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The Marconi Project, Star Wars Technology. Perhaps the most interesting of all missing and dead scientists conspiracy theories are those revolving around the 25 scientists and technicians of GEC-Marconi who died in a span of six years. This also includes a related 26th death of a journalist. Could these be related to the Stars Wars technology and this could be related to Nikola Tesla´s death as well and the missing papers. Part 6.

Perhaps the most interesting of all missing and dead scientists conspiracy theories are those revolving around the 25 scientists and technicians of GEC-Marconi who died in a span of six years. This also includes a related 26th death of journalist Moyle in 1990. What’s particularly interesting about the GEC-Marconi deaths is not only that the timing of the deaths, most died within a short time of completing a project or leaving the company, but also the fact that GEC-Marconi was working on the SDI system as well as other highly compartmentalized defense projects and GEC-Marconi was a major defense contractor to the Ministry of defense

Warped Space; Archietectural Anxiety in Digital Culture

Throughout the modern period, architectural space, or rather the idea of architectural space, has been seen in relation to a particular state of mind — anxiety. Many of us would admit that architecture makes us nervous. A recent series of programs on Australian national television which sought to enter “the mind of the architect” demonstrates that kind of nervousness as it haunts the popular conception of architecture.’

Are architects seeking to dominate our world, attempting to control our lives, introducing us to “new” ways of living that we have not asked for or do not want?

This kind of nervousness, of count, has its theoretical foundations and to a certain extent its explanations. in the propositions of Michel Foucault, whose “space as power” thesis first put forward in the early 1960s in his investigations into the hospital and the clinic, thence to be fully if crudely developed in Surveiller et punk in the mid-seventies, have had the effect of making us suspicious of any spatial manipulation exercised by institutions and by implication by the professional space planners they employ.

It was not accidental that Foucault’s indictment of architectural space as potentially “panoptical” in its alms and effects coincided with a movement inside architecture itself “against architecture” and for the notion of a collective or individual client as designer. This has become known as the “community design workshop movement.” Thus we have all become a little nervous of architects. Certainly the perceived failure of the grand modernist plan in the face of urban and suburban development over the last thirty years has not made us any more comfortable with “high design.”

Freemasons and the Illuminati is worshipping The Great Architect of The Univere

The Illuminati also appropriated the Masonic view of a supreme creative being, referred to as the Great Architect of the Universe (G.A.O.T.U.)

For human bodies to acquire more and more mechanical parts (we are all becoming cyborgs: Harraway, 1991; Czarniawska, 2011). Seeing the world as composed of hybrids is not yet a common way to talk about artifacts and technology in organization studies. The group (for example, Rice [1958] 1987) has already used the concept of socio-technical systems, but by presenting this notion, its members primarily wanted to say that the two separate systems, social and technical, do meet and mix in practice. Contingency theory, still alive in organization studies, began with a great curiosity about the couplings between technical systems and control systems – and create mind-controlled slaves) from the Illuminati Tavistock Group

The expressed intention of Weishaupt was to overthrow stable regimes by replacing all governments and religions with an oligarchic world order. The aim was to control the nations of the world through controlling the world media which was able to manipulate public opinion. It was realistic to believe that through the networking of the global body of Freemasonry it was possible to manipulate the financial markets and committees that govern all forms of trading between nations. The organisation would gain control of world power by wresting control of the proletariat away from feudal and national monarchies through fomenting and financing civil wars. Weishaupt realised that global rule was unlikely to be achieved in his lifetime but world-wide control could be achieved perhaps within the following generation of machinations. Over the generations feudal noblemen had acted as lords and judges of the people in their serfdom.

With the invention of television, the global center of intelligence gathering in Tavistock, (which controls Intelligence Agencies) decided that this new device (T.V.) would be the apparatus to control the minds of the masses. The rest is history. In the year 1900, thousands of people owned all newspapers and magazines. After the invention of radio and television, the potential for a large volume of ownership was greatly increased, if you coupled that with the thousands who already owned newspapers and magazines. But, it is surprising to discover that today, in the year 2012, the number of people owning all the major television, radio, newspaper and magazine outlets is less than 10 people. Even if you’re not a conspiracy theorist, you should be alarmed at just the idea that the potential of so few people to control the information available to the rest of us, could be absolutely controlled.

Today the Illuminati is the secret power that legislates beyond national boundaries manipulating world financial affairs. The Illuminati has enjoyed continuing success in fomenting revolution and overthrowing regimes for political (material) advantage. The overall objective has been accomplished largely implemented by pressure groups in even the most enlightened of Western nations, forcing through legislation that replaces well established benign practices. The Illuminati chose to suffuse religions by diminishing the differences between beliefs by highlighting what they shared in common. Traditional boundaries of contentious issues were to be marginalised and international laws would be changed to make it a criminal offence to incite religious hatred or to interfere in the religious or ethnic customs or legal affairs of others. The Illuminati may well have placed their own man in the Chair of St Peter or filled the Vatican with Masonic papists

The Illuminati founded the Vatican with money.

The Illuminati have accomplished their objective of controlling civilisation globally but their plans will come to nothing in opposing Almighty God.


As a scientist researching into microwave weapons used on the general public, evidence that the GM900 microwave network as used by Vodaphone and Telecom, is a major health hazard, has come to my attention. Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) documents entitled: Biological Effects Of Electromagnetic Radiation (Radiowaves and Microwaves) Eurasian Communist Countries, show that microwave frequencies similar to those of the cellular phones can cause health problems in the following areas: Blood. Cardiovascular System. Cells. Central Nervous System. Digestive System. Glands. Metabolism. Reproduction. Visual System. Internal Sound Perception. Equipment to test the frequency and intensity of microwave phones shows that they produce signals similar to microwave ovens. Two Vodaphone cellular phones were producing 100mW/cm2 and 50 mW/cm2 respectively.

INTELLIGENCE FORCES AND MICROWAVE MIND CONTROL Microwave weapons that turn people into stressed, confused, submissive zombies are being used in inner cities. Developed by the communists, microwave weapons similar to microwave ovens have since the 1980s, been targeted on inner city council estates. These weapons transmit extremely low frequency (ELF) signals which mimic natural brain waves; at the flick of a switch, all the people around these microwave transmitters are turned into submissive zombies who cannot think clearly, become depressed, apathetic and want to lounge around all day doing nothing: the inner city malaise found on Britain’s streets.

With the advent of new ELF detectors designed by the author’s research teams, the mass mind control of the metropolitan population can be proved. ELF signals are officially only found at nuclear submarine communication stations, so the researchers were shocked to find microwave and UHF, mind control signals in city centres, the author’s flat, being sent through mobile phones, the BT telephones and from the numerous transmitters that dot the country.

The massive increase in mobile phones has enabled the security forces to use this network of transmitters to beam mind control signals into the brains of anyone living near these transmitters. Microwave phones use pulse modulated microwaves of the correct intensity to pass through the skull into the brain and control behaviour.

Microwave transmitters are therefore the perfect medium for the transmission of ELF signals to mind control the population. Researchers are of the opinion that the inner city riots of the early eighties forced the regime to deploy ELF mind control devices developed in the 1970s to turn the working class housing estates into total policing zones. In these zones, ELF transmitters turned the inhabitants into docile zombies.

So successful was this technology that it was expanded to cover all major towns. Mass mind control of the public to make them submissive and obey authority was expanded, hand-in-hand with the mobile phone network and military and police microwave transmitters. Now the entire London conurbation is covered by UHF and microwave carrying mind numbing ELF. Research into the use of microwave weapons and their use for mind control began in 1950s at the Tavistock Institute, one the leading psychiatric research establishments. The institute was researching into ways of mind controlling the population without them knowing.

Having found this specific brain rhythm for docile submissive, zombie-like behaviour, it was then recorded and used as the template for the ELF signal beamed on microwave transmitters. Britain was the first discoverer of microwave technology, used for radar.

Radiating this ELF frequency on microwave transmitters, cellphones, BT phones and by use of other transmitters, the inner city population can be behaviourally controlled.

Since ELF is not found naturally, and is only used for nuclear submarine communication, its presence proves mind control weapons are being used on the general public. The author also has access to scientific documents showing the devastating effects of ELF broadcast by microwave, UHF and VHF on humans.

It is alleged that Marconi put this microwave technology into full scale production, and around thirty scientists and military personnel on the project who began to ask questions committed `suicide’ under mysterious circumstances.

A vast catalogue of mind control frequencies in the MHz range, FM radio, TV and mobile phone frequencies, have been measured, which are used in the UK for mind control and killing or disabling victims: 147, 153, 197, 199, 447, 453, 456, 466, 853, 883, 884, 887… Symptoms can be depression, befuddled thinking, loss of memory, stress, not being able to cope, manic behaviour, schizophrenia, nervous breakdowns, physical collapse, brain and nervous system damage, heart attacks, cancer…

Contacting researchers in this field of enquiry, they all complain of microwave-like symptoms, headache, nausea, giddiness, eye damage, ear problems…

With such high-level manipulation of events it seems that microwave mind control is part of a secret policy which is being practised on the general public in this county. As part of a covert government policy of harassing and disabling critics, this means of attack is not covered by the law and highly deniable, the perfect intelligence device for civilian control. The author’s flat is targeted with a 900 MHz beam which seems to be designed to cause massive neurological damage and produce tumours.

The BT phone network has the potential to be used for docilisation of the public. A 30-40 MHz signal is carried by the phone. When the earpiece is placed against the head, bone conduction carries the ELF component into the brain of the phone user. A ELF signal which can effect behaviour or health is therefore passed into all BT phone users.

There are reports by military researchers that 1 mW/cm2 will cause swelling of nerve cells exposed to microwave. It is obvious that a total policing of the population by means of UHF, VHF, and microwave EM radiation, amongst others, is being used to keep the population in a docile and submissive mental state. Mental confusion can also be added to the signal for working class inner city areas to keep them docile and confused. A land of stultified zombies, who are mind controlled to make them docile and unable to think clearly. Subversives are habitually targeted with microwaves to drive them mad or make them fatally ill.

Human behaviour and reactions can be entirely controlled by using pulse modulated microwave EM radiation. Pulse modulated microwaves are useful as the carrier for the mind control signals as they are able to pass through the skull, which is rather resistant to low level EM. The massive number of microwave antennae that dot the country, some of which are used for the microwave phone network, all use pulse modulated microwaves, which makes their use for a strategic mind control device.

It was found that when microwaves were used to fire these signals at victims’ brains, they experienced the moods, behaviour, and the pathological states, carried by the signals. This meant that by mimicking natural brain frequencies, the human brain could be controlled remotely by use of extremely low frequency broadcast carried by pulse modulated microwave beams (ELF pulse modulated microwave remote mind control technology). It is now possible to broadcast mind control commands directly into the brain by use of microwave beams. All that is needed is a catalogue of every specific brain frequency for each: mood, action and thought.

This pulse modulated microwave beam has the ELF excitation potential frequency imprinted upon it. It was found that each behavioural set in humans had a distinctive frequency. There was one for: anger, suicide, hysteria, trauma, serial killing, paranoia, lust…etc. Intelligence operatives in the regularly park microwave transmitters outside targets’ houses and beam specific mood inducing excitation potentials at the victims.

To aid them, they have sophisticated millimetre wave scanners to look through the victims’ walls, so they can see the targets’ in their homes. Pulse modulated microwaves are regularly directed at the victims’ brains, while other people in their homes are oblivious of what is going on. A leading conspiracy researcher, who looks into GCHQ at Cheltenham, found one of these vans, with two spheres on its roof parked in his road. When he took the number plate and through contacts checked who owned it, he found it was an MOD van. Hopefully he has found the microwave weapon system before it has done him too much harm. These microwave weapons were developed allegedly at Marconi. When firing microwave beams through walls at one specific target, every material in the way of the microwave beam attenuates or modifies the intensity and frequency of the beam.

The victim needed to be driven mad or disabled, without anyone else being aware that he or she was being targeted. The technology for this was very complex but eventually it was perfected.

Twenty five or more scientists and military personnel, associated with the Marconi project, then died in mysterious circumstances.

Intelligence personnel regularly kill people to keep them quiet. Maybe they killed the entire research team to keep such a diabolical weapon secret.

For if it were made public, the scandal would bring down the government. Whatever the real story, by the mid to late eighties, all the problems had been ironed out and these new smart microwave weapons were deployed on the streets.

UFO and conspiracy researchers, are routinely driven to commit suicide. having the excitation potential for suicide beamed into your brain day and night by microwave mind control weapons, soon resets the brain into a cycle of depression that spirals out of control ending in suicide.

Many intelligence and technical officers, who have spilled the beans, or could be a potential leak, are driven to commit suicide by the special mind control teams run by MI5.

If you look at the long list of military and intelligence experts who inexplicably commit suicide, one can see an underlying mind control logic that drives them to kill themselves.

Behavioural reinforcement is used in a synergistic way with the mind control. It was found that the effect of the microwave beams could be greatly enhanced by external reinforcement.

External reinforcement of pulse modulated microwave mind control technology was found to be very effective. Intelligence chiefs are now in seventh heaven; if some one becomes a problem they get the ‘suicide mind control team’ parked outside their house. Within weeks, the victim kills himself.

This is very pleasing to the intelligence mandarins, as suicides are easy to explain away – even if the victim was a highly placed politician or military man.

If the military intelligence agency does not wish you to commit suicide, they can drive you mad.

This is done by beaming the excitation potential of a particular pathological mental state at your brain while you are at home. To aid in this, the intelligence operatives can place sounds and speech in the target victim’s brain.

This inter cerebral hearing is used to drive the victim mad, as no one else can hear the voices transmitted into the brain of the target. Transmission of auditory data directly into the targets’ brains using microwave carrier beams is now common practise.

Instead of using excitation potentials, one uses a transducer to modify the spoken word into ELF audiograms, that are then superimposed on the pulse modulated microwave beam.

Discrediting well known people who are causing problems for the shadowy elite, by driving them mad, seems to be standard operating procedure for the intelligence community. Victims are subject to pulse modulated microwaves which carry different types of madness and behavioural aberrations, encoded as ELF excitation potentials. This makes the troublesome high profile person, display manic or insane behaviour that discredits them.

Public humiliation is the finest weapon the authorities have, to make harmless, a potential well known figure, who is causing trouble. If the VIP needs to be made temporarily ill, microwave beams containing the signal the brain gives off during a vicious bout of flu can be fired at the victim. This causes the target to display all the symptoms of flu, even though they have not caught the virus. Major Ed Dames, the remote viewing specialist, who has close links with the US secret military, alluded to this device on a US TV programme. The intelligence agents can also use low level microwaves to cause mental and physical confusion that leads to illness. Beaming microwaves at victims makes them fatigued, damages their immune system, causes neurological damage that effects their thinking, and ability to carry out tasks, induces premature ageing, cancer and cataracts.

Organisations that irritate the authorities have their building turned into a ‘hot spot’ by microwave transmitters, so the staff all suffer sick building syndrome caused by microwave damage.

If we fire an array of pulsed MASERs, which are out of phase with each other, extraneous noise can be filtered out in the digital domain. Since the converging ELF modulated MASERs are being effected by the low level emissions in the victim’s brain, the shifts in the ELF pulsed signal going into the subversive’s brain can be detected.

A simplistic version of this would be the LASER beam shone at the window of the person that is being bugged. The vibrations in the window cause modulations in the LASER that can be converted into electrical signals and hence into sound. In this way the subvocalised thoughts in the victim’s brain can be read. Having already built up a library of excitation potential signatures for differing words and groupings of words, a sophisticated computer can begin to decode the emission signatures into word streams. In this way the subvocalised thoughts of the victim can be stored in the memory of a supercomputer and analysed to give a read out of what the target is thinking..

Using ELF audiograms carried by a single pulse-modulated Maser, subvocalised thoughts can be placed in the victim’s brain. This enables UK synthetic telepathy operators the ability to enter into conversations with the subversive to drive him mad or to bring up key words which will get the victim thinking about the information they wish to find.

These experiments on behavioural modification is a result of mind control science….

To add to this, the numerous microwave detectors that were cheaply available to check leakage from microwave ovens are no longer made by any company in the country.

If their were widespread riots, the ability to broadcast behavioural stimuli to mollify all the mobile phone users in the country would prove useful. Since mobile phone users are generally middle class, it means authority has a useful method of controlling the behaviour of the key voters.

Microwave carrier beams are perfect for transmitting the excitation potential of docility to the phone user to keep them servile in times of trouble. When no ELF signal is broadcast the phone acts in a completely different manner on behaviour in humans. In this case the microwave phones causes the neurones to release calcium ions which makes the user tired irritable

By firing at your chest a microwave beam containing the ELF signals given off by the heart, this organ can be put into a chaotic state, the so called heart attack. In this way, high profile leaders of political parties, who are prone to heart attacks, can be killed off -before they cause any trouble.

The large antennae that bracket the town could also be used. The most insidious aspect of this, is that the entire mobile phone network could easily be used to control the behaviour of the phone users.

It seems that low level microwave radiation excites the hydrogen bonds in the cell and can interfere with meiosis. This causes cell division to go wrong, which leads to cancerous cells and hence tumours.

Motor neurone preparatory set potentials are jammed by a bigger signal carried by a microwave carrier beam, that literally overloads the brain, so it cannot control the body. Pulse modulated microwave weapons which broadcast the ELF preparatory sets of the motor cortex at the victim, will paralyse the victim without killing them. Breathing and heartbeat are involuntary actions controlled by another set of frequencies in another part of the brain. This technique can be used to abduct people for secret government mind control experiments, under the guise of alien abduction.

This text is from;

Did 22 SDI Researchers really ALL Commit Suicide?

Are the scientists victims of a corrupt defense industry? Have they been espionage pawns? Are the deaths nothing more than an extraordinary coincidence? Guess.

Between 1982 and 1990 twenty-five British based GEC-Marconi scientists and engineers died in mysterious circumstances.


AUTO ACCIDENT–Professor Keith Bowden, 45, computer scientist, Essex University. In March 1982 Bowden’s car plunged off a bridge, into am abandoned rail yard. His death was listed as an accident.
MISSING PERSON–Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Godley, 49, defense expert, head of work-study unit at the Royal Military College of Science. Godley disappeared in April 1983. His father bequeathes him more than $60,000, with the proviso that he claim it be 1987. He never showed up and is presumed dead.
SHOTGUN BLAST–Roger Hill, 49, radar designer and draftsman, Marconi. In March 1985 Hill allegedly killed himself with a shotgun at the family home.
DEATH LEAP–Jonathan Walsh, 29, digital-communications expert assigned to British Telecom’s secret Martlesham Health research facility (and to GEC, Marconi’s parent firm). In November 1985 Walsh allegedly fell from his hotel room while working on a British Telecom project in Abidjan, Ivory Coast (Africa). He had expressed a fear for his life. Verdict: Still in question.
DEATH LEAP–Vimal Dajibhai, 24, computer-software engineer (worked on guidance system for Tigerfish torpedo), Marconi Underwater Systems. In August 1986 Dajibhai’s crumpled remains were found 240 feet below the Clifton suspension bridge in Bristol. The death has not been listed as a suicide.
DECAPITATION–Ashaad Sharif, 26, computer analyst, Marconi Defense Systems. In October 1986, in Bristol, Sharif allegedly tied one end of a rope around a tree and the other end around his neck, then drove off in his car at high speed. Verdict: Suicide.
SUFFOCATION–Richard Pugh, computer consultant for the Ministry of Defense. In January 1987 Pugh was found dead, wrapped head-to- toe in rope that was tied four times around his neck. The coroner listed his death as an accident due to a sexual experiment gone awry.
ASPHYXIATION–John Brittan, Ministry of Defense tank batteries expert, Royal Military College of Science. In January 1987 Brittan was found dead in a parked car in his garage. The engine was still running. Verdict: Accidental death.
DRUG OVERDOSE–Victor Moore, 46, design engineer, Marconi Space Systems. In February 1987 Moore was found dead of a drug overdose. His death is listed as a suicide.
ASPHYXIATION–Peter Peapell, 46, scientist, Royal Military College of Science. In February 1987 Peapell was found dead beneath his car, his face near the tail pipe, in the garage of his Oxfordshire home. Death was due to carbon-monoxide poisoning, although test showed that the engine had been running only a short time. Foul play has not been ruled out.
ASPHYXIATION–Edwin Skeels, 43, engineer, Marconi. In February 1987 Skeels was found dead in his car, a victim of carbon-monoxide poisoning. A hose led from the exhaust pipe. His death is listed as a suicide.
AUTO ACCIDENT–David Sands, satellite projects manager, Eassams (a Marconi sister company). Although up for a promotion, in March 1987 Sands drove a car filled with gasoline cans into the brick wall of an abandoned cafe. He was killed instantly. Foul play has not been ruled out.
AUTO ACCIDENT–Stuart Gooding, 23, postgraduate research student, Royal Military College of Science. In April 1987 Gooding died in a mysterious car wreck in Cyprus while the College was holding military exercises on the island. Verdict: Accidental death.
AUTO ACCIDENT–George Kountis, experienced systems analyst at British Polytechnic. In April 1987 Kountis drowned after his BMW plunged into the Mersey River in Liverpool. His death is listed as a misadventure.
SUFFOCATION–Mark Wisner, 24, software engineer at Ministry of Defense experimental station for combat aircraft. In April 1987 Wisner was found dead in his home with a plastic bag over his head. At the inqust, his death was rules an accident due to a sexual experiment gone awry.
AUTO ACCIDENT–Michael Baker, 22, digital-communications expert, Plessey Defense Systems. In May 1987 Baker’s BMW crashed through a road barrier, killing the driver. Verdict: Misadventure.
HEART ATTACK–Frank Jennings, 60, electronic-weapons engineer for Plessey. In June 1987 Jennings allegedly dropped dead of a heart attack. No inquest was held.
DEATH LEAP–Russel Smith, 23, lab technician at the Atomic Energy Research Establishment. In January 1988 Smith’s mangled body was found halfway down a cliff in Cornwall. Verdict: Suicide.
ASPHYXIATION–Trevor Knight, 52, computer engineer, Marconi Space and Defense Systems. In March 1988 Knight was found dead in his car, asphyxiated by fume from a hose attached to the tail pipe. The death was ruled a suicide.
ELECTROCUTION–John Ferry, 60, assistant marketing director for Marconi. In August 1988 Ferry was found dead in a company-owned apartment, the stripped leads of an electrical cord in his mouth. Foul play has not been ruled out.
ELECTROCUTION–Alistair Beckham, 50, software engineer, Plessey. In August 1988 Beckham’s lifeless body was found in the garden shed behind his house. Bare wires, which ran to a live main, were wrapped around his chest. Now suicide note was found, and police habe not ruled out foul play.
ASPHYXIATION–Andrew Hall, 33, engineering manager, British Aero- space. In September 1988 Hall was found dead in his car, asphyxiated by fumes from a hose that was attached to the tail pipe. Friends said he was well liked, had everything to live for. Verdict: Suicide.

Could there be some connection between these death´s and Nikola Tesla´s death 1943? It´s just a possible question, not a statement it is. Its more a reflection that it could be related.

Tesla was, an inventor of (among other things) alternate current, used today in every household. Although he is often nearly forgotten, Tesla holds over 700 patents- and those are just the ones he remembered to patent.

According to some cynics, the Supreme Court had awarded the patent to Tesla (a few months after his death) in order to avoid having to pay any royalties to the Marconi Corporation, which was suing the government for patents used during World War I.

Thomas Edison was Tesla’s greatest enemy. Edison died wealthy, Tesla died poor. It is unknown where and when exactly Edison became a Freemason. Tesla dies penniless with 700 patents. J.P Morgon stole Nikola Tesla´s inventions and technologies. Tesla was financially destoryed by Illuminati powers. The highest global elite controls the oil industry, suppresses alternative energy technology, especially free energy devices. Tesla gave us alternating current, hydroelectic dams, and a plan to provide the world with free energy. Just because of these ideas he was a enemy for the rulers of Illuminati.

J. P. Morgan originally funded Tesla because he needed his work for a telegraph design, among other things. When Tesla’s understudy Marconi took the ideas and claimed to invent the telegraph independently, that was enough for J. P. Morgan to demolish Tesla’s business and reputation..

Tesla wanted to give us an antenna system that would use the Earth’s energy grid to heat homes and run cars from an inexhaustible source. Despite his lab being mysteriously burned down in 1895, he persisted. Prior to the completion of his work on the free energy generator and prior to any patenting, all of his equip-ment, models, and inventions were destroyed. Nevertheless, he created a wireless electricity transfer system in 1902 at Colorado Springs, Colorado. He was going to offer it to the world wirelessly, so that all people needed was an antenna in their yard for access. Wireless energy could be transferred as easily as cell phones, a radio signal, or television is today.

Shortly before his death in 1943, he affirmed his humanitarian vision:

“Out of this war, the greatest since the beginning of history, a new world must be born, a world that would justify the sacrifices offered by humanity. This new world must be a world in which there shall be no exploitation of the weak by the strong, of the good by the evil; where there will be no humiliation of the poor by the violence of the rich; where the products of intellect, science and art will serve society for the betterment and beautification of life, and not the individuals for achieving wealth. This new world shall not be a world of the downtrodden and humiliated, but of free men and free nations, equal in dignity and respect for man.”

Is it any wonder the energy cabal considered Nikola Tesla an enemy?

In 1924 Nikola Tesla claimed that he had invented a death ray capable of stopping an aeroplane in mid-flight. In the same year Grindell H. Mathews, a British scientist claimed to have invented a similar device, and T.F. Wall unsuccessfully applied for a patent on a death ray. For a while the trend in death rays subsided, as no definitive invention appeared, then in 1934 Tesla claimed a new one based on an entirely new principle of physics he claimed it could destroy 10,000 planes at distance of 250 miles. Each ray would require the construction of a $2 million power plant, located at high strategic points. A network of 12 such plants would protect the US from aerial invasion. He talked about his idea for a few years after, but no-one showed an interest. After his death, nothing was found in his papers.

New York City. January 7, 1943. Famed inventor Nikola Tesla dies of a heart attack on the thirty-third floor of the Hotel New Yorker. Within hours of his body being discovered, his nephew arrives at room 3327, and discovers Tesla’s remains, as well as his technical papers and notebooks, have already been removed. Speculation spreads that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had seized the items and quickly designated them “top secret.”

Before his death last year at 86, he had announced that he was on the verge of: I) inventing a death ray, 2) communicating with other planets.

Nikola Tesla was completely paranoid about someone trying to kill him, and as soon as he died, the government agents swooped in and confiscated all of his scientific papers. In a very short time, everything that he had been guarding with this life was gone.” – David Wilcock (Filmmaker), (Author, The Source Field Investigations), (The Synchronicity Key)

“The official story is that nothing of any great significance was found. It was just a lot of scientific papers and documents. However, there have been a lot of rumors over the years that the materials recovered was profoundly significant in terms of a lot of highly-advanced scientific concepts.”

Nikola Tesla not only officially electrified the world. His legacy includes groundbreaking work on electric railroads, fluorescent and neon lights, wireless radio communications, X-ray, remote control, turbine engines, speedometers, helicopters, and even torpedoes. By the time of his death, Tesla held nearly 700 worldwide patents.

The list of technologies that can be traced back to the drawing board of Nikola Tesla is endless. Modern humanoid robotics, solar and wind power, weather manipulation, drones and even planetary exploration vehicles. Getting as little as just two hours of sleep per day, the inventor’s sole purpose on Earth appeared to be geared toward one end – advancing technology for the future of the human race.

“When Tesla died, he had a trunk under his bed that was said to have contained inventions that would change the world: robotics, wireless energy transfer, earthquake machines. Of course, the corporations couldn’t allow that kind of disruption, so the trunk and all his papers disappeared. His inventions appeared later, when they could be profitable, under other people’s names. For instance, the idea behind wireless is now being credited to the actress Hedy Lamarr.

Hedy Lamarr spread spectrum technology Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (5555),

Hedy Lamarr’s idea is considered by many as the foundation for the modern wireless technologies used today, allowing a large number of signal transmitter and receiver de-vices to operate in the same radio spectrum, with no interference among each other’s sig-nals. Thus, a multiplicity of cell phones can operate simultaneously in a similar radio spectrum without bumping into one another, because each signal is broadcast over differ-ing patterns of microsecond frequency changes. Today, interlocking cells of radio signal coverage and spread spectrum technology often work together in wireless communication systems.

Hedy Lamarr never made a dime on her patent or invention. She was a actress

Hollywood actress Hedy Lamarr, was also an avid inventor and the person behind advances in communication technology in the 1940s that led to today’s Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth.

Hedy Lamarr spread spectrum technology and… Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (5555),

Hedy Lamarr and Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (5555),

Spread spectrum was initially intended for military applications that required high security and reliability. Interestingly, however, some of the first developers of spread spectrum technology were not scientists or the military. The development of FHSS is in fact traditionally attributed to I ledy Lamarr, an actress, and George Antheil, a musician. During World War II, they developed an idea to remotely control torpedoes that later became known as FHSS. It is inherently difficult to jam spread spectrum transmission because transmissions are dis-tributed across a range of frequencies rather than a single frequency. This distribution makes it difficult to intercept and eavesdrop on a conversation. Spread spectrum has many other applica-tions other than Bluetooth. It is also used within cordless telephones for transmission between the telephone and the base as well as in cellular communications and computer networking.

Lamarr is granted a patent for a “ Secret Communication System

Best known as a glamorous film star during Hollywood’s golden age, Hedy Lamarr had a first-rate mind and was one of the developers of what later became known as spread spectrum technology. How she got interested in things technical is, however, not entirely clear. She retired from the movie scene 1950 at a age of 37 years old, and didn´t invent anything new from the age 37 to 87 yeats old. Doesn´t inventors always invent something new, and specially when they have time.

More recently, spread spectrum has been A found ideal for interleaving (multiplexing) many messages simultaneously, thus becoming a more efficient transmitting method than ordinary single-frequency techniques and making it the basis of Inter-net and cell phone traffic. Despite these applications, neither inventor profited because their 1942 patent expired decades before the modern wireless boom. Lamarr’s film career began to dwindle after the war, and in the 1950s she retired from making movies.

The first description of a frequency switching method can be found in 1900 when Nikola Testa (1856-1943) submitted a patent for a radio-controlled submarine Therein, he described a method that was particularly resistant to radio interference. It was approved in 1903. His patents outline the first frequency hopping method as well as frequency multiplexing and — also worthy of mention —contain the first description of a logical circuit based on an electronic and switching-based element.

In fact, the Tesla magnifying transmitter was the first in the world powerful enough to create ELF resonance in the earth-ionosphere wave guide.

Tesla and ELF and wireless communiation

The Strategic Defense Initiative or ‘ Star Wars ‘ missile defense system was based on Tesla ‘ s death ray technology .

Star Wars scientist

British Star Wars Scientists? Fifty-year-old Alistair Beckham was a successful British aerospace- projects engineer. Led by a reluctant Galen Erso, the Death Star scientists seek to fuse kyber-crystal shards into larger structures and use those crystals to amplify energy into a stable beam powerful enough to destroy an entire planet. There have been events in the past were sensationalized and/or dismissed as false conspiracies that still seem as if there may well be more behind them than meets the eye.One of these is the fact that between 1982 and 1988, well over 20 scientists who worked for the British company GEC-Marconi all died after having worked on Strategic Defense Initiative program.The SDI program, also known as “Star Wars”

It has not be any connection between these 25 science who died and Tesla death, but it could laso have some connection when Tesla died and all his papers dissapeared, and Tesla´s yechnology was known as “Star Wars”.

If all of them was elimated becaus ethey have knowledge about the system they have beem working with, and could hey even elimated Tesla to get to his papers and inventions before some other get is hands on his inventions.

Tavistock Institute and their mission and agenda in this world, Part 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1

The reptilian bloodlines have hoarded knowledge from the past and kept it in secret societies so they can in this way control the past by substituting a false history and knowledge and bestow it upon the people. In the past, this was harder as people were more connected to the spirit of the Earth. Today this Earthly connection is spiritually bankrupt. This world makes people spiritually bankrupt.

The white man has dominated the whole world, and it is the reptilian bloodline which controls the whole hierarchy of power. At the top of the pyramid is the third eyei. The bodies of people in positions of power are controlled by reptiles residing in the lower fourth dimension. Again, only clairvoyant and spiritually gifted people can see this.

The main objective of the Illuminati is a “one world government” where they can serve as the rulers and everyone else is considered to be nothing more than a slave for labor.

The bible describes them as the “fallen angels” that interbred with the daughters of men here on Earth to create the “Nefilim” who were the giants that walked the Earth. (Genesis 6:4) They were also referred to as the “Watchers.” Thus, they were the result of hybridization between reptilians and humans. They are, according to the Bible, believed to be the ascendants of extraterrestrial rulers, leaders and warriors who lived here before the great flood. Interestingly enough their progeny are still here to this very day seeking to control the Earth.

Ultimately, the Illuminati would like to eliminate any type of caste system where people are able to achieve a certain level of existence thereby creating one ruling class with everyone else as the lower class. This way, they can control economies, major industries, the media, religions and all other aspects of human existence. It is even believed by some that they are seeking to reduce the world’s population to roughly 500 million people through pestilence, and disease which is not too far fetched although this would greatly contradict their plan to make the entire population working class slaves.

Nevertheless, world domination has been their aim for thousands of years and it was never meant to be accomplished in a single generation but rather it was to be the culmination of years of control and manipulation that was to be reached over several generations. They have hidden behind the scenes of history for a very long time beginning with the “Brotherhood of the Snake,” a secret society dating back to ancient Sumer.

According to Icke, this group is controlled by the reptilians and is the core center of today’s global secret society network. It was from this original Brotherhood that Freemasonry, the Rosicrucian’s, The Knights Templar, Knights of Malta, and many more orders were established. One of their primary goals is to keep spiritual knowledge away from the masses because to them, it is to be shared only by a select few.

This esoteric and powerful information is only exchanged among the initiated. This is to ensure that the selected few (which is almost always the ruling families), can reach the goals they decide for themselves and for others. This select few has since become the power elite and has ruled over mankind unsuspectingly for thousands of years.

Many of them are related by bloodlines going back thousands and thousands of years and they are very careful at keeping those bloodlines as pure as possible from generation to generation. Therefore, the continuing “Generative” process is represented by the letter “G” in the Masonic symbol. The involvement in this clandestine organization is so far reaching that many people cannot bring themselves to accept just how powerful they really are.

The very mention of this group causes people to immediately shut down from fear and skepticism. Many people cannot bring themselves to accept the fact that practically all world affairs are orchestrated by a select few and more importantly that this elite group of individuals does not have the well being of the people in mind.

They’re very heinous in that they created the different religions and sects and cults so we would be too busy worshipping false gods rather than being concerned about their dealings. They established the churches and put themselves in charge in order to entrap people and to spread conflicts between different belief systems. It’s no mystery that practically all the wars throughout history have been steeped in religion.

The official policy of the UN was to safeguard the peace, so as not to create another world war. But what we find here is a typical example of how the Illuminati work. They use a tactic that David Icke calls “problem-reaction-solution,” where first they create the “problem” by starting a war which in turn brings about a certain “reaction” from the population, who is now in need of a “solution.” So they create a solution to the problem they themselves created by founding the United Nations (UN) bringing us one step closer to their agenda and a One World Government.

Yet since the creation of the UN this world has seen 258 major conflicts more than any known wars on this planet prior to this point, now just why is that? Well most of these wars have been fought in countries who have never had major conflicts before then suddenly the Western Major Powers are invited to step in and intervene and we are always told that this intervention is to control peace in these countries.

Since the very beginning of all civilizations, there has always been a ruling class that has sought to have dominion over the masses. They feel it is their birthright to rule and lord over the people. The Illuminati believe we are sheep in need of a Shepherd. This mindset has caused them to treat the masses like nothing more than gullible and ignorant “Sheeple” that will never wake up and realize that we’ve been duped into believing in false propaganda and outlandish lies. Now is the time for all of us to understand once and for all who is behind this intricate plan of deception and world domination.

In order to carry out their plans and schemes, the Global Elite devises organizations and societies which assist them in fulfilling their common interests. These include such groups as the Bilderberg Group, and The ‘Committee of 300’ (also called the “Olympians”).

The upper levels of the Illuminati pyramid include secretive committees with names such as the council of 3, the council of 5, the Council of 7, the Council of 9, the Council of 13, the council of 33, the Grand Druid council, the committee of 300 (also called the “Olympians”) and the Committee of 500 amongst others. I read parts of a book by Dr John Coleman entitled ‘Conspirators Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300.’ Dr. Coleman identified the major players in the Illuminati and carefully detailed the Illuminati’s agenda of supposed worldwide domination and control.

On page t61 of his book he summarised the intent and purpose of the Com mittee of 300as follows:- ‘A One World Government and one -unit monetary system. under permanent non-elected hereditary oligarchrists who self-select from among their numbers in the form of a feudal system as it was in the Middle Ages.

In this One World entity, the population will be limited by restrictions on the number of children per family, diseases, wars, famines, until I billion people who are useful to the ruling class, in areas which will be strictly and clearly defined remain as the total world population.

There will be no middle class, only rulers and the servants. All laws will be uniform under a legal system of world courts practicing the same unified code of laws, backed up by a One World Government police force and a One World unified military to enforce laws in all former countries where no national boundaries shall exist.

The system will be on the basis of a welfare state: those who are obedient and subservient to the one World Government will be rewarded with the means to live; those who are rebellious will simply be starved to death or be declared outlaws, thus a target for anyone who wishes to kill them. Privately owned firearms or weapons of any kind will be prohibited.’ Since it seemed I had all the time in the world on the plane. I read an article by Ken Adachi entitled ‘the New World Order an overview’ which claims that the New World Order global orchestrators manifest their agenda through the skillful manipulation of human emotions, especially fear.

The article further alleged that in the past centuries. this group has apparently repeatedly utilized a technique author David Icke characterized a book called ‘the Biggest Secret’ as problem, reaction, and solution in which Illuminati strategists create the problem- by funding, assembling, and training an “opposition” group to stimulate turmoil in an established political power (sovereign country, region, continent, etc.) that they wish to impinge upon and thus create opposing factions in a conflict that the Illuminati themselves maneuvered into existence.

Man’s original blueprint for how a society and the world should be managed was drawn in ancient Babylon when the occult elite organized the first worldwide political, economic, and religious system. An essential secret of “Mystery, Babylon”—long kept hidden from the masses—is that it is a control system designed to corral about 99 percent of humanity into a global class of debt slaves who live exclusively to serve the interests of the elite 1 percent. However, for “Mystery, Babylon” to function properly, the 99 percent must not realize that they are in effect slaves to the occult ruling class.

Beginning in ancient Babylon—the birthplace of the world’s mystery religions—the elite established a template by which they could control people, government, and economics through occult power, a debt-based economic system, and the worship of Lucifer. The occult elite view themselves as “god-kings.” The term “Illuminati bloodlines” refers to the belief that certain families born thousands of years ago are genetically descended from entities who visited Earth from outer space or another dimension, but whom the Bible describes as fallen angels.

Huxley concluded that the planet was already becoming like the dystopian fictional world he wrote of in Brave New World—a world literature classic about an “unequal, technologically advanced future where humans are genetically bred, socially indoctrinated, and pharmaceutically anesthetized to passively uphold an authoritarian ruling order.” Huxley wrote, “Under a scientific dictator education will really work—with the result that most men and women will grow up to love their servitude and will never dream of revolution. There seems to be no good reason why a thoroughly scientific dictatorship should ever be overthrown.”

What Huxley meant was that with truly effective, scientific mind control, the elite could program the masses to be, in effect, their political, economic, and spiritual slaves, and they wouldn’t consciously know this. A correct understanding of the biblical account of “Mystery, Babylon” shows it to be an occult dictatorship, or scientific dictatorship, that rules the masses. The two terms are interchangeable because the ancient super civilizations like Babylon viewed science, magic, technology, and mathematics as all one thing. That’s why Sir Arthur C. Clarke, a futurist and author of the classic 2001: A Space Odyssey, said, “Magic’s just science that we don’t understand yet.” Clarke wasn’t trying to be clever; he knew that at the highest level of human understanding we are only dealing with one system—the unseen one beyond what we call reality.

“The Committee of 300, although in existence for 150 years, did not take on its present form until around 1897,” Coleman wrote. “It was always given to issuing orders through other fronts, such as its Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA). When it was decided that a super-body would control European affairs, the RIIA founded the Tavistock Institute, which in turn created the Club of Rome and then NATO… The power exercised by these important personages and the corporations, television stations, newspapers, insurance companies, and banks they represent, match in size and strength.

⦁ RIIA was founded 1920, and founded Tavistock Institute
⦁ Tavistock Institute 1946, Organizational Psychology & Tavistock Institute of Human Relations was established (1946–1947).
⦁ Research into the use of microwave weapons and their use for mind control began in 1950s at the Tavistock Institute, one of leading psychiatric research establishments. The institute was researching strategies of control which could be inflicted on the populace without their awareness.
⦁ Other prominent Tavistock-related mind-bending operations include the Human Ecology Fund (part of the MK-ULTRA infrastructure. Mk Ultra programming started 1954
⦁ In 1932 Tavistock was put under the directorship of the German psychologist Kurt Lewin. Lewin was a founder of the National Training Laboratories and director of the Harvard Psychological Clinic, and—an odd qualification for a psychiatrist.
⦁ Lewin is credited with much of the original Tavistock research into mass brainwashing, applying the results of repeated trauma and torture in mind control to society at large. If terror can be induced on a widespread basis into a society. Lewin has stated, then society reverts to a tabula rasa, a blank slate, a situation where control can easily be instituted from an exterior point.
⦁ Tavistock is simply a front group for the psychological imposition of the New World Order on the planet, and its main philosophic tool is the Hegelian dialectic framed in the terms of Lewin.
⦁ Tavistock, born from the collaboration of the international monied elite, military intelligence, and the materialistic psychiatric community, refers to its self-admitted “military” orientation as Operation Phoenix—again, a Freemasonic symbol.
⦁ One is reminded of the Freemasonic legend ” Ordo Ab Chao,” Order Out of Chaos, which could just as easily describe the Tavistock method of destroying a target subject, or a target population, prior to reprogramming; the Tavistock modus operandi.

Put it another way: By the creation of controlled chaos, the populace can be brought to the point where it willingly submits to greater control.

Tavistock Institute was founded 1946/47, but already in 1932 Tavistock was put under the directorship of the German psychologist Kurt Lewin. Lewin was a founder of the National Training Laboratories and director of the Harvard Psychological Clinic

Eric Trist. the chairman of Tavistock’s governors, in 1963 described his and Tavistock’s work on mass brainwashing, delineating in detail his theory of “social turbulence.” based upon the theories of Hegel. although again, Trist is far more quick to cite Lewin. Trist postulated that the administering of a series of traumatizing shocks upon a society would destabilize it. lowering the overall character of the society’s reasoning. Trist suggested that by late 1963 the world had moved into a condition of “permanent social turbulence” that would serve to usher in a new condition of society, a new paradigm. and a new possibility for remaking the face of the planet. The nature of the permanent social turbulence that Trist foresaw is further defined in a book published in 1975 by one of Trist’s associates, Fred Emery. The book. Futures We Are In. likens the condition of current day society to the violent punk welfare state of Anthony Burgess’ novel. A Clockwork Orange, written in the 1960s. Emery, in reflection of Trist, also trumpets Hegel. He describes the first stage of the breakdown of society as being “superficiality,” in which previous societal values are questioned and discarded. He uses as an example of this the death of the Judeo-Christian paradigm. The next inevitable state is “segmentation.” in which societal institutions break down, resulting in a reversion to paranoid groups of individuals hostile to each other. The next stage in the breakdown of society would be the launching of a fascist movement akin to the Nazis.

The final and most disrupted state of society is termed disassociation, in which the individual becomes the entirety of society for himself, and is isolated from other members of the group. The dominant culture of the society becomes “fantasy and superstition.” According to Trist, the current “wired society” where the main interaction of the individual is with electronic media is only a metaphor for disassociation.

These psychological and technological methods wil be the base for create the One World Government.

Power will gravitate into the hands of those who control information. Our existing institutions will be supplanted by pre-crisis management institutions, the task of which will be to identify in advance likely social crises and to develop programs to cope with them. “This will encourage tendencies through the next several decades toward a Technotronic Era, a dictatorship leaving even less room for political procedures as we know them. Finally, looking ahead to the end of the century, the possibility of biochemical mind control and genetic tinkering with man.

Gingrich is in fact another Trojan horse whose mentor is the “futurist” Alvin Toffler. Toffler’s book The Third Wave describes the current technocratic takeover of the world, the acquisition of virtually all wealth by a tiny elite, and the relegation of the vast majority of the populace to a Third World foraging in the garbage heaps of the rich.

As psychological warfare became more sophisticated, and the intelligence services at once more creative and more demanding, new techniques were developed and virtually codified. All of these techniques share an ontological purpose: to manipulate perceptions and to re-create reality. Once that Pandora’s box was open, there was no closing it again. The temptation was too great. For those who wanted to play God, there was the next best thing: one could play with the elements of creation in such a way that magical transformations would take place.

Mind control traces its origins to religious institutional use by priesthoods. Techniques of mind control developed in our western culture were field-tested by the Jesuits, certain Vatican groups, and various mystery religions, secret societies and Masonic organizations.

The Council.” This Council’s goal was “to control not only our government, but foreign governments as well” with an ultimate goal of “a one world government, where you and I are to work in varying levels—as controlled slaves or, as they say, ‘worker bees.’” Taylor’s references to “The Council” connect it to other, more specific indi-viduals, institutions, and concepts that surface repeatedly in mind-control conspiracy theories. One of these is the Tavistock Institute

Agents of the world’s elite have been long engaged in a war on the populace of Earth. Greed is the motiva-tion for this war, a greed so pervasive that it encom-passes the planet and all of the beings on it, but in recent times a philosophy has been used to justify that greed. It is the philosophy of mass control, that ultimately aims at dictating every aspect of human life—even remolding man’s perception of reality and himself. Although the lust for control can be discerned since the beginning of recorded history.

The Tavistock Institute is the Mother of All mind control organizations

The first director of Tavistock Institute for Human Relations, John Rawlings Reese, was instructed to perfect a system that would subvert and then control the thinking of human beings so that they could be channeled in any direction so desired by the Committee of 300, an elite arm of the Illuminati. He sought to introduce an automated mentality into the bulk of the targeted population. The end result of Reese’s objectives were and remain, control of all human life; its destruction when deemed desirable, whether it be through mass genocide or mass slavery.

Taken from their own manual, Tavistock Institute mission is as follows:

“Our research has established that the simplest mode of gaining control of people is to keep them undisciplined, disorganized, confused and distracted by issues which are of relatively little import.”

“In addition to our less direct long-range penetration methods, this can be accomplished by a disengagement of mental activities and providing low quality programs of public education.”

“Our mode calls for emotional stimulus, increased use of amplifiers which induce self-indulgence, whether direct (television) or advertising.

“Of primary importance is the revision of history and law and thus shifting thinking from personal needs to fabricated outside priorities. The general rule is that there is profit in confusion, the greater the confusion, the greater the profit. One of the ways in which this can be accomplished is to create problems and then offer solutions.”

“Keep all groups so occupied with endless problems that they have no time to think clearly, and here, we rely on entertainment which should not reach beyond the mental capacity of a child in the sixth grade.”

“Technically, children must be ‘orphaned’ in day care centers under government control. With such an initial handicap, the lower-classes will have little hope of upward mobility away from their assigned positions in life.”

“The form of slavery we have in mind is essential for good social order, peace and tranquility.”

“The general public refuses to improve its own mentality. It has become a herd of proliferating barbarians, and blight on the face of the earth.” “By measuring the economic habits by which the sheep try to run from their problems and escape from reality via the medium of ‘entertainment’, we can apply methods to predict the probable combination shocks (created events) which are necessary to bring about complete control and subjugation of the population by subverting the economy.”

“The sovereignty of the elite is threatened when the lower classes become informed and envious of the power and possessions of the class above them. As some of them become better educated, they seek to rise higher through a real knowledge of economics-energy. This presents a real threat to the sovereignty of the elite class.”

“It follows that the rise of the lower classes must be postponed long enough for the elite class to achieve energy (economic) dominance.” “It is essential to divide the people, keep the adults’ attention away from real issues and overcome their thinking with matters of relatively little importance. The young must be kept ignorant of mathematics, economics and history. “When government is able to seize private property without just compensation, it is certain that people are ripe for surrender and consenting to slavery and legal encroachment.”

From military intelligence, and its inception Tavistock was intended as a coordinating center for planetary social control using “psychological shock troops,” a term coined by Reese. These shock troops in white lab coats have fanned out across the planet, infiltrating organizations in order to implement policies deemed productive by the organization’s strategists. At core Tavistock consists of Freemasonic intelligence agents collaborating with the hydra heads of world psychiatry to achieve two goals:

(1) A one world order where the nation state has been abolished and a single totalitarian control center established.

(2) The simultaneous psychological control of the world or, using their term, “societry.” Even the official literature of Tavistock is candid in admitting its broad world mind control orientation.’

Lewin’s theory was the origin and definition of the concept of Future Shock, written by Tavistock-associated Alvin Toffler, although Toffler promotes the idea that current cultural deconstruction and leveling is an accident. It is not.

This Tavistock signature approach, this “Future Shock” deprogramming of the subject to a vegetative state through torture and trauma, for subsequent reprogramming—is the recurring methodology for world mind control as well as cultural programming in the 20th century. Dr. William Sargent of the Tavistock Institute, reported to have been at the time working in the MKULTRA mind control program, in his 1957 book Battle for the Mind.

A key thrust of Tavistock has been accomplished by the National Training Laboratories, sponsoring group “encounter” or “sensitivity” programs involved in breaking down an individual’s personality and reconstructing it along lines agree-able to the group—a microcosmic intervention intended to gradually bring about the macrocosm of the New World Order.

The Seats of Real Power

For all the speculation on the NWO, it may no longer matter which countries are involved, as real power already appears to be cross-border and lies far beyond the grasp of any democratic principles. It is asserted that the key decisions which affect our lives, in the West at least, were long ago farmed out to a series of high-level think tanks and quangos. These are attended by known politicians, royalty, media moguls and corporate leaders, but their meetings are closed to the public and the resulting resolutions passed down to selected parliaments to give an illusory sense of democracy. The prime examples are usually said to include the Bilderberg Group, Club of Rome, Committe 300, and Tavistock Institute to just mention some of all of them. Many of these network of secret groups, as Bilderberg Group, Club of Rome, Committe 300 are conduits for instructions to the Tavistock network.

All Tavistock foundation techniques have a single goal – to break down the psychological strength the individual and render him helpless to oppose the dictators of the World Order.

The Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars is based on this principle to make the targeted helpless

Coleman says it is no fiction. The Illuminati, aka the “Committee of 300”, have a very broad agenda. Coleman breaks down their “Targets” into 21 bullet points. It begins with the destruction of “national identity and national pride”, as well as “the Christian religion”, and ends with the establishment of a “New World Order” backed by the IMF, UN and World Court. To achieve this goal, mind control will be used to help achieve drastic population reductions.

Devised by the Tavistock Institute, this programme is known as the “Aquarian Conspiracy”. This totalitarian agenda culminates in the Illuminati “taking control of the world and planetary domination.

Tavistock hired Dr. Sigmund Freud to start the ball rolling. Their ultimate objective was to figure out the most effective ways to manipulate and control the mass consciousness. The research of Hess, the Third Reich and Tavistock merely broke the ground. By the time the separate conspiratorial factions united themselves as the Liquid Conspiracy, mind control had already established itself as a prerequisite to global control. Part 4, 3, 2, and 1

The Inner Temple granted to the City of London is the New Jerusalem. It’s based on the system of slavery brought back from Jerusalem by the Templars. The ones in the outer temple are the goyyim and get thrown the teachings of exoteric religion, a made up story that Jesus Christ is the only savior there ever was that kept the masses ignorant and enslaved in the Outer Temple. Although they have tentacles all over the earth, three very small Roman corporate-controlled city states run the show: Washington DC is the war and military mechanism; the City of London deals with the finances of the whole planet through the Bank of England and Federal Reserve; and Vatican City deals with our spirits, the poisoning of people’s minds, and scientific propaganda.

The Illuminati controls the Vatican, City of London and Washington D.C. They therefore controls the world finances, the military complex, and the spirit. And the Tavistock Institute is the whole “nerve center” for mind control and mass brainwashing. Tavistock Institute is the mother for all existing mind control organizations. Tavistock Institute may be the hidden force in creation of the Global World Brain. This Global World Brain will become th Police State of the Mind or the new Fascist State of Mind.

Tavistock, the world’s premier brainwashing institute, was unwittingly following in the steps of magicians.

At the end of the war, Nazi psychiatrists were rescued from Germany under the supervision of Montagu Norman and John Rawlings Rees, a doctor at the psychological warfare unit called the Tavistock Institute.’ MK-Ultra, begun in the 1950s, developed from the behavior control research project coordinated by the Tavistock Institute, with the Scottish Rite Masons, the CIA, and other British, American, Canadian and United Nations agencies. Formed at Oxford University, London, in 1920 by the Round Table’s RIIA, the Tavistock Clinic, whose members referred to themselves as an “invisible college,” became the Psychiatric Division of the British Army during World War II.’

The biggest problem in determining the extent of mind control programs comes from the extreme secrecy and destruction of files. No information is available on any newer mind control techniques. It is a small step from mind control of an individual to mind control of the masses. The Nazis were masters at crowd control through propaganda. Recently, several unconfirmed stories have appeared suggesting the government may be using microwaves to control the masses.

Cybernetics evolved out of the intersection of mathematics and engineering in military research in World War II.” The goal of the Cybernetics Group was to develop a science that makes it possible to predict and control human behavior.

Cybernetics first emerged as psychiatry, but spread to other fields such as robotics, engineering, biological computing, management, politics, spirituality, entertainment, the arts, theater and architecture and education.

The work of John Rawlings Rees was continued by other Tavistock operatives such as Dr Kurt Lewin as Tavistock developed ever more sophisticated techniques for the individual and mass control of the human mind .

Tavistock hired Dr. Sigmund Freud to start the ball rolling. Their ultimate objective was to figure out the most effective ways to manipulate and control the mass consciousness.

Tavistock concerns itself mainly with mass mind control. Social psychologists had discovered that persons in groups are far easier to influence, because the group setting brings out mental behaviors that an individual on his own does not manifest. Then, Tavistock realized it could ‘create the environment’ in which the people may show those behaviors! For instance, it can, by ordinary terrorist tactics, make a nation ‘go mad.’ Less dramatically, one can interfere with the brain by overwhelming it with constant changes: when confused, one’s decision-making center calls it quits. The key is to know the mind’s natural processes, especially non-rational ones.

The research of Hess, the Third Reich and Tavistock merely broke the ground. By the time the separate conspiratorial factions united themselves as the Liquid Conspiracy, mind control had already established itself as a prerequisite to global control.

“The cold war was a cover to maintain the arms race,” Kilder explained; In the 1950s every aspect of the arms race was maintained by the conspiracy. Its purpose was to continue the expedient progression of technology. When all of this power rests in the hands of one order, it is but a matter of time before every last one of us becomes its slave.

Mind manipulation and brainwashing will also be used on people useful to the Global Elite to ‘encourage’ them to see the world in the required manner.” The Tavistock nexus has grown far and wide and links into the Club of Rome and the Bilderberg network.

Aldous Huxley a novelist, occultist, and former intelligence agent

Freud was a member of Freemasons in Vienna.

Tavistock concerns itself mainly with mass mind control.

During the 1930s, Tavistock adopted Freud’s psychoanalysis as a means for expanding such capabilities; Freud spent his last years with Tavistock, bequeathing his psychoanalytical association to their control, and leaving his daughter, Anna, to be associated with the clinic for the remainder of her life’s work. Individual psychoanalysis is an expensive proposition, and thus not suited to mass-brainwashing practice. So, work on so-called “group theory,” such as that of Dr. Kurt Lewin and his associates, was called into play, and blended with psychoanalysis, to elaborate a practice of “group anal-ysis.” The doctrine was reduced to a few simple principles, to the effect that sociology students and similar “lay ther-apists” could be deployed to conduct such exercises. Tavistock concentrated on perfecting techniques for inducing psychotic states, exploring ways in which victims could be molded either as what we call “programmed” agents today, or simply to act in a predictable way when turned loose in society. LSD-25 was developed as a synthetic form of ergotamine, for such purposes. The work of Aldous Huxley in the California-based MK-Ultra, was a large-scale experiment in use of LSD-25 and related agents for potential use as an aid to mass brainwashing. The use of drug-assisted hypnosis generally, was explored vigorously.

Media (Radio, TV, Advertisement. nusic, movies)
Mind Control
Social Enginnering
Fear Programming
Predictable programming
Syntethic telepathy
Voice to skull technology
Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS)
Electro Magnetic Frequency (ELF)
Quiet Wars Weapons
Mk Ultra Programming

Tavistock Institute In manner that became a highly sophisticated organization to manipulate and create public opinion, what is commonly termed, “mass brainwashing.” This requires the building of duplicitous mind-control devices into wrongful government for which the subconscious mind understands as tyranny but the conscious mind cannot articulate. Part 3, 2, and 1

The name Tavistock is associated with human relations and psychiatry (see statue of Freud in front of Tavistock Institute). Charles Dickens (who had written of “pencils of light,” which is similar to the term “points of light”) moved to Tavistock House in October 1951.

In 1920, the Tavistock Institute of Medical Psychology (TIMP) was founded. It was involved in psychotherapy, and psychiatrists at the Tavistock Clinic wanted to apply their findings to the general public in the form of certain social service programs.

John Rawlings Rees (who would be a co-founder of the World Federation for Mental Health in 1948) was Deputy Director of Tavistock at this time (he would become Director in 1932). Rees developed the “Tavistock Method,” which induces and controls stress via what Rees called “psychologically controlled environments” in order to make people give up firmly held beliefs under “peer pressure.”

In 1930, TIMP had been involved with the second biennial Conference on Mental Health, where psychiatrist J.R. Lord advocated challenging old values, saying “the aim should be to control not only nature, but human nature.” And he spoke of the “necessity to disarm the mind.”

In 1935, Harvard psychologist (1930-1967) Gordon Allport co-authored THE PSYCHOLOGY OF RADIO with Hadley Cantril. Allport would be a leading agent for the Tavistock Institute, and Cantril in 1937 would be a member of the Rockefeller Foundation-funded Office of Radio Research at Princeton University established to study the influence of radio on different groups of listeners. In 1940, Cantril would author THE INVASION FROM MARS: A STUDY IN THE PSYCHOLOGY OF PANIC regarding the radio broadcast of H.G. Wells’ THE WAR OF THE WORLDS. Tavistock senior staffer, Fred Emery, would later (HUMAN RELATIONS, Vol. 12, No. 3, August 1959) begin his article on “Working Hypotheses on the Psychology of Television” with the words: “The psychological after-effects of television are of considerable interest to the would-be social engineer.”

In 1945, Rockefeller Foundation medical director Alan Gregg was touring various institutions that had been involved in war medicine to see if any group would commit to undertake the kind of social psychiatry that had been developed by the Army during wartime (e.g., cultural psychiatry for the analysis of the enemy mentality), and see if it could be relevant for the civilian society (on April 11, 1933, Rockefeller Foundation president Max Mason assured trustees that in their program, “the Social Sciences will concern themselves with the rationalization of social control,… the control of human behavior”). This led to a Rockefeller grant that resulted in the birth of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London in 1947. Tavistock would join with Kurt Lewin’s Research Center for Group Dynamics (RCGD) at the University of Michigan the next year to begin publication of the international journal, HUMAN RELATIONS, relating theory to pracice.

The year after Tavistock and the RCGD began publishing HUMAN RELATIONS, the journal (Vol. II, No. 3, 1949), published “Some Principles of Mass Persuasion” by Dorwin Cartwright who helped establish the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan. In this article, Cartwright reveals: “It is conceivable that one persuasive person could, through the use of mass media, bend the world’s population to his will.” The article goes on to describe “the modification of cognitive structure in individuals by means of mass media” and how “a person can be induced to do voluntarily something that he would otherwise not do.” The article also provides “a list of essential requirements for the success of any campaign of mass persuasion.”

In 1964, Fred Emery, who would be a senior member of Tavistock, wrote “Theories of Social Turbulence” which he explained more fully in FUTURES WE ARE IN (1975). According to this theory, individuals or societies faced with a series of crises will attempt to reduce the tension by adaptation and eventually psychological retreat as if anesthetized (similar to Pavlov’s “protective inhibition response”). This can lead to social disintegration, which Emery called “segmentation.”

In 1970, the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) of the NEA published TO NURTURE HUMANENESS: COMMITMENT FOR THE ’70s, in which Sidney Jourard (Fellow at the Tavistock Clinic and former president of the Association for Humanist Psychology), wrote: “We are in a time of revolt…. The new society will be a fascist state or it will be pluralistic and humanistic.” The primary characteristic of the fascist state is increasing control over people’s lives by government in league with corporations. Sound like today?

In the 1990s, the Tavistock Institute not only began a new journal titled EVALUATION in 1995, but the Institute and the European Commission also worked on a feasibility study to research the effect of using “Smart Cards” in competence accreditation. The project involved assessing and validating students’ skills, with information placed on personal skills Smart Cards which “become real passports to employment.” The implication, of course, is that without this “real passport,” one will not be employed.

Welcome to the Tavistock psychologically conditioned feudal fascist state of the future, under the power elite’s planned World Socialist Government! This will lead to what Daniel 8:23-25 foretold: “And in the latter time… a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up… and shall destroy the mighty and holy people… and by peace shall destroy many….”

How is it possible that the “holy people” will be destroyed? It’s because today many so-called Christians are sitting on their posteriors while the “religion” of secular humanism has been taught in public schools for over four decades. Values are being taught in public schools based upon situation ethics without reference to God as moral authority. This is a primary tenet of secular humanism (see the first and second HUMANIST MANIFESTO), which was declared a “religion”.

The problem is, both political organizations seemed to have the same agenda: groom us all away from constitutional clarity, seeking their “protection” as we all cower in our living rooms as mind-slaves.

According to some reputable researchers, Sigmund Freud was Tavistock’s first director, followed by his daughter, who apparently still runs the facility. It was used to program the postwar leaders of Germany’s government, churches, schools, corporations, etc., from among the POWs who were easy to manipulate.

Tavistock has been doing mind-control since before W.W.ll.

Tavistock was under SIS. Special Intelligence Service (SIS) dealt with all types of mind control.

During World War II, the Tavistock Institute combined with the medical sciences division of the Rockefeller Foundation for esoteric experiments with mind-altering drugs.

Research into the use of microwave weapons and their use for mind control began in 1950s at the Tavistock Institute

In manner that became a highly sophisticated organization to manipulate and create public opinion, what is commonly termed, “mass brainwashing.” This requires the building of duplicitous mind-control devices into wrongful government for which the subconscious mind understands as tyranny but the conscious mind cannot articulate.

During the course of its evolvement, Tavistock expanded in size and ambition in 1937.

“Lewin is credited with much of the original Tavistock research into mass brainwashing applying the results of repeated trauma and torture [of individuals] in mind control to society at large.” “If terror can be induced on a widespread basis into a society, Lewin has stated, then society reverts to a tabula rasa, a blank slate, a situation where control can easily be instituted from an external point.”

“Put another way: By the creation of controlled chaos, the populace can be brought to the point where it willingly submits to greater control. Lewin maintained that society must be driven into a state equivalent to an ‘early childhood situation.’ He termed this societal chaos ‘fluidity.’”

History of Western civilization, was that its determining culture has always been the rise and decline of grand imperial dynasties. At the very point that these dynasties — the “thousand year Reich” of the Egyptian pharaohs, the Roman Empire, and the British Empire — succeed in imposing their rule over the entire face of the earth, they tend to decline.

Aldous Huxley, along with his brother Julian, was tutored at Oxford by H.G. Wells, the head of foreign intelligence during World War I and the spiritual grandfather of the Aquarian Conspiracy. Ferguson accurately sees the counterculture as the realization of what Wells called The Open Conspiracy: Blue Prints for a World Revolution. The “Open Conspiracy,” Wells wrote, “will appear first, I believe, as a conscious organization of intelligent and quite possibly in some cases, wealthy men, as a movement having distinct social and political aims, confessedly ignoring most of the existing apparatus of political control, or using it only as an incidental implement in the stages, a mere movement of a number of people in a certain direction who will presently discover with a sort of surprise the common object toward which they are all moving . . . In all sorts of ways they will be influencing and controlling the apparatus of the ostensible government.”

What Ferguson left out is that Wells called his conspiracy a “one-world brain” which would function as ” a police of the mind.” Such books as the Open Conspiracy were for the priesthood itself. But Wells’s popular writings (Time Machine, The Island of Dr. Moreau, and so forth), and those of his proteges Aldous Huxley (Brave New World) and George Orwell (1984 and Animal Farm), were written as “mass appeal” organizing documents on behalf of one-world order. Only in the United States are these “science fiction classics” taught in grade school as attacks against fascism.

Agent John Coleman says, “When it was decided that a super-body would control European affairs, the RITA founded the Tavistock Institute, which in turn created NATO.

Malthusian organization with an agenda for genocide, the Club of Rome, established at a meeting of 30 individuals from ten countries. In 1972, they published their manifesto on the Predicament of Mankind under the title, Limits to Growth, which showed that Earth could not sustain the current population expansion in the age of depleting natural resources. The final objective is the collapse of the world economy, even with their version of `unlimited’ resources, which includes zero technological advancement in science, or development of revolutionary new technologies. If you break through the Babylonian verbal confusion, their 1992 report, The Global Revolution: A report by the Club of Rome Council leaves little room for doubt as to their real agenda: “In search for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill.” They concluded with the following, “The real enemy, then, is humanity itself.”

Tavistock, a progressive society, was founded in London in 1920; the Tavistock Clinic opened in 1920. It always had secret ties to Freemasonry. Its aims include social control, information control; and control of the hidden information environment. Practically, his means it has control mechanisms in academia, multimedia, intelligence, and medicine especially pharmaceuticals. Tavistock is part of the global shadow government.

Three elements combine to make the Institute unusual, if not unique: it has the independence of being entirely self-financing, with no subsidies from the government or other sources; the action research orientation places it between, but not in, the worlds of academia and consultancy; and its range of disciplines include anthropology, economics, organizational behavior, political science, psychoanalysis, psychology and sociology.

We assume large corporations have economic objectives. But we don’t expect them to have a secret social and occult agenda as well. For example, we don’t expect them to engineer arrested development and family breakdown. We don’t expect them to use pop culture to foster alienation and dysfunction. But evidence suggests Tavistock and its sister organizations do exactly that. With advanced psychology, the “programming” of the unconscious mind through popular culture, movies, television and even comic books

Central bankers based in the City of London control the cartels that dominate the world and they have their own agendas. They finagled the right to print money based on our credit and quite naturally used this advantage to buy everything worth having. This might be tolerable if limitless wealth was all they wanted. But they also want limitless power: not just one-world dictatorship but total control over our minds and souls. Popular culture is engineered to brainwash each of us from cradle to grave. Trends and megatrends are manufactured, engineered by corporations.

Society evolves slowly toward “social efficiency” all by itself; society under stress, however, evolves much faster! Thus the deliberate creation of crisis is an important tool of evolutionary socialists. Does that help you understand the global drama a little better, or well-publicized doomsday scenarios?

The rulers of some of these organizations are interest in psychiatric genetics, which “applied to psychiatry the concepts of eugenics (otherwise known as race purification, race hygiene, or race betterment).

The ultimate goal of Illuminati sub-groups such as the Institute Tavistock and the Black Rose Society, in conducting such massive mind control.

“At every crossway on the road that leads to the future, tradition has placed against each of us, ten thousand men to guard the past.”

The Tavistock Institute – The aim of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations is not to inform you of the controlling actions within our society, but to use scientific methods that are well known for discretely brainwashing the public. It is the core for mass indoctrination and global manipulation. Part 2

What is the purpose of these behaviour modifications? It is to bring about forced changes to our way of life, without our agreement and without ever realizing what is happening to us. The ultimate goal being “the complete extirpation of mankind’s inner sense of identity, the tearing out of mankind’s innermost soul, and the placement, in the vacant space, of an artificial, synthetic pseudo-soul.” However, in order to change mankind’s behaviour away from industrial production into spiritualism and to bring us wilfully into the world of post-industrial era zero growth and zero progress, one must force first a change in mankind’s `self-image,’ its fundamental conception of what we are. Thus, the image of man appropriate to that new era must be sought, synthesized and then wired into mankind’s brain. As Professor John McMurtry wrote in his 2001 opening address at the Science for Peace Forum held at the University of Toronto, “totality of rule is not the only parameter of totalitarianism. Limitlessness of power also proceeds from an omnipresent Center.” In the new totalitarian movement, “this omnipresent directive force” : communicates through behaviour modification and identity change — the dominant nodes of the interlocked system. Psychological terror is not the essence, “but the punctuation mark of the new totalitarianism’s meaning. The money-and-consumption command channel is the secret of the movement’s success because it avoids responsibility for its failures.

Psychological terror is not the essence, “but the punctuation mark of the new totalitarianism’s meaning. The money-and-consumption command channel is the secret of the movement’s success because it avoids responsibility for its failures. Wall Street prescribed market failures to provide for societies are, instead, always attributed to transcendental forces of the invisible hand” punishing these societies for alleged sins against “market laws.” Thus as catastrophes increasingly befall the majority of the world, the victims are blamed for their new deprivation, misery and oppression.

This is a far more effective mode of rule than jackboot terror, which is more overt, but it exposes the system to another form of resistance. To keep the majority in a continual state of inner anxiety works because people are made too busy securing or competing for their own survival to co-operate in mounting an effective response.

This too, has Tavistock’s signature all over it. “In the past decade, the entire population of the globe has been kept permanently off-balance with one financial meltdown and transnational trade fiat after another emptying national coffers and overriding rights of domestic self-determination.

Populations have been so overwhelmed by the moving juggernaut of economic and environmental crises that a rule of universal insecurity has rendered social majorities paralysed by a low-intensity terror — the necessary condition for any totalitarian movement to continue its advance, because keeping its subjects perpetually off balance is its modus operandi.

“In previous periods of history we have seen draconian measures put through at the national level but we have never seen such an assault on peoples’ rights and democratic standards. Each new measure, viewed on its own, may seem an aberration but a whole host of changes as pan on an ongoing continuum constitutes a shift’ towards total enslavement. Total power is a supra terrestrial correlative of global power, which can conceive of no limit to itself. There are many challenges for us to overcome. When presented with all the facts, when the evidence is neatly laid out on the table, when the conspirators have been unmasked and defrocked and their deeds shown for all the world to see, still, the ordinary citizen screams conspiracy, refusing to believe that such a monstrous, mind-boggling collusion is real… Until, it is too late. Be warned!

We are at the crossroads. And the roads we take will now terminate whether we will live in the XXI century as nation state republics or subjugated, culled and a dehumanized crop of slaves. Dear reader, the situation is extremely grave. We are fighting a combined effort of some of the most brilliant people in history who scheme against us for the purposes of possessing us. But the human will is immortal. Tyrants have killed millions and yet people fought and eventually won their freedom. Freedom stirs the human heart and fear stills it. Amidst the deafening cacophony of patriotic silence, insurgent voices command attention. Immortality has its moral basis in truth and incorruptibility. It deserves to be given all the support that it can get. It deserves to be fought and died for.

Throughout the twentieth century, the Tavistock has continued to engage in similar acts of public deception to promote a war mentality, a technique they later began to refer to as “mass brainwashing.” The following is an excerpt from Dr. Coleman’s 2006 book, The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations: Shaping the Moral, Spiritual, Cultural, Political and Economic Decline.

The aim of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations is not to inform you of the controlling actions within our society, but to use scientific methods that are well known for discretely brainwashing the public. It is the core for mass indoctrination and global manipulation.

Of course, there is a direct chain of command in which the Committee of 300 dictates orders to the Tavistock Institute in much the same manner that they dictate to corporations that own the major news and entertainment outlets around the globe. Through their various executive arms of control, they determine—with few exceptions—which movies get produced, which celebrities rise to superstardom.

When we read our current headlines or watch the news broadcasts that are produced by the mainstream networks, what we’re often getting is the equivalent of Institute Tavistock propaganda, the objective of which is to keep us in never-ending states of anxiety, division, and uncertainty. Clearly, the globalists benefit from our involvement in wars—to the extent that they have, on multiple occasions, funded both sides of a conflict to ensure that no resolution is reached —and so it continues. When we are at war, the elites are the financial benefactors. They also understand that war is the single most effective way to fundamentally change societies.

“When we are at war, the elites are the financial benefactors.”

Yet since the creation of the UN this world has seen 258 major conflicts more than any known wars on this planet prior to this point, now just why is that? Well most of these wars have been fought in countries who have never had major conflicts before then suddenly the Western Major Powers are invited to step in and intervene and we are always told that this intervention is to control peace in these countries.

Their ultimate objective is to dominate the globe and enslave humanity through subversion, social engineering, and mind control.

Their thinking is not to be confused with the views of the elites today. Nor should it be applied to their current agenda. They clearly do not want the people of the world to live in peace. They do not want the vast majority of people to live at all. Let’s be clear. They want war and a lot of it. They want depopulation and the forced enslavement of those who remain. They want the New World Order, which represents totalitarianism in its most brutal form.

A hidden strategy behind these many wars could be that the nation lending money and through depths they later can take control of their banks and resources. This strategy is been used on people´s individual levels. so why should they not use same methods on teh national levels. Man-made global disasters could work in same way; they ledning money b them who creates the mess in the world.

Fear is control, and out of chaos comes order. Kilder believed that the primary purpose for the apocalyptic visions which seemingly now rule the airwaves was for psychological manipulation of the Tavistock Institute variety.

The Tavistock Institute – The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations was set up in 1921 to study the “ breaking point ” of humans. (Part 1)

The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations was set up in London in 1921 to study the “ breaking point ” of humans .

The Tavistock Institute So where do we get our cultural symbols? Today it has been refined into the modern science of the mass manipulation of public opinion. Few people have heard of some-thing called “the mother of all think tanks—the Tavistock Institute. This is the world’s premier firm in brain-washing and social engineering.

Tavistock is a globally-active council that has in-fluenced just about every social and political movement of note through-out much of the world for the past fifty years. Without the Institute there would have been no world wars.

Its aim was to manipulate spociety through social crisis. Times are being made to change according to a very carefully laid out Tavistock formula. It is generally seen as the nerve center for global manipulation and Hollywood is just one arm of that. Closely affiliated with Stanford, MIT and NASA it is head-quartered in London and operates a six billion dollar a year network of foundations.

The movie industry is controlled and owned by the Illuminati, and they invented the movie industry, so much of new mind controlling devices can be used as predictable programming in movies. It´s same people, organization and secret socities behind all these mind controlling concepts.

Ten major institutions are under its direct con-trol, with 400 subsidiaries, and 3,000 other study groups and think tanks which specialize in organizational behavior, political science, psycho-analysis, psychology and sociology. Tavistock’s pioneer work in behav-ioral science, along Freudian lines of “controlling humans”, established it as the world center of cultural ideology. Tavistock Institute developed the mass brain-washing techniques.

All Tavistock foundation techniques have a single goal: to break down the psychological strength of the individual and render him helpless to oppose the dictators of the New World Order.


The Universities, The Church, The Government, The Media

Role: We Fool you and Befuddle your thinking so you cannot make right decisions and threaten the ruler’s control. But we are watched and censored by the Intelligence services. They control our ‘Fate.’

They fool you and befuddle your thinking, because someone who doesn’t know the truth cannot make the right decisions. Thus, if we feed you false facts and theories you can never challenge the status quo because you have all the wrong ideas in your head. All your decisions will be wrong ones because they will be based on false information. As an example, Science is a lie. Just like the history books are lies written by the victors. The theories of science are the secretions of insane minds who are unaware that their brains are very poor machines for understanding the world around us. Even the ancient Greek philosopher, Monimus the Cynic realised that everything we see is an impression. The Buddhists regard the human mind as ‘deluded.’ But, because the Scientists do not even question the part their mind’s play in the process of scientific discovery, they believe everything they see and think is real.

The ‘New World Order’ has used the developments of science, not to free people but to enslave them in a web of deceit and electronic surveillance that no one can comprehend. They have turned a philosophy intended to free mankind into its gaoler and oppressor.

The theory of evolution for example, is a lie designed to stop people believing in God. If they don’t believe in God and a higher meaning; a celestial protector, they are less likely to rebel and more likely to blindly accept what the Government tells them. Why?

Because if they believe in God, they have an all-powerful celestial supporter who is defending them. Consequently, they have no fear of evil and stand up to the government. The church goes along with it, because all the church hierarchy is controlled through their vices by the intelligence services.

The scientists desire to create genetic freaks of nature or implant electronic devices to turn humans into machines omits the element of randomness. So, the scientist’s nightmare Huxonian ‘genetically perfect’ humans will become extinct because nature will make them barren since they will not be able to advance genetically. They will die out because their own genes will destroy them.

But what are the goals of this secret elite group? We know the ultimate goal is world domination and total control, but how do they plan to achieve such a worldwide coup?

Their game plan has many tentacles that are far reaching and all encompassing, but even more importantly.. “they” have been…and continue to be, patient.

These individuals already have all the money anyone could ever dream of having, but money is not enough. They want global control of the people…enough said.

In 1776, a Bavarian Jesuit by the name of Adam Weishaupt was commissioned to centralize the power base of the Mystery Religions into what is commonly known as the Illuminati, meaning “Enlightened Ones.” This was an amalgamation of powerful occultic bloodlines, elite secret societies and influential Masonic fraternities, with the desire to construct the framework for a “New World Order.” The outward goal of this Utopia was to bring forth universal happiness to the human race. However, their underlying intention was to gradually increase control over the masses, thus becoming masters of the planet.

It then should be of little surprise to know the first work in Behavioral Science research was established in 1882,. The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations was set up in 1921 to study the “breaking point” of humans. Kurt Lewin, a psychologist, became the director of the Tavistock Institute in 1932, about the same time Nazi was increasing its research into neuropsychology, parapsychology and multi-generational occultism.

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