The Matrix Movie and Westworld TV Serie symbolize todays Dreamworld and Labyrinth world

Something is strange in Sweden and you see this “strangeness” everywhere and people are acting like computer controlled machines.

Here is a introduction about how this Matrix World and stalking world taking place in Sweden and feels like “The Matrix” movie and tv serie “Westworld”. More about The Matrix and Westworld after this introduction about the Swedisg society.

How can this Swedish “strangness” be defined?

Everyone is trying to Mind Control  your life in a bizarre way and this going on from early morning to the evening and throught the night, so it is 24/7 Mind Control actions 365 days per year and has going on for over 6 years now.

These actions feels like:

  • Be caught in a matrix
  • Living in Labyrinth there they mirroring everything
  • Every day is a manipulation of reaility (they gaslighting and manipulating reaility)
  • Swedish healthcare informs you there is something called a “Dreamwatcher”
  • They persecuting your in this matrix world and does this everywhere in your daily life
  • People acting and playing street theater and psychological communication theater like a Mind Control TV game
  • They trying to make reality to surreality
  • These people are obstructing
  • They trying to create a loop reality or a tunnel reality and keep you in this same loop by sensitizing your life every day from the first minute when you wakening up. These actions feels like they trying to “Mind Control” your reality from the first minute you wake up in the morning
  • Neighbors are fake screaming and fake talking loud and when you start a voice rcording them they stop immiditaly. When they stop screaming – people  instead  immiditaly starts screaming outdoors and in same time they start transmitting some form electronical sound harassment signal into your apartment. They seems to know when you start your voice recorder and then stop making loud sound/noise for a while, and this is same method they using when these people are shadowing your from room to room, shadowing  you when you make breakfast, when you start eating, when you visiting toilet, when you leaving apartmnet, when you listen to radio or watch tv. Can you imagine you  neighbors start coughing every day you make brekfast or start eatingm or start flushing toilet or open water cranes in the bathroom when you visit toilet or when swedisg police starts playing grasstrimmer sound or sirens when you visiting toilet at night. This is how it to live in Sweden.

Stalking in the State of Sweden including stalking, airstalking, persecution, ostracism, scapegoating, shadowing, gaslighting, mimicking, gesturing, mirroring, mind control and brainwashing and it is a form of witch-hunting and gangstalking which I believe is the stalking by the Archons – The rulers of this world. They trying to create fake amygdala stress attack and long term stress to take you down to submission. These activities has going on for over 6 years now.

When you have seen these actions going on for over 6 years now, you start seeing and understand these seems to be controlled by some form of spirit or programming. This “programming” can make people acting on command and make them start acting, playing,talking, screaming, jumping, banging, smashing, manipulating in somehow.

One common thing for all these actions is to create sound and noise and they using the human body to create suddenly high screamings and hysterical screamings or high pitch screamings or speaking loud,and they using communication interference, and they word dropping words or content, fake coughing, using  the body to walk heavy on the floor and they shadowing you from room to room

Second common thing is they trying to manipulate your reality everywhere in the Swedish society, so it feels like Twin Peaks reality or some form of fake “Twilight Zone” reality, which means they trying to make reality to surreality by enviroment manipulation, gaslighting, mirroring, sleep deprivation, misleading information, ostracism and isolation, street theater, psychological communication theater, and by using wickedness psychology and paranoia psychology actions in your daily life.

Third common thing is they using all form of machines to create sounds and noise and they using all form vehicles to stalking you and persecuting you. They using power tools, they using sounds of eletronical drum beats, loud music, cars, trucks, helicopters, lawn movers, snow blowers, service cars, taxi cars, firtrucks, ambulances.

Fourth common thing is they using props to stalking and gasligthing your reaility, they shooting firecrackers for over 20 days outside your window, they hammering in walls, make constant hitting sounds in the floor everyday, they drilling in walls or dropping heavy things in the floor every day, fake coughing every day, constant flushing and using running water for hours to create a constant ongoing sensitizing sound, they door-slamming every day, banging in railways when walking up and down in the stairs, and they open and close the trash can outside your window on and off, they garbaging in your backyard, they make break ins and make a hole in your shower handle, they lock up your apartment door during the night, they stalking you on graveyard and place out a orange on the gravestone, therapist has business cards in a medical package, healthcare informa you there is something called a dreamwatcher, healthcare informs you human has suicide gene, healthcare informs you about a brain in the stommach and talks about all diseases in the brain, Sweden using the AJ word (AJ means “OUCH/PAIN) to sensitizing people with pain-control or mind mind control. Doctors has red t-shirt with a text logo AJ – (OUCH), cars with AJA symbols stalking you, they transmit commercials songs into your apartment with AJ AJ AJ and in same time they showing commercial for gaming and in this tv commercials they using th AJ AJ AJ AJ AJ AJ AJ AJ AJ AJ AJ AJ AJ AJ AJ AJ AJ AJ AJ AJ almost 20 times.

State of Sween transmitting brainwashing musis chorus into my apartment

This is what they playing and transmit into my apartment

And then torturing with sirens and grasstrimmer sound to create sleep deprivation and then brainwashing and targetting your mind, brain and head with same music chorus for 15-18 hours and they have close down your internet and all your tv channels and they have been shooting firecrackers for 15 days

State of Sweden music chorus psychological warfare

Here is swedish police music list when they targetting your mind, brain and head with music chorus

Mu Mu Land KL F

Touch Me Samantha Fox

We control the sunlight (Solar Plexus ego)

We love to hate you Erasure

I rather be hunted by wolves rather than loved by you

Land of confusion

You drive us wild we drive you crazy

And now some lyrics with “Homo”

Then trying create confusion by playing Land of confusion and then playing You drive us wild we drive you crazy

And this brainwashing and together with sound torturing with grasstrimmer sound and sirens and with gaslighting and sleep deprivation and enviroment manipulation and isolation and this stalking and persecution and when they close down your internet and close down all your tv channels so they trying create “Land of confusion” and they playing “We drive you crazy”

Sleep deprivation+sound torturing+gaslighting+brainwashing+isolation+wickedness psychology+confusion psychology and then start playing these music chorus Land of confusion and We drive you crazy is their psychological warfare and this is how they targetting people in Sweden if you write about how Sweden is working with psychological warfare

Sound is a weapon when they targetting your mind constantly and State of Sweden using sound as weapon and targetting your head with these as weapon.

They have surrounded your apartment with sound torturing technology and they using same technology and stalking your mind, brain and head outdoors and even food stores playing music chorus. So they using sound torturing technology and they using sound targetting psychology to targetting you everywhere and 24/7

This is the swedish psychological warfare and hijacking of the mind, brain, energy, health and sleep when they targetting you with sound weapon psychology

The movie Matrix and tv serie Westworld symbolize how a State of Sweden hijacking your life and reality

This is how State of Sweden hijacking your Life 2018

1. They destroy your brakes on your car so you cant use it
2. They create sleep deprivation by hijacking your sleep
3. Then they stop prescription for sleeping pills
4. Then they start noise tormenting and hijacking silence
5. Then they hijacking your integrity by playing sirens when you visiting toilet
6. Then they hijacking your privacy by mirroring and with communication interference
7. Then they hijacking your social freedom by persecution
8. Then the hijacking your internet connection by closing it down
9. Then they hijacking all your tv-channels by closing them down
10. Then they lock your computer so you cant write
11. They hijacking freedom of speech when they close internet and then hacking the computer and lock it when I dont have any internet
12. Then they also steal your bicycle so it will be more difficult to get to the public libary and when you using these computers they manipulate even these and then tvey start different street theater indoors or start communication interference

13. Then they hijacking your reality and perception by using enviroment manipulation, gaslighting you everywhere in social services, healthcare, they hacking your computer and starts chaning the volume, energy companies start mixing with street lights and turn them off when its dark and turn lights when its sunshine, they using wickedness psychology and transmit sounds of a cuckoo clock into apartment and then close internet and tv channels to make you confused and then playing different noise torture sound. They trying to make reality to surreality.

Sweden has no real freedom of speech. You have freedom of speech if you think mainstream. What is the meaning with freedom of speech if everyone must think mainstream.


This Swedish “Horus Eye” psychology, force or ability can;

  1. Persecuting
  2. Mind reading
  3. Shadowing
  4. “Police thoughting” (Orwell)
  5. Spying
  6. Synchronizing
  7. Imitating
  8. Manipulating
  9. Programming
  10. Communicating
  11. Obstructing
  12. Interfering

And this force doing everything and every day and everywhere and whenever.

Persecution: Persecution everywhere.  By people, cars and vehicles and helicopters and airplanes

Mind reading: Mind reading – they can manifest themselves like a demon make sounds at same time you thinking at something and start banging, smashing, screaming

Shadowing: Shadowing – this shadowing mind of something can shadowing you from room to room and knows when you eat or visiting toilet at night. Swedish police is shadowing and start playing sirens and grasstrimmer sound when you going to the toilet at night.

“Police thoughting” – then they can mind reading and shadowing you they also can “Police Thought” you as in Orwells novel “1984” and this is “reality and surreality” in Sweden

Spying: Spying – this force which can mind reading, shadowing and “thought policing” is also spying on you and reavealing this with real time interference actions or by imirating or mirroring

Synchronizing: Synchronizing – this force can synchronizing peoples psychological warfare actions against you and start several actions at same time to targetting you. And this force using a constant interference psychology and start make things at same time

Imitating: Imitating – this force is imitating and mimicking your daily life with a stalking and shadowing psychology to control you or trying to hijacking your mind and reality.

Manipulating – Manipulating – this force of “something” manipulating reality, emotions, thoughts

Programming – Programming – this force of “something” is programming or using or anchoring and chaining psychology when you sleep and this is same psychology State of Sweden using in your daily life. They anchoring and chaining to sensitizing you and same psychology trying to programming you. State of Sweden creating sleep deprivation, sound torturing and brainwashing with music chorus and they even hacking your computer to change the volume when you listen to music at night when they sound torturing. Programming like this is sleep control or hypnopaedia. And it seems they trying occupy and targetting you with sounds indoors and outdoors.

Communicating – Communicating – this force is communicating through other people to targetting and sensitizing. And this force using everyone to targetting you. This force even using children to hysterical screaming for hours and they high pitch screaming after midnight. People sensitizing you with words or by content dropping to targetting you everytime you going outdoors.  They playing psychological communication street theater in food stores and using communication manipulation. And they even targetting you with music chorus in food stores and this is music chorus they targetting your apartment with.

Obstructing – Obstructing – this force is obstructing with cars and people standing in your way or they walking from one side of the walkway to the other side.

Interfering – Interfering – this force of ” something” interference and people start actions at same time every day. Door slamming, firecrackers, leaving or arriving to apartment at same time, screaming, make hitting sounds in floors or walls, crosstalk, non- stop babbling, communication interference, noise interference, or banging or smashing in something to create sounds, they start playing drum beats when your exercise, they airstalking with helicopters if you looking at stars. This force of something is creating constant interference and sound distractions or sound torturing and sensitizing you. Swedish police is shadowing you when you visiting the toilet at night and starts playing sirens or grasstrimmer sound. Swedish police targetting you with music chorus when you exercise outdoors to interference or swedish police targetting you with music chorus to say ” We control the sunlight” and this is the solar plexus – ego. And they targetting you with this even outdoors.

This is a government of this world who is using these methods and psychological warfare and this government of this world is State of Sweden. This is psychological terror and psychological torture.

This is not a novel like “1984”  or “New Brave World” – this is reality in Sweden today.

The swedish life is like the movie; The Matrix
The swedish life is like the tv serie: Westworld
The swedish life is like the movie; Gaslighting
The swedish life is like the movie; Twilight Zone
The swedish life is like the movie; Twin Peaks
The swedish life is like the movie; The Lives of Others
The swedish life is like the book: “1984”
The swedish life is like the book: “New Brave World”

All these actions every day feels more like a Spiritual Mind Prison or a spiritual hell you have walk through to get out this Fake Swedish Matrix. It feels fake and is fake and people acting fake by all these street theater, fake coughing, fake screaming, fake loud speaking, manipulation, gaslighting, mirroring and so on. All is fake mind control constructions, and they acting fake and manipulated.

Latest two days neighbors has; suddenly screaming, speak loud or commenting everything loud when they playing computer games or something, they starts hammering in the floor and five seconds after you start the voice recorder they stop, five seconds after you start the voice recorder they stop play intense drum music and when you start your voice recorder they immiditaly stops so you cant capturing them and this is the fake manipulated stalking swedish hive mind and you dont want to be part of this ugly manipulated Hive Mind.

If I explain the Swedish reality like this: It seems to be ONE stalking or (wicked in high places ) spirit (or they follow same script or programming) and this stalking spirit seems to be operating in stalking swedes by acting in same way.

The aim of all different form of Stalking is to create a completely controlled artificial environment composed of thoroughly predictable human behaviors – made predictable

It almost looks these stalking swedes acting like tamed spiritual circus-animals and acting on commands on a spiritual level and starts making sound by banging, smashing, screaming, playing loud music, start playing drum beats, door slamming, make them fake coughing, start playing grasstrimmer sound and sirens day and night, and they shadowing you in your apartment when you make breakfast, starts eating, visiting toilet, starts watching movies or writing, and they starts some form of new stalking every week to hook up on you. This is some form of Mind Prison or some form of Matrix and these people dont control this Matrix, this matrix controls them like tamed circus animals are controlled.


Archons are part of the demiurge who basically feed off of our fear through various control systems

Humans are trapped in a Matrix – a biological computer world………and these behaviors are robotic

Archons manipulated human genetics to create a body-type (biological computer-type) that most suited their goal of human subjugation.

Gnostics detected the Archons as physical intruders into our biosphere, that also used their technological sophistication as artificial intelligences, to manipulate the human psyche, so as to operate, as a parasitic “shadow” on the human consciousness. The Gnostics referred to the Archons as an “artificial man”.

Archons and the Ego

Ego is one of the main programs trying to stop you from reconnecting with the God within, it can be broken. It’s a distraction and is one of the main emotions you must master in order to see the illusion of separation for what it is, an illusion. Ego divides, which is what they want, the Archons (The Lower Light). Ego is the reason for the tower of Babel which led to the separation of Humanity and led to Humanity losing the oneness and not understanding each other. Ego is the reason why they (The Archons) manufactured and in a smart way, got the go ahead by the masses for royalty and a social structure, which did and does contribute to the Lower Lights power, which is a front like the Reptilians being the ones in control of the manipulation, when it is really the Archons. Ego is the root to all this, but it was engineered that way.


People are slaves to whatever masters them 2 Peter 2:19

The word “matrix” refers to a neural-interactive computer simulation

One of the mystifying truths is that we live in a matrix- world created by our consciousness of the human mind.

We live in a time loop matrix, of a reality that has been shut off from the Omni Presence.

The movie “The Matrix” shows how the character is disconnected from the “The Source” of life and light.

The tv serie “Westworld” also shows how the characters are disconnected from “The Source” of life and light.

Dolores Abernathy, the oldest host still working in the park. Initially taking on the role of a rancher’s daughter, she comes to discover that her entire life is an elaborately constructed lie.

Maeve Millay, a host. She acts as the madam of Sweetwater, but her unreconciled memories of a former role lead to her becoming self-aware

Both these characters seems to start awakening and becoming self-aware about their matrix reality and want to get out this fake reaility. Freedom is to find the center of the labyrinth to exit

From Westworld labyrinth to 7 levels of the chakra system. It´s a journey from the outer life 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, to your inner life of Mastering energies of this world and you find the pinel gland in  the middle of the brain. Every chakra is holding important knowledge and keys to opening the next level of the mind or the consciouness mind.

If we turn this image upside down we get the chakra system with the root chakra at the bottom of the spine and the exit door or entrance to freedom at the top of the crown chakra and pineal gland.

Morpheus, in the Matrix movie, asks Neo, the presumed One: “What if you were in a dream and you were not able to wake up? How would you know what reality is?” As I thought about this question, I realized that reality could well be whatever we see it to be. Thus, the answer to Morpheus’ question would probably be that we would regard that dreamlike state to be our reality, if we couldn’t wake up from it And, as the movie shows, it is completely possible to live in a dream world and not even realize it.

The humans in the movie were living in The Matrix, a computer-generated dream world run by machines to keep humans in check. Humans had absolutely no idea what was going on, except Morpheus and his crew (Matrix Movie)

The humans in the movie were living in The Matrix, a computer-generated dream world run by Artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced technology and the characters in “Westworld” has no idea what´s going on, expect the programmers (Westworld tv serie)

In the film The Matrix ( 1 999), a hacker named Neo finds that the world in which he has been living — an urban landscape of office buildings, rave clubs, and restaurants with good noodles — is actually a neural net interactive software program designed by futuristic sentient machines to keep him and other humans ignorant of their imprisonment for use as bio-electric fuel.

Gnostics detected the Archons as physical intruders into our biosphere, that also used their technological sophistication as artificial intelligences, to manipulate the human psyche, so as to operate, as a parasitic “shadow” on the human consciousness. The Gnostics referred to the Archons as an “artificial man”.

The “alien shadow” can be compared to a parasitic virus, which latches on to healthy cells in a body, in a manner that debilitates those healthy cells toward their prospective destruction. Gnostics detected Manipulative Extraterrestrials that they called ’Archons’ as an artificial intelligence that pursues an agenda of pure ego, calculated to allegedly pursue an inter-dimensional objective.

In Gnostic texts Archons are rulers of the various heavens, often hostile to the souls that aspire to reach the face of God.

Hostile gatekeepers and archons whose job it is to turn back the ascending soul.

They act autonomously, wantonly and destructively. They are opposed to the human soul’s trying to reach the most supreme God enthroned above the seven worlds. Together, gatekeepers and archons battle against the soul’s pas-sage to higher worlds.

The Matrix of the title is a computer- generated dreamland’ which deceives the people into believing that their society goes on as usual. In fact life is not proceeding as usual. An artificial intelligence has taken over the planet, and the deluded masses are actually being used as batteries to power this regime. A few people awaken to this unpleasant truth, and attempt to free their fellow humans from this mindprison. The Matrix is all encompassing, and it has everything within its control.

In our manipulated, illusory, reality we had become detached from the One (in our minds, though not in fact) and therefore we viewed everything in terms of division and duality instead of seeing that all is connected, all is the same Infinite Oneness. This illusory sense of disconnection is the mind prison I call the Matrix.

Morpheus also describes the prison as a deliberate construction. He calls it “a prison for your mind,” and this suggests several things. A prison for the mind is undetectable by the physical senses.

What is this Matrix?

What is the Matrix? Well, in the movies that’s pretty clear. The Matrix is a world of illusion where people are imprisoned. But in our world the Matrix is much harder to define. The Matrix is a kind of homeostasis, a pattern of behaviors designed to do one thing: to keep things predictable, to ensure that they remain exactly as they are. We can find these behaviors in just about every dimension of human thought and society, from the largest systemic problems to the most everyday interpersonal dynamics. When we look at all these systems together, we can summarize a set of criteria for recognizing the Matrix. The Matrix is everywhere and nearly undetectable. It keeps us from being free. It’s the way we tend to do things, but when we stop and think about it, we realize that the present shape of society is pretty arbitrary and there’s no reason why things have to stay the way they are. Even so, most of the systems in our Matrix are self-sustaining. Systemic problems are able to keep themselves going as they draw on human beings for their power. We stop and admit that things such as racism and sexism require the energy of people in order to keep going.

We have to change the way we think, to free our minds from all its preconceptions, and we see how difficult that is at a personal level. In order to do that, we have to address our personal fears—not just talk about the concept of fear. We have to personally open ourselves to see things in a new way and to tell ourselves a new story. Maybe we have to reexamine the way we think about our stories altogether. If we are determined to dream a new dream, we have to think about dreaming itself.

In the movie The Matrix, humanity is enslaved by an artificial intelligence we ourselves created. Humans are kept in pods while their bodies are used as energy sources to support the machinery of artificial intelligence. To keep us enslaved, the artificial intel-ligence creates a massive, interactive, virtual reality for humans. And by meticulously controlling the neurons in our brains, the artificial intelligence manages to deceive us into thinking this virtual world is the real world. Though we are in fact enslaved in cocoonlike pods, we experience ourselves and our world just as we do now. Everything seems normal. Everything feels real. The neurologically controlled virtual reality that keeps us imprisoned is the Matrix.

The most profound aspect of The Matrix and its sequels is the powerful way in which the Matrix metaphor fuses biblical truth with the findings of neuroscience. On the one hand, the metaphor illustrates the biblical concept of a “pattern of this world” (Rom. 12:2) that has an evil, cosmic force—a “god of this age” (Satan)—as its architect (2 Cor. 4:4; see also Eph. 2:2; 1 John 5:19). On the other hand, the metaphor brilliantly illustrates the neurological truth that our entire experience of reality is rooted in the electrical-chemical firings in our brains.

The central thesis of this book is that, from a biblical and neurological perspective, the premise of the Matrix movies is not only possible, but to a significant degree it’s true! No, we’re not going to suggest that our sense of the physical world around us is illusory. You redly are reading a book right now. But we are going to show that much of what we automatically interpret as “real” is not true. A “god of this age” (2 Cot: 4:4) has seized the world and created a deceptive pattern, a “dream world”—a Matrix-that holds us in bondage. (Swedish healthcare and psychiatry (therapist) informs you there is something called a “Dreamwatcher” and this symbolize a deceptive and misleading mind control psychology). Healthcare become Health(s)care. The Matrix is a computergenerated dream world built to keep us under control’. ” It is The Matrix of totalitarianism.

MORPHEUS: [The Matrix is] the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

Neo: What truth?

MORPHEUS: That you are a slave. Like everyone else you were born into bondage … (a) prison for your mind.
In biblical terms, “the god of this age has blinded the minds” of people to keep them from seeing and experiencing the truth (2 Cor. 4:4).

Satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe. They are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News

The Architect of the Matrix

This Matrix acting as a hacker of the brain and this Matrix is controlled by the Ultra Ego (Satan is the lower self ego). This systems is also called The Beast System.

What does Satan´s virus programming mean?

Satan has a doctrine of methods for creating fear.
Satan sowing doubts, error instead of truth.
Satan has a doctrine of methods for creating mind errors.
Satan striving to lead God´s people into error and failure.
The Devils final objective is to enslave every human being on earth to worship him.
All humans beings were satan´s subjects and kept them all imprisoned.
Earth is a fast becoming ”prison planet”
Satan´s plan as fallen one from heaven is to deceive, enslave and degrade the human race.
Freedom is dying, and the the whole world knows it is taking place! Satan has fabricated a form of freedom that will lead to the destruction of man and trying his best to spread it around the world. Freedom has become poisoned by Satan.

Humans live in a “Matrix”

Swedish stalking Archons mentality

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