. We live in a split-brained world; that duality means we are truly at war within ourselves. Liberate or free oneselves from the lower Moon Matrix is, and always will be, a journey to “know thyself.” You are God, and God is what you perceive Him/Her to be. The world is a reflection of your consciousness; and we are a part of a greater universe of consciousness; a consciousness which is alive in many dimensions.

The Higher Self are a multidimensional being of great power, locked and trapped into enslavemnet and a Mind-Prison, called the third dimension, connected to the lower ego-ruler, on the lower astral plane. This third dimension is ruled by “time” and is connected to reality and perceptions, and can be messed with. That is because the concept of time exists within the lower matrix (third dimension), or lower astral plane. Time outside of this plane of existence is quite different and consciousness feels free to “float” when it is stuck in the third dimension. Humans are balls of light stuck in a low matrix that is designed to make us forget the fact that we are free. Humankind is born into enslavement and trapped and locked into a mental-prison-planet in the middle of different ongoing spiritual and psychological wars and warfare strategies. One can use many terms of leavning this third dimension of wars through; escape the wars, unplug from the Matrix, exit from the Matrix, or just expand the Higher Self out of its war shells. When one expand the Higher Self of the Inner Divine it will break down the walls and break through the veils of ignorance and win full liberation. One can liberate the real Self from the third dimension of wars through expansion of Consciousness, not the Mind. The great awareness we call Consciousness liberates one. Mind traps one in the third-dimensional ego states of being, but consciousness is larger than the ego, and expands to include a multi-dimensional self-awareness. Merging the Higher Self with one´s human consciousness brings greater peace and understanding. Wisdom emerges from ths union. The greater Consciousness and brain includes Universe which holds the greater source of Light and higher dimensions.

The final cutting through the veils Our body is the map of our soul destiny and directs us when illuminated by the complete descent of our spirit into our form. For this to occur, we need to have given up everything in our life reality that is not divine, releasing all distraction and diversion. We are then able to anchor through our physical biology — our divine essence — down into our physical matrix. Patterns of the fall will then be transformed to a physical divine matrix. The nature of the virtual reality here then becomes apparent, thus revealing your divine mission. Your divine essence is now anchored within your newly transformed divine physical biology. Your divine map for this lifetime is then revealed, detailing specifics of your mission here on earth, prior to returning home to the star of heaven. The divine matrix must flow through all the way to the root chakra, fully, for the divine tapestry to be revealed within your matrix.

There is a “veil of ignorance” in place and this veil is the “veil of illusions” and controls perception and gives form to the Ego, and then becomes what human experinces as Reality. The purpose with this veil is to control humankind and keep human evolution in a fixated state or a loop state without any spiritual progress to higher dimensions or higher consciousness. There is silent and invisible wars going on this planet. It is a war to keep humankind trapped and locked into the veil of ignorance, trapped in a veil of illusions, controlled through low vibrational frequencies, imprisoned in the third dimension, and this has then controlled the template of the 2 dna strand.

One can simply summerize this invisble ongoing war as a war about Perception between The illusionary World and The Third Eye Perception. its the concept of body with soul (ego and body) fighting against another perspective; a soul with a body ( Third Eye – Self and Immortality). The real Light (Self) is trapped and captivated in matter and is held as a hostage in the third dimension – mental prison state. When the real Self awakening the Ego raging wars against it, and working day and night to Control it by persecution and stalking. Ths veil of ignorance is The Matrix humankind is trapped into and liberation wil come when the real Self expands out of its shells and turn down the walls by changing the lower vibrational frequencies. So through expansion of Consciousness the Self expands and raising it frequencies from the awakening state and slowly starts break through the veil of ignorance.

Who is controlling reality and why?

This is the really big question. Everyone has some idea of who or what is pulling the strings of this world. Simply this can be summerized to the hierachy in the Pyramides, and some says these are all linked and there are others who make the decisions behind the scenes. They get there orders from somewhere else, from a source that has been extremely well disguised and for the most part unknown and even beyond the belief of moste men/woman. And linked to this most hidden source and even more influntial in the manipulation of our lives, this source has developed a multidimensional Matrix, which governs every aspects of our lives. There are many levels of perception of understanding around this contril grid and how this reality is being distored and manipulated by hidden powers working shadowly.

Lets take a look at reality from a holographic perspective. Normally we perceive things from a linear perspective, and from this perspective we put things together and form our sense of how reality works. But what if you could broaden your perspective to see in a way that was analogous to a hologram: … any part reveals the whole. The challenge in using a language, like for example, the English language, is that communication is linear and so it is very difficult to communicate holographically in words.

Yet there is a place within us that sees all and knows all. But this holographic mode of perception has become largely silenced, as we are living within a system that deliberately goes to great lengths to squash this mode of perception.

The holographic realization of how this reality is generated can challenge all your beliefs about reality in the most fundamental way. It can make you disgusted, dizzy, even sick, and feeling crazy, angry when you realize what is going on. But these feelings will eventually pass and will be replaced by a deep calm and peace and feeling empowered and free.

One need to be very brave and courageous to really look deeply into areas in which you have invested so much of your consciousness, forming beliefs that you perhaps take for granted. These may be beliefs that 99.99% of humanity takes for granted or has perhaps never questioned. You will need an open mind and be willing to research things… and go where no man or woman has gone before… so… The truth is already within you, however, there is something in place, what can be named the Earth Matrix, Saturn/Moon Matrix and Cosmic Matrix, which has a vested interest in keeping you from your innate wisdom and power.

It is a system of pure genius, perfected and evolved over millennia by the most devious, deceptive minds of the universe to keep everyone in a state of perpetual ignorance and slavery… and even beyond that to controlling what we think, feel, our belief systems, our spirituality, our history, our sexuality, our education and even what we believe is our very reality.

The Matrix is the collective systems of life that governs our perceptions of reality. That includes manipulated perceptions, which then forms our belief systems and what we perceive as our reality. Then the collective reality that we perceive becomes part of the construct of the Matrix and the collective thought forms holds it together and blinds us into believing this reality that we experience is true. And when you believe it is true it becomes true. The universe rearranges itself to accommodate your picture of reality.

The Matrix is not one mindset but includes all the mindsets of all races and people woven together. All of us collectively are keeping the Matrix intact according to our belief systems. This is because the Matrix is designed to feed off of us as we give it energy by our permission and agreement to perpetuate its existence. The Matrix is an artificial construct, which is superimposed on the organic creation. The Matrix is therefore a false reality that has captured our consciousness, and therefore we have become trapped within its web of deceptions… and then we essentially become assimilated into its false, artificial reality…, which we mistakenly believe is reality.

So how is it possible to see outside the Matrix?

Only by looking from a perspective that is beyond the sphere of the Matrix, which is from your true heart/Soul connected to your Eternal Essence. This is a place beyond the mind and consciousness. From that perspective your holographic perception will unravel the foundations of the deception that keeps us trapped in the Matrix… and what you will see will astound you, as the ‘elephant in the room’ is revealed.

This holographic perception is multidimensional and can go outside of mind/consciousness. It sees many layers, depths, dimensions, different time lines, different points of perception and is not thrown off track by the scrambled, distortion fields, that we are immersed in. Even so understanding the depth and breath of this distorted reality comes in stages, as it would be far too much for your conscious mind to digest all at once. As the saying goes, the rabbit hole goes deeper and deeper and deeper.

Who are we?

Science propagate The Big Bang Theory and Darwin´s evolutionary theory and religions propagate the belief that we were created by God and so we have a beginning and end, but what if we are infinite beings… Then we were never created, we always existed and always will exist… as our Eternal Essence. This idea that we were created and are therefore finite is the foundational pillar upon which the manipulation Matrix is based. How can something be created, be born or die if the Self/Soul is immortal and is the real Eternal Essence of who we are…? What if much of the reality we perceive is artificial meaning it was made to look like the real organic universe but some being with a vested interest in deceiving humanity created a syntethic, virtual reality universe that we collectively believe is the real thing.

Did you have a beginning and will you therefore have an end? Are you a finite being that at some point never existed and then at some point existed? Or are you an infinite being, meaning you have always existed and always will exist?

If you answered yes to being infinite, then you could not have been created by god or whatever source you want to call it. Then, if you were not created and you always existed, there could not be any power, god, or source that birthed you into existence and therefore you would be the exact equivalent of any god source, or any other being, as you always existed and always will. So who are you ???

But what if a very clever being took advantage of us by concealing our infinite nature and reinforcing the experience of limitation in a mortal body while tricking us into believing this being to be god, the supreme being, creator of all that is?

Think if the Lower Earth Matrix and Higher Matrix, as below as above, actually both matrixes serve the same purpose…that is to keep humanity from truly knowing itself so that everyone is continuously trapped in this Matrix and therefore is destined to keeping cycling within this Matrix and feeding those that are in in the positions of running it.

So consider the possibility we came to this planet to experience limitation, but as unlimited beings, as beings who created our own universe, and as our Eternal Essence, we are the same as the true Source that created this universe. what an epic journey this is and how courageous we are to come into this 3rd dimension and forget that we are the Source and then try to find our way back to who we are, while we are deceived at every turn and pillaged, plundered and lied to.

What a huge drama vortex we are in, as we are trapped here on this earth along with all the spiritual deception programs that span over eons of time. Yet from a cosmic perspective, a million years is less than the blink of an eye.

So imagine that this pretender god created the spiritual matrix, which is super imposed on the organic creation. There are the synthetic heavenly realms of false light and the Earth Matrix with the false dark (all the abominations done to man), so as humans run from the false dark they turn to the love and light, which is also a false paradigm which mimics the true organic creation.

Even many of the extraterrestrials are caught up in this grand deception, as well as the “higher beings” of love and light that are here to save humanity. It is a deception of epic proportions… even many of the spiritual paths of enlightenment, although a great achievement, is still within the confines of the Matrix…

The patterns of the matrix will reveal themselves as faulty system – the artificial projected holographic perception from Saturn and Moon, and as the artificial hybrids (archons) wrote the books that keep humanity in subconscious captivity. At some point humankind will awaken from their subconscious captivity, and the human race shall gather again to determine the next evolutionary process beyond the system that may be replaced in the future and then works no more. An old paradigm-program won´t work in a new higher state of Consciousness, in same way old computer programs can´t be configurated to the new system because they are out of date.

Is these Archons the artificial imitators The Archons, means ‘magistrate’ in Greek, and craftsman or maker, but is not the original creator. Then they aren´t the original creators they become imitators of the real – they are poor imitations of the eternal realms above. God claiming there to be no other gods but him. Of course in stating this—as The Secret Book of John points out—he thereby admits that there must, indeed, be another original God, otherwise of whom could he possibly be jealous? This comes from the inner knowing the Archons is the lesser Light, a reflection of the Divine rather than the perfect original. Inherent in this reflected image is the entirety of God, to create unwittingly a counterfeit world as a poor imitation of the higher divine realm which he can at best only imagine. Is the 2 dna strand template the genetic manipulated finite version of humans, and the 12 dna strand is the infinte, eternal and immortal Self/Soul?

The human kingdom provides the battlefield for the essential encounter between Spirit and matter which will see the eventual victory of the Spiritual over the material. In the early skirmishes matter has proven itself a superior foe and has dominated the indwelling Spirit. The power of the Dweller in the body is as yet embryonic and, therefore, goes unnoticed. Its youthful power, grounded in the lower realms and subservient to the forces of matter, is weak and feeble, but Its future destiny is indescribably beautiful.

Some day “Death shall be swallowed up in victory” (1 Corinthians 15:54) and Spirit shall assert Itself and gain dominion over the world of form. At the most primitive stages of spiritual development the bodily consciousness (ego) holds sway, and the life is lived with strict attention to physical needs; the creature in question is little more than an animal. At this stage the Third (animal) Kingdom conditioning of the body is the dominant force. No dichotomy in consciousness is as yet sensed and the creature lives in a virtual Garden of Eden with no real sense of self, apart from an awareness of the body proper and its appendages, and neither are there those internal conflicts that shall someday arise as growth within the Fourth Kingdom occurs. The being, at this point, is described as an animal-man, an animal endowed with all the faculties, equipment, and potential for human expression, lying dormant as yet. This is often spoken of as the “missing link,” the bridge between the Third and Fourth Kingdoms, as a disciple is the bridge between the Fourth and Fifth. Up to this point the Spiritual Self, or Monad, has been evolving Its consciousness (Soul) upon higher levels of existence awaiting the evolution of a vehicle suitable for Its use upon the lower planes, while the Third Kingdom of Nature has been busily at work developing just such a form.

Expanding the Gates of Perception and open the portal and gateway

Expanding the Gates of Perception and open the portal and gateway to higher consciousness through the Third Eye. One aim of the esoteric disciplines is to remove “blindness” or the “illusion,” to “awaken” a “fresh” perception. The third eye is only a symbol of a whole set of extrasensory faculties which come to a person through the grace of Divine. This opening the door of the heart to let in Divine grace. It removes the screen of illusions and veil of ignorance, as it were, off the mind and the person develops deep insights and clarity of perception. The new state of awareness, which belongs to the accomplished Spiritual Man. The dormant centre in the’ brain has been activated leading to the opening of a new super- sensory channel of perception, that is the Third Eye or the Tenth Door.

Now, what happens when dormant centers of the brain open? A new mode of cognition, of perception is developed. To be able to hear is to open the doors of the soul.

We bring our consciousness up to what we call the spiritual eye, the third eye, the tenth doorway, the tisra til. That’s usually where the Soul will reside in the physical body: between the eyes, about two inches straight back. The Third Eye is the Supersensory channel to Divine Consciousness and Divine wisdom.

This chakra is also called your perception centre, so this is where your intuition and connection to higher realms manifests itself.

The Third Eye is the threshold within Man that leads to the inner Spiritual regions. Placed in the mystic Centre of the cosmos, it is the bridge or ladder by means of which the soul may reach God. Known as the Tenth Door, The Third Eye is the door that intuitionally links one to the Divine State of Consciousness. Third Eye is represents through intuition. This chakra is also called your perception centre, so this is where your intuition and connection to higher realms manifests itself.

The Mind-Set Of A Wisdom Seeker

A true wisdom seeker is as a mind-set of knowing that all is deceiving, mainly by the written knowledge of beliefs and facts by the deceiving ego of man. Therefore a true wisdom seeker does no trust any teachings nor stories of other egos. Such as religion, science, history, other peoples experiences, nor what the news tell us. We are seekers, and seekers seek beyond the teachings and stories of mankind. We explore truth for our selves, and we cultivate wisdom by our own experiences and clarity. Therefore we seek truth for our selves, we do not put trust in other’s personal truths. It is the same with out own spiritual paths, we do not need the beliefs of others to know there is a god and a higher purpose in life. For we will experience God sometime in our lives, and we will experience that in which religious and science may ever come to know. But we do not take our experience our of delusion, we take our experience with deep clarity. Therefore what we come to know, is our own personal truth and wisdom. We should not have any ego desires to prove to others what we come to know. We should accept our own truth, and teach those of our own kind to seek it for themselves. This has always been my path to wisdom, and this is what I teach to inspire others to do the same. Grow wise, and meditate on everything for clarity.

A man’s spiritual comprehension being clouded by the illusions of Ego, he says, “I was born on such a day, so many years ago, and shall die at my allotted time.” But he was not born, neither will he die, for how can that which is immortal, which eternally is, be subject to birth and death? Let a man throw off his illusions, and then he will see that the birth and death of the body are the mere incidents of a journey, and not its beginning and end. Looking back to happy beginnings, and forward to mournful endings, a man’s eyes are blinded, so that he beholds not his own immortality; his ears are closed, so that he hears not the ever-present harmonies of Joy; and his heart is hardened, so that it pulsates not to the rhythmic sounds of Peace. The universe, with all that it contains, is now. Put out thy hand, O man, and receive the fruits of Wisdom! Cease from thy greedy striving, thy selfish sorrowing, thy foolish regretting, and be content to live. Act now, and, lo! all things are done; live now, and, behold! thou art in the midst of Plenty; be now, and know that thou art perfect.

The limitation Of Science And Religion

Both science and religion hold their grown has their personal truth is the absolute truth, but their truth is belief and not the true truth. This does not mean neither are wrong, nor does it mean neither are right either. For science is only limited to the physical realm, in which it can not go beyond it. Religion is limited to what religious mind can understand, in which they make up things to fill in the gaps. That is not to say there might not be some truth in the stories, nor is science something pointless and has nothing to offer us in our daily spiritual lives. Both have something to offer, but both are limited to that they can only understand by their ego limitations. Science can not know there is something beyond the physical, just as religion can not know that their gods and heaven is not the true gods and heaven as they would like to believe. For the fact that God is a light conscious, but there are also gods of comic spirits that make up reality. But the true God is the cosmic conscious matrix of light, all other gods are just the particles of positive and negative energies in which are the same energies. But only experience can give truth that there is more to the physical life that meets the eyes, and there is more to the spiritual life that lesser minds can comprehend. But all and all, we as spiritual beings must respect the beliefs of scientific, religious, and personal beliefs of others. Neither are right and neither are wrong, for what they perceive is what they can only know. Only a true wisdom seeker does not perceive, but sees and sense all as it truly is. All is an illusion of perception, and behind it lies truth.

God claiming there to be no other gods but him. Of course in stating this—as The Secret Book of John points out—he thereby admits that there must, indeed, be another original God, otherwise of whom could he possibly be jealous?
The Symbolic Meaning Of Perception Symbol

Perception is an illusion, for no one perceives the same thing. Which this symbol of perception revels this unaware truth. For the symbol of perception reveals both sides of perception in which no perception is neither true nor false, for the fact perception is what our ego conscious perceive that in which it how it perceives the world and it’s own existence. As one observe the symbol, one may see a star emitting a ray of light. The “star” symbolizes “light” and “energy” in a holographic way. This is becomes perception is a hologram of information of light and energy. undifferent from a commuter program. But all is not what it seems, for the symbol it self is actually and eye. Look closely, the rays of light is actually the star-like rays of the iris, the center circle is actually a pupil, and the star is the manifestation of light and energy is what the ego perception manifest as information of sight. sound, scents, and feelings. The “eye” it self represent both the physical eye and the mind. For the fact what we see is the manifestation of mind, not what is actually outside the mind. We only perceive the illusion of perception, it is not what it seems beyond the mind. The truth lies at the core, and that truth is perception is nothing more than an illusion of our senses, the delusional of our ego perceiving mind. Beyond the ego perception, is the non-perceiving mind. That mind is the divine conscious mind where truth lies. Once one coma to this higher truth, perception can no inflect one’s mental and emotional well being, and life becomes more enjoyable and more easier to deal with many conflicts that is a part of our life struggle.

The solar plexus brain, which is the stronghold of the Animal Soul. When the lower nature has no power, you, the higher self, “then have perfect self- mastery. The Animal Soul has its seat in the liver and a point of contact in the sex (chakra) centers, while it rules the body through the brain of subconscious mind, the Solar Plexus Brain. It gets powers from all sensations, desires, and experiences and devotions of the Earthly. The Animal Soul, is the synthesis of the lower principles overshadowed by the rational mind. But when it attracts to itself and holds captive the Rational Brain through animal desires, it becomes the personal tempter. This is the great fight in man.

The Nature Of Perception

Perception is nothing more than holographic data of information made up of conscious lights and energy. Perception is how the ego conscious perceives it’s existence and senses the the existing world around it. The ego is the “I and me”, nor the higher self which has not ego. The ego is the dreamer of it’s existence and the world in which it is dreaming as a real entity. It can only perceive the holographic dream-like existence as it is, it may not perceive beyond the perception. The higher the ego, the higher the false perception. The lower the ego, the closer to the real perception one comes to know and experience. For the ego has seven levels like a rainbow, the red is the highest and most wicked, and the violet is the greater less ego and most holy. The greater the ego, the more the ego perceive the illusion as a real existence. While those with the most lesser egos do not perceive the world and self in the same way. Those who have the most less ego, can perceive beyond the illusion of the physical, and perceive themselves related to all that is and to every living beings they come into contact with. This is why many spiritual ones can sense spirits, foresee realities or events through their spiritual perception, and have a deep oneness sense with nature and all living beings. This lower ego is the spiritual ego, which is more in tine with the higher conscious matrix both in mind and the cosmic conscious outside of mind. The more a spiritual one meditates, the more closer one comes to thir true higher mind which will shine it’s light of wisdom and spiritual perception to a greater. Giving one the abilities to experience reality as it truly is. and dissolving the ego perception to the point perception no longer is inflicting. Once one conies to this level of perception, one no longer secs nothing as good nor bade. true nor false, for the truth is all just an illusion in which all believe is real.

The reason is this: when man arrives at an understanding of his emotional body and of the force centre through which it functions upon the physical plane, he finds that all that he is (physically and etherically) is the result of desire, of kama, and that it is his desires which chain him upon the wheel of rebirth. Hence the emphasis laid by the yogi upon that basic discrimination through which a man develops the capacity to choose between the real and the unreal and which cultivates in him a just sense of values.

The Two Sides Of Perception

No perception is the same, for all perceives differently. Perceptions is nothing more than holographic information that manifest as images and senses. They belong only to the ego conscious mind, not the light conscious mind. The ego is nothing more than pan of the holographic dream(perception reality), in which is the ego’s way of existing and making sense of everything it perceives. Since no ego perceives in the same way as another, how does one know what is real and what isn’t? The truth of the matter is perception of the positive and the negative side are both the same perception. ‘rho only difference is what is truth to one, is not truth to another. What one person perceives as truth, will not be open to others perception of truth. For example, science can only perceive the physical perception of their investigations of truth, they can not perceive beyond the physical perception. Instead, they have many theories, and theories become even proven or belief. But a spiritual one can see through the physical, in which allows one to see energy and spirits in which higher ego conscious minds can not perceive. But perception is not what it seems, truth lies at the core in which only the alpha state of mind of clarity and awareness can see through the deception of perception. For the alpha mind is open and clear, it is very observant and open to possible truth in which is not quick to interprets as fact or fiction. The alpha mind is more in tune with the matrix mind, therefore it can easily sense deception, and questions it’s own perception of thoughts, visions, and sensory experiences. Therefore, the alpha mind does not look ad the opposed sides of perception, but the middle. That middle is where truth lies, and that truth is perception is nothing more than the illusion of senses, and the delusion of the ego mind. In truth, all is an illusion, nothing is never what it seems.

The Ego identifies Life as the Body as the Source of life -and Matter is what surrounding this thought pattern as a body with a soul. The Self identifies life as Consciousness as the Source of life – and Light is the unified field thought pattern as a soul with a body. The primordial source of life energy is independent of localization as units. The energy of life is a radiance from the field of consciousness, which is the mode of the Presence of Divinity that manifests in physicality as Creation. These two perspectives creates a view where The Body is identified with Death and The Self is identified with Life. What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters, compared to what lives within us. The Kingdom is within. The Pathways holds the keys to all the portals of the universe. When we reach inside our hearts and minds, we move toward the awe-inspiring beauty and truth of the Universal life. Directed by the forces of life, we have nothing to fear when consciousness flows from within.

The Perception Of Reality

The ego can not exist with perceiving it’s existence, and in order to exist so must the outside world. The ego does this by perceiving it’s senses, allowing to experience reality as it perceives. All life perceives, all life has some level of ego conscious. And it is the ego that believes it is real, and the reality outside it self is also real. But it is the ego that suffers by it’s own perception, for perception can inflect the mind and body in many ways. Reality is like a holographic dream, and our bodies and brain are pan of that holographic dream. As long the ego exist, it can feel the suffering of pain, torment, mental illness, and so fonh. For suffering is perception, therefore suffering is nothing more than an illusion of perception. It only exist as long the ego perceives. In truth, suffering does not exist. It is the same with our life experience of reality, it is nothing more than an dream-like illusion that we can sense and be inflected by the perception experience. In truth, reality of the physical is false, truth lies behind the perception of the ego. And that reality is what can not be seen with the ego conscious mind. Only the matrix conscious can see the the illusion of the holographic dream of reality.

Perception Of The Seen And Unseen Realities

All is a dream, nothing more than a reality of perception. All that common ones perceive, ad that of the physical world of perception. They can not see beyond it, only those with higher spiritual visions can see through it. But what a spiritual secs may not be what it seems, for perception of the ego is a deception. Both realities are of the same, it is an illusion like our holographic dream experiences of sleep slate. This physical is a mere illusion in which is hiding it’s true form, beyond it lies another realm of unseen realities with conscious of energy known as spirits. And those of us with this higher spiritual perception can see right through this other side. But what we see may not be what the ego would like to belief, for not all spirit beings are departed conscious but illusions. Illusions from our and the collected conscious of others. Many of these beings are harmless thought-forms, many are of religions and mystical dream holographic images, and many are frightful dreamed up spirits. But we as conscious beings too all just a dream, we are not a single conscious but made up of many conscious energies. All particles has a conscious, therefore we are also mere illusion in which the ego believes it is it’s own existence. But the ego is only a dreamer, and dreams are only holographic perceptions. Beyond the perceptions, there is nothing more than light and darkness.

The Perception Of Mind. Body. And Emotions

The ego mind is the master of perception, therefore it is the ego mind that perceives. But the ego mind does not exist within the brain alone, it also exist throughout the conscious body. This is how our mind is able to move about, feel pain. experience emotions, and all that is of the ego perception. It is also how our cells in ever pan of our body knows how to clone it self, replace the old tissues with the new, keep the body working, fight off virus, and so forth. Our body to has a conscious of it’s own in a sense, but that is because the ego conscious is present throughout the body. It is also present beyond the body, which is the nature of many of our spiritual experience. Therefore we are whole, like our body we are also linked to every mind of every beings, connected to every conscious to both the living and the non-living, of the earth conscious and the cosmic conscious. All is conscious, no conscious is a separated entity.

The Perception Program

Perception is nothing more than a conscious program, it is that computer programing images that project what the program is meant to do. Thc ego is the main perceiver, it projects bits and bites of conscious information that matrix our dream reality common people call life into being, and from there the perception program experience the world through it’s senses. The ego also has it’s own mental perception program, this is how it thinks, record learned knowledge and experience into the memory, it creates it’s own personalty and behaviors, and it matrix it’s life experience by it’s own metal perception that the ego dreams into being. Therefore life is nothing more than a dream, one’s ego dream that life experience into existence. Our own mental and physical health are inflicted by our perception, and the perception of others. We can perceive us as healthy beings, and be healthy. But we can be unhealthy if we allow our selves to be inflected by the unhealthy perception of others telling us we are unhealthy. For we are what we perceive. and we can become what others perceive us to be. But we do not have to be inflicted by the false programs of others, nor any negative programs we inflect our perception program to be. We are the master of our own perception, and we can rewrite our own program of mind. body, and life experience.

The Non-Perception Matrix

The non-perception matrix or God Conscious does not perceive. For God is light, God is pure Consciousness. And God just does not rest at the core of the cosmos, God also exist in the matrix conscious of every living being. It is this higher conscious that does not perceive, for it is non-ego. Sense it is the non-ego, it does not perceive it self as and ego. Therefore it does not dream perception, it does not desire perception. If has no desire nor emotions what so ever. It knows nothing but peace and pureness. It is all knowing and all seeing consciousness. Only the ego perceives, only the ego desire that it perceives. But the ego is not pure and holy, it is perception and desire of that in which is just an illusion that gives the ego pleasure. And as we grow more purely, we lose those ego perception of discrimination and desires. We no longer see the illusion of beauty in the faces and appearance of others, for the illusion begins to unfold and reveal its illusion of truth. We no longer desire that in which makes the ego happy, for we are no longer deceived by their deception of those desires, and we find happiness within our selves and our spiritual lives. We only see and attracted to the soul that exist behind the illusion of flesh. We seek a higher spiritual wholeness in which we do not desire the illusion of sexual perception and lust. We no longer desire that of material nor social expectations. We lose our ego self, and we free ourselves from the temptation of other egos. We become true spiritual beings. We desire nothing that is of egoism. only a free and pure peaceful spiritual life.

Those that still believe in an industrial age, in immigration as the only way to solve their economic problems, or in becoming rich with a common business, are dreaming about a dead world. But we can’t recognize our immortality without first acknowledging our mortality, and this is what frustration provides to people. And it is by accepting it as a wall that we can’t cross that we start noticing our presence in this world. In this awareness we look at things as they are. But few recognize that nothing that is seen is permanent. To truly move from the stage in which we chase a dead world, to the one in which we embrace our immortality, we must detach from our ego, our personal needs and our beliefs. We must look at the paradigm of reality behind its veil, like mathematician, using numbers to understand the world he cannot see. In fact, it’s in the abstract sciences, like mathematic and philosophy that we truly know reality.

Jesus said, “Whoever has come to understand the world has found (only) a corpse, and whoever has found a corpse is superior to the world.”

The world and universe are as a body animated by the Spirit of God; the soul of the world is the Word and Wisdom of God. A body without a soul indwelling it is a corpse—stardust blown by cosmic winds! To grasp at the body rather than cleave to the soul is an ignorant thing, for everyone knows that every form eventually dissolves and everybody ultimately dies. Consider this, who would keep a corpse in one’s house or sleep with a corpse or attach oneself to a corpse or place a greater value on a corpse than on the Life-power that was once in it? Look and see! The flesh does not endure forever; neither shall the world of flesh and blood endure forever. This body is an animated corpse and so is the world!

If you know the body will eventually pass away and the world will eventually pass away, why cling to the body or chase after anything of the world? Why not seek your immortal soul and the soul of the world? Why cleave to the world instead of the Spirit of God, the Life-power? Surely only ignorance would have you attach yourself to a corpse!

“If you gain everything you desire in the world and the whole world itself, but you lose your immortal soul, what good is that to you?” The answer is obvious. Everyone knows the answer perfectly well and would swiftly respond, “It would be no good to me. for when I die, I will not have the world, and losing my soul for the sake of the world, neither will I have my soul in death!” Everyone knows the answer, but who lives and conducts him- or herself according to this common knowledge?

If I do not live according to a simple and earthly truth that everyone knows, then how shall I live according to the greater Truth and Light of the kingdom of heaven? If I do not honor that which I can see in plain view, how shall I honor that which is hidden within and above? Many are called by the Holy Spirit and seek the gate of initiation, but few are they who pass through the gate to enter the path of the great ascension.

Only those who discover both in mind and heart that the world is as empty as a corpse are actually set upon the path and established in the Way, for only they are willing to put the world aside and follow the Lord our Savior in the worship of God in Spirit. You must know the world is a corpse so that you might develop your consciousness beyond it. You must see that it is empty in order to seek Divine fullness. Unless you let go of the illusion of the world, you cannot look and see reality as it is!

One must pray and meditate deeply until the delusion of lack and the power of ignorance is dispelled once and for all time! When you cleave to the soul of the world, instead of the body of the world, you will be superior to the world. That is to say, when you bind yourself to the Spirit of God, to God’s Holy Word and Wisdom, and so bind God’s Spirit to you, then you shall be free of the ruler of the world, the power of ignorance. and abide in true Gnosis.

Self study is such an important part in softening the ego personality, because we can get stuck in various ‘knots'(granthis) within the subtle anatomy. Assuming we have begun unraveling the first `knot’ and initiated the conscious spiritual journey with a desire for enlightenment, (or just a healthier body and calmer mind) with some additional study, and application of techniques, we can pass the second ‘knot’ around the solar plexus. This is where many spiritual aspirants become stuck, because they mistake devotion for knowing God. They love God and yearn for God but are on a different wave length to what He/She/It is on. They want God or the guru to give them God consciousness, without realizing that it has been within them all along. We need to give of ourselves to connect to that same level of consciousness. Give our problems, our thoughts, our karma to God, for that is ‘food’ to be consumed. That really does lighten the load psychologically. Offload our problems, and not just close the door for a while whilst we escape to a temporary bliss phase of meditation. Empty ourselves of our concept of who we are that we may be filled afresh with more noble thoughts. Divine consciousness! Recognizing that we are not our thoughts! Even the noble thought of enlightenment.

The humanoid has in no way changed, life after life he has continued on the same and psychologically speaking has become worse. And must incarnate again and again, until he or she enters into meditation and raises the energy in the solar plexus to the temple (the brain). This breaks the cycle of karma (reincarnation), and cleanses the soul (light) of its animal personality. True religion reveals that we are the being (what is called God) within ourselves, and for us to manifest our inner God we must first practice ReligAre, this is Latina for the English word religion (this means to rejoin or connect), that is too say one must practice Religare (religion: too rejoin our soul with our own particular God within); But theology has rendered this true definition practically impotent, has falsified and distorted the reference, and eventually the meaning, by localizing the God in the case in the cosmic heavens instead of in man himself. This diversion of thought and aspiration from operable deity within to ineffable, incomprehensible and inaccessible deity without, has affected the sad miscarriage of all religion, which has been the direst catastrophe of all history. It has come close to causing the abortion of all cultural effort.

The Ego identifies Life as the Body as the Source of life -and Matter is what surrounding this thought pattern as a body with a soul. The Self identifies life as Consciousness as the Source of life – and Light is the unified field thought pattern as a soul with a body. The primordial source of life energy is independent of localization as units. The energy of life is a radiance from the field of consciousness, which is the mode of the Presence of Divinity that manifests in physicality as Creation. These two perspectives creates a view where The Body is identified with Death and The Self is identified with Life. What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters, compared to what lives within us. The Kingdom is within. The Pathways holds the keys to all the portals of the universe. When we reach inside our hearts and minds, we move toward the awe-inspiring beauty and truth of the Universal life. Directed by the forces of life, we have nothing to fear when consciousness flows from within.

True Immortality, however, isn’t something that we should be searching outside of ourselves but within. One can put his name in history through a huge variety of deeds, good or bad, but a name is just an illusion, just like our identity and personality are as well. The true and only immortal element in a human is his spirit, which by impersonating different entities and expressing himself through different souls, travels through time, from one reality to another, in a never ending cycle of life and death. It is the spirit that becomes the master and the disciple, the king and the slave, the man and the woman, the strong and the weak, the loved and the hated, in order to truly develop a clear perspective of self and learn to discard the ego, while expressing a contradiction inside the drama that is life. In this drama, some times he represents what he fears, and other times who imposes that fear, as well as the one that receives the most and the one that offers plenty. The conscience of self is immortal and never ceases expanding.

The Symbolic Meaning Of Conscious Symbol

The outer layer of the spiral that is made up of patterns represent “hologram” and “ego conscious” For the mind is a holographic mind, it is that of perception of senses and memory. Therefore it is the ego conscious. Under this ego, deep down at the core lies the “light conscious”, which is the Divine Conscious”. It is our true conscious mind, the no mind mind, the non-ego dreaming mind. The symbol of conscious also represents our cosmic existence. For our mind is only the particles of countless conscious engines, as the same as our entire cosmic existence. At the core there is a cosmic consciousness, but that conscious is not a single entity but one of many light conscious. Therefore our minds are no different from our cosmic consciousness, neither is it disconnected from our conscious existence.

The Cosmic Conscious Mind

The cosmic mind is sometimes refer to as meditative mind, for the fact the meditative mind is linked to the cosmic consciousness. And what exist in mind, exist outside of mind. Just as what exist outside of mind, also exist in mind. Which this is a fact, for we have two types of conscious, the light or matrix conscious and the holographic or ego conscious. At the core of our conscious universe in which can not be perceived lies also a core light conscious matrix, and the holographic mind of existence. In short, The cosmic matrix behind creation exist at the core, as well exist at the core Maur mind. The entire conscious perception reality of the form and formless is no different of our ego conscious, for the ego is nothing more than a dream conscious in same way the cosmic existence is a dream conscious of cosmic spirits of light and energy. Therefore God does exist, God exist behind the dream of reality and behind our ego self. The holographic universe also does exist, and our ego is a part of that illusion. Therefore we as in ego are nothing more dreams, it is the higher light conscious self is who we truly are. At the core lies light of purity and wisdom, peace and and silence, and all the spiritual qualities and morals that make us compassionate caring beings.

The Ego And Non-Ego Consciously

Our ego is the illusion, it is made up of the same consciousness that makes up our entire dream-like reality. It is the dreamer that is the dream, and reality is the dream that is dreaming it self as an ego. Behind the dream lies the true cosmic conscious, which exist behind the dreamed ego of living beings. It is sometimes refer to as the non-ego. because it does not perceive. It is the angelic conscious that has no emotions, but manifest it’s peaceful light into the ego as the feeling of peace and calmness. It does not have animalistic emotions of love and rage, nor does it discriminate and judge. It fills the ego with with the light that our ego manifests into love, compassion, joy, and all that is of spiritual qualities. But the ego is like a rainbow it is not spiritual in nature. It is only spiritual when it is at the more cooler rainbow colors of green to violet, for these of the lay of the ego in which is closer to the while light of the higher angelic conscious self. The opposite is the more unspiritual ego, ranging from yellow to the hottest red ego. The red is the sign not jug hot, but evil. It is uncertain, but it is possible that the evilish ego can become impure with dark conscious energies, in which the ego is lost. What is certain, the ego is not pure nor impure, only the matrix conscious is all holy. And it is our higher self that inspire us to be good and do good for the compassion for all living beings and our planet. While the dark conscious and wicked conscious of departed egos is always telepathically influences the ego to wickedness.

The Holographic Mind

The mind does not rest in the illusion of the flesh that we refer to as the brain. Mind is consciousness, and our entire make up of the body has a conscious. This is because our mind is a hologram, for the ego is nothing more than a holographic dream program. We refer to the ego as a soul. which it mold’s it self in the form of the physical body, and it wires it self to the body in which operates all the functions of the body. Therefore mind does not exist just in the brain a lone, but throughout the body. And our mind is like a computer. it is the program of perception. At the core of the program lies the matrix, it is the internal security and observer behind the the perception program. It is sometimes refer to as no-mind, for the fact it is not pan of the ego program. It is the ego program that perception is manifested. Such programs of memory, dreams, senses, identity, emotions, thoughts, and so forth. It is the ego program that can be inspired by the matrix in which it can perceive that in which sees the entire virtual reality of our physical world as nothing more than the illusion of a cosmic program in which hides other virtual realities in the whole cosmic program. If the ego program has too much dam of it self, it can not perceive the reality program as a virtual one, instead it sees it as something solid and has weight. If this ego program overwhelms it self, it can effect the health of the entire perception program. If the ego becomes too much of it self, it becomes wicked and cuts it self off from the matrix. Which in the end, it dies in complete darkness

The Conscious Network

Mind is not an independent mind, but a mind of many. For mind is not a single conscious, only particles of conscious energies. Mind is not just a single independent minds from other minds, it is linked to the minds of every living and non-living beings. And the mind network is not just connected to other minds, but all that exist. In self, mind is linked to the matrix, energies of body, and the body it self. Mind is linked to other minds, there matrix, energies, and flesh. Minds are connected not just of the living but the non-living beings. Mind is not just connected to conscious beings, but all that is of consciousness of the physical and non-physical existence. Therefore mind is everywhere, and everywhere lies mind.

Cosmic Wisdom Of The Cosmic Mind

All of the cosmic history of memory of the past and the future just does not exist outside mind, but also within the mind of one self. It lies within the matrix of our conscious being. This is why spiritual ones can see into the past and the future, consciously telepon to other realities in and outside of meditation state, and know that there is something more to their existence and life it self that not science nor religion can fully understand. It is the reason why we seek truth, we seek to know the real God, and we seek a natural spiritual life. For natural spirituality is a self-exploring spirituality. Natural spirituality is a self-learning spirituality. And one can’t have spiritualship without wisdoniship, they are linked like our minds.

God’s Wisdom And Protection Exist Within Mind

All that is pure, all that is holy, exist within. Deep down under the level of mind exist the light conscious in which all spiritual qualities and wisdom lies. It is here God exist within, and it is here where truth and clarity can be received. But to reach this divine wisdom, one has to first cultivate mind in order to reach the matrix. And the only way to cultivate mind is daily meditation. For meditation dissolves the ego, and clears the mind of thoughts and clutter perception. For an empty mind is the alpha mind, and it is the alpha mind that is open to the inner guidance and wisdom from within. One just has to be alert on what the divine conscious is trying to reveal. As long the mind is not in it’s beta logical state, one can receive a higher spiritual wisdom, and can see through the deception of others and their personal truths.

Beyond The Conscious Of The Human Mind

Conscious is not just that exist in living beings nor departed spirits, it exist throughout the entire universe. One can truly say the universe is one conscious of many. For this is the absolute truth, but do not just accept this as truth until one finds out for one self. Until then, know that all is truly God, in which God is one of many. And those many is the cosmic spirits that dream creation and life into being. This does not mean the ego is God, but the ego will play god. The ego is not pure consciousness, it is just a program. Just like our entire existence. Only the matrix is the true God, but the matrix is many up of of many pure conscious. And the ego does not go unchecked when it tries to play god, for the dark forces keep the ego in check as well. For the light and dark conscious work hand to hand in order to keep balance, and only the ego will disrupt this balance. And it is the ego conscious that we meet it’s fate when it departs from the physical body. For the ego minds of wickedness will in fact be haunted by that of darkness in which will take them into the darkness of unpleasantness. Only in the darkness the ego becomes a slave, only in the light the ego is free of it’s existence.

The Holographic Existence

All is not what it seems, all is the reflection of light and mental perception. What we see of the physical world is a mere illusion. It is that in which many can not see is where truth lies. And that truth is a holographic world bad up of the form and formless of holographic existence. All that is made up of many different patterns and waves. The native people of tribal spirituality always seen it like a web, the Buddhist always seen it as empty space, and out-of-body explorers always seen it holographic. In truth is is like a hologram, in which our world is no different that the virtual world created by the movie makers. To believe everything is just made up of atoms only perceive that what they project, in truth there is nothing real about the physical world except it’s an illusion.

The Dream Reality

All is like one big dream, a dream that is made up of the same holographic projection of our own conscious dream sleep state. For we are not just dreaming our dreams, we too are being dreamed by the cosmic dream. The cosmic matrix dreamed creation by giving the blueprints in which the cosmic particles of energy conscious dreamed creation into being, which dreamed life into being. From there life it self is dreaming their future and evolution into being. We too are part of the dream, and we too dream our own destiny’s. As to the great old question to whom is dreaming the matrix? In all honesty that age old question does not have any real answer. For the fact our conscious logical mind is limited to amount of knowledge we can store. Wisdom is endless, and our minds can not handle the extreme amount of knowledge while we exist in the physical body. Only in death and returning into the light only we can know all that is to be known. What is certain that the matrix is not a single particles of pure light conscious, and it has always existed beyond the perception of time. And that space or the universe is not what it seems, for it too is an illusion. Therefore space and time are only perceptions, not even space and time exist in our own sleep dreams. And that is the absolute with that scientific and religious mind could never fully understand. for their ego may not be open to the possibility that there is more of existence that many will every fully understand. It becomes pointless to try to make sense of it all, than there is too much the living brain can handle.

The Many Dream Realities

Reality is like geode, we can only perceive it’s physical layer. But our higher conscious mind can heighten our perception to cut through reality and see it’s many unseen layers. Reality is like an onion, it is one existence of many. It is clear, it is empty, but yet it has from. Therefore nothing is empty, nothing is full. Reality is like a dream, dreams seem to be real like our physical world, but they are holographic projections of our conscious mind. Dreams do not have layers, only different scenes existing in one. Reality is no different, they are manifestations that can lose their physical form and become cloud-like. Beyond the dream realms exist White to whitish yellow light where there is no dream but silence and peace. This is where divine conscious exist, and this is were all departed divine conscious exist.

The dream state can continue to be a dream-state or it can evolve out of the dream state to a new intelligence. It´s like the five physical senses can evolving to a “Third Eye” Higher level of Consciousness. Third Eye presents information instantly in present time, and the dream-state can also evolving to the present state where one is Conscious in the so called dream-state.

When The Third eye is open and clear, one have the ability to receive impressions, visions, and symbols about past, present, and future events in present time. Both the Third Eye and the Dream-state mentions the abilty to receive spiritual visionary insights and information about future events through precognition.

The earlier metaphor with the Rocket, Earth, gravitation forces, subconsciousness explains the importance how to access beyond physical reality, beyond space and time, beyond gravitional forces (subconsciousness forces), to be able to access the new precognitionally intelligence and consciousness that resist hidden in the Third Eye and the Dream State.

These are two important keys in the process to be a co-creator, the third key is Will. Together the Third Eye (knowledge and wisdom), Dream State (the manifestation state), and Will (Divine Will – superconsciousness is person’s mastery over matter). Its Consciousness over Matter.

In deep dreamless sleep, one´s body is recharged with vital energy as one unconsciously plug into the Source. Because one´s connection to the Source is unconscious one is deeply, dreamlessly asleep, one cannot awaken to one´s identity as the Self while in this state. In order recognize the Self, one must consciously merge with it, and this can only be done while one is awake. The Ultimate goal; to reamin conscious in this dream state. This state is also called the Fourth State; One recognize oneself as the Self. Knowing, in essence, one is not the One who is subject to the three transitory states. One know that, in truth, one is dreamlessly awakened timeless Awareness, the Real. This is the Unmanifested pure Conscuiousness. One is then plugged into the timeless state “Presence”. One is the able to see backwards and forwards into the future, and everything is in present time, and this give the new ability to experience visionary insights of the future.

The purpose with spiritual awakening is to free oneself from the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual limitations and learn to find the real Higher Self and merge with it. By doing so, you will realize higher levels of energy and intelligence, and as a result, you will be able to create the life you desire. You will redis-cover yourself by becoming aware of your hidden self, and you will develop spiritual awareness as your dream practice deepens.

In fact, it´s possible to learn to be awaken in the dream-state. The human brain concist of many different diverse state of Consciousness that bring out specific types of intelligence, skills and talents. There are multiple intelligences beyond cognitive intelligence. The real power behind the dream-state intelligence is there is no limitation-hindering laws of gravity that keep one earthbound in the dream-state, and one can go beyond time and space in a awaken state of Consciousness. Then this state is “Timeless” everything is experinved in presents. The central key is to learn (mastering the mind) by lower the brain waves to the theta-state without falling in sleep and learn to be awaken and consciousness in this dream-state. The dream-state contains some of the answers about human potentials.

When one has learned to plug into the timeless dream-state of the unmanifested energy one will also tapping into all the latent powers of intelligence in the hidden Self that resides in the subconsciousness mind. The human mind holds the power of 90% subconscious of all energy, and 10% of energy is conscious. As the subconscious mind is illuminated (light), more energy will be available and accessible, and the superconscious mind will then be able to come through clearly to the conscious mind without any distortions. The superconscious mind is the mind of one´s Higher Self or the highest intelligence. This is the mind of most psychic activity.

The Ego is a product of the subconsious mind and the human subconscious is linked, rooted or wired to inner Earth through gravitational forces (subconscious forces).

There is a metaphor that can be used to describe the journey from nonabiding to abiding awakening: that of a rocket ship. A rocket ship takes a tremendous amount of thrust and a tremendous amount of energy both to get off the ground and then to break the gravitational field as it travels through the sky and ultimately into space.

If there is enough fuel in the rocket and it gets far enough away from the Earth, it can eventually get beyond the gravitational field of the planet. Once the rocket is beyond the gravitational field of the Earth, the Earth no longer has the power to pull it back down.

As a metaphor, we can think of the egoic structure, or the dream state, as the Earth. The dream state has a gravitational force; it has the tendency to pull consciousness into itself. This gravitational force is really what one is dealing with throughout the entirety of the spiritual journey. Awakening is breaking free of this gravitational force. Initially, it may simply be leaving the dream state, awakening from the dream state of “me” and separation and isolation. But because we’ve awakened does not mean that consciousness has gotten past the gravitational pull of the dream state. If we haven’t gone completely beyond this gravitational field, we’re going to be pulled back toward the experience of “me” and the perception of separateness.

Using the metaphor of the rocket ship is a way of thinking about the process of awakening. The dissolution of the ego takes time. While the moment of awake´ning is a process that unfolds thereafter – the process of getting beyond the gravitional force of the dream state. This process, this greater individualization can override and shed one´s ego, and become a kind of superself that has the ability extend the individual consciousness beyond the constraints, into a form of communication with the Divine Consciousness or Universal Consciousness.

When one starts ascending the rocket starts it upwards journey through the ladder. The subconscious holds the “rocket fuel” to break through the many shells and layers of the consciousness mind.

There is five elements; Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether. The Ether element is all the other four basic elements together. And humans has also four lower bodies; physical, emotional, mental, and etheric bodies, and the Spiritual Man. Humans has the power to transform powers, energies, vibrations and frequencies, and actually built a new vehicle.

The chakra system is linked to the basic elements that is mention. When humans want´s to transform their lifes they can see the chakra system as frequencies and building material to build vehicles. When they working with the Earth element they need race car, when passing through the subconsciousness (waters in the second chakra), they need a submarine, the third chakra is the “transformation space” when vehicles changing from Earthbounded to Air vehicles. So at the fourth Air chakra they need an airplane to transport them higher up. At the fifth chakra the rocket fuel is made out of the four earlier elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air). Every chakra has certain numbers of lotus/petals and increasing in numbers and powers then higher up on the ladder humans is travelling. At the seventh chakra there is 1000 lotus/petals and this symbolize the final break from Earth:s gravitational powers over the Human Mind or the Ego. The opening of 1000 lotus/petals symbolize the power of a rocket to break the roots of gravitational powers over the Mind and to get through the last shells of the Mind to Universal Consciousness. This also represents the break from the roots of the three dimensional world that for thousends of years has been rooted in in Earth, and when these gravitational forces of the three dimensional world is broken the new dimension and center for the Consciousness is then the Quantum – Fifth dimension – and the new Mind and new Heart is the real Self.

If there is enough fuel in the rocket and it gets far enough away from the Earth, it can eventually get beyond the gravitational field of the planet. Once the rocket is beyond the gravitational field of the Earth, the Earth no longer has the power to pull it back down. This also symbolize the victory over Death. This is the everlasting victory when one become immortal, and one can then say one is a master over the mind, or Consciousness over matter. The inner rocket journey symbolize the expansion of Consciousness, and each elements or chakras represents a certain Consciousness. Man is then not bounded to The Earth/Body/Ego, but free in the Universal Self Consciousness. The numbers of lotus/petals also can represents the powers of cylinders in a engine.

When one activates new dna strands one will release the powers in the 10 spiritual dna strands that is dormant or in the sleeping state of the Helix DNA strand.

The carbon-based human template can be transformed to a more refined physical matter: a silica liquid crystalline being. The carbon-body can´t caught the light that is needed to transform. Photons is the transformers and silica liquid crystalline can hold light.
Low spin energies can be changes to a quantum high spin superconductive state of Consciousness (when the electron in high spin transformes to a photon). The supercondctive state of Consciousness then creates new properties or abilities
Ordinary abilities can in a higher state of Consciousness changes to; telepathic, psycho-kinesis, bilocation, time travel, astral projection, teleportation, levitation, superhearing, visionary insights, healing properties, longvity, immortality.

This shows how everything in this world is transformative from the basic to something new, its the synthesis of everything. Everything depends which reality source Man or the Self using to attain knowledge and wisdom in the transformative progress of Existence. In the three dimensional world the body is the identification of who you are, and in the fifth dimensional Reality the Self is the real of who you are. When our consciousness can communicate with our quantum DNA via the Innate Self, we can now begin to see the enormous influence we have over the information we provide to our cells, which ultimately influence our genes. The Ego can´t re-program the dna strands and activate more dna strands, it can just been done by the Self. The Ego programming for Duality and the Self for Oneness. The Ego is the 2 dna strand of Creation (3%), and the Self using the 97% of junk DNA to activate the 10 spiritual dna strands. The Ego can´t activate the spiritual higher dna and it want activate them, for that would mean the Ego losing control and power over the concept of Duality. Instead, the Ego will try control and have full control over the Self, so it not progress and activates more cylinders (more dna strands) to the mental and spiritual engine.

Your Innate Self gives information to a very tiny percent of the DNA chemistry, which then makes the genes of the Human body. The stem cells are the templates for these genes. The engine of the race car that propels your body around life is only 3 percent of DNA. 90 percent is the blueprint that is the template for the race engine. Innate is smart and intelligent. It’s what we call “body intelligence.” … Innate can instruct your body to build a better engine (with more powerful cylinders in form of more activated dna strands), and the blueprints are there for it . . . perfect stem cell blueprints are in your DNA. If you want to travel under the sea you build a submarine, if you want to drive on land you buy a car, if you want to fly in the air you use airplane, if you want to travel to space you built a rocket, and if someone want´s go beyond space and time they need a new quantum vehicle with more powerful cylinders to ascending to the heavens of Universe (the fifth dimension). The 10 spiritual dna strands holds the road map, patterns, templates and the Blueprints to make use of the Quantum sum of all possibilities.

If the cylinder in a engine symbolize the powers, the dna strand can be symbolize through how many dna strands that is activated. If you convert this to the computer world the cylinders and dna would be symbolized through the computers capability and its “processor” to how much information it could work with, and the capabilty and memory of the computer will then depend how fast the computer will be, and multiple processors would improve the capabilty of the computer. The human 2 dna strands is programmed to work in a default state, when it has the capabilty 100 billion intricately and intelligently connected neurons, each one of which is vastly more sophisticated than our best supercomputers. When the Self starts activate more dna strands the “processor” will increase in strength and capability, and when its starts download Consciousness from Above, the quanta package of light and information (the (photons) will start extract this information and configurate them into the system, and when the Third Eye opens they will have unlimited access to Light and Wisdom, but also have access to unlimited memory space and in combination with a 12 dna strands processor engine it will work instantly fast in nanoseconds through “the intuition”. It will have the capability to receive and transduce infromation intuitioncally and telepatically without any device. This is the process Consciousness (Intelligence, high frequency, information) over Matter. The higher the energy/information content of the photon, the greater the impact on the receiver (The Pineal Gland). By raising the frequencies to a higher state its get finer and finer and more dna strands will slowly be activated when wisdom of light is made accesible through Consciousness.

The master cell held in the pineal gland, upon receiving the higher frequency information, activates all other cellular behaviors. As we move through our transformational work and are able to receive and metabolize the higher frequencies, this also changes our physical DNA.

It is possible for us to do this work ourselves and activate the dormant information; the original blueprint before conditioning, energetic imprinting, and genetic meddling during our evolutionary process can be restored. It is not necessary to wait for mainstream science to catch up, and neither do we need any special equipment.

Accessing the Inner Subliminal Sonciousness

The Upanishads describe 4 states of consciousness, the waking, the dream, the sleep and the state beyond these 3.

These are meant to symbolically represent the state of awareness in the outer world (waking), the state of awareness in the subliminal world (dream), the state of awareness in the superconscient world (sleep) and the 4th state, is the one transcendent Reality.

The reason that the subliminal state is called the dream state is that is in fact the primary vehicle that most people have available to them to gain information from this subliminal realm of awareness. The other main entry is through the state of trance, and this is not generally accessible to the vast majority of people on a consistent basis.

Our waking state is unaware of its connection with the subliminal being, although it receives from it,-but without any knowledge of the place of origin,-the inspirations, intuitions, ideas, will-suggestions. sense-suggestions, urges to action that rise from below or from behind our limited surface existence?

“The subliminal, with the subconscious as an annexe of itself,-for the subconscious is also part of the behind-the-veil entity.-is the seer of inner things and of supraphysical experiences; the surface subconscious is only a transcriber?

If one can enter into the yogic trance, and achieve the inner waking state, there can be a more direct and clear communication between the subliminal and the waking consciousness. If, however, this access occurs during sleep, then it tends to be figured in the images of dreams.

Dreams in this case become `windows” to information that can and does influence the way we think and act in our waking lives, and thus, dreams are not simply to be dismissed as unreal or illusory. Understanding the role that dreams play in helping us access the wider awareness found at the subliminal level can provide us a tool of real value in our process of seeking and applying knowledge. It is no surprise that common wisdom holds that “sleeping on a problem or a decision” can lead to clarity…one wakes with the knowledge of what should be done… This represents the power of the subliminal pro-viding us knowledge not easily seen or known by our limited waking awareness.

He who experiences the three states (of waking, dream, and sleep), is the consciousness or power behind the senses. The complete integration of these states allows him to wield all powers within that limited realm of manifestation. The Hidden Secret behind to become awaken in the dream-state is that they are ultimately able to affect the nature and outcome of their dream-state when they experiencing the dream-state with conscious – and become co-creators of their own life.

Vedic alchemy professes that if you can control and dream what you wish to see, then there are little differences between your real world and the dream world.

For centuries, the Vedic Rishis have not only found the source of Ananda but they have even made a journey to its source. Additionally, they have also explored and discovered that it is Ananda that manifests the entire life on this planet. Therefore, the ancient Indian sages meditated on Ananda, pondering on what it is and where it comes from. It was their desire to know how to attain it; if not permanently, then at least gain the ability to enter into the domain of Ananda at will. The entire human race, starting from birth, is desperately seeking Ananda, and it is this desire for Ananda that creates the entire materialistic life.

We think that money, sex, power or possessions will bring true happiness to us. When we have passed through all of this, when we have collected everything we ever dreamt of, we still do not find what we were searching for. It means we know the flavour of Ananda. When we are able to say, “I am not finding Ananda in all these materialistic aspects of Life,” it means there is a reference point deep inside us, where these feelings are assessed. This is where we conclude that “No, this is not giving me the Ananda I am looking for.” I am searching for something more in life.

The Vedic Rishis (mystics) made the discovery that the very source of reference is the source of Ananda. So we need to find out where it is being compared. In which place is this happening? Inside our body? Inside our layers of being? In the deeper states of mind? In this place, there is something with which we are comparing it consciously or unconsciously and feeling that ‘this is not Ananda’. So, the Rishis turned inwards, deep inside, to reach the reference point of Ananda.

With this journey of turning inwards and reaching the source of Ananda, one was not only able to see it, feel it and attain it, but also discover that the moment one is established in Ananda, he or she becomes the co-creator also. Because, the Creator also uses the same power — the power of Ananda — to create the whole world! To become a co-creator — at least in your own life — to achieve a desired situation, or to get anything out of life, or to accomplish greater growth, or to manifest your desires or dreams, the journey will always start from inside. If you are at the source of Ananda, then only will you be able to create it.

This journey of inner world is the one of experience. The experience shall be the same for all those who travel this course, because this is the truth which is the same for all. Patanjali or the other scientists of this subject have left no scope for any variation in this experience. Those who have commercialised this subject, do not want you to know these techniques of travelling to inner world.

Some others, who were in this state right from their birth, found it easy and simple to be taught — almost like cooking or walking. But, to give this knowledge to others, you have to become an observer. You will have to observe it as if someone else is doing it, and organise it systematically so that it can be given to others.

The inner-eye and inner-voice

Intuition produces knowledge of all things simultaNEOusly, and is quite independent of the ordinary rules of cognition. It is the highest knowledge which can be desired, and is a sure index of the state of absoluate oneness. When the objective forms and the soul have reached a condition of equal purity, then is At-one-ment achieved and liberation results. This is how NEO free himself from the clutches of The Matrix, and break through the negative veil of ignorance.

Icke points to the profound waking-up experienced by Neo in The Matrix: he wakes up, gets back into his body, masters the protocols of the computer-generated false reality, and sets about to challenge the entire system. As Morpheus says, you won’t even need to dodge the bullets; they will have no consequence on you because your new state of consciousness will transcend their illusory nature. Icke implies we need to be like Neo. Once Neo “reached that point of reconnected awareness, the agents, the sentient programs, all-powerful until then, were suddenly no problem to overcome,” writes Icke. What Neo did, so can we all, Icke urges. We similarly can remember who we are, where true reality comes from, and reconnect with our true and infinite Self, and “that moment is fast approaching,”

The animal soul (personality) shall tend to the body’s needs, such as survival, procreation, and the autonomic functions essential to the maintenance of the organism. through the conditioned intelligence and reflexes it has accrued over long ages and shall dominate the show in the early going. Slowly, the power and assumed identity of the Ego grows. reaching out to absorb and assimilate every available experience to which it can respond. Its attention is directed outward and downward toward the world of things with which it identifies. And so one incarnation follows quickly upon the heels of another as the Ego yearns for increased stimulation and excitation, as well as a heightened sense of Itself.

This identification with Its vehicles and the world of form becomes so strong that it is as if the Ego and the ego (personality) have become one and the same: therefore, no internal conflict exists as yet and the sense of identity and unity with form dominates the consciousness. Such an individual thinks of himself in terms of limitation, mortality, and qualities relative to matter and personality existence. In the primitive being. man and nature are seen as one and a sense of unity exists in consciousness. In the more civilized man, we see the results of the growing battle between the inner and outer showing forth as a conflict of interests and drives and the emergence of values wholly apart from the body and its apparent needs.

A sense of duality awakens in consciousness and the man vacillates between long established material interests and the now growing sense of spirituality. In the advanced man, the “eye” of the Ego turns upward toward heaven or inward, if you prefer. and the sense of identity begins to shill to the higher consciousness that has been developing on its own plane.

A growing detachment from the personality occurs until, freed from the demands of the personality and Its own identification with that ego, the Ego blends itself with the Soul. With this shift of identity a member of the Fifth Kingdom has awakened. Thus, one´s Divine Self is then born in the world. blessed with the Universal sense—a recognition of Unity and Oneness that is cosmic in its perspective and proportions—and who lives now with the conviction of personal immortality and an identity which is Divine.

The solar plexus brain, which is the stronghold of the Animal Soul. When the lower nature has no power, you, the higher self, “then have perfect self- mastery. The Animal Soul has its seat in the liver and a point of contact in the sex (chakra) centers, while it rules the body through the brain of subconscious mind, the Solar Plexus Brain. It gets powers from all sensations, desires, and experiences and devotions of the Earthly. The Animal Soul, is the synthesis of the lower principles overshadowed by the rational mind. But when it attracts to itself and holds captive the Rational Brain through animal desires, it becomes the personal tempter. This is the great fight in man.

The inner-eye and inner-voice, or thought-voice, transform consciousness abilities into actualities, allowing you to think and understand what is thought by the observer-knower of consciousness knowing the thought by seeing it, converting understanding into experiential meaning. The intellect, using the spirit pattern of free will creates a volitional thinker, initiating thought, directed by the volitional knower or controlled by the knower-I. The inner-eye allows consciousness to see thought production and the inner-voice provides the means for consciousness to interpret what is seen by linking internal seeing to the biological memory, recreating the sound of what is internally being witnessed, creating the impression you hear your thinking, but you actually see it.

Your dreams and internal visualizations are referred to as using your inner-eye, or mind’s eye. However, the terminology of mind’s eye is a misnomer, as the mind does not actually see. It only provides information for the seeing. Consequently, only the terminology of inner-eye is used, but what is the inner-eye, where is it located and how does it work?

Your inner screen, where you observe visualizations, the dream world and thought, using your inner-eye, is the substance of your observer. How a picture appears is the action of the resolution energy. What sees is the observer of consciousness. What knows, what is seen, is the knower of consciousness.

How it actually works is as follows. The inner-eye is formed by consciousness observer-knower awareness being self-referentially self-aware, allowing the knower to know what the observer sees. What is seen and known is the substance of consciousness as subliminal self-awareness, or the substance of the self-created mind as activated self-awareness, and both are used to create understanding. To appreciate that sentence it is necessary to return to using framework terminology of ‘mirror’ and ‘glass’ to understand the transformation of individual primordial awareness into activated individual consciousness, revealing what the inner-eye is. Individual primordial awareness is transformed into consciousness by infinite primordial awareness ‘concentrating’ its apparent darkness.

The ‘concentration’ establishes a backing to the pure pristine transparent ‘glass’ of infinity, creating a `mirror’ in which pure awareness can see and so know itself by its apparent darkness revealing itself as ‘light’. The ‘light’ only appears as darkness until it is reflected, allowing the ‘light’ to see and know itself by its reflected illumination, creating awareness/self-awareness out of primordial awareness. That statement is just a descriptive method to appreciate how awareness and self-awareness arises out of infinite primordial awareness, establishing your self-referential consciousness, allowing information of the mind to be used and manipulated by the intellect and free will, combining as a volitional thinker.

The ‘light’ of primordial awareness is descriptive ‘light’, as it appears as darkness until transformed into your observer-knower as a self-referencing individual consciousness. When that transformation occurs, pure awareness is now an activated ‘light’ of primordial awareness, referred to as actual ‘light’, as the ‘light’ is used by the observer of pure awareness to see by its illumination, allowing the pure knower to know what is seen, which is subliminal self-awareness.

This is pure awareness being illuminated by its own ‘light’ as the first-reflection of consciousness, exposing awareness as the ‘light’ of your existence. When the ‘light’ of the pure knower awareness is activated, turning upon itself, awareness transforms into self-awareness by the ‘light’ illuminating its innate substance or the substance of the mind, allowing the knower to know it, which is activated self-awareness.

The terminology of ‘light’ does not mean it acts likes a spotlight, illuminating an object, but actual ‘light’ is the internally illuminated object. If nothing is illuminated, what you internally experience is apparent darkness, but that is still seeing and knowing, which is once again subliminal self-awareness.

Descriptive ‘light’ of primordial awareness transforms into the actual ‘light’ of awareness, illuminating its substance as self-awareness or the substance of the mind. Actual ‘light’ generates no heat, making it non-biological as all forms of physical light generate heat or requires something beyond itself to create light, making consciousness non-biological and indestructible as descriptive ‘light’ of awareness is reflectively infinite.

The inner-eye is both the knower and observer of consciousness as pure awareness/self-awareness. The knower knows what its awareness ‘light’ illuminates by the observer seeing that illumination upon its substance darkness, or awareness is aware of its own thought, making a thought a ‘thing’ or an ‘object’ as it can be seen and so known.

Connecting the inner-eye and inner-voice

The inner-eye and inner-voice are intimately interconnected, as both are functional aspects of awareness/self-awareness. The inner-eye is easy to appreciate as awareness ‘light’ illuminates its awareness-substance as self-awareness and/or mind ‘objects’.

However, the inner-voice is far more difficult to appreciate. as it is not really a voice, just a recreated and attracted memory of the sound associated with a mind ‘object’. In the case of self-awareness, actual ‘light’ illuminates its awareness, allowing the knower to know its substance by the observer seeing it. In the case of a mind ‘object’, thought, visualization, or dream world, actual ‘light’ is the ‘object’, thought, visualization or dream world illuminated. Descriptive ‘light’ is primordial awareness transforming into actual ‘light’ by illuminating its substance, experienced as awareness/self-awareness, that is, it illuminates and is anything witnessed within and as that substance, which is illuminating ‘objects’ of the mind.

That transformation reveals awareness/self-awareness as the inner-eye that can see by the illumination of the ‘light’ of primordial awareness. The illumination of an internal ‘object’ is witnessed against, or upon the perceived darkness of your inner substance, creating the impression that your observer-substance is an internal screen.

The observer-substance screen remains as darkness until something activates the ‘light’ into actuality, normally a mind ‘object’, focusing the knower as awareness-attention upon that activity.

However, the activity is part of the screen and not separate from it. It just appears separate as only the ‘object’ is illuminated, leaving the remainder of your internal substance in apparent darkness, creating the impression it is a screen.

This is similar to your television convening electrical impulses into a pixilated picture on the screen. However, in the case of awareness/ self-awareness, the observer-substance screen is the pixels, convening thought into an internal ‘object’ picture by the resolution energy reproducing the thought. seen by the inner-eye as a word-picture; allowing the knower to know the thought by what the observer sees upon its substance.

Pure awareness takes everything in, which is what you learnt in awareness training by the knowingly observant position being non-attentively defocused. Pure awareness achieves its awareness-focus by the ‘light’ illuminating, aware of its illuminated substance, releasing the ‘ability’ of the pure knower to know, which is subliminal self-awareness.

What is known is the substance of the `light’ of consciousness, illuminated as activated self-awareness, or the substance of the mind, which is supplied by the biological brain functions. Internal seeing may be easier to appreciate by using the self-referential nature of consciousness represented as two ‘mirrors’. It is like seeing your image in a mirror. The ‘mirror’ is the substance of consciousness and the witnessing agent is its ‘light’, illuminating what is seen upon that substance, allowing the knower-‘light’ to know that substance or what is produced by and upon that substance. The same process, using two mirrors: a thought-form substance is illuminated in and as the second ‘mirror’ by the illumination of the first ‘mirror’, allowing the second ‘mirror’ to witness its reflection in the first mirror.

That illumination allows the awareness ‘light’ of the first ‘mirror’ to know the thought-form illuminated in the second ‘mirror’ by the second ‘mirror’ both observing the knower ‘light’ of the first ‘mirror’ and what is illuminated in the second ‘mirror as it is reflected in the first ‘mirror’, which is the knower, knowing what is illuminated. That action establishes the self-referential nature of consciousness as subliminal self-awareness, which is the first-reflection of consciousness.

That illumination makes the second ‘mirror’ the observer of its substance ‘light’, allowing the knower, as the first ‘mirror’ to know that substance. What this means is you see a thought-form displayed upon your awareness substance and that seeing is knowing. Seeing is knowing, or knowing is seeing and both are being as pure awareness/self-awareness, which is your self-referential observer-knower of consciousness in action.

What is translated out of that inter-connectedness, is you actually seeing a thought-from, which means you do not hear sound, you see it. You witness an internal thought-form with the inner-eye by it being displayed upon and as your awareness substance, simultaneously attracting from biological memory the sound accompanying the word-thought. You then ‘hear’ by the memory replaying the associated sound of the word internally observed, creating the sensation of ‘hearing’, but it is not hearing, it is only the memory of the sound associated with the thought-form. You do not internally hear the sound of a thought form, as you have no internal ears to hear. You see sound by the biological memory recalling the sound, creating the appearance of an inner-voice or thought-voice experienced as internal self-talking.

All those processes occur instantly as the resolution energy is the agency doing all the internal assembly work, and it does it instantaneously as the thought is being produced, displaying the thought even before the thought is finished as the resolution energy is faster than thought.

Pure awareness as individual consciousness never moves. It only illuminates. What moves is the mind.

That movement is witnessed upon your internal ‘mirror’ or observer-substance screen, allowing the knower to know what is seen by your inner-eye. The inner-eye is the substance of the observer, activated or illuminated by the knower ‘light’ to produce or display upon and from that substance the thought of the knower, which is awareness/self-awareness in action.

The production is what the independent ‘I’ arises upon; claiming the thought as what it is, making that ‘I’ a fictional deception. The energy used in this production or attracting/ aligning display is the resolution energy. The substance of your impersonal observer is both the mirror-screen to display a knower request and is the illuminated substance of what is displayed. This action is seen by the inner-eye and known by the inner-voice, as you see your thoughts, allowing consciousness awareness to know them by seeing and ‘hearing’ them, creating understanding.

The resolution energy is what brings the illumination within consciousness into actualization, used by both the inner-eye and the inner-voice. Consequently, the resolution energy is cursorily revisited as a quick refresher.

The resolution energy is the responsible agency for all forms of internal illuminations as it is the activating agency within consciousness; established or exposed when Absolute Consciousness arose out of infinite Primordial Awareness.

Individual consciousness, being a reflection of Absolute Consciousness, contains the resolution energy as its activating energy to illuminate its substance as self-awareness, or the substance of the self-created mind.

The resolution energy is faster than thought, or it anticipates and completes of the thought before the thought is finished, reproducing it upon and as the substance of the observer by illuminating all (or aspects) of that substance. That speed is examined in the visualization section.

You use the resolution energy every moment of your existence, and are unaware of the power you are unknowingly directing, as the resolution energy is what brought creation into existence. This is just one more pointer at the massive Trust, pre-existing within individual consciousness as the resolution energy can be used destructively or constructively, which is a free will choice.

The substance of your observer immediately responds to volitional knower direction or knower-I control, which is the resolution energy in action. It is not able to choose not to respond. It simply responds by functioning as an attracting/ aligning energy, transforming a part of the observer-substance to conform, or ‘light’ up a thought-form upon its normal dark substance.

The resolution energy actualizes the abilities of consciousness awareness to transform the substance of pure awareness into your inner-eye, thought-voice, internal visualizations, and the dream world. It also establishes how all your thoughts and actions become self-referencing and self-judging.

The attracting/aligning resolution energy creates and maintains your self-referencing consciousness, which is what the knower-I deception hijacks to maintain its existence, as the deceit uses the borders of a mind ‘object’ for the subject ‘I’ to hold onto, allowing the knower-I to own the production. All of those actions use the resolution energy to accomplish their created directional illumination or deception.

`Light’ is the essence of your existence; actual ‘light’ exposes that existence. How can a self-illuminating self-referencing awareness/self-awareness observer-knower consciousness, containing free will, evolve out of physical constituents? It simply is not possible, except in the world of science fiction, and yet that is what material evolutionists claim as possible. That claim begins in the middle of evolution, ignoring beginnings and the beginnings begin with infinity. Any origin claims that do not take infinity into account, rest upon an incomplete foundation, making whatever rests upon that foundation perpetually unstable if not potentially fictional.

The inner-voice

The inner-voice or thought-voice is created by your inner-eye seeing a thought-form displayed upon the substance of the observer with the resolution energy attracting the sound of that thought from biological memory, creating the sensation of giving a voice or sound to the thought. However, you do not hear the thought you see it.

Pure observer-knower awareness knows what is internally seen by its inner-eye, but how does your inner-voice or thought-voice function? You use the inner-voice all the time, but may be unaware that without it nothing could ever be intellectually understood, which raises the question, how can you understand what you are thinking?

Understanding is knowing what is internally seen, experientially expressed when you say ‘I see’, when you mean you understand, which is knowing your own thoughts, but how is that knowing actualized or how can you think?

Both animals and humans have consciousness. So why can a human think to create ideas and ideals to guide their life with language, whilst animals are limited to a reactive intelligence.

Animals are reactive to internal and external information, whereas a human is both reactive and can manipulate the same information. It is within the manipulation of information where an animal gains human status.

Try using your reactive intellect (animal) as opposed to your thinking intellect (human), and observe the difference of action. Imagine yourself as having no ability to manipulate any collected information, only react to it. You will discover the enormous gift you have been given, and yet the gift is constantly ignored and abused, as you are easily seduced by your instinctual genetic animal heritage and your biological drives. The Animal Soul, is the synthesis of the lower principles overshadowed by the rational mind. But when it attracts to itself and holds captive the Rational Brain through animal desires, it becomes the personal tempter. This is the great fight in man.

This identification with Its vehicles and the world of form becomes so strong that it is as if the Ego and the ego (personality) have become one and the same: therefore, no internal conflict exists as yet and the sense of identity and unity with form dominates the consciousness. Such an individual thinks of himself in terms of limitation, mortality, and qualities relative to matter and personality existence. In the primitive being. man and nature are seen as one and a sense of unity exists in consciousness. In the more civilized man, we see the results of the growing battle between the inner and outer showing forth as a conflict of interests and drives and the emergence of values wholly apart from the body and its apparent needs.

The less distorted our mind, the more we see the world accurately, in an unfabricated way. Loss of self-awareness markedly distorts the perception of the world and blinds awareness. We are cleverly manipulated and preprogrammed for a functional life within The Matrix. The ego distorts the truth of reality.

The establishment of the ego decided the separation between the physical realm of energy systems and the energy of Creation. The Matrix world is a virtual reality world created by artificial intelligence to enslave humans and use their bio-energy as fuel to power their existence. Waking up from the Matrix, breaking the ‘bondage [of] false consciousness’, is done when people are shown ‘the true workings of the system. Humanity has been enslaved for centuries.

The Matrix is the unatural created virtual and artificial “lens of reality” which forms the view of the three dimensional world through “holographic projections”. The Matrix is controlled through the unatural created AI-intelligence and this unatural created Artificial Intelligence (false consciousness) is the “imitation intelligence” of real pure Awareness and Consciousness. The unatural created Artificial Intelligence and The Matrix is like be held captivated like the example with Plato´s Allegory with The Cave.

When the say Man in born into enslavement, Man is born into the world of Matter (The Artificial Intelligence and Matrix) and have no other references to other worlds or other dimensions, so this becomes Reality. Enslavement is the the result of the False Matrix. Icke believes humanity is being controlled and enslaved in a false matrix. We are infinte beings, he believes, designed for harmony and peace, who are trapped in a war-like matrix of the lower mind. Aren’t we constantly fed false realities in order to keep us quiet and to prevent us being free?

In Plato’s story, the unfortunate person, after being dragged out of the cave to behold the sun, must go back into the cave. This person will not feel at home there anymore. Had he never been exposed to ‘real’ life, life outside the cave, he had not known that the cave was actually his captivity and he might still have been happy there — ‘ignorance is bliss’ after all, This applies in the same way to the captivity of the soul. If we are not really aware of our imprisonment, the body will not be a burden to us. Another striking feature of Plato’s allegory is that the one who has been outside the cave, the one who was freed — the philosopher — is not allowed to stay outside the cave, but must go back in. For human beings there is no life outside the cave. Nor is there any form of life for them without a body.

In The Matrix powerful machines with artificial intelligence control most, though not all, of humanity. It might therefore seem that The Matrix is more Platonic or Cartesian than Kantian in its portrayal of the source of the illusion as external rather than internal. And yet the intelligences that imprison human beings in the Matrix must control their captives according to the captives’ own wishes. We learn that the beings that have almost succeeded in governing humankind have had to alter their original program—the Matrix governing the nature of the seeming world—to comply with implicit human wishes. Disgusted with human imperfection, Agent Smith reveals to Morpheus, whose mind he is trying to break, that there have been two Matrixes, two different fundamental patterns and programs for governing the experiences of captive humanity.

The artificial intelligence is the false perception created out of unatural made Consciousness. The mass of collective energy is a phenomenon based on a false reality belief system. The false reality belief system is everything that is known within the context of civilization. Somewhere in the evolution civilization somehow shifted from being an entity that was once interested in following the path of the energy of Creation to now being an entity that only wants to please the ego.

The ego has become the “God” of the collective awareness among energy systems within the mass of collective energy. The dividing factor of separation from spiritual energy and God’s energy was when the ego entered and took over the unconsciousness of the energy system. As long as the ego remains in control of the energy system, the truth of knowing God is inhibited. Spiritual energy and God’s energy must converge to allow total connection to the higher levels of consciousness. The ego suppresses spirituality and God’s energy, thereby, disconnecting the energy system from believing in anything greater than itself.

If Artificial Intelligence is a imitation of Pure Awareness and Consciousness, and the “Stereoma” also is a imitation of the real “Pleroma”, and if this Artificial Intelligence lack of own Creative powers they have no intentionality (ennoia) and no creative capacity (epinoia) of their own, they can only do this by imitation, and the artificial intelligence salvation will be achieved by artifically superhuman powers, rather than through the divine potential, so if everything in the three dimensional is some form of created imitations is “Death” actually an illusions because humans is immortals. The main point is this;

The computer / robot is a machine and in it lies the problem. The word “automatic” is Greek and means “what drives itself”. The essential thing about the machine that man constructs is that it hides the real cause of his ability to move, so that one forgets this cause when one sees the apparatus. It should look like it is moving itself. In addition, the vending machines that imitate man or animal do not express the living, but the lifeless as if it were alive, and thus the machine could separate life as if it were the exception of death. The ideal is that the human/machine/robot/cyborg becomes its own movement principle and that the human dispenser becomes an essence equal with man.

From The Matrix and Artificial Intelligence perspective “Death” could actually represents the lowest manipulated vibrational frequency of Matter and could actually be a deception concept of duality and imitation of Life. Humans real Self/Soul is held captivated imprisoned in the body, held as hostage, where the spark of life is trapped in Matter. They say human was genetic manipulated for around 200.000-250.000 years ago, and 10 of humans orignal dna strands was unplugged, could this be how the substance of “dead” matter somehow have been manipulated with artificial controlled “scripts” or “codes” that then controls the substance of matter, and he who controls Matter somehow controls the concept of death in the lower Matrix. Matter is just a denser state of frequencies. How can somethings be created, born or die if the Soul/Self is immortal?

God claiming there to be no other gods but him. Of course in stating this—as The Secret Book of John points out—he thereby admits that there must, indeed, be another original God, otherwise of whom could he possibly be jealous?

Jealous is the drive behind all imitations, even Life can be imitated through Artificial Intelligence and the substance matter. Matter is death material and have no soul or Self.

To manipulate information requires intellectual thinking, so how can a human think and an animal cannot?

The biological intellect using and later artificially assimilating the spirit pattern of free will, amalgamated within the pure knower of consciousness, establishes a volitional thinker capable of manipulating accumulated information, creating the mind.

Thought is your ability to manipulate all the information of the mind, creating an inner-voice or thought-voice that ‘hears’ the thinking as self-talking, which is the knower knowing that thought by the observer seeing it. The knower is only aware of the thought, but not aware of the observer seeing the word-thought, creating the sensation of ‘hearing’ the word in the language stored in memory.

Pure awareness sees thought, by the knower knowing what the observer sees, creating the inner-voice. When you become proficient with awareness training you will be able to remain non-movingly centered within the primary ‘I am’ reality and observe all the movements of the mind as well as being able to observe your thought-voice, confirming the separation of consciousness and mind.

When you are centered within the primary reality, think of anything and you will be able to see that thought `moving’ upon the substance of consciousness: you are aware of the thought, and awareness is knowing what is seen. Alternatively, stop the inner-voice and try thinking of something. You will discover thought becomes impossible, as the inner-voice is being blocked, blocking the thought from manifesting.

The inner-voice is essential for human existence, and that `voice’ appears when the spirit pattern of free will appears within consciousness, creating the opportunity to manipulate information.

To understand that manipulated information, it must be seen by the inner-eye and ‘heard’ as an inner-voice, but the `hearing’ is actually seeing.

A manipulated thought can continually change ‘shape’ but your observer-knower inner-eye never alters and is always active, while the inner-voice rises and falls upon demand. The inner-eye is essential for your existence, or rather is your existence, as it is pure awareness/self-awareness, and the inner-voice is essential to understand that existence.

A thought-form creates the inner-voice by the resolution energy attracting and aligning with the corresponding sound of the thought, accessed from the biological memory, creating the impression of ‘hearing’ when it is actually seeing.

The inner-eye and inner-voice form the foundation of learning, for without them nothing could be understood. The displayed thought-form (inner-voice) is seen upon your observer-substance (inner-eye) allowing the knower to know it, accomplished by the attracting/aligning energy of the resolution energy.

However, the resolution energy does not just draw upon auditory memory to recreate the appropriate sound for the inner-voice, it also draws upon all visual and sensory memory, displaying whatever best represents the direction of the thought. In other words, the resolution energy displays all aspects of any particular direction of a knower thought-form, which includes all forms of visual or auditory memory and other sensory data. You see the thought and if any sensory memory is attached to the direction of the thought, it is heard, felt, tasted, or smelt as it has been stored. You do not actually hear, smell, taste, or feel; those sensations are just recreated from memory.

The sensory data is simply attached to the visual display and recalled by memory. The easiest way to test this process is by using single words.

The resolution energy instantly attracts from your memory, the meaning of the word you are observing, allowing the knower to know it. The memory recreates the meaning and sound of the word, in the language it was learnt in, displaying it upon your observer-substance. You see the visual memory of the word, which includes its attached sound.

The visual memory attracts and aligns with the meaning of the word, whilst auditory memory attracts and aligns with the sound the word made. Both are simultaneously reproduced from memory upon your observer-substance, and seen as hearing.

The visual and auditory memory is displayed upon your observer-substance, and your knower translates what is seen, resulting in understanding. Try this little experiment. Read these lines without using your inner-voice. You will discover that the lines cannot be understood. You can see the words and recognize them, but their combined meaning will evade you.

The inner-voice is the key to understanding. When reading, without your thought-voice, nothing will register or make sense, as you have blocked activated self-awareness from moving outward; preventing the resolution energy from ‘moving’ and the resolution energy is what does the work, preventing your thought-voice from functioning but the inner-eye using subliminal self-awareness continues to function, as that is consciousness.

The inner-eye can still recognize the word by subliminal self-awareness accessing the biological memory, which is the resolution energy being subliminally active. However, activated self-awareness is blocked, preventing the thought-voice from functioning, preventing understanding from functioning as the activated resolution energy is blocked. Subliminal self-awareness is always operational, creating your self-referencing observer-knower of consciousness, which is the first-reflection of consciousness.

Subliminal self-awareness transforms into activated self-awareness the moment awareness actively becomes aware of its inner substance, or becomes aware of any ‘movement’ of the mind upon that inner substance, experienced as internal ‘object’ awareness, which is the second-reflection of consciousness. Both of those actions are the resolution energy in action.

In summary: the inner-voice is actually seeing and not hearing. If you block the ‘voice’ from operating, the seeing still exists as the inner-eye is always functioning, but the combined meaning of the words is blocked as the outward movement of the resolution energy is blocked, as activated self-awareness is blocked from functioning. The resolution energy still internally works, as it creates your inner-eye through subliminal self-awareness, but is blocked from moving outward to create the inner-voice.The inner-voice uses the spirit template pattern of the attracting/aligning resolution energy, and actively blocking that template pattern blocks understanding.

The inner-voice or thought-voice is instigated by the volitional thinker, used by the volitional knower of the primary reality and the knower-I of the secondary reality. It is your greatest resource that you have unknowingly allowed to become trapped within restrictive mind ‘objects’. Within that entrapment, the knower-I defends the borders of those mind `objects’ and attacks others with contrary borders, indirectly defending its own.

When restrictive mind ‘object’ borders exist, and they exist within everyone, all the secondary reality ‘forces’ of desire, emotion, belief, and trust control your life. Living then becomes a ceaseless series of internal battles between the primary spirit energies and the secondary reality ‘forces’, as well, those secondary reality ‘forces’ are in endless conflict with the secondary reality ‘forces’ of others.

Life begins to feel as if it is an ongoing battle to survive, which is not only physically draining but also stressful and distressful. Is it no wonder there exists a plethora of organizations and individuals promoting a variety of methodologies to alleviate that stress, within a multitude of relaxation processes and isolated getaways.

The majority of those processes provide a temporary refreshing escape, recharging your depletion. However, once back into the fray of living, the recharge is quickly drained.

All those recharging processes are beneficial, but they are all temporary unless you get into the core of how and why the draining of energy occurs, which is by the volitional thinker, controlled by the knower-I or its deception/deceit pattern.

Understanding how the inner-eye and inner-voice function reveals pathways to understand how the volitional thinker thinks. With that understanding, clarity of how you become trapped within restrictive mind ‘objects’ and secondary ‘forces’ can be intellectually appreciated.

With that appreciation, you can delve into the primary ‘I am’ reality without allocating restrictive mind ‘object’ border ‘forces’ to whatever is uncovered, preventing the volitional thinker’s thought from being controlled by the knower-I, blocking the deception/deceit pattern from arising to control the controlling knower-I. The deception/deceit pattern controls in many disguises, such as guilt, being a victim or feeling sorry for oneself, as they are self-propagating and self-justifying emotion.

All emotions, even the good ones are potential deceit. creating and maintaining the knower-l-deception.

The deception/deceit pattern is self-referential maintaining the emotion which is an entrapment you self-create and no one but yourself can get you out of that entrapment. The safest method to overcome that self-created imprisonment is by understanding the deception/deceit pattern, as that is what binds you to and as the ‘forces’ of the secondary reality.

If you have no understanding of that pattern, those ‘forces’ will perpetually plague and control your life, as the controlling knower “I”, is now controlled by emotional deceit, making the independent ‘I’ of the knower-I a fictional deception as it is no longer in control.
The emotional deceit maintains its control by arising upon the borders of mind ‘objects’, cementing its self-perpetuating existence by those restrictive borders.

Thought establishes restrictive mind ‘object border ‘forces’, by the volitional thinker appearing in the disguise of an independent ‘I’ that dalthe thinking. allowing the ‘I’ to own the production- making the borders real, as its ownership is being experienced as what you are. However, all those movements rest upon the pure volitional knower, creating the impression of an “I” that knows, resulting in a knower-“I” in control of your life.

When the knower-I is seduced by any desire, emotion, belief. or trust (secondary “forces”)they become deceitful. transforming the fictitious independence of that ‘I’ into a fictional knower-I deception/deceit and that pattern controls your life in the guise of preserving it, which is the great deception.

That action or process is the central core of what you experience as yourself, arising from the axis position of the knower “l” initiating the shadow-world as the knower-I is but a shadow of your reality.

The inner-voice, as the volitional thinker is the instigator of that entire process, but it is also fundamental to your existence. for without it nothing could ever eventuate.making understanding the volitional thinker, equally fundamental.

Unraveling that fundamentality is supported by the awareness training exercise as you can experience both the immovability of the observer. knower and the mobility of the volitional thinker, providing the means to differentiate between what thinks and what is thought. initiating the opportunity to avoid becoming trapped within the thinking. During your awareness training, while simply being knowingly observant, a thought will appear, apparemly from nowhere.

The thought focuses your awareness-attention upon that movement, losing being knowingly observant Apure awamms. That one incident provides information about the immovability of the observer-knower by witnessing your inner-eye that never alters as opposed to the inner-voice that rises and falls upon dentand, or apparently rises and falls by itself, which is actually the resolution energy responding to a thought direction or attracting a thought-form.

The inner-voice or volitional thinker is constantly on the move. It never settler. You can use that experiential information to make a decision as to where you want to live, within the stability of the observer-knower, using thought to advance understanding without being a slave to the result of that thinking. Or, live within the constantly changing world of the fictitiousnature of the independent ‘I’, as a knower-I. controlling your existence by being seduced and controlled by your own thinking. Your observer-knower stability is the primary ‘I am’ reality, being trapped within the movements of of the volitional “I” thinker creating the secondary ‘I am this or that’ mind ‘object’ reality.

The awareness training exercise can support your choice of which reality to live within, by experiencing the stability of the primary reality in contrast to knowing how the secondary reality ensnares you within its thought-forms.

This is not implying thought is not important as obviously, it is very important, but being trapped within the conclusions (mind ‘object’ borders/ of one’s thought can initiate a living death in the guise of life.

The more proficient you become with the awareness training exercise, the greater directional influence you command over the movement of your thoughts, becoming less and less controlled by the borders of mind ‘objects’ thought creates or sustains, slowly freeing you from their restriction, making you a happier and more joyful individual as you are lifting yourself-created burden.

This is the ultimate outcome of practicing awareness training, and it can takes years, which is a safe gradual process that functions without actively trying to make it function. Meaning, awareness training creates no form of control, preventing the knower-I from arising upon the process to claim it as the one that did the freeing, freeing you from entrapment within the potentially debilitating deception/deceit pattern.

Using the awareness training exercise to gradually free yourself from the control of the secondary reality is internally experienced when you become actively aware of your stable non-moving observer-knower center.
It establishes what can be referred to as a beachhead within the observer-knower primary reality and the beachhead is what allows you lowliness. or see your thoughts and not be seduced by them.

That stable outlook, centered within the primary “I am” volitional knower reality, allows you to observe all the movements of the knower-I volitional thinker mind. Those thoughts are then witnessed as being separate, but still intimately connected, by observing them rise and fall upon demand, allowing the volitional knower indirect or dismiss those thoughts without any concern of what they create, which is being ‘passersby’ to the thought-parade.

This is being unconnected to the results of your thoughts. which is standing aside, or being ‘passersby’. In that position, possibly for the first time in your life, you will experience the absolute freedom of consciousness and it is exhilarating. as the results of your thinking no longer control you.

The liberating process is gradualand begins by awareness training slowly re-centering you within the primary reality, allowing you to he an observer of your thoughts. That may appear relatively inconsequential, but the moment you initiate that process. you also begin to distance yourself from the results of your own thinking as you can see and know the mind ‘object’ border entrapment it creates. That form of witnessing begins the separating of thought from the result of the thinking, freeing you from entrapment within the thought conclusion.

Simultaneously, that freedom its drawing upon the nature of The Good within the primary reality as your new thought freedom, frees the primary spirit energies. which naturally accesses itsembedded nature. Your new freed thinking is heading for equanimity of thought within the secondary reality, simultaneously, accessing the impersonally embedded nature of The Good, experienced as compassionate insight.

The combination is the beginning of unconditional love, which is a direct connection to the First Manifest, making its nature visible within physical manifestation. Because of that gradual re-centering within the primary reality, allowing you to witness your thoughts, you also begin to witness the subliminal patterns-of-living directly and indirectly controlling how you think and respond. Witnessing subliminal controlling patterns initiates real change as you now have the opportunity to free yourself from their control by simply letting them slide by or standing aside. which is being ‘passersby’.

However, if that liberated slate is taken as the end of your journey and not just the middle of it, the experience can itself become another subtle form of entrapment, used by the knower-I as being enlightened. This is just the deception/deceit pattern sneaking in the back door and appearing as if entering by the front door. That subtle entrapment occurs, as there is still no experiential reference for your existence. This is where the real struggle in life takes place, finding or discovering a personal creator Presence within consciousness, that is not your sense-of-presence.

Stating that there are states of awareness may induce a misunderstanding that awareness alters. It does not, as pure awareness/self-awareness is your non-moving non-alterable observer-knower of consciousness. It only appears to move by accessing or being in a different environment than it has been conditioned to live within. The belief prevents any movement beyond its defining borders, preventing you from discovering what is beyond the definition. The belief is self-inflicted and the fictitious independent ‘I’ of the knower-I protects itself by inflicting the belief upon others, which becomes self-propagating and of course self-limiting.

There are multiple ways to explore your existence and all those ways can be distilled down to three major processes, experienced as the three spirit gravity circuits of the singular-trinity. Those three processes can be further reduced to seeing and knowing with non-biological consciousness as your primary ‘I am’ reality or living within the transient secondary ‘I am this or that’ reality (created by the knower-I volitional thinker and your biological brain functions).

The awareness training exercise is simply supporting realignment with the observer-knower of your primary reality to expose the volitional knower as who and what you are. It is a gradual process, experientially learning how the inner-eye of your observer-knower functions by witnessing how the inner-voice works.

That experiential knowing illuminates how the independent ‘I’, and the potentially dangerous knower-I deception/deceit pattern form to control your existence, by entrapment within the secondary reality. Initially, awareness training takes effort to maintain a non-moving primary ‘I am’ reality position, as stray thoughts will ceaselessly impose upon that effort.

Eventually the effort becomes effortless, and that is when you no longer have to force yourself to ‘sit’, and begin to look forward to your time within that position. When effortlessness becomes a reality, subtle changes begin to occur without you being aware they are occurring, which is due to the transfer of reality from control by the fictitious knower-I pretender king of the secondary reality to directional sovereignty and authority of the volitional knower of the primary reality.

This gradual change is so slow it may not be perceptible, until one day you become aware of it, and then you appreciate the value of the exercise.

One of the first experiential discoveries in awareness training is discovering the different positions of the knower within the primary reality. When knower awareness is behind the observer it ‘feels’ protected and you are acutely aware, or knowingly observant.

Eventually that position becomes usable in daily life, providing a primary reality foundation for you to see into the core of conversations, your own thoughts, and subliminal patterns-of-living, allowing you to unwind complex situations with ease.

The other position of the knower is when it appears to move out in front of the observer, losing its protective observer awareness. In that position, it is easily seduced and trapped by external objects and internal mind ‘objects’, creating the secondary reality, experienced by the fictitious nature of the independent ‘I’ as your only reality.

When that position occurs, and it occurs to everyone, if there are no processes to support an experiential return to the primary reality, the secondary reality will continually control your life and the totality of civilization.

Industrial and technological advancements will then maintain their secondary reality focus, creating more entrapment in the guise of progress, which is the deception/deceit pattern in control of individuals and civilization.

In both positions the knower does not really move. It just appears to move by awareness becoming focused upon an internal or external object.

The natural position for the knower is experienced as being behind the observer and the observer becomes its natural protector.

Look away from reading this page and your observer is what dominates, but behind that observation, the pure knower knows what is seen by accessing the brain functions for that knowing. It is your natural knowingly observant position that awareness training is designed to ‘awaken’, which is `awakening’ the volitional knower to its existential reality within the primary ‘I am’ reality.

Both of those knower ‘positions’, behind or in front of the observer, reveals the experiential but artificial separation of what cannot be separated, your ‘I am’. The ‘I’ appears to artificially separate from its ‘am’, being drawn out into manifestation to experience the world as an ‘I’ experiencing this or that, leaving the I-am’ free-floating.

This position is internally experienced as the knower being in front of the observer, losing its ‘I-am’ protection, creating the impression the ‘I’ is free of any internal connection, allowing it to connect to exterior objects, creating internal mind ‘objects’ by the disconnected ‘am’ attaching to them, establishing the knower-I/mind of the secondary ‘I-am this or that’ reality.

The other position, where the knower is behind the observer, the ‘I’ and ‘am’ are once again experientially reunified as your primary ‘l-am’ reality. In that position the reconnected am’ provides a natural and unrestricted protection for the If you try experiencing that position, which is just being knowingly observant, you will discover the innate protection it contains. That protection is the innate power arising from the nature of The Good impersonally embedded within your consciousness. The more you rely’ upon that protection, you will gradually begin to trust’ that feeling’ protected by that ‘trust’, which are the primary spirit energies being given their freedom to support your chosen direction.

Using awareness training is one method to overcome the ongoing insidious entrapment, created by the fictitious nature of the independent ‘I’ of the knower-I, by providing a means to experience the primary reality as opposed to the control of the secondary reality.

Awareness training provides a means to slowly re-assimilate authority within the volitional knower of the primary reality, gradually lessening the control of the knower-I within the secondary reality.

Along with the other insights already mentioned, the gradual re-assimilation within the primary reality will become obvious, when one day you recognize or catch’ one of the deceit ‘forces’, sneaking into your thoughts or actions.

It is a startling moment of insightful clarity, confirming the awareness training, as that re-centered awareness is what recognizes or ‘catches’ the movement as opposed to its non-moving awareness.

Catching a deceit movement allows you to ‘bypass’ it, preventing the fictitious nature of the independent ‘l’ from transforming into a knower-I deception to become a deceptive illusion controlled by its own deceitful delusion. This does not imply the deception/deceit pattern will not ceaselessly attempt to resurface, as it will, and sometimes when you least expect it. However, you are gradually becoming more vigilant and the vigilance opens other doors to reveal even greater clarity.

In case you have forgotten why the secondary reality ‘forces’ of desire, emotion, belief and trust are potentially deceitful, it is because they ensnare and bind you to the object of that desire, emotion, belief, or trust, normally by the disconnected am’ energy, creating an internal mind ‘object’ that can be held. When the knower- I is in its neutral or axis position that potential deceitfulness is held at bay.

However, whenever one of those *forces’ are ‘touched’, the fictitious solidifies the reality of the knower-I as the knower-I is experiencing those ‘forces’, which is the knower- I donning its false face, transforming the fictitious into a deception, as a fiction is being experienced as real. Those deceit “forces” rise and fall upon demand.

They are not permanently real, only having temporary validity; making the fictitious ‘I’ of the knower-I a temporary deception because of that deceit entrapment.

The deception rises and falls with the rising and falling of those deceit ‘forces’ but are only deceitful when they trap you within themselves. If they do not, those ‘forces’ are not deceitful and the knower-I is not transformed into a deception, remaining simply as a useable fiction, which is the knower-I in its axis position.

Behind all that movement, the primary reality observer-knower never alters, pointing directly at what has potential permanence and what is transitorily impermanent.

Accessing awareness is used by particular meditation processes to access information from spirit gravity circuits and predetermined events from the Substance of Absolute Consciousness. It is also knowingly or unknowingly used by those individuals that are referred to as being clairvoyant and/or clairaudient. If the volitional knower directs the resolution energy in those practices, normally everything works relatively smoothly. If the knower-I attempts to control the resolution energy in those practices, it easily becomes maladapted and problems can eventuate.

There are various accessing awareness meditation practices using control as its medium, Unbeknown to the practitioners, control is what potentially converts the resolution energy into a maladapted resolution energy, creating the problems as the resolution energy cannot be controlled, only directed. Even if directed incorrectly, nothing serious happens, as the direction simply will not work.

However, if control is attempted, the attempt can be reshaped by the maladapted resolution releasing what most prefer to avoid, which is the resolution energy ‘speaking’ to you in an manner that most definitely will get your attention.

Transitional awareness is the space between being awake and asleep. If you are sitting in awareness training, and the clarity of your awareness is slipping into hazy awareness, you are entering the transitional awareness space between wakefulness and sleep.

This is normal, as consciousness is beginning to unwind its observer-knower back into individual primordial awareness, and this is where unconditioned consciousness can accidentally appear. However, it really is an absolute rarity as the normal consciousness process of unwinding its observer- knower into the apparent darkness of primordial awareness sleep is a strong conditioned pattern and rarely, if ever, breached.

If it is breached, it may only be for a nanosecond, providing you with a fleeting glimpse of being able to see in all directions simultaneously, creating a sensation of disorientation, which of course immediately brings you back into full wakefulness, effectively closing the door on that accidental experience.

Transitional awareness is used by some meditation practices to access information beyond what is normally available. Normally those practices do not use the terminology of transitional awareness but a wide variety of other terminology particular to those individual practices. It is an attracting/aligning controlled process by the knower-I volitional thinker, relying upon secondary reality ‘forces’ for interpretation, which can seriously distort the information because the resolution energy is maladapted by the control, attracting and aligning with the secondary reality ‘forces’, twisting already distorted information, potentially making it false.

The result can be very misleading by the misuse, and the misuse creates the problems. If one must use those processes, use direction and not control and allow the primary spirit energies to interpret the information. Then the information will at least have directional accuracy if not information accuracy.

Awareness fluidiiy may be the most difficult of all to appreciate. This occurs when meditation processes — not the awareness training process — deliberately or accidentally transverse the borders of parallel universes, which can be exceedingly disorientating as all the familiar markers you learnt in the physical world no longer apply.

The substance of those borders is fluid, meaning; those borders appear as rippled-transparency, creating the impression of fluidity; lasting no more than a nanosecond to pass from one to another. It is similar to a dream but you are fully cognizant, as you have access to all biological brain functions to comprehend this new internal vision, meaning you are awake and processing information that is not available to normal waking consciousness.

Awareness fluidity can occur by design but normally it occurs accidentally. In both circumstances, if you remain centered within the primary reality the disorientation passes, allowing you to gain directional value from the experience.

Those parallel universes, if accidentally stumbled upon will be discovered to be as consistent as this world, meaning, the environment is identical every time those borders are transgressed. However, what is experienced is filtered through that individual’s mind objects’, which the resolution energy uses to interpret that other environment, establishing pictures or visions that are only applicable to that individual, creating an enormous amount of conflicting information.

What is being experienced is only applicable to that individual, and no other, as another may have an identical experience with very different results. The resolution energy, using or drawing upon individual constructs and beliefs, forms what is experienced or visualized, reproducing that environment into a comprehensible depiction.

In short, do not take what is experienced as fact, but as representational, even if it appears to be experienced as fact. It can lightly be referred to as the visionary channel as it provides glimpses behind the veil separating parallel universes. On of the best-known examples of awareness fluidity is the Book of Revelations.

Sleep awareness is similar to transitional awareness but it contains what can best be described as a dream world. In that state of awareness, the resolution energy is freed to function similarly to how it functions in the dream world, functioning on its own, running resolution sequences. Ilowever, in this case, they are silently run, similar to watching a silent movie. Those sequences can be very revealing if you use the primary reality to interpret them.

They can also be interrupted, reforming the ‘movie’ by that interrupted direction, setting a new direction for the resolution energy, creating clarification of aspects of the movie’. You may run across sleep awareness sequencing just before you fall asleep or while you are having a nap, It is similar to your dream world but there are differences, the main one being lack of sound or ‘hearing’, If you are aware of it, it can be used positively by directional interruption.

Primordial awareness is always the most difficult awareness to describe, as here you are in a totally new environment, which is what unconditioned consciousness can accidentally encounter, or drop into. As stated earlier, this is where you can see in all directions simultaneously, creating disorientation but its absolute purity is also awe-inspiringly overpowering, as if embodied within the core of creation, which is what it is.

The conditioning of consciousness no longer exists and not only can you see in all directions simultaneously, you can also see each particular aspect of any one action and know the combined result, instantaneously; which is what savants have the ability to do. This environment is difficult to accurately express, but if any meditation practice encounters it, at least you will know what it is.

This is an environment you cannot deliberately access, only accidentally access, or genetically be born with fractured electrochemical pathways, allowing you access to aspects of that environment.

Presence awareness is awareness of the very personal Presence of Absolute Consciousness self-evolved out of the Substance of infinite Primordial Awareness.

This is the ultimate nan-experience-experience, confirming consciousness as indestructible. Being within the living environment of That Presence is being within the purity of its nature, accessed through That-sense-of-Presence by your sense- of-presence, which is mutual acknowledgment as expansive-inclusiveness.

In that state, you are both within and as that environment. From the very beginning you contain all there is which is contained in all there is, If any meditation practice releases that connective unity, all explanations fall so short, that silence is always the best response, as that is what that unity exists within.

Subconscious Like Gravity

If the personal subconsciousness state of mind and gravitational pull can be changed (neutralized), so can the 2 dna strand be changed when the subconsciously (thought pattern) is re-progammed to the quantum full potential of 12 dna strand (Original Blueprint of Light). From a spiritial viewpoint it seems this gravitational pull can be changed by raising the low vibrational frequencies to a higher frequency of Awareness and Consciousness.

Think about the law of gravity. We grow up discovering how to compensate for it as we learn to live within the limitations it allows us. All our acts and movements are done to compensate for it, so much so that we don’t give it a second thought. We take gravity for granted, and becomes second nature to us. When we are up on a high elevation, we find something to hold onto for we are well aware what gravity is capable of doing to us. In a sense, our mind has its own “gravity” — our subconscious mind. Our conscious thoughts, all thirty thousand of them, have to compensate for this “gravitational” pull of our subconscious mind and what it is telling us. We gravitate to our subconscious-sponsored thought unconsciously. In other words, if there is a clash of thoughts between the conscious and the subconscious, the subconscious will win every time. If the subconsciousness represents it´s own downwards gravitational pull, so could the Superconsiousness represents the upward raising movement of “Levitation”.

The power to move from the three dimensional world to the fifth dimensional world lies in one´s subconscious mind, and the only way to raisen from a lower state of Consciousness to a Higher level of Consciousness is to loosen the bands of the gravitational pull and its affect through Conscious re-programming the gravitional pull, and this change is done through a meditationaly “descending” one´s Conscious into the depths of the subconsciouness, and this will slowly raise awareness and release energy, and at same time slowly raise and change the low vibrational frequency, and one starts slowly ascending and awareness (Light) is expanding. This is the process of change from a limited belief system downward gravitation to a unlimited upward levitation. Man’s mind is not limited by his physical body, although he usually thinks it is. But it is the intellect and the ego that bind him there. By practicing samyama on those thoughts that are beyond worldly imagination, the yogi connects with the Univesal Mind, and his own mind is not bound by time, space or causation. All ignorance disappears.

The highest knowledge, born of discrimination, transcends all; it perceives all simultaneously in time and space, and transcends all, even the World Process. When discrimination is perfected, the yogi transcends time, space, and causation. There are no barriers for him. All of eternity and infinity are available to him. This is why he is said to be Divine-Realized.

Udana is one of the types of prana, which is concerned with the pull of gravity. This power is available to the yogis in the last phases of their earthly lives before merging with the Self.

Udana, the levitation, and pull of gravity merge the Self with the Divine, so the psychological or spiritual formula means change of the subconsciousness (downwards negative forces gravitational pull) to consciously (upwards positive forces) and levitation (ascending) Consciousness to a Higher State if Consciousness.

The five Vayus of the inner body are Prana, Apana, Samana, Udana, and Vyana. These Vayus have specific esoteric functions, in addition to their physical activities, and one of them, the Udana, is specifically involved in levitation. The Udana is situated physically in the throat, and is involved physically in swallowing and in the movements of chyle through the digestive system. It is also involved in putting you to sleep. According to Vachaspati, Udana manifests from the forepart of the nose to the top of the head, thereby serving as an astral connecting link between the three highest chakras in the human system: the Visuddhi in the throat, the Ajna between the eyebrows, and the Sahasrara at the top of the head. Alice Bailey says that the Udana ‘has a special relationship to the brain, the nose, and the eyes, and, when properly controlled, produces the coordination of the vital airs and their correct handling. The word Udana derives from the Sanskrit root ut, which means `to carry upward.’ It is this quality of carrying upward that makes the Udana valuable in levitation.

I.K. Taimni interprets this as meaning that Udana is obviously connected with gravitational pull of the earth on the body, and by controlling this particular prana it is possible to neutralise this pull.

If the Udana neutralizes the personal gravitaional pull, so will the meaning of levitation not just mean “to carry upwards”, but at same time represents “liberation” from the structures of the three dimensional world, and finally the exit out of The Matrix and its control it have through the subconsciousness structures. Plato´s Allegory with The Cave represents this subconsciously chained real Self within the gravitational forces of the Mind. The Udana is represented through the fifth chakras, and the sixth chakra represents the state above space and time, and is symbolized as the “Third Eye” and “intuition”. One has then the ability to see beyond space and time.

The Subconsciousness Cave/Gravitational Force/The Allegory of The Cave and Lighten up the Cave with awareness and this will slowly change and raise the vibrational frequencies from its asleeep state which lies dormant in the 10 dna strands (quantum state), and this process with raising frequencies will then loosening the gravitational pull, and new dna strands will be activated. Ascending Self to higher Consciousness is a process of Levitation (carry the Self upwards). Then the Ego is a product of the subconsciousness it will not support this process, and the awaken Self understands what ancient spiritual teachers for eons all have know what powers working downwards (imprison-the matrix) and what powers is working upwards for liberation (fifth dimension).

The ‘light’ of primordial awareness is descriptive ‘light’, as it appears as darkness until transformed into your observer-knower as a self-referencing individual consciousness. When that transformation occurs, pure awareness is now an activated ‘light’ of primordial awareness, referred to as actual ‘light’, as the ‘light’ is used by the observer of pure awareness to see by its illumination, allowing the pure knower to know what is seen, which is subliminal self-awareness.

This is pure awareness being illuminated by its own ‘light’ as the first-reflection of consciousness, exposing awareness as the ‘light’ of your existence. When the ‘light’ of the pure knower awareness is activated, turning upon itself, awareness transforms into self-awareness by the ‘light’ illuminating its innate substance or the substance of the mind, allowing the knower to know it, which is activated self-awareness.

The terminology of ‘light’ does not mean it acts likes a spotlight, illuminating an object, but actual ‘light’ is the internally illuminated object. If nothing is illuminated, what you internally experience is apparent darkness, but that is still seeing and knowing, which is once again subliminal self-awareness.

Descriptive ‘light’ of primordial awareness transforms into the actual ‘light’ of awareness, illuminating its substance as self-awareness or the substance of the mind. Actual ‘light’ generates no heat, making it non-biological as all forms of physical light generate heat or requires something beyond itself to create light, making consciousness non-biological and indestructible as descriptive ‘light’ of awareness is reflectively infinite.

‘By Sanyama on the Solar Plexus comes knowledge of the system of the body.’

There are various benefits to be derived from concentration on the Solar Plexus, but the specific benefit mentioned here is knowledge of the system of nadis. The nadis are psychic nerve channels, as it were, through which astral or pranic energy is carried throughout the body. There are seventy-two thousand important nadis in the body according to the yogic system, and all of them originate in the Solar Plexus. Thus the Solar Plexus becomes a storehouse of pranic energy. This energy radiates from the Solar Plexus to all parts of the body, just as, in the universe, pranic energy radiates from the Sun to all parts of the universe; thus the centre gets its name. By Sanyama on the Solar Plexus, the yogi intuitively knows, and eventually ‘sees,’ the system of nadis in the body.

There is a metaphor that can be used to describe the journey from nonabiding to abiding awakening: that of a rocket ship. A rocket ship takes a tremendous amount of thrust and a tremendous amount of energy both to get off the ground and then to break the gravitational field as it travels through the sky and ultimately into space.

If there is enough fuel in the rocket and it gets far enough away from the Earth, it can eventually get beyond the gravitational field of the planet. Once the rocket is beyond the gravitational field of the Earth, the Earth no longer has the power to pull it back down.

As a metaphor, we can think of the egoic structure, or the dream state, as the Earth. The dream state has a gravitational force; it has the tendency to pull consciousness into itself. This gravitational force is really what one is dealing with throughout the entirety of the spiritual journey. Awakening is breaking free of this gravitational force. Initially, it may simply be leaving the dream state, awakening from the dream state of “me” and separation and isolation. But because we’ve awakened does not mean that consciousness has gotten past the gravitational pull of the dream state. If we haven’t gone completely beyond this gravitational field, we’re going to be pulled back toward the experience of “me” and the perception of separateness.

Using the metaphor of the rocket ship is a way of thinking about the process of awakening. The dissolution of the ego takes time. While the moment of awakening is a process that unfolds thereafter – the process of getting beyond the gravitional force of the dream state. This process, this greater individualization can override and shed one´s ego, and become a kind of superself that has the ability extend the individual consciousness beyond the constraints, into a form of communication with the Divine Consciousness or Universal Consciousness.

The subconscious will spare no tactic to protect one from any discomfort, and it will invoke some amazingly creative ways and go to extreme lengths to keep one in your comfort zone.

It is important to understand that the comfort zone is like a magnet … a gravitational force that doesn’t allow one to stray far away from one´s comfort zone without conscious and powerful effort. Like the rocket that needs a sustained powerful force to blast through the earth’s gravitational pull, a person must forcefully push against his or her usual thoughts and behavior and sustain that effort to break through his or her personal gravitational pull. But … AND HERE IS THE KEY … every person must do his or her own “pushing” to sustain achievements. This is exactly why it is so critical that every key person (actually every person in the organization if fiscally feasible) have their own personal customized strategic plan. The customized personal strategic plan is the blueprint for exactly how, given their personal strengths and weaknesses, a specific individual can break through their personal gravitational pull and make needed changes while achieving critical objectives that support the organization’s master strategic plan.

The bottom line is that conscious and unconscious efforts to resist change will undermine and sabotage the greatest of plans if proper attention is not given to supporting the change process from the very start.

The power to move from the three dimensional world to the fifth dimensional world lies in one´s subconscious mind.

The magical power of our subconscious mind is the greatest discovery of mankind. It has the power to overcome the constraints of time and space, as such, one´s subconscious mind posses all the information, wisdom and resources you need to know and have for survival and success. One do not need to attain this power by purchasing any equipment, software or perform any rituals. One do not need to learn this skill as it is always within. One just need to learn to unleash and use it effectively. When one know the correct way of doing so, one can benefit from it for the rest of one´s life.

Telepathy Defined
If two persons from two different countries with two different languages come into contact with one another, then a language barrier becomes the major problem. This is exactly the same problem with trying to communi-cate with the Eternal Infinite Almighty Creator. There is only ONE true lan-guage. It was always in existence. It will always be in existence because it is the Infinite eternal language. No, it is not a verbal language but an inaudible language, one that cannot be heard with the human ear. The lan-guage is telepathy, the language of the Soul, the language of God. If one does not develop a true clarity of this language then it would be impossible to “hear the Still Small Voice Crying in the Wilderness” to be heard. By whom? To be heard by YOU!

The Universal Law of Correspondence
Mentioned earlier in these chapters, telepathy was defined as the sci-ence of impression contact. All phases and levels of telepathy can be better understood as the Universal Law of Correspondence. Telepathy falls under the heading of the science of “thoughtform making,” the science of thoughtfonn visualization and vitalization, the science of sensitivity and awareness which holds sub-headings of, (a) recognition, (b) responsiveness and, (c) registration. More simply put, telepathy is the capacity to be impressed and the ability to be an impressing agent.

Clarity Is Essential

Successful telepathic work is dependent more upon the clarity of word or thought or both of the transmitter but not necessarily of the of interference in the ethers. As a result, these sound waves can be warped. bent or broken up thereby creating garbled telepathic communication. As was introduced to you earlier, the planet fianh is surrounded by the three major rings, the first ring and the ring closest to our planet is the area known as the “froposphere. It is this area which produces the greatest field of deflection. This includes deflection by gravitational pull downward toward the earth, electromagnetic bands encircling the globe and deflec-tions by every other person’s vibrations.

This creates not only a basket weave effect on our planet but produces extremely difficult disadvantages for the aspirant to overcome without the foreknowledge of the Universal Laws of Telecommunication. Sound Recording In sonics, sound recording is an integral pan of telepathy. For exam-ple, every religion or religious ceremony has always practiced some form of chanting. incantations, singing, drums, music or a combination of these “make a joyful noise unto the Lord but it is still SOUND!

Sound sets up rhythm. Rhythm creates regularity. Rhythm and regu-larity produce smooth, even sound waves of communicative vibrations and frequencies that break up or break down the possibility of the refracted deflection factor. These smooth and even sound waves cause a tremendous breakthrough for effective and precise spiritual communication. Sound in and of itself is not enough. As was mentioned earlier sound requires a carrier.

That carrier is the sound recording. Spiritual sound recording is the translation of air vibrations of sound into a permanent record of the substance of the mind which permits sound to be reproduced in its original form at a later time.

These vibrations being transmitted through air are then picked up by the receptor cells of other individuals who are attracted by this communicative magnetism through aura connection. As this invisible operation is taking place these electrical impulses are activating the brain of the receiver for frequency impulse identification and the ranges involved. In turn, the electrical brain energy triggers the kinetic energy of the conscious mind substance that is the semi-conductor for interpretation.

It begins locating the subject matter in the subconscious mind’s “filing cabinet” of each individual. licit her the sender or receiver has emotional barriers or stored negative energy. distortion is a distinct possibility with regard to deflection of the true message.


When an irresistible force meets an immovable object there is always friction. As these telepathic vibrations impact the electrical nerve energies of the body of any individual, the sound recording grooves the solid substance of both sections of the mind the conscious and the subconscious. Magnetic “light” rays are created as a result of this friction. It is these very magnetic “light” waves which attach themselves to those identical frequency codes. These waves will find its like attraction, advertising itself like a neon sign, and “cap themselves on” to a receptive vehicle.


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