The Landlord Gårdstensbostä is part of advanced organized gang stalking

Organized Gang Stalking and Landlord and landlord workers

Here is their latest organized gang stalking to invading your home or to create isolation. The Landlord sending information about a up coming start of ventilation work and one must be at home between 08.30-12.30 and for six weeks (week 36-42), and they didn´t appear during these weeks.

Around two weeks later they sending new information about same up coming start of ventilation work, and now you must be home from 07.30-18.00, and for two weeks, and they didn´t appear during these two weeks.

And if you are not home during this time, there will be some economic cost for you, but themselves don´t appear.

This is how the Landlord Gårdstensbostä is part of advanced organized gang stalking to create total isolation, and during this time their is computer generated voice speaking, beaming and looping sounds, words, voices all the time.

And they driving cars outside your window every time you make breakfast, and they drive cars outside yoru window every tiem you make dinner. This is also part of organized gang stalking.

Landlord workers stalking with cars
Landlord garden workers creates noise harassment with leaf blowers
Landlord garden workers using lawn movers
There is hole in shower handle
The water pressure starts changning
The water temperture changing from cold to warm, then from warm to cold
Landlord don´t sending invoices for rental and dont send it by mail after sending a mail, but you must retrive it at their office
The appartment door has been open several times at the morning (may be psychology to create insecurity)
They let people shooting firecrackers for three weeks for 80-120 hours
There is barking dogs on balconies for hours
Mini motor cycles driving around for hours outside your window
There may be some device in the bicyle room that generates a high sound of door slamming
Garden workers standing in your backyard and scratching color on the gate with a knife a saturday
Landlord has walking orchester that walks around outside your window, like nazis uisng music (and one neighbors has a drum beat device and creates constant looping sounds)


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