The Matrix

If we examine the content of our mind at any moment we shall find in it a combination of two sets of images: one. produced by actual contact with the external world through the sense-organs. the other, the product of our own imagination. These two sets of images are intertwined and constitute our world image at any moment. What is the nature of the image produced by contact with the external world through the sense-organs? What is its origin? If the manifested world around us is the expression of a Reality through Divine Ideation then it is natural to suppose that the world image in our mind is the result of the impact of the Universal Mind on our individual mind. We contact mentally the Universal Mind through our individual mind. The changes which take place in our mind continuously are thus the result of the continuous changes in the Universal Mind as it unfolds itself in the manifested Solar system independently of us. This individualization of the world image by our individual mind limits and distorts the Divine Ideation and only a faint and gloomy image is obtained. The light of the Universal Mind becomes covered, as it were, by our individual mind. and we live our life within the dark prison of our own mind unconscious of the fact that the dark and flitting shadows produced in our mind are the shadows of a tremendous Reality of which we can have no conception as long as our consciousness is confined within the walls of our prison-house.
What will happen if we somehow get out of this prison-house?
The light of the Universal Mind will burst into our consciousness and we get an all-embracing vision of all those principles and natural laws which we can deal with, only one by one, and in a groping fashion. through the instrumentality of our intellect. This power of getting out of our intellect is called Maha-Vicleha. probably because it releases the consciousness into the realm of the Universal Mind which works without a Deha or body. The word Bahir is used because the Universal Mind is outside the individual mind and the world image in the individual mind has an external source. This ail-embracing and vivid imago which replaces the dark and partial image of the world process is Akalpitä i.e. is outside the range of the intellect It has an independent reality and is inconceivable.
It is a Vrtfi because it is a passing state. but a Vrtti of the Universal Mind and not of the extremely limited individual mind. It will be seen, therefore, that the ‘covering of light’ . There, the ‘covering’ referred to the brain which covers the light of the mental world. Here, it refers to the individual mental body which covers the light of the Universal Mind. This latter process takes place at a later stage and at a much higher level.


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